Apologia's Readers in Residence is here to help children how to read to learn! Students will:

  • Learn to recognize elements of literature such as character development, plot, and theme
  • Read for understanding and consider literature in light of God's Word
  • Use reading strategies such as asking questions, making inferences, and connecting clues
  • Identify the connotations and figurative meanings of words and phrases
  • Read for deep understanding and consider literature in light of God's Word

Using a total of six books (all sold-separately and not-included): Sarah, Plain and Tall, Charlotte's Web, and Because of Winn-Dixie, plus three of the student's choice, students will answer questions, discuss topics, and complete activities and unit projects that demonstrate comprehension. Checklists are included for each module and a suggested schedule is also provided.

Written directly to students in a conversational style, Volume 1: Sleuth, uses the analogy of expert, active, readers as good detectives who collect clues to solve mysteries like what new words mean and what the book is about-as they pay close attention to every detail.

This curriculum doesn't require heavy teacher prep or supervision. Rubrics provide an easy way to assess projects. Answers are in the sold-separately Readers in Residence Answer Key. Grades 4-5. 561 pages, softcover.

This answer key is designed to be used with the Apologia Readers in Residence Volume 1: Sleuth (not-included and sold-separately). It includes a daily schedule, directions to help you explain each module, and the checklists and rubrics found in the student edition, which here include additional notes to help you evaluate and record student progress. Answers are included for activities where there is one correct answer, activities where a set range of answers is acceptable, activities where students are asked to give examples, and activities where students are asked to make inferences. Answers are not included for unit projects and open-ended assignments.