Weaver 1-2-3 Read!

1-2-3 Read! is a complete phonics reading program based on the Bible. 1-2-3 Read! begins with reading readiness. We tell you, the teacher, which skills are needed as a pre-requisite to reading. Throughout the teaching sessions, we tell you what to look for and what to do when problems surface.

After reading readiness is in place, 1-2-3 Read! progresses to teaching recognition and sounds of the alphabet. Each letter of the alphabet is learned by rhyme put to song, and by making an animal puppet, which helps the child to remember the sound of the letter. After the introduction of the letters and sounds, 1-2-3 Read! teaches the child to blend the letter sounds to make simple, three letter, short-vowel words. Within a short period of time, the child is reading! Reading books are then introduced and the child learns independence in reading.

Program includes easy-to-use and detailed teaching instructions, games, reinforcement activities, three cassette tapes, a student workbook and a flip chart. Reading practice materials are included.

Necessary for children in grades K-2 and those in older grades who do not yet read fluently. Includes all materials needed for one student, except for additional recommended reading materials.

This is the student workbook for 1-2-3 Read! (#97123). The student workbook is only necessary when 1-2-3 Read! is used by a second student.

Introduce young children to simple reading vocabulary through familiar Bible stories. The Birth of Christ, The Good Samaritan, Elijah and the Widow, The Feeding of the 5,000, and Daniel in the Lions Den are told using simple, repetitive words that become progressively harder. 5 leveled readers.

Bible Stories for Early Readers includes 5 storybooks beginning with God Adds Oil (2 Kings 4:1-7), Zacchaeus' Cash Bag (Luke 19: 1-9), 3 Brave Men (Daniel 3: 1-28), 7 Dips (2 Kings 5: 1-16), Jonah's Ride (Jonah 1-3). This set of 5 readers focuses on the 2-vowel rule.

This set includes five books: The Dreams Come True, The Ten Lepers, Pigs You Stink, The Big Quake, And Joseph and His Coat. These books reinforce double-vowel words, r-controlled vowels, and consonant blends.