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Monarch Curriculum Overview Video

About Monarch


Monarch—a fantastic, media-rich online curriculum brought to you by Alpha Omega—is available at Christianbook.com/homeschool!

Let your tech-savvy 3rd- through 12th-graders really stretch their wings! Created by the trusted team at Switched-On Schoolhouse, Monarch’s cutting-edge online curriculum offers media-rich learning in five core subjects: Bible, history and geography, language arts, science, and math, as well as a wide array of electives.

Students simply log in to enjoy self-paced lessons featuring movie clips, timelines, interactive games, quizzes, tests, and more. Parents love the customizable calendar, automatic grading, and adjustable quiz/test settings for various learning styles. Printable lessons, activity sheets, and records are all right there. All you need is a high-speed Internet connection! When you order your 12-month subscription through Christianbook.com, we’ll quickly help you get up and running.

How Does it Work?


Monarch is an online Christian homeschool curriculum for grades 3-12 that's compatible with most web browsers on a Windows® or Macintosh® operating system. Accessible 24/7 from anywhere in the world, Monarch lets learning soar with lessons in the five core subjects of Bible, history & geography, language arts, math, and science, as well as a wide variety of enriching electives.

Because each child has a unique learning style, Monarch features the ability to define a separate learning environment for each student. With a personalized dashboard, students can quickly view their completed work and task list for each day.

Monarch lets you customize your calendar to fit any homeschool schedule; you can easily assign or remove school days, exclude date ranges, or celebrate your child's birthday with a day off from school.

Auditory learners and students with reading comprehension difficulties will love the exciting text-to-speech feature. Simply highlight an entire lesson or passage, select from multiple voices and speeds, and have Monarch's lesson text read out loud as the student follows along.

For Students


Customize your learning environment to fit your own personality with a wide variety of eye-catching themes!

Make learning fun! With the student mode, you can view presentations and complete lesson questions in or out of sequence. You will also learn to grasp difficult concepts and master lessons with educational games, including Farmer Frank, All Right, and Quiz Bowl.

Know what's coming up in Monarch with handy screens that show your daily assignments, a curriculum overview, due dates, subject reviews, and grades.

Put homeschooling lessons into historical context! Monarch lets you see the big picture by simply clicking on any linked date in the Christian homeschool curriculum to find out what was happening during that point in history.

Monarch's book reports in grades 3-8 expand your understanding of written works with different genres, annotated book lists, and links to additional resources. Plus, thought-provoking questions provide guidelines to reflect, evaluate, and report on student-chosen books.

Features for Teachers


Automatic grading and recordkeeping conveniently record lesson assignments, test scores, and upcoming assignments for more hands-on teaching time.

Monarch's secure learning environment stores your child's academic records for seven years after your subscription ends. Accessible anytime, your child's grades are neatly logged, so you have everything you need to accurately prepare high school transcripts.

The flexible printing options also allows parents and students to print entire assignments, lessons, vocabulary lists, problems, and records.

Communication is easy with Monarch's internal messaging system! Parents and students can send messages to personal mailboxes, and alert notifications indicate unread messages for timely responses to questions.

Monarch FAQ


The curriculum is the same; however they both operate on two different platforms. Monarch is an online curriculum that can be accessed from anywhere in the world 24/7 through the Internet. SOS is a CD-ROM based program that needs to be installed on your home computer. Some of the current features that are available in SOS have not been added to Monarch. SOS updates are released annually, on April 1. Monarch releases updates on a regular schedule throughout the year. Learn more in this convenient comparison chart PDF.

Monarch is available for grades 3-12. We offer 5 core subjects for each grade level: Bible, Math, Science, Language Arts, and History & Geography. There are five-course subject sets available, or individual courses may be purchased. Currently Monarch has 83 electives to select from, including 50 that are state history. These are the same as the SOS electives.

Monarch technical support can be reached at 1-888-367-9871 if you have any questions.

  • As the student submits his or her answers they are saved and stored on Alpha Omega's server. If your computer crashes, your child can log into his or her account, and resume where he or she was when the computer crashed.
  • Anytime access. Log-in from anywhere in the world to do your schoolwork with a high speed Internet connection.
  • There is no daily back-up required or curriculum to install.
  • A great solution for families that are Mac based since SOS only works on a Windows Operating System.
  • New features and updates to the program are immediately available, eliminating the need for future upgrades.
  • Learn at your own pace; if there is a scheduling conflict, simply reset the calendar.
  • Parents can monitor child's work from any computer whether it is on the same network as the child's computer or not. For example, the child can be visiting grandma and grandpa and do his or her schoolwork, and the parent can log into Monarch at home, and review the child's schoolwork. You can even log in from the office or a business trip to review and grade student work.
  • Monarch provides instant feedback features so students can reflect on their mistakes as they happen to help with learning. Plus, interactive multimedia helps reinforce what is being learned.
  • More states are beginning to require that students take at least one on-line class before high school graduation to help prepare them for on-line courses in college.
  • A great solution for families living overseas, missionary families, and others who want to avoid the shipping costs of traditional textbooks.
  • Monarch provides families with flexibility, 24-7 accessibility, quality curriculum, and a compelling education.

After your order is complete, you will receive an email confirmation directing you to look in your Christianbook account for your new subscription. From your account, you will be able to activate your subscription and add it to your existing monarch account, or create a new monarch account. We also have a toll-free technical support number that you can access if you have any questions. Monarch technical support can be reached at 1-888-367-9871. Teacher and Student set-up guides can also be referenced or printed from the help menu.

Monarch can be returned up until 30 days after purchase. Grade levels can also be changed if the wrong grade is purchased.

No, you can use your current Monarch account.

Yes, you can print a Report Card, Grade Report, or Daily Work Report.

Yes, on a day-by-day basis you may remove days to adjust the calendar, allowing for field trips, co-op days, and sick days.

All text is contained within the lessons presented online, with the exception of a few upper level reading assignments in Language Arts where certain books are required. For example, in 11th grade the books Our Town and To Kill A Mockingbird will be needed to complete assignments.

No, it requires a subscription (license) per child.

12 months from subscription activation.

We keep the records on our server for up to 7 years. You will log in with the Parent/Teacher username and password to print the reports and transcripts that you need.

No, curriculum by itself cannot be accredited; it can only be accredited as part of an institution's program. You will be able to print transcripts and records for your portfolio.

Yes, look at the individual product to see an overview of Monarch, as well as a demo of that particular grade & subject. There are also screenshots available to look at.

At this time use on an iPad or other tablet/mobile device is not supported.

You will need a reliable high-speed Internet connection.

Monarch curriculum tries to reinforce language arts skills throughout all subjects. We want children to learn to spell correctly and since a student is working from a computer--the computer only knows correct spelling! If the computer marks something incorrect if it is misspelled, or not plural if it is supposed to be, you can leave it or simply adjust the grade. Also, have students practice their misspelled words before a test.

Yes, you can always print a lesson, or any part of that lesson, to have the student read it, practice spelling, or practice vocabulary words. The student can then enter the answers into Monarch to have the grading done and the records maintained.

No, these activities are included for your child's benefit but are neither timed nor required. Also, you have the ability to turn the games of for the student.

You can easily assign skipped or alternate assignments or tests to your students. If a student doesn't score well on the first unit test, parents can have the student review the material again and have them retake the test. The alternate test covers the same material, but asks different questions

Not at this time.


Having a student redo a lesson is as easy as clicking a button. This clears the current student work and reassigns the lesson, quiz or test to him/her.


We are missionaries in Japan and are often pulled in different directions, balancing ministry and schooling with our son, who has a learning disability. We feel Monarch is a good fit for him, and we are thankful to having something that is structured and convenient."
-Linda H., NC

Monarch is very easy to use, and I love the ability to tailor the curriculum."
-Christine R., NC

"I just want to take the time to say THANK YOU! I am praising the Lord daily for how things are going for us with Alpha Omega! Monarch [is] working wonderfully for us. I am thoroughly enjoying my new role as helper and encourager instead of mistake-finder. The immediate feedback is something I've always thought should be inherent in homeschooling, but I was never able to make it work. Now, my kids are getting that! The flexibility of the scheduling is incredible. And although I never really tested my children before, I can see that the quizzes and tests are motivating them to take their education more seriously. Thanks for your part--sharing, encouraging, explaining, reassuring. God is at work in our family. You watered and tended a seed someone else planted. God has grown it to a seedling, and I'm looking forward to watching it grow and produce fruit in our family! "
-Kim H.

"We are excited that Monarch is compatible with any web browser. It is exciting to know that wherever we are – at home, on vacation, or halfway around the world – we can homeschool by simply logging in online. Our son loves the cutting-edge, media-rich lessons that are infused with movie clips, animations, learning games, audio clips, and web-related links. "
-Tom P., IL

"Having up-to-date, Christian-based curriculum with the flexibility of accessing it anywhere with Internet is a huge advantage for homeschool families like ours. Another is the interactive lessons. Making learning more engaging for the student using current brain research and technology is a must in this ever-changing world."
-Vickie B., SC

"Monarch is exciting because it's Christian-based, Mac compatible, portable, and offers the extra accountability my daughter needs. No more excuses like 'I forgot,' or 'I didn't know.'"
-Kristin J., NC

Monarch keeps my son on track. He likes knowing what lessons he has to do to stay on schedule for the week."
-Earl R., VA

"There are times in a homeschool mom's life when we need the ease of "sliced bread". I feel like Monarch gives me that right now, as I don't have a lot of time to do in-depth, one-on-one science lessons with my daughter."
-Hope Anne D., OH

"Monarch is easy to set up and able to use anywhere there is Internet connection."
-Erin B., TX

Monarch takes the work out of homeschooling for the parent, and it provides excellent content for the student. My son looks forward to Monarch every day. He has ADD, and it keeps him focused."
-Lulu V.Z., TX

"Our daughter was doing Sonlight and Saxon, but we just moved her over to Monarch. It's just easier, and we like the different media being used. We recommend Monarch to everyone we talk to that homeschools."
-Brian K., TX

"Monarch allows children to work at a higher standard and still get the Godly influences. It is great because I have a special needs son, and if we are having a bad day, we just make it up another day. It has truly been a lifesaver."
-Joy B., LA

"This is our first year homeschooling, and I have parents coming out of the woodwork asking me how to get started. I always point them to your website and curriculum first. The Godly thread throughout your programs has truly made a difference in my son and the rest of our family. Easier is always nice, but God has called us to do this, and we do it with joy!"
-Lisa S., TX

"I am so excited about the new Monarch curriculum! I have been homeschooling my oldest son for the first time this year and am amazed at all the curriculum choices. I was so excited about Monarch's multimedia options. Thank you for providing an awesome curriculum! Monarch is a great marriage of Christian curriculum and self-paced online learning! "
-Jessica C., GA

"Monarch is very thorough and easy to use. We have had a great experience."
-Becky J., AL

Thank you for always giving 110% in your programs so that our children get a top notch education."
-Michelle B., LA