Save time and stay on track with Abeka’s Language Arts 5 Curriculum Lesson Plans guide. Organized by subject and lesson, the 170 detailed lesson plans encompass grammar, composition, spelling, vocabulary, poetry, reading comprehension, speed reading, and penmanship. Lesson plans list which pages to cover, visuals to use, and quizzes and tests to administer, along with review and assignment instructions, and recommended teaching procedures. 308 pages, spiralbound softcover. Grade 5, Second Edition.

Give students daily opportunities to practice their handwriting skills with Penmanship Mastery II. Correct formation, spacing, letter size, slant, and overall neatness are emphasized through a variety of creative writing activities. Weekly tests are included. 6" x 9". Grade 5.

Designed to display above a chalkboard or on a wall for reference, this card set features proper cursive letter formation. Grade 3-6. 5.75" x 20.75".