BJU Press Grade 1 Spelling

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3rd Edition Curriculum

  1. BJU Press Spelling Worktext 1, Third Edition (Updated Copyright)
    BJU Press / 2020 / Other
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BJU Press' Spelling 1 student worktext features 30 weekly spelling lists that have approximately 10 words per list. This 3rd Edition has been revised to include activities such as rhyming, using words in context of their meaning, proofreading, and dictionary skills. Through these fun exercises, students will reinforce their understanding of the spelling patterns and strengthen communication skills. 89 pages, indexed, softcover.

  1. BJU Press Spelling 1 Teacher's Edition (3rd Edition)
    BJU Press / 2015 / Other
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This teacher's edition accompanies BJU Press' BJU Press Spelling 1 Student Worktext, 3rd Edition (sold-separately). Reduced-size student pages have the correct answers overlaid in pink ink. The surrounding margins include an overview with materials and preparation as well as daily lessons with scripted questions (and answers). The schedule features a pretest on Day 1, a worksheet on day 2, a practice test on day 3, a worktext on day 4, and a final test on day 5. The teacher's toolkit CD includes an alphabetical list of spelling words, test forms, list word families, alternate final tests, activities and games, and more. 87 pages, spiralbound with soft frontcover and hard backcover. Grade 1. 3rd Edition.