BJU Press Grade 3 Heritage Studies

BJU Press Grade 3 Heritage Studies and Science are both single semester courses.

Your 7- to 9-year-olds are curious about everything---so now's the perfect time to go "globetrotting," and explore how other regions and worldviews differ from their own! This semester-long course includes 90 exciting lessons. Students will learn about government, geography, climate, economics, culture, and religion all around the world. Kit includes teacher's guide; student book; activities; assessments; and answer keys. Six softcovers.

TimeLine Snapshots is a 2" x 15' strip of dates (1600-2010 AD) with figures to highlight people and events from BJU Press' Heritage Studies Texts Grades 2-5; a corresponding strip of presidents is provided.

BJU Press Heritage Studies: Grade 3 Older Edition