Abeka Grade 9 Grammar & Composition

Be effective and efficient in teaching English 9 with the help of the Homeschool English 9 Curriculum Lesson Plans—Revised from Abeka. Includes lesson plans for sold-separately Grammar III, Vocabulary III, and Themes in Literature. 142 pages, spiral-bound. Grade 9. 2021 Revised Ed.

Strengthen your grammar and writing skills with Grammar and Composition III. Grammar and Composition III is a work-text with perforated tear-out pages that is organized by the progression of simple concepts to the more challenging ones. The daily lessons provided enforce grammar concepts such as active and passive verbs, punctuation, capitalization, parts of speech, paragraph unity, and more that your students will apply to their writing exercises and persuasive research paper.

The newly included Improving Communication sections cover a variety of topics and focus on real-world situations such as writing business letters and memos where your students must apply conciseness, subordination, and word usage. Your students will also receive study tips and information for in-class assessments and standardized testing. 441 pages, softcover. Sixth edition. Grade 9.

You can confidently assist your students with their practice exercises using the Grammar and Composition III Teacher Key. This spiral-bound teacher’s resource includes the complete student text with answers, teacher’s tips alongside the student text, creative bulletin board ideas, lesson due dates, and diagram answer keys located in the back of the book. 473 pages, spiral-bound. Sixth ed. Grade 9.

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