Work on teaching nineteen important good character traits to young children with this set of illustrated visuals. Children will learn the importance of being courteous, polite, cheerful, and unselfish, through two illustrations that either show two positive examples of the trait, or the positive and negative side of the trait (e.g. Obedient/Disobedient). The Lesson Guide provides scenarios for introducing each trait, ideas for incorporating it into your child's daily routine, and Bible verses to share. Abeka K5 Support Material; Enrichment Activities. 8.5" x 11". 38 visuals.

Teach children the importance of health and safety through easy-to-understand visuals. Each page features a full-color illustration of the concept or skill; the center includes the lesson with main emphasis, words to discuss, comprehension questions, a question for though, and additional activities for each visual. Children will learn the importance of eating a good breakfast, washing your face and hands, taking care of your teeth, obeying traffic signs, and more. 15 visuals. K5. 8.5" x 11".