Save time and energy and stay on track with Abeka curriculum lesson plans!

170 day-by-day plans for the entire year are provided, with assignments correlated to Abeka's Language Arts Grade 3 (2019 Revision) curriculum (all materials sold-separately). This lesson plan covers instruction for the Abeka Language 3 (5th Edition), Reading Comprehension 3 Skill Sheets, Spelling and Poetry 3 (6th Edition), Writing with Purpose 3, and Grade 3 Readers.

Organized by lesson, these lesson plans are split between preparation and procedure sections. The preparation section includes objectives and lists of materials and visuals needed. The procedure section walks you through the lesson with an introduction or review and primary lesson instruction with scripted classroom directions and instructions for using the individual Abeka materials.

Appendices include seatwork lesson plans, games, sentence strips, sample penmanship tests, spelling lists with sample sentences and enrichment ideas, the Spelling & Poetry 3 answer key, plus a variety of planning resources and progress reports.

This lesson plan also includes a schedule for art (Art Projects 3) and music (Songs We Enjoy 3). This is a bonus schedule if you want to use those resources along with the science and health curriculum, but is not necessary if you wish to only teach the main subjects.

524 pages plus appendices, spiralbound softcover.

Build's your child's confidence in written and verbal communication with hundreds of words that they can confidently spell correctly. Spelling and Poetry 3 gives your child 34 spelling lists with words that would reinforce the learning of different spelling rules. Each of the lists is complete with age-appropriate definitions and implementation exercises that help students connect spelling with reading, Bible, and other subjects. Eight poems are also included in this textbook to help your child appreciate the beauty of language and the literary value of poetry. Help your child recognize challenging words and appreciate language with Spelling and Poetry 3. 81 pages, softcover. Grade 3. 6th Edition. Consumable and non-reproducible.

As your child is learning hundreds of words from their 34 spelling lists, aid their learning and make it more effective with the teacher's edition to the Spelling and Poetry 3 book. This teaching resource gives you a sentence bank for each lesson complete with each spelling and vocabulary word used appropriately in a sentence. Also find all of the answers to activities, additional enrichment exercises, scope and sequence of the program, and numerous hints for teaching challenging words- All that you need to help your child learn more effectively. Confidently present the poems and vocabulary lists found in your child's textbook with the help of this helpful resource. Grade 3.