Build a strong foundation for math learning with this balanced, well-organized first grade curriculum! Using a spiral-based approach, 160 brightly illustrated daily lessons follow a pattern of introduction, reinforcement, and repetition to ensure thorough understanding of counting, addition, subtraction, time, and other concepts. Includes two student workbooks; teacher's guide with answer keys, tips, and activity ideas; lesson plans; and reproducible work sheets. From Alpha Omega Publications.

This brightly colored workbook is sure to hold your child's interest throughout the year, with its visually appealing illustrations and fun exercises. Instruction is meant to be conveyed through one on one interaction, thus all activities, instructions, and other program components are within the teachers book. This workbook contains the necessary written problems. This is the first workbook in a two volume set, which must be completed prior to starting the second. Softcover, 178 pages.Concepts covered include:

  • Counting by 2's, 5's, and 10's
  • Ordinal and Cardinal numbers
  • Additional and subtraction facts
  • Place Value
  • Money, time and measurements
  • Number order
  • Written numbers and their Arabic numeral equivalents
  • Basic Fractions (half, quarter, whole numbers etc.)
  • This is the second workbook in the Horizons 1 curriculum. Book one (sold separately), must be completed prior to this one. Horizons Math Series tends to be more advanced than the Lifepacs in keeping with the stiffer standards of public schools. Each level has two student workbooks, but the teacher handbook is the main componant of the program. All instruction is provided through one-on-one teacher instruction, which is the biggest difference between Horizons and the self-guided Lifepacs. Concepts covered in Horizons 1 are: counting by 2's, 5's, 10's; ordinal and cardinal numbers; addition facts; and place value. This means that a solid foundation in number recognition and other kindergarten concepts is imperative. The workbooks are very colorful which keeps the child's interest and the concepts covered are clearly presented.

    This teacher's guide accompanies Alpha Omega's Horizons Grade 1 Math Student workbooks 1 & 2 (not-included and sold-separately).Each lesson page features concepts taught, numbered objectives, teaching tips, materials/ supplies/equipment needed, activity instructions, and which worksheets to complete. The back of the book features drill worksheets with answer key and workbooks answer keys (reduced-size student pages with overlaid answers). 578 pages, softcover. Grade 1.

    Don't spend all your time photocopying! This packet of worksheets includes the same review worksheets that are included in the Horizons Math Grade 1 Teacher's Handbook--but with all the convenience of being ready to use. Focusing on review and additional reinforcement of concepts taught in the book, these worksheets are perfect for speed drills or alternative tests. This packet also includes a chart that highlights where each worksheet should be used within the curriculum. Loose-leaf, reproducible pages.

    Help your child master their math lessons by providing plenty of hands-on practice! Designed to accompany Alpha Omega's sold-separately Horizons Math Grades Kindergarten, 1, 2, and 3 curriculum, this Nature's Workshop Plus! manipulatives kit will help students quickly catch on to new concepts. Items are packaged in individual lesson packs for ease of use. Grades K-3. See the Contents PDF for a full list of included components.