Who Am I? And What Am I Doing Here?

Apologia What We Believe Series

What gives a person value? What provides purpose for a life? Who Am I? And What Am I Doing Here? helps children understand what it means to be made in the image of God.

Designed around a notebooking concept, instructions provide opportunities for students to think about the lesson questions as well as consider their own thoughts. Each lesson features an introduction to the main topic, learning objectives, a short story, thought-provoking questions, important vocabulary words, two Bible memory verses, interesting interdisciplinary topics, godly character traits that students should demonstrate as a response, prayer, and a worldview portion that provides a child's perspective on being a Muslim, Mormon, New Age spiritualist, Hindu, Buddhist, Communist, and other non-Christian beliefs.

Customize the schedule to your students' level; most chapters can be covered in two weeks, and this study may be used independently or with a parent. Ages 6-14, NIV, NLT, and NCV Scripture verses are used. 264 pages, hardcover.

This textbook focuses on:

  • God made me in His image and crowned me with glory
  • He has given me special gifts and a unique purpose in life
  • I can creatively express God's love
  • I am meant to think about beautiful and praiseworthy things, especially God and His Word
  • I must make decisions based on God's truth;
  • I can always know the wise thing to do;
  • I must cultivate the fruit of the Spirit in my life;
  • I am a beloved child of God whose true identity is found in Christ.

Designed to accompany Apologia's sold-separately Who Am I? And What Am I Doing Here?, this beautiful notebooking journal will become a record of what your students learned during the course. Lesson plans, artful graphics, imaginative writing prompts, puzzles, activities, and mini books are included. An "About the Author" page (with room for your students to write in his or her name) and a section for "endorsements" by friends and family are also provided. A suggested daily lesson plan includes the page numbers of both the text and journal and suggested instructions. 248 pages, spiralbound. Full-color pages.

Pages Include:

  • Blank Note-Taking Pages
  • Think About It pages with questions about the story portion of the lessons
  • Hide it in My Heart Pages where you can write out your favorite translation of the Bible verse on the page to help you memorize it.
  • Make a Note of It Pages-a page for each "Make a Note of It" box in the textbook; here you can record your answers as you consider how the lesson applies to your life.
  • Word Puzzles, including crosswords and word search puzzles.
  • Mini-Books to help you record important ideas in a visual way
  • My Prayer pages to write or draw your own prayers
  • Praise Report pages to record how God is answering your prayers
  • I Spy! Pages let you record about where you've seen God
  • Living Out Loud pages can be used to record what you've done to minister to others
  • Do You Remember? Pages provide you with a review of the most important points of each lesson.
  • Find out More pages provide lists of activities, Bible stories, books, hymns, songs, websites, and other resources that will help you dig deeper.

Designed to accompany Apologia's Who Am I? And What Am I Doing Here? Volume 2 Textbook (sold-separately), this beautiful junior notebooking journal will become a record of what your younger students learned during the course.

Created for students who have limited writing skills, this junior notebooking journal provides grade-appropriate activities specifically geared towards younger students. Almost the same length as the regular journal, the notebooking pages feature dashed-center writing guidelines, mini-book activities, coloring pages, and fewer writing activities overall. This junior journal is perfect for struggling older students or students in grades 1-4.

Lesson plans provide a guide for readings in the text along with what notebooking pages to complete. Page types include: blank note-taking pages, coloring pages, "words to know" exercises, "Hide it in my Heart" Bible verses, "Make a Note of It" application exercises, word puzzles, mini-books, "my prayer" prayer pages, "Praise Report" pages, "I Spy" record pages to record where they've seen God's works, "Living out Loud" pages to display where they're helping others, and "Find out More" suggested resources.

Spiralbound; full-color pages. Non-reproducible, non-consumable workbook. Scripture from the NIV, NKJV, NCV, and NLT. Grades 1-4.

    This CD contains a complete audio recording of the Apologia "What we Believe" series textbook Who Am I?. This is the perfect accompaniment to the book for students who are auditory learners, slow readers, or have other learning disabilities that make reading difficult. Recommended for ages 6-14.

    1 MP3-CD; read by Marissa Leinart.