BJU Press Grade 1 Phonics & English

New! Phonics and English 1, 4th Edition

Phonics & English 1 incorporates biblical worldview shaping, listening and speaking skills, phonics, reading for comprehension, English grammar, and writing sentences and paragraphs. The 180 lessons present the biblical worldview goal of viewing language as a gift from God to be used for His glory and to love and serve others. It presents language skills as essential tools for oral and written communication.

This kit includes:

  • Teacher Edition, 4th Edition, 2 volumes

  • Student Worktext, 4th Edition
  • Student Activity Book, 4th Edition

BJU Press' Phonics and English 1 Worktext, 4th ed.begins each unit with an illustration and activity page that introduces the biblical worldview shaping focus. Colorful, engaging pages extend the guided practice taught in the lesson. The front page reviews related concepts and practices lesson objectives. The back page includes an activity that reinforces the new phonics skill, often in the context of decoding and reading comprehension. The remainder of the page often practices grammar and sentence skills from the lesson. Individual pages are provided for the five steps of the writing process. Worktext pages provide opportunities for formative assessment. 416 pages, softcover.


BJU Press' Phonics and English 1 Teacher's Edition, 0 4th ed. 2 vols includes 180 lessons in six units. Each unit begins with a biblical worldview shaping lesson on one or more of the four language skills. Many lessons include a speaking or listening activity that will create interest in the lesson. Phonics instruction begins with a review that transitions into various activities including phonemic awareness training, word building, word family review, words in the context of sentences, and practice with high-frequency words. English instruction develops grammar and sentence structure skills, strengthening the student's ability to communicate accurately and clearly. Each series of writing lessons guides the student through the five steps of the writing process, gradually releasing responsibility for those steps to the student. The teacher resources section provides print material for instruction, practice, review, writing process support, and assessment. 1024 pages, spiral-bound. Grade 1.

BJU Press' Phonics and English 1 Activities, 4th ed. provides independent practice for each lesson. The front page practices the main skills taught in the lesson. Most back pages provide a spiral review of previous lessons and may be used for assessment. Back pages also include "Let's Check" pages for summative assessment. 400 pages, softbound. Grade 1.

The BJU Press Phonics and English 1 Charts include the phonics characters used to represent the syllable patterns that are the basis for word families. The phonics song charts teach the sound of each vowel and consonant pattern. Word family cards give a systematic review of word families. 44 charts total. Grade 1. 4th Edition.

The BJU Press Grade 1 Phonics & English program’s English 1 Charts includes teaching charts, sentence puzzle cards, and word cards. These provide visual support for teaching BJU’s first grade phonics, English, and writing lessons. 50 pages. Grade 1.

Optional Resource for Elementary Grades

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BJU Phonics & English, Third Edition