Save time and energy with Abeka parent guide and student daily lessons.

Complete day-by-day plans for the entire year (170 lessons) are provided, with assignments correlated to the English grade 12 homeschool grammar and composition, literature, and vocabulary, spelling, & poetry curriculum (sold-separately). Topics covered include diction & usage, research skills, essays, the character sketch, vocabulary, English literature, works from the 18th -20th century, and more. Organized by subject and lesson, this guide is divided between a parent guide that includes progress reports, assignment suggestions, work schedules, and other helpful resources; answer keys; and daily plans that are designed to be given to the student. Spiralbound. Grade 12.

Dedicate a portion of your school day to boosting your students' word skills with Vocabulary VI. Grade 12 students will focus on in-depth vocabulary studies that include a "word analyzer" made up of Greek and Latin prefixes, roots, and suffixes. Students will complete a number of practice exercises in addition to pre-tests for each unit.

This teacher's key accompanies the sold-separately Vocabulary VI and contains the student text with answers, teaching notes for effective teaching methods, ideas for testing student progress, and explanations for the Verbal Analogy exercises. Spiral Binding. Grade 12.

This Quiz Book is part of the Abeka "Vocabulary VI" Grade 12 curriculum. Providing parents with the chance to assess student progress, it contains 8 quizzes and 4 review quizzes for the year that cover the material presented in the text. Answers are not included, but are sold-separately in the Quiz Key.

This Quiz key accompanies the sold-separately Vocabulary VI Quizzes and contains a copy of the quiz book with answers and suggested point values. Grade 12.