BJU Press Grade 11 Math (Algebra 2)

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  1. BJU Press Algebra 2 Kit (3rd Edition)
    BJU Press / 2014 / Other
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  1. BJU Press Algebra 2 Student Text (3rd Edition)
    BJU Press / 2014 / Trade Paperback
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Guide your students to mastering advanced algebraic concepts with BJU Algebra 2, 3rd Edition! Students will learn concepts such as linear, quadratic, polynomial, radical, and rational functions, exponential and logarithmic functions, and probability and statistics. Complex numbers are also covered throughout the text.

Each lesson develops key concepts and detailed examples with practical applications integrated throughout. Exercise sets are graded by difficulty level and each lesson's cumulative review exercises will help students retain previously learned information.

This third edition features two new chapters that cover matrix features and sequencing and series. New textbook features include selected Internet keyword searches for helping students locate online tools and enrichment, college entrance test preparation questions, "Technology Corners" emphasizing the use of graphing calculators and spreadsheets, and optional programming projects.

This text will also help shape your student's worldview by emphasizing how mathematics helps Christians serve others and glorify God. Each chapter opener presents an interesting real-world application and a clearly stated Biblical Worldview Connection. The consolidated Dominion Modeling feature in each chapter illustrates how the mathematical topic can enhance our service for Christ.

710 pages, softcover. Reference tables, a glossary, and selected answers are provided in the back. 3rd Edition.

  1. BJU Press Algebra 2 Teacher's Edition (3rd Edition)
    BJU Press / 2014 / Other
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This teacher's guide accompanies BJU Press' sold-separately Algebra 2 Student Text, 3rd Edition. Higher-level math can be intimidating for homeschooling parents to teach. BJU Press' comprehensive teacher's guides, however, can take away some of that anxiety with thorough, pre-prepared lesson plans! This teacher's edition provides lesson guidance, notes on common student errors, interactive activities, motivational ideas, additional problems, and more.

Reduced-size student pages are provided, and are surrounded in the margins by teacher notes, objectives, vocabulary, step by step lesson instruction, additional problems, and more. Units open with an overview as well as presentation instructions that include biblical links. The included teacher's toolkit CD includes PDF files of visuals, projection-ready answers (PDFs with answers to student exercises), activities organized by chapter, resources, and "Mathardy" review game.

2 volumes, 746 pages, spiralbound, soft frontcover, hard backcover.

  1. BJU Press Algebra 2 Tests (3rd Edition)
    BJU Press / 2014 / Other
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These tests accompany BJU Press' Algebra 2 Grade 11, 3rd Edition curriculum. They include only the tests; answers may be purchased separately in the Algebra 2 Grade 11 Test Answer Key, 3rd Edition. Questions include graphing, fill in the blank, multiple choice, and solving equations. Tests are not reproducible; one test per chapter is included. Glue binding for easy removal. Grade 11. 3rd Edition.

  1. BJU Press Algebra 2 Tests Answer Key (3rd Edition)
    BJU Press / 2014 / Trade Paperback
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This test answer key accompanies BJU Press' Algebra 2 Tests. Full-size reproductions of each test include the correct answers overlaid in pink text. Page numbers are referenced. Pages are loose-leaf and three-hole-punched for easy keeping in a three-ring-binder. Grade 11. 3rd Edition.