Be effective and efficient in teaching English 8 with the help of the Homeschool English 8 Curriculum Lesson Plans—Revised from Abeka. Included are 170 detailed and easy-to-follow lesson plans to help you prepare for your lessons each day. Eighth grade English reviews grammar concepts previously taught to strengthen student’s foundation and introduce new concepts such as transitive and intransitive verbs, progressive and emphatic verb tense forms, elliptical clauses, and many more! This year, your student will also be learning how to write summaries for long works, create unique dialogue, and expand their knowledge through essay questions. Additionally, students will be introduced to classics such as The Jungle Book, A Tale of Two Citites, The Legend of Sleepy Hollow, The Hiding Place, and Ben Hur. With the lesson guide, you can effectively present the lessons in a way that will ensure that your child understands and grasps each concept. Stay organized with this helpful lesson plan as you teach your child the fundamentals of grammar, spelling, and literature. 94 pages, spiral bound. Grade 8.

Help your student master new vocabulary words and practice presenting poetry from Vocabulary, Spelling, and Poetry II, 6th edition. This text includes 28 Word Lists that each contain 20 spelling words and 10 vocabulary words with definitions that correspond with selections from the 8th grade literature text—Of Place, (sold-separately). These lists include exercises that help your child understand and apply spelling rules, use words in the correct context, and recognize homonyms, synonyms, and antonyms. This new edition features additional exercises that involve higher-level thinking such as analyzing prefixes, suffixes, and roots, plus answering analogy questions related to the text. Increase your child’s credibility through correct spelling well-rounded vocabulary, and an appreciation of poetry. Grade 8.

Keep vocabulary, spelling, and poetry interesting with the added features of this Vocabulary, Spelling, Poetry II Teacher Key. Complete with a copy of the student book plus answers inserted so you can quickly check your child’s answers to the word exercises. Sample sentences for spelling and vocabulary words are also included to help you instill spelling rules and correct usage of troublesome words. Help your child expand his vocabulary and understanding of words with the teaching resources found within this Teacher Key. 94 pages, spiral bound. Grade 8.

Evaluate your child’s progress of his knowledge in vocabulary, spelling, and poetry through the quizzes found in this book. The 28 weekly quizzes include additional review words from the previous two lessons, and the 4 quarterly review quizzes are cumulative over the entire quarter or semester. His mastery of the words is quizzed in a variety of formats from dictation to recognition of misspelled and misused words. Answers and grading instructions are sold separately in the Vocabulary, Spelling, Poetry II Teacher Quiz Key. Grade 8.

Use this parent’s companion to Vocabulary, Spelling, Poetry II Quizzes (sold separately) which provides a copy of your child’s quiz book with answers and sentence dictation for spelling words. Point values are also provided to make grading easy for you! Grade 8.

Raise a champion speller! Spelling Challenges provides lists of leveled words arranged into multiple rounds for fun practice rounds or school spelling bees. Each entry includes the definition of the word and pronunciation. Instructions for conducting contests are also included.