The K4 Phonics, Reading, Writing & Numbers Curriculum/Lesson Plans ties together the disparate elements of the Abeka K4 curriculum; easy to follow, each lesson is divided by the subject being taught. Notes on preparation, including what materials to gather, are included, along with step by step procedures and instruction for each element. Cursive handwriting instruction is integrated into this curriculum guide book. 354 pages, softcover, spiralbound.

This teacher's copy of the Little Books to Read and Color 1-12 set from Abeka contains each of the books in one convenient volume. Spiralbound. No additional teaching content is included.

Part of the Abeka K4 curriculum, these illustrated little books start with very basic vowel sounds and move on to consonants, blends, words, and simple sentences. Each book is short enough for a child to complete in one or two sessions. Coloring and activity pages for review are also included.

This Teacher Edition accompanies Animal Friends Books 1-8 (sold-separately) from the Abeka Reading Program for K4. It includes all the (full-size) student texts in one convenient volume. Spiralbound softcover. Preschool / Kindergarten.

Part of the Abeka K4 curriculum, these eight full-color books use simple one and two vowel words children can begin to read. The carefully selected words and stories are sure to appeal to little ones just learning to sound out words.