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Help your student develop logic and analytical skills through the study of geometry with the Plane Geometry Homeschool Student Kit. This kit includes a textbook, quiz book, and test book that will aid your student’s learning as he is introduced to concave and convex curves, angle relationships, arc lengths, and much more. Combine with sold-separately Plane Geometry Parent Kit to propel your student into analytical thinking within the course of Plane Geometry. Grade 11.

The following items are included in this kit:

  • Plane Geometry
  • Plane Geometry Test and Quiz Book


Teach your child with confidence using the Plane Geometry Parent Kit. Save time by purchasing the kit compared to purchasing each item separately. The items included in this kit will give you 170 days of easy-to-use lesson plans and an answer key for assessments—everything you need! Combine with the sold-separately Plane Geometry Homeschool Student Kit for a successful year of mathematical instruction. Grade 11.

The following items are included in this kit:

  • Plane Geometry Solution Key
  • Plane Geometry Test and Quiz Key

Acquaint your 11th graders with the fundamental tools of geometry! Impressing on students the necessity of a formal proof before plunging into demonstrative geometry, this exercise-filled textbook covers rectilinear figures, proportions, circles, solutions of right triangles, and more. "Extras" include mathematical information on famous buildings, biographies of mathematicians, and geometry in the world around us. Approx. 330 pages, softcover.

  1. Abeka Plane Geometry Solution Key
    Abeka / Spiral Bound
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This solution key is part of the Abeka Plane Geometry Grade 11 curriculum, and contains step-by-step solutions to problems in the Plane Geometry text. Proof diagrams are also included. Grade 11. 9.625" x 11". Spiralbound.

This teacher's edition accompanies the sold-separately Plane Geometry, Second Edition and contains a copy of the student text, a scope and sequence, and weekly curriculum outlines. It does not include answers. Grade 11. Spiral Binding.

  1. Abeka Plane Geometry Tests/Quizzes
    Abeka / Trade Paperback
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This Quiz & Test Book is part of the Abeka "Plane Geometry" Grade 11 curriculum. Providing parents with the chance to assess student progress, it contains 12 tests and 50 quizzes that cover the material presented in the text. Answers are not included, but are sold-separately in the Quiz & Test Key.

  1. Abeka Plane Geometry Tests & Quizzes Key
    Abeka / Trade Paperback
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This Quiz & Test key accompanies the sold-separately Plane Geometry Tests/Quizzes and contains a copy of the test and quiz book with answers (includes solutions) and suggested point values. Grade 11.