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Be effective and efficient in teaching English 9 with the help of the Homeschool English 9 Curriculum Lesson Plans—Revised from Abeka. Includes lesson plans for sold-separately Grammar III, Vocabulary III, and Themes in Literature. 142 pages, spiral-bound. Grade 9. 2021 Revised Ed.

Help your students strengthen vocabulary knowledge and skills with the Vocabulary, Spelling, Poetry III Teacher Edition This teacher’s book includes a shrunken view of the student page along with extra example sentences in the margins that exemplify a biblical worldview. Additionally, this book includes notes of cross-subject integration, teacher tips for critical thinking, poetry introductions, and much more! 154 pages, spiral-bound. 6th edition. Grade 9.

Help strengthen your students’ vocabulary knowledge and skills with Vocabulary, Spelling, Poetry III. Complete with critical thinking exercises, an index with bolded vocabulary words, roots chart, prefixes and suffixes chart, analogy exercises, and in-depth definitions with synonyms, antonyms, and related forms, your students will be well-equipped in practicing exceptional communication skills. 154 pages, softcover. Sixth edition. Grade 9.

Assess your students’ vocabulary knowledge and skills with the Vocabulary, Spelling, Poetry III Quiz Book.This revised edition provides 28 quizzes, including 4 quarter reviews, and incorporates math, science, and other subject vocabulary for cross integration. Your students will be quizzed over roots, spelling words, and vocabulary words from their current list and their previous two lists. With easy-to-follow headings and perforated tear-out pages, you will find this quiz book to be hassle-free and simple to use. 64 pages, softcover. Sixth edition. Grade 9.

  1. Grade 9 Vocabulary, Spelling, Poetry III Quiz Key -  Revised
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Correctly evaluate your students’ vocabulary knowledge and skills with the Vocabulary, Spelling, Poetry III Quiz Key. This book contains the answers in easy-to-read colored font to the 28 lists included in the correlating Vocabulary, Spelling, Poetry III Quiz Book, (sold-separately). With the point values stated clearly on each quiz and teacher instruction in the beginning of the book, you will feel confident in grading your students’ quizzes. 64 pages, softcover. Sixth edition, Grade 9.

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