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  1. Writing with Purpose 3
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    Writing with Purpose 3
    Abeka / 2019 / Other
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Abeka's Writing with Purpose 3 is an enjoyable way to simultaneously teach cursive penmanship and creative writing! The first semester begins with handwriting lessons that will give students plenty of practice in the writing of words, letters, numbers in >" spacing lines. In the second semester, the focus shifts to learning to write compositions creatively. From beautiful penmanship to figurative language and poetry, your child will perfect his craft of writing in appearance and content. Different poem forms, alliteration, metaphors, and several other English tools are taught. Weekly penmanship tests and supplementary writing exercises are also included in the back of the book. 281 pages, softcover. Consumable and non-reproducible.

Perfect for third grade students, the Cursive Writing Skillbook offers a variety of fascinating penmanship exercises to give students continued penmanship instruction and practice. It includes a thorough review of letter formation with emphasis on correct slant, spacing, and proportion. Activities include phonics review, dictionary skills, and creative writing, the latter of which uses the included Animal Dictionary at the back of the book to write brief reports about selected animals. Grade 3. 5th Edition. 196 pages, softcover.

This new edition features minor changes in colors and the addition of a few tracing helps. This edition does not contain the Character Notebook pages that were previously included; students now instructed to compile their character notebook on notebook paper.

  1. Abeka Cursive Writing Wall Cards
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    Abeka Cursive Writing Wall Cards
    Abeka / Other
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Designed to display above a chalkboard or on a wall for reference, this card set features proper cursive letter formation. Grade 3-6. 5.75" x 20.75".