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  1. Vocabuarly, Spelling, & Poetry II
    Vocabuarly, Spelling, & Poetry II
    A Beka Book / Trade Paperback

Dedicate a portion of your school day to boosting your students' word skills with Spelling, Vocabulary, & Poetry II. Eighth grade students will read 9 poems, work their way through 28 vocabulary and spelling lists (including 4 review lessons) based on different spelling rules, and learn new words through additional contextual exercises. Each list includes 20 spelling words and 10 vocabulary words. Approximately 81 pages. Grade 8.

This teacher's edition accompanies the sold-separately Vocabulary, Spelling, & Poetry II and contains a copy of the student text with answers and a sentence bank for vocabulary and spelling words. A poetry CD is included inside the back cover. Spiral Binding. Grade 8.

This Quiz Book is part of the A Beka "Vocabulary, Spelling, Poetry II" Grade 8 curriculum. Providing parents with the chance to assess student progress, it contains 28 quizzes and 4 quarterly reviews that cover the material presented in the text. Answers are not included, but are sold-separately in the Quiz Key.

This Quiz key accompanies the sold-separately Vocabulary, Spelling & Poetry II Quizzes and contains a copy of the quiz book with answers and suggested point values. Grade 8.

  1. Vocabulary, Spelling & Poetry II Audio CD
    Vocabulary, Spelling & Poetry II Audio CD
    A Beka Book / Compact disc
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