Keep your homeschool on track and organized with Abeka's Grade 3 Science Parent Kit The kit contains the following essential resources:

  • Homeschool Science and Health 3 Curriculum Lesson Plans
  • Exploring God's World Answer Key (revised)
  • Exploring God's World Quiz, Test, and Worksheet Key (revised)
  • Health Safety and Manners 3 Answer Key (revised)
  • Health Safety Manners 3 Quiz, Test, and Worksheet Key (revised)
  • Homeschool Science and Health 3 Teaching Charts

The lesson plans in this kit reference add-on companion i tems that are not included in this kit. These recomme nded support items include the following, which may be purch ased separately if parents wish to use them and do not have them from a previous year:

  • 191936 The Fish with a Pole CD
  • 191944 Colonel Corn CD

  • Show your third graders the hand of God in his creation of humanity and our environment! The science text covers human senses, photosynthesis, animal classifications, and the characteristics of different climates. Students will experiment with fun "Something to Try" exercises, study important "Terms to Remember," and more. The health text includes studies on the importance of physical and spiritual health, vitamins, fighting disease, proper posture, and first aid. Kit includes Exploring God's World; Health, Safety, and Manners 3; My Animal Notebook; and two quiz/test/worksheet books. Softcovers.

    Science and Health can be the most fun subjects for your third grader. This Grade 3 Science/Health Child Kit (Unbound editions) includes textbooks, activity books, and test books for these two important subjects. Your child will explore creation and learn how to effectively maintain good health with this prepackaged kit. Guide your third grader in learning about birds and insects in science, while developing a deeper understanding of his body framework and breathing organs in health. Save yourself the hassle of purchasing each individual book and order this unbound kit that has been put together for your convenience. Grade 3.

    The following items are included in this kit:

    • Exploring God's World
    • Exploring God's World Quiz, Test, and Worksheet Book (Unbound)
    • My Animal Notebook (unbound)
    • Health Safety and Manners 3
    • Health, Safety, and Manners 3 Quiz, Test, and Worksheet Book (Unbound)

    Save time and energy and stay on track with Abeka curriculum lesson plans!

    170 day-by-day plans for the entire year are provided, with assignments correlated to "Exploring God's World 5th Edition" and "Health, Safety, and Manners 3, 4th Edition" (both 2019 Revisions) (all materials sold-separately).

    Organized by lesson, these lesson plans are split between preparation and procedure sections. The preparation section includes objectives and lists of materials and visuals needed. The procedure section walks you through the lesson with an introduction or review and primary lesson instruction with scripted classroom directions and instructions for using the individual Abeka materials.

    Appendices include games, "Be a Scientist!" teaching helps and student pages, Science and Health enri chment/hands-on activities, Teaching Overview, Activity Time schedule, and progress reports.

    This lesson plan also includes a schedule for art (Art Projects 3) and music (Songs We Enjoy 3). This is a bonus schedule if you want to use those resources along with the science and health curriculum, but is not necessary if you wish to only teach the main subjects.

    187 pages plus appendices, spiralbound softcover. For use with the 5th Edition of "Exploring God's World" and 4th Edition of "Health, Safety, and Manners 3" - both revised in 2019.

    Abeka's Exploring God's Word Grade 3 science text will show students the hand of God in Creation. Chapters cover the senses of the human body, the process of photosynthesis, the classifications of animals, the characteristics of different climates, and more. Each chapter has tons of fun sidebars and exercises, including hands-on experiments that teach the scientific method, comprehension check review questions, terms to remember (which are bolded in the text), and "Think about it" critical thinking questions. 344 pages with glossary, softcover. Grade 3. 5th Edition (revised 2019).

    This answer key is designed to be used alongside the Abeka Grade 3 Exploring God's Word Student Text, 5th Edition (sold-separately). This consolidated Answer Key contains the stated question and answer for each "Comprehension Check" and "Chapter Checkup." This teaching resource allows you to quickly check your child's work for accuracy and understanding. Softcover, 17 pages. Grade 3. Fifth Edition (Revised 2019).

    This Abeka Exploring God's World Quizzes, Tests, and Worksheets 5th Edition booklet is designed to be used alongside the Exploring God's World Student Text, 5th Edition (not included and sold-separately).

    A variety of fill-in-the-blank, short answer, multiple choice, labeling, and matching exercises are included. Answers are not included but are in the Quizzes, Tests, and Worksheets Key (sold-separately).

    Consumable and non-reproducible. 93 pages, paperback booklet. 5th Edition (2019 Revision). Grade 3.

    This answer key is designed to be used with the Abeka Exploring God's World Quizzes, Tests, and Worksheets, 5th Edition (sold-separately). Full-size student pages are reproduced with the correct answers overlaid in blue ink. Answers have page numbers where the correct answers may be found, as well as point values, for easy and accurate grading. 93 pages, softcover. 5th Edition (2019 Revision).

    Abeka's My Animal Notebook is a fun, full-color write-in workbook that will introduce students to animal classification! Designed to be part of a teacher-directed course (through the Abeka Grade 3 Science/Health Curriculum/Lesson plans - not included & sold-separately), this text doesn't provide any written instruction to the student - rather teachers will help them undertake their first research project, which involves writing animal reports and gathering animal pictures. This book features full-color pages with headings at the top for the type of animal; it also contains animal flash cards plus additional blank pages at the back.

    8.5" x 11". 3rd Grade. Consumable and non-rep roducible.


    Introduce your students to the fascinating world of animal classification with My Animal Notebook! This teacher-directed, write-in text will give them the confidence they need to undertake their very first research project, which involves writing animal reports and gathering animal pictures. Develop your students’ research skills, hone their penmanship skills, deepen their understanding of the animal kingdom, and foster an appreciation of our great Creator with the fun facts found in this book! Save yourself the time and hassle of tearing out pages with this unbound version! Grade 3.

    These Homeschool Science & Health 3 Teaching Charts are helpful, supportive visuals designed to be used with the Abeka Science & Health 3 curriculum. Charts cover Animal Characteristics, the Balanced Diet, the Place Setting, and more. 8.5" x 11". 33 Charts. Grade 3. 2019 Edition.

    Make teaching more interesting and learning more enjoyable with these Science and Health 3 Teaching Charts. Included are 22 colorful charts printed on sturdy cardstocks that you can use to teach, reinforce, and review concepts learned in Science and Health. These charts will be called for in the lesson plans. Featured in this set are: the Steps of Scientific method, State of Matter, Water Cycle, Parts of Seed and Flowering Plant, Photosynthesis, Food Chain, Circulatory System, Skeletal System, and much more! Save time from having to produce your own visuals and spend more time helping your 3rd graders learn important science and health concepts. Grade 3.

    This CD features 10 fascinating voice-animated conversations between Uncle Bob and various animals or other natural objects who explain how they're made by a Creator.


    • The Human Eye

    • How a Cut Heals
    • Kernel Corn
    • The Foxglove Plant
    • How a Fish Breathes
    • How a Bird's Wing Works
    • Shrimp, Starfish, and Sea Anemone
    • The Praying Mantis
    • The Camel
    • Australian Trapdoor Spider

    Total Time: 68:28.

    Used in the Abeka Grade 3 curriculum.

    Watch and learn as Uncle Bob and his friends illustrate one science principle on this DVD. 10 Minutes. Grades 3-6.