Abeka Academy FAQ


When you're purchasing your Abeka Academy subscription from Christianbook.com, you can choose either the accredited or unaccredited/independent study option. Please confirm that you're purchasing the correct enrollment before completing your purchase.

The accredited option provides:

  • Digital assessments available in 7th–12th grade
  • Personal dashboard with due dates/tests/quizzes
  • 1 free standardized test per year
  • Permanent records kept for you
  • Exams graded for you in 9th-12th grade
  • Free report cards and transcript
  • Diploma awarded to graduates & the option to walk in Abeka Academy’s graduation ceremony

In exchange, you’ll:

  • Have due dates (quarterly in Grades 4-12, every 6 weeks in K-3rd)
  • Fill out a proof of completion for enrollments in grades 2-9
  • Send in transcripts of any previous high school courses for enrollments in grades 10-12
  • Follow the accredited high school plan to meet graduation requirements
  • Make sure your students watch the video lessons
  • Send tests & quizzes to Abeka Academy for evaluation
  • Return required course work to Abeka Academy within 6-12 months of your begin date

Those who choose the unaccredited/independent homeschooler option have more limited access to the dashboard; they can assign lessons, use a calendar, choose permissions, and keep track of hours. Independent homeschoolers simply proceed along the lessons at their own pace, and don't need to submit any materials for grading/evaluation.

MSA CESS (Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools Commissions on Elementary and Secondary Schools) and FACCS (Florida Association of Christian Colleges and Schools).

After you purchase your enrollment redemption code from Christianbook.com, you'll receive an email that will bring you to Abeka Academy, where you'll complete your enrollment. There, you’ll receive the option to choose whether you’d like physical DVDs (which you send back after 12 months) or streaming video (which you’ll have access to for 12 months)

When you complete your enrollment, you’ll choose a “begin date.” You’ll have 12 months from this date to complete the courses. DVDs will then need to be returned or access to the streaming videos will end.

Anyone with an Abeka account can get notifications, check order details and progress, and use the free customizable calendar.

If you purchased clip art or teaching aids, you can also redeem them here.

Those who purchase any streaming video lessons can assign lessons to be watched, choose permissions, and keep track of hours used.

Those who purchased an Abeka Academy enrollment can also complete their enrollment here and print out prepaid return labels for DVDs.

If you purchased an accredited Abeka Academy enrollment you can also:

  • Choose free, time-saving digital assessments in 7th–12th grade.
  • Set up your child’s enrollment in digital assessments.
  • See your child’s grades.
  • Add calendar events for your child under the “My Students” section.
  • Create grade alerts (e.g., set notifications for grades below 80).
  • Have tests, quizzes, and more added to the calendar automatically, so it’s easier to stay on track.
  • Adjust all due dates at one time just by changing length of the “school year.” (Choose from 6 months, 9 months, or 12 months.)
  • Adjust assignments around holidays, vacations, etc.
  • See all your children’s assignments on one calendar.
  • Review digital assessments (quizzes, tests, exams) after they’re graded by Abeka to see exactly what was marked.
  • Submit progress reports & upload work to Abeka in 7th–12th grade.
  • Request an official report card.
  • Request a transcript.
  • View your child’s plan of study.
  • See at a glance whether your children are ahead, right on track, or behind in their lessons (based on the complete date you've chosen).

Academic assistance is available Monday-Friday 8AM to 4:45 PM CT by calling an Abeka academic counselor at 1-800-874-3592.

The tuition-only kits include at least the video teacher’s manual and access to the video classes – if there are relevant quiz/test books and keys those are included, as well as some select other resources depending on the grade level. This means that parents will need to acquire the remaining textbooks if they purchase the tuition-only kits. The tuition & books kits include all the books you’ll need for the year for that grade.

If you change your mind within 30 days, Abeka Academy customers should call Christianbook to cancel the enrollment. You will be directed to then call Abeka for a return authorization and instructions for the return. All the video materials must be returned to Abeka within 30 days of the assigned begin date to receive full credit. Abeka will provide return shipping labels for customers who cancel within 30 days. If it’s necessary to cancel between 60 to 90 days of the assigned begin date, please contact Abeka for details on the cancellation fee and instructions on returning the video materials. No credit will be issued for cancellations after 90 days.

After you purchase your enrollment, you need to complete your enrollment (which includes choosing DVDs vs. streaming, independent vs. accredited). Your books will not ship until this step is completed, so we recommend doing it as soon as possible!

Every Abeka Academy product listing has a booklist attached. Simply find the correct enrollment for your grade to view the PDF attached.

Tuition & Books enrollments have booklists which list each book included in the kit.

The Tuition-Only enrollments have a booklist which covers which books ARE included in the kit and which books are NOT included and will need to be purchased separately. In that PDF, Christianbook Stock #s are included and linked to the book on our website - just click through to the product detail page to purchase.

Here's an example of a Grade 5 tuition-only enrollment Book List PDF.

Abeka Academy video lessons currently do not include subtitles or captions.