Follow the exploits of the Wild brothers as they explore exotic places in God's creation! Living deep in the remote jungle of a South Pacific island with their missionary parents, the homeschooled siblings build a mountain house, carve out an airfield, adopt jungle critters, and discover that Jesus is the ultimate adventure. Includes discussion guide. 28 minutes.

Get your kids excited about Christianity as they learn details of God's amazing creation! Asher Wild and his three fun-loving teenage brothers are homeschooled MK's (missionary kids) who live deep in the jungles of Southeast Asia. Like most boys, they love to catch strange bugs - jewels of the jungle in all sizes and colors. But their bug collection is super-size! 28 minutes DVD. Ages 8 & up.

The Wild Brothers and their parents return for their third amazing adventure! In Paradise Lost, the family boats to a tropical reef with their friends, the Brown family. There they explore the sparkling underwater wonderland of exotic fish, sea turtles, manta rays, and more. Above the tide, the Wild brothers soon realize that this paradise is not perfect. Remains at a burial ground and a few dangerous encounters remind everyone that, despite the beauty of nature today, our fallen world is only a shadow of God’s original Creation.

Kids love watching this adventure again and again, and parents appreciate the included Discussion Guide that brings out special messages about God’s creation, the effects of the fall, and much more! Approx. 28 minutes.

Has the legendary Tasmanian tiger been found? In Tiger Trail, the Wild brothers track the legendary Tasmanian tiger (called "Mbakngge" by island natives). This striped, howling creature is supposed to be extinct, yet sightings have been reported for years. Tribal people tell stories that sound accurate. Now this adventurous missionary family is determined to uncover the truth as they deepen their relationships with the people of their mountain.

Hike along as Morgan, Hudson, Kian, and Asher gather clues through paw print tracking and a remote trail camera to close in on this scientific rediscovery. Led by their father and guided by tribals, the Wild brothers witness the beauty and danger of God’s creation in the jungle, including misty mountains, river rapids, and massive waterfalls! So get your family together, and have your discussion guide ready, to fully enjoy an adventure you will never forget! Includes free discussion guide. Approx. 30 minutes.

Join the Wild family as they discover God's creation while living with a remote mountain tribe! With just a few months left before their return to the U.S., they discover a sunken World War II fighter plane, take an amazing swim with a giant whale shark, teach their eldest son to drive, and more. Includes a discussion guide. 30 minutes.

With their return to the United States approaching, the four Wild brothers set off on another thrilling adventure ... This time they are building a wooden boat to sail halfway across the world!

Using simple tools and resources, Dad and the boys begin work on a Polynesian double canoe (commonly referred to as a catamaran) to navigate the family back to the USA from Papua, Indonesia. With help from other missionaries and a few superstitious locals, the whole family works to construct a watertight wooden vessel. However, big problems must be overcome. The parallels to Noah, his sons, and the huge Ark they had to build spur the Wilds along to complete their boat and prepare for the journey. English subtitles. Approx. 30 minutes.

The four sons of Mike and Libby Wild are ready to set sail on a WILD journey. Their destination? Home! Months of meticulous planning and careful building are over. The Wild family is now ready to start their long and danger-riddled voyage from New Guinea to the USA on their handcrafted deep-sea canoe! Solar panels have been added to keep the boys' computers and video cameras energized. Excitement fills the air as they anticipate the breathtaking sights and new discoveries that lay ahead. However, an unexpected impediment suddenly stands in their way. What will God do? How will they respond? Climb aboard the big Polynesian catamaran for an inspiring family adventure! English subtitles. Approx. 30 minutes.