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  1. Abeka Spelling 2 Charts
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    Abeka Spelling 2 Charts
    Abeka / Other

These colorful visuals from Abeka make learning spelling easier and fun! These 18 charts (printed front and back) are correlated with the Abeka Grade 2 spelling curriculum. Charts 1-4 have both typed and cursive words; the remainder of the charts are in cursive. The 17.5" x 22.5" size makes it easy to display around the classroom.

Save time and energy with Abeka curriculum/lesson plans.

Complete day-by-day plans for the entire year are provided, with assignments correlated to the Phonics Grade 2 curriculum (sold-separately). Helping parents to organize and structure their teaching, 170 daily plans for phonics, reading, spelling, language, and poetry are included. Topics covered include phonics, spelling rules (changing y to i), phonics-based spelling lists, vocabulary words, poems, capitalization, punctuation, suffixes/prefixes, writing letters, and more. Organized by lesson, these curriculum/lesson plans include AM Reading and PM Reading assignments, warm-up/review, step-by-step lessons, and application/review. Record-keeping helps and scheduling information are also included. Spiralbound.

  1. Spelling and Poetry 2 (4th Edition)
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    Spelling and Poetry 2 (4th Edition)
    Abeka / 2018 / Trade Paperback

The Abeka Spelling and Poetry 2 curriculum will help your students improve their spelling skills.

The book begins with spelling list lessons; a spelling list is followed by exercises such as matching, identifying correctly-spelled words, fill-in-the-blank sentences, organizing words by phoneme, drawing pictures for words, and more. A short poetry section in the middle includes 8 fully-illustrated poems to read. The rest of the book includes spelling homework -- take-home sheets that feature the spelling words for the week (written in print and cursive) and an illustration. Students are to take the page home, copy the words on notebook paper, and review the words as needed.

145 pages, softcover. Grade 2. 4th Edition.

Help your students understand the context of their spelling words with this Teacher Edition. This optional resource includes a copy of the student book with inserted answers for quick checking. It also includes tips for teaching spelling and poetry, plus test sentences and word order! 145 pages. Spiral bound. Grade 2.