BJU Press Grade 3 Bible Truths

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Bible Truths

    This teacher's edition accompanies the sold-separately Bible Truths 3, Following Christ, Student Worktext, 4th Edition. Reduced student pages have the correct answers overlaid with notes for the teacher in the margin. Lesson notes provide materials needed, a hymn, background information on the text, the biblical account with discussion questions and answers, timeline activities, memory verses, and optional game. Teacher's Toolkit CD-ROM included; CD-ROM includes PDFs of the Teacher's Visual Packet, student materials, activity pages, hymns, unit reviews and half-unit reviews, Bible truths, Bulletin Board materials, and an extra line chart. 355 pages with appendices, soft front-cover and hard back-cover, spiralbound.

      BJU Press Bible Truths 3: Teacher's Visual Packet, 4th Editio. These large (12" X 18") InfoScenes provide illustrated biblical scenes and background information. Helpful maps of lands mentioned in the Bible enable students to put events in perspective. The TimeLine of biblical events and people help students understand the chronology of God's work. 44 pages. Grade 3.

      This audio CD accompanies the "BJU Press Bible Truths 3: Following Christ" curriculum, and can be used with either the 3rd or the 4th edition. Songs accompany all ten units, and also include tracks for the books of the Old Testament and books of the New Testament.

      Evaluate your students' progress and ensure they're recalling all that they've learned. Tests include matching, short answer, multiple choice, true/false and other types of questions; tests for each unit are included. Third Edition. Answers sold separately.

      This test answer key accompanies BJU Press' sold-separately Bible Truths Grade 3 Tests, Fourth Edition. Each test is a full page reproduction of the actual student test. The correct answers are filled in and page numbers provided for the page in the student text where the answers may be found. Answers are on individual, loose-leaf sheets that are three-hole-punched.

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