Abeka Math: Algebra 2, Grade 10

New Algebra 2

Teach with ease and confidence using the Algebra 2 Parent Kit. Save time by purchasing the kit compared to purchasing each item separately. The 3 items included in this kit will give you 170 days of easy-to-use lesson plans, answer key for assessments, and the solution key—all the essentials! Combine with the Algebra 2 Homeschool Student Kit to confidently teach math from a biblical worldview. Grade 10.

The following items are included in this kit:

Algebra 2 Teacher Edition

Algebra 2 Solution Key

Algebra 2 Quiz and Test Key

Algebra 2 is your students’ gateway to higher mathematics in preparation for college. With the Algebra 2 Homeschool Student Kit, your teen will receive the tools necessary to give him success in the world of algebra. The kit includes the text book as well as the test and quiz booklet. Your student will further investigate concepts that were introduced in Algebra 1, such as linear equations, linear inequalities, polynomials, probability, statistics, and transition into Pre-calculus and trigonometry as they study exponential, logarithmic functions, trigonometric equations and identities. Save yourself the hassle of purchasing each book individually and order this kit that we have designed for your convenience. Combine with the sold-separately Algebra 2 Parent Kit for a successful year of mathematical instruction. Grade 10.

The following items are included in this kit:

Algebra 2

Algebra 2 Quiz and Test Book

Abeka's Algebra 2 curriculum builds upon the concepts introduced in Algebra 1; students will study linear equations, linear inequalities, polynomials, probability, and statistics in greater depth; they'll also learn about exponential and logarithmic functions, matrices, and trigonometric equations and identities - introducing them to pre-calculus and trigonometry. Real-world applications in word problems emphasize the practicality of algebra while the Christian emphasis highlights the orderly design of the universe as seen through mathematical laws.

Lessons explain the basic concept and integrate multiple step-by-step examples so students can see how problems should be worked; practice and review exercises provide hands-on opportunities to solve problems by applying new concepts and skills. Chapter and semester reviews are provided along with a final review that covers all chapters and a word problem review that covers most chapters. Appendix of formulas / key concepts and glossary also included. 634 pages, softcover. Grade 10. 8" x 10". First Edition.(2016)

The Abeka Algebra 2 Solution Key is designed to be used alongside the Algebra 2 Student Text (not-included; sold-separately). It includes the worked solutions for the practice and review questions as well as the chapter reviews. Student Text page numbers are associated with the answers. 639 pages, softcover, spiralbound. First Edition (2016).

This Abeka Algebra 2 Teacher Edition is designed to be used with the Abeka Algebra 2 Student Text, Grade 10. First Edition (2016) .

This Teacher Edition features a full-size reproduction of the student text with the correct answers overlaid. Lesson plans are provided in the back of the book, which include objectives, any materials needed, an outline of what the lesson should entail, and any student work that should be completed. 696 pages, spiralbound softcover. First Edition (2016).

This book of "Algebra 2 Student Quizzes/Tests" will help parents assess their student's progress in the Abeka Algebra 2, 2016 Edition curriculum. Content quizzes, unit tests, and quarter exams will help to reinforce your students' understanding of the material. Includes 42 quizzes and 12 tests (including four cumulative exams). Each quiz and test is labeled with the corresponding sections for easy alignment. 180 perforated pages. Recommended for grade 10. First Edition (2016).

This answer key is designed to be used alongside the Abeka Algebra 2 Student Quizzes/Tests 2016 Edition book. This key includes full-size reproductions of the student quizzes and tests with the correct answers overlaid in easy-to-ready blue ink. 180 pages, softcover. Grade 10. First Edition, (2016).