This set of curriculum lesson plans provides an easy-to-use guide to tie together the Abeka Grade 1 history, science, and health curriculum components.

It is never too early to help your students develop good manners, health practices, and safety habits. The Abeka Health, Safety, and Manners 1 teaches students the importance of eating healthy, taking care of their bodies, being safe at and away from home, and being kind and respectful to the people around them. This text includes fun coloring and writing exercises to help students be accountable to their good habits, and review exercises to help instill basic health and safety practices. 75 pages, softcover. Grade 1. 3rd Edition. Consumable and non-reproducible.

This teacher edition is designed to be used with the Health, Safety, and Manners Grade 1 Student Reader, 3rd Edition (not-included and sold-separately). Student book pages are included, with accompanying discussion and reading notes as well as enrichment activities, comprehension questions, and additional teaching notes. The back of the book includes lesson plans with information on preparing for each lesson (including a list of materials that are required) and step-by-step instructions on what to read and discuss. 96 pages, spiralbound, soft frontcover and hard backcover. Grade 1. 3rd Edition.