BJU Press Grade 3 Handwriting

Enforce proper letter formation by teaching age-appropriate writing skills, laying a foundation for lifetime penmanship skills. By using Scripture, poetry, words, phrases and sentences, students learn consistency through meaningful practice. Handwriting Grade 3 provides practice for continuing cursive.

Kit Includes:

  • Teacher's Edition
  • Student Worktext

  • This third-grade handwriting book will help children develop their cursive writing skill through tracing individual upper and lower case letters, free writing letters within the lines, and then writing out whole words and sentences. Various writing exercises include copying poems, Bible verses, writings on missionary work, and personal compositions. 102 pages, softcover. Grade 3. 2nd edition with updated copyright.

    This teacher's edition accompanies BJU Press' Handwriting 3 Student Worktext. Lesson instruction features guidance for introducing the lesson, the pretest, and optional activity; student pages are also reproduced.

    This is a BJU Cursive Penmanship Wall Chart. Each section is 4.5" high and 22" long (total length of the chart -- 16.5').