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Help your child excel in arithmetic! Abeka’s Arithmetic 4 Child Kit reviews and builds on earlier learned mathematical concepts, including multiplication and division by two-digit numbers; estimation; square measurements; writing decimals as fractions; and simple geometry.  Lessons in the full-color, illustrated work-text are reinforced with daily word problems, supplemental problems, real-life applications and “Clever Cranium” exercises that challenge students to think critically, collaborate and apply what they’re learning. The Arithmetic 4 Quizzes, Test & Speed Drills book contains 17 tests, 16 biweekly quizzes, and 136 speed drills. Answers to the worktext and the assessment and drills book are in the Arithmetic 4 Teacher Key and Arithmetic 4 Tests and Speed Drills Key, both sold separately. 398 and 190 pages, softcovers. Grade 4.

This kit includes:

  • Arithmetic 4 Work-text, 5th Edition
  • Arithmetic 4 Quizzes, Tests, and Speed Drills, 5th Edition

Keep your homeschool on track and organized with Abeka’s Arithmetic 4 Parent Kit for grade 4. The Homeschool Arithmetic 4 Curriculum Lesson Plans include 170 days of easy-to-use lesson plans, teaching tips, homework assignments, and prompts for using Concept Cards, Rapid Calculation Practice cards, and additional manipulatives that are sold separately. The Arithmetic 4 Teacher Key correlates to the student worktext and includes copies of all the student pages with answers overlaid. The Arithmetic 4 Quizzes, Test & Speed Drill Key contains copies of all the student assessments (17 tests, 16 quizzes, 136 speed drills) with answers overlaid and point values for each correct answer. Arithmetic 4 Rapid Calculation Practice cards sharpen skills in addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, and story problems and include problems that require multi-process calculations.  Arithmetic 4 Concept Cards provide drill practice in arithmetic terms, temperature, fractions, metrics, symbols, shapes, measurements and more. Homeschool Arithmetic 4 Teaching Charts are helpful visual aids, covering fractions, decimals, metrics, and more, that students can quickly refer to, as needed. Softcovers. Grade 4.

This kit includes:

  • Homeschool Arithmetic 4 Curriculum Lesson Plans, 260 pages
  • Arithmetic 4 Teacher Key, 398 pages
  • Arithmetic 4 Quizzes, Tests, and Speed Drills Key, 136 pages
  • Arithmetic 4 Rapid Calculation Practice, 56 cards
  • Arithmetic 4 Concept Cards, 193 cards
  • Homeschool Arithmetic 4 Teaching Charts, 40 pages

Please note that the Curriculum Lesson Plans in this kit may reference additional companion items, like flashcards, that are not included in this kit, as families may have them from a previous year.

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