BJU Press Bible Grade 4

Pathways of Promise

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BJU Press Bible 4: Pathways of Promise

BJU Press' Bible 4: The Pathway of Promise Curriculum Kit. develops a biblical worldview in students by showing them how the Old Testament books fit together to tell a single, connected story. As they follow that story, they will see the theme of redemption, which unfolds throughout the Old Testament and continues into the New Testament. Since the Bible is the only inspired and authoritative message from God, the course materials will help students to develop skills in observing, interpreting, defending, and applying Scripture. Grade 4.

BJU Press' Bible 4: The Pathway of Promise Student Worktext, 1st ed. is filled with engaging exercises designed to increase students' understanding and their desire to love and serve God. Students learn many details about the Old Testament, but the text constantly emphasizes the overall simplicity and unity of the story. To help the students see how the Bible tells one continuous story, a fold-out timeline of the entire Old Testament is included. 328 pages, softcover.

BJU Press' Bible 4: The Pathway of Promise Teacher Edition, 1st ed. provides a clear plan for student engagement and learning, aligning guides and strategies with educational objectives. Lessons involve a variety of teaching strategies, including lecture, classroom discussion, role-playing, Socratic questioning, and cooperative learning. These strategies assist the teacher in creating a strong tie between the Bible and the students' life experiences. The overall goal of the instruction is to lead students to internalize biblical truth. 592 pages, spiral-bound.

  1. BJU Press Bible 4 Pathway of Promise Assessments
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This set of assessments is designed to be used for evaluating students using BJU Press' Bible 4, Pathways of Promise, 1st Edition curriculum. Glue binding for easy removal.

  1. BJU Press Bible 4 Pathway of Promise Assessments Answer Key
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This answer key accompanies the sold-separately BJU Press' Bible 4 Pathways of Promise Assessment, 1st Edition. Full-page student tests are reproduced with the correct answers overlaid. Three hole punched, loose-leaf.

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