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Give your young students a tour of America that inspires a love for their country! My America and My World from Abeka Book teaches students about America's symbols, history, and places of interest, along with how our country was founded and what our basic freedoms are. They will meet several famous American patriots and learn patriotic songs. Good citizenship is emphasized, and reading skills are developed. 102 pages, softcover. Grade 1. 5th Edition.

This teacher edition is designed to be used with the Abeka My America and My World Grade 1 Reader (5th Edition). The student book pages are provided in the middle of the book; the margins on either side of those pages are filled with notes for the teacher. Information is given on each step of the lesson, including what to read and discuss, stories to tell, comprehension questions (with answers), and "think about it" questions. The back of the book contains a scope & sequence, teaching techniques guide, and daily lesson plans that include objectives, what to write on the board, a list of materials the teacher will need to gather, visuals, and other step-by-step classroom instructions. 129 pages, spiralbound. Soft frontcover, hard backcover. Grade 1.

  1. Abeka Community Helpers Activity Book Teacher Edition (2nd  Edition)
    Abeka / 2016 / Spiral Bound
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This teacher's edition is designed to be used with the Community Helpers Activity Book, 2nd Edition (sold-separately and not-included).

Reduced-size student book pages are included with the correct answers overlaid. The margins surrounding the student book pages are filled with lesson notes for teachers, including what pages to read, activities with scripted text for teachers to read, and discussion notes and questions. The back of the book includes lesson plans including notes on preparation with a list of materials required for the lesson and teaching procedure notes that details how the lesson should be conducted. 82 pages, soft front-cover and hard back-cover, spiralbound. Grade 1. 2nd Edition.

Teach students about the people who work in their communities, including their jobs, purpose, and community role, with the Abeka Community Helpers Activity Book. Children will be introduced to community helpers such as pastors, firefighters, police officers, postal employees, teachers, doctors and nurses, dentists, farmers, bakers, and servers and to community leaders such as the mayor. Practical advice like fire safety rules, mealtime manners, ways to stay well, and tooth care habits are included, along with in-book activities and exercises. 64 pages, spiralbound. Grade 1. 2nd Edition.

  1. Abeka Homeschool History, Science, & Health Grade 1  Curriculum Lesson Plans
    Abeka / 2016 / Other
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This set of curriculum lesson plans provides an easy-to-use guide to tie together the Abeka Grade 1 history, science, and health curriculum components.