BJU Press Grade 10 Math (Geometry)

Geometry, Fourth Edition

Geometry (4th Edition) Homeschool Kit introduces students to a balanced study of geometric theorems and real-life applications. Students will study formal definitions, reasoning, congruence, similarity, constructions, two- and three-dimensional figures, coordinate geometry, transformations, and trigonometry. Several historical fiction accounts introduce students to key figures in mathematical history and provide opportunities for biblical worldview shaping, while “Geometry Around Us” sections highlight real-life applications of geometry. The Teacher’s Edition includes all necessary elements to teaching the course, as well as extra material for customization. Grade 10.

This kit includes the following:

  • Geometry Teacher’s Edition with CD (4th 2 Volumes)
  • Geometry Student Text (4th)
  • Geometry Tests (4th)

This BJU Press Geometry Grade 10 kit includes:

  • Geometry Student Text, 4th Edition, 678 pages, softcover.

  • Geometry Teacher's Guide, 4th Edition, 2 Volumes, spiralbound. 686 pages in total.
  • Test Packet
  • Test Answer Key

The BJU Press Geometry curriculum covers the fundamental key concepts of geometry, including reasoning, proof, parallel and perpendicular lines, triangles, quadrilaterals, area, circles, similarity, an introduction to trigonometry, and more. Fun features are included throughout; "Geometry in history" historical-fiction narratives highlight key mathematical contributions, "Technology Corner" notes use dynamic geometry software to visualize and discover geometric concepts, while "Geometry Around Us" features show how geometry is used in careers and daily life. Chapters introduce the concept and are followed by multiple step-by-step examples. Expanded exercise sets reinforce new concepts and connect skills to previously learned concepts. A cumulative review helps keeps concepts fresh throughout the year. 678 pages, softcover. 4th Edition. Grade 10.

This teacher's guide set is designed to be used with the Geometry Student Text, 4th Edition (not-included and sold-separately).

Reduced-size student pages are included in the center, with correct answers overlaid (longer answers are given in the margins). The space surrounding the student pages is filled with notes for the teacher, including chapter overviews, bulletin board chapter ideas, objectives, key terms, coordinated resources, additional exercises, assignments for three tracks (minimum, standard, and extended), lesson openers, motivational ideas, interactive activities, tips, suggestions, and more.

The Teacher's Toolkit CD includes lesson visuals, projection-ready answers, student activities organized by chapter, resources like sketchpad files, a math review game, and more.

Two volumes, spiralbound. 686 pages in total. 4th Edition.

This test packet is part of the BJU Press Geometry Curriculum, 4th Edition. Quizzes and tests will help you assess student retention and understanding.

This test answer key is designed to be used with the BJU Press Geometry, 4th Edition Test Packet. Full-size, loose-leaf, and three-hole-punched pages are reproduced with the correct answers overlaid in pink ink.