LIFEPAC Curriculum

LIFEPAC homeschool curriculum from Alpha Omega Publications is a student-paced homeschool program based around a set of LIFEPAC workbooks that include biblically-based lessons, high-interest exercises, reviews, and tests.

LIFEPAC Grade Levels

LIFEPAC Support Materials

  1. LIFEPAC Support Materials Cumulative  File
    Alpha Omega Publications / Other
    Our Price$3.75
  2. Student Record Book
    Alpha Omega Publications / Other
    Our Price$3.75
  3. LIFEPAC Study Guide
  4. Goal Check Record
    Alpha Omega Publications / Trade Paperback
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Science Experiments DVDs for Grades 4 to 12

Experience science from the front row! Whether used as a companion to the LIFEPAC science curriculum, or as enrichment for budding scientists, the LIFEPAC science video series will offer helpful, step-by-step demonstrations of experiments. Families can complete experiments using our scientist as an on-site teacher who offers tips for safety and success in the lab. Or, watch and follow along as experiments are performed -- see what happens... without all the mess!