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Writing with Phonics 2 provides students with daily practice in manuscript writing and review phonics concepts. This second grade curriculum includes a review of letter formation for three-space writing, and moves on to one-space cursive writing. 2nd semester students will keep a journal, learn to make daily entries, and complete creative writing assignments.

Give students opportunities to perfect their handwriting and writing skills! This Cursive Writing Tablet contains copywork with blank lined pages, and is correlated to the seatwork curriculum. Students will focus on placement and formation of letters and numbers. Grade 2. 8.5" x 11".

  1. Abeka Homeschool Writing & Seatwork 2 Curriculum/Lesson  Plans (Cursive)
    Abeka Homeschool Writing & Seatwork 2 Curriculum/Lesson Plans (Cursive)
    Abeka / Spiral Bound
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Keep organized and on-schedule with convenient, time-saving curriculum/lesson plans for 2nd Grade.

Homeschool Writing and Seatwork 2 Curriculum/Lesson Plans provide 170 daily lesson plans for teaching cursive writing using Writing with Phonics 2; lesson plans also provide a complete list of daily "seatwork" assignments for Language 2, Letters and Sounds 2, Spelling 2, and Arithmetic 2, as well as other creative writing exercises, math, and phonics review ideas. Scheduling information and record-keeping helps are also included. Grade 2. Spiral bound.

  1. Abeka Cursive Formation Flashcards (Grades 1-2)
    Abeka Cursive Formation Flashcards (Grades 1-2)
    Abeka / 2016 / Other
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The Abeka Cursive Formation Flashards are a helpful visual reference for students learning to correctly form cursive letters. The top of the card shows a "type-style" letter and a picture that begins with the same letter to help children link the cursive letter with both its sound and the typed letter. Great for display, use this set as wall decor or use individually as each letter or number is introduced. Covers letters Aa-Zz and numbers 1-10. 9" x 12". 30 Cards. Grades 1-2.

  1. Abeka Seatwork Charts (1-2)
    Abeka Seatwork Charts (1-2)
    Abeka / Other
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Keep important concepts and words in plain sight! This set of bright & colorful charts features information on: cursive letter formation, paper and pencil position, number words, color words, days of the week, months of the year, abbreviations, and numbers by ones, twos, fives, and tens. Grades 1-2. 17.5 x 22.5 inches.