BJU Press Grade 10 Vocabulary

Vocabulary becomes difficult when students are expected to memorize long lists of words...especially when that's on top of the new terminology they're learning in math, science, English, literature, and practically every other subject! Teach them how to actually figure out new words they've never encountered before with BJU Press. Students will explore vocabulary principles, including where English came from; what common prefixes, roots and suffixes mean; and how we can discern the meaning of new words based on previously understood concepts. Contextual exercises from multiple literary genres model the correct use of a word, while fill-in-the-blank, writing, games and other types of exercises provide continual practice. Etymological studies of words are emphasized, including their origins and compound usage, while the actual sounds of words are also explored. Cumulative Reviews included. 58 pages with index, softcover. Grade 10. 3rd Edition.

This teacher's edition accompanies BJU Press' Vocabulary Level D, Student Worktext. Full-size student pages are reproduced with the correct answers overlaid in pink ink. 58 pages, softcover. Grade 10.