Abeka Language Development Visuals for 2s & 3s

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Help develop language skills with this set of 76 full-color cards. Children will develop their language and listening skills as they listen and talk about God's creation and the world around them. Topics include science, health, safety, manners, community helpers, geography, history, family, colors, and shapes. A Teacher Guide is included with this set of Language Development Visuals. 76 pictures.

  1. Abeka Language Development Teacher's Guide (Ages 2 & 3)
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This Abeka Language Development Teacher Guide correlates with the Language Development Visuals (not-included and sold-separately).

Each lesson has several parts:

  • Preparation/Introduction

  • Looking and Thinking
  • Learning More
  • Let's Talk About It
  • Learning Game
  • Let's Have Fun
The basic order of cards is alphabetical so they can be used to reinforce phonics teaching from the Animal Alphabet Flashcards (sold-separately). The Abeka Art Activities and preschool books also correspond to these themes. Lessons in this book are fully scripted and utilize a number of different resources that must be obtained separately.Ages 2-3. 8.5" x 11". 216 pages, spiralbound softcover. 2nd Edition.

  1. Letters and Sounds for 3s (Unbound Edition)
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You want your child to enjoy reading. But, before he starts reading, he needs to learn the letters and their sounds. This ABC book gives a special animal friend to introduce each new letter to help your child recognize the letter as well as learn that letter's sound. Review is accomplished through small projects based on each letter. Activities include tracing practice and using finger paint, glue, and crayons. Your child will look forward to learning his ABCs with this stimulating activity book! 167 pages, unbound. Preschool.

Use with the sold-separately Animal Alphabet Friends Flashcards or independently! This CD features phonics sounds and sing-along songs for each letter of the alphabet. The songs feature alliterated animal themes to help children learn their beginning sounds. Tracks include: Betsy bee, Freddy Fish, Kathy Kangaroo, Penny Penguin, Roxie Fox, Zed Zebra, and others. Total time: 11:31. Nursery/ "2s & 3s" curriculum.

  1. Abeka Learning Games (Ages 2 & 3)
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Let Cookie the Clown, the Teddy Bear Friends, and more entertaining games be a part of your students' learning experience. With ten different games to play, you will have creative ways to review phonics, counting, letters, Bible stories, and more. Includes instructions and suggestions for a variety of applications. 31 pages. Preschool- Kindergarten.

  1. Abeka Felt 3 Numerals (Preschool-2; 33 pieces)
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Use this set of numbers to help teach number recognition and counting. 33 three-inch numerals included. Nursery, "2s & 3s". 4.125" x 12.375".

  1. Abeka Felt Alphabet (Preschool-K5; 52 pieces)
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Use this set of upper and lower-case letters with the (sold-separately) Amber Lamb puppet or independently to teach phonics concepts. 52 four-inch letters included. Nursery-K5. 9.125 x 12.625 inches.