Confidently teach your student with this convenient Physics Parent Kit. Save time by purchasing the kit compared to purchasing each item separately. The items included in this kit will give you 170 days of easy-to-use lesson plans, assessment keys, solution key, and the teacher’s edition of the lab manual—everything you’ll need! Combine with the sold-separately Physics Homeschool Student Kit to have a successful learning experience. Grade12.

The following items are included in this kit:

  • Physics: the Foundational Science Teacher Edition
  • Physics Solution Key
  • Physics Test Key
  • Physics Quiz Key
  • Physics Lab Manual Teacher Edition


Show your students the important role that physics plays in the harmony between scientific knowledge and Christian belief with the Physics Homeschool Student Kit. This course starts with concepts that the students have learned in their previous science classes and builds upon those foundational concepts to teach the most recent developments in physics, such as mechanics and engineering. Included in this kit is the text book, quiz book, test book, and the lab manual. Combine with the sold-separately Physics Parent Kit to provide your students with high-quality learning of both theoretical and practical aspects of physics. Grade 12.

The following items are included in this kit:

  • Physics: the Foundational Science
  • Physics Test Book
  • Physics Quiz Book
  • Physics Lab Manual


Detailed explanations and a touch of humor make a hard-to-understand subject accessible for your 12th graders! Built on the premise that we live in a God-created world governed by laws discoverable by reverent scientific inquiry, this introduction to physics addresses matter, mechanics, thermodynamics, wave phenomena, electricity, magnetism, and advanced concepts. Includes biographies of Christian physicists. Approx. 470 pages, softcover.

This teacher's key accompanies the sold-separately Physics: The Foundational Science student text, and contains answers and solutions to the text questions. Spiral binding. Grade 12

This teacher's edition accompanies the sold-separately Physics: The Foundational Science Student Book and contains a copy of the student text, scope and sequence, teaching and grading suggestions, 170 daily lesson plans, chapter notes, and pacing for the entire text. It does not include answers to the student text. Spiral Binding. Grade 12.

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