Abeka Grade 2 Language Arts Kits

Abeka’s renowned language arts program balances the learning of language with the development of language skills. This Grade 2 Child Language Arts Kit includes colorful and kid-friendly consumable workbooks, assessment books, and readers covering phonics, reading, writing, spelling, language, and poetry. Using these resources, your child will gain skills in cursive writing, oral reading, oral communication, and logical thinking.  Combine this kit with the sold-separately Grade 2 Language Arts Parent Kit, and you can confidently teach and guide your second grader through a year of academic excellence in language arts from a Christian perspective and build a foundation for lifelong learning and success. Grade 2.

The following items are included in this kit:

  • Fun with Friends
  • Quests for Adventure
  • Across the Meadow
  • Wonders of Imagination
  • Through the Skies
  • Growing Up in Early America
  • Growing Up around the World
  • Growing Up Where Jesus Lived
  • All Kinds of Animals
  • My New Name
  • Reading Comprehension 2 Skill Sheets
  • Primary Bible Reader
  • Handbook for Reading
  • Phonics and Language 2
  • Phonics and Language 2 Test Book
  • Spelling and Poetry 2
  • Writing with Phonics 2
  • 2nd Grade Writing Tablet

Keep your homeschool on track and organized with the Grade 2 Language Arts Parent Kit. The kit contains 170 days of easy-to-use lesson plans for each language arts subject, answer keys to the student's language art textbooks, and a test key. This year, teach your child how to spell compound words correctly, read silently and complete comprehension activities, use punctuation marks properly, and write in double-spaced format. Grade 2.

The lesson plans in this kit reference add-on companion items that are not included in this kit. These recommended support items include the following, which may be purchased separately if parents wish to use them and do not have them from a previous year:

  • 241423 Abeka Basic Phonics Charts (Grades 1-3) New Ed.
  • 182389 Basic Phonics Flashcards
  • 245844 Homeschool Seatwork Charts 1-2
  • 138533 Abeka Mini Alphabet Flashcards K4-2
  • 182907 Abeka Clue Word Cards K5-3
  • 167185 Abeka Blend Practice Cards A K-2
  • 277482 Abeka Blend Practice Cards B K-2
  • 171816 Abeka Basic Phonics Sounds CD K4-2

Abeka Grade 2 Language Arts Curriculum

Abeka Grade 2 Language Arts Resources