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A Beka Language Arts Grade 2

  1. Grade 2 Homeschool Child Language Arts Kit
    Grade 2 Homeschool Child Language Arts Kit
    A Beka Book / Other
    $215.80 Retail: $227.15 Save 5% ($11.35)

Equip your second grader to dive headfirst into the world of reading and writing---wearing the "goggles" of faith! Reinforcing phonics and vocabulary basics, this curriculum empowers students to read, review, and express themselves with growing clarity. Child kit includes 10 illustrated readers filled with stories, fables, patriotic tales, poetry, nonfiction, and KJV Scripture; Handbook for Reading; Letters and Sounds 2; Test Book; Language 2; Spelling and Poetry 2; Writing with Phonics 2; and Seatwork Writing Tablet for cursive practice. Softcovers.

  1. Grade 2 Homeschool Parent Language Arts Kit
    Grade 2 Homeschool Parent Language Arts Kit
    A Beka Book / Other
    $55.35 Retail: $58.25 Save 5% ($2.90)

Keep your homeschool on-track and organized with the A Beka 2nd Grade Language Arts Parent Kit. Containing a test key and lesson/curriculum plans this package provides homeschoolers with the material needed to grade and teach the sold-separately student materials.

This Grade 2 Parent Kit includes:

  • Homeschool Phonics, Reading, and Spelling 2 Curriculum lesson plans
  • Letters and Sounds 2 Test Key
  • Homeschool Writing and Seatwork 2 Curriculum lesson plans

Language Arts skills are foundational to future academic success. Ensure your children are starting off on the right track with Language 2! Following a mastery approach to learning, this colorful, write-in text reviews concepts learned in the previous grade before moving on to new skills.

This second grade student workbook covers: recognizing and correctly punctuating three kinds of sentences; working with compound words, rhyming words, antonyms, synonyms, contractions, and singular possessive words; forming plurals; and using words correctly. Students will also work on reading comprehension skills as well as writing clearly and concisely. Designed to be used with the sold-separately 2nd Grade A Beka Phonics, Reading, and Spelling curriculum, this text focuses on grammar, creative writing, and comprehension.

One-page per day is provided; students are expected to work independently after the teacher's explanation. "Word Challenge" word lists are included and provide a reference for commonly used words.

Bound softcover. Grade 2.

This teacher's key accompanies the sold-separately Language 2 Seatwork Text and contains a copy of the student text with answers. Grade 2.