Abeka Grade 2 Curriculum

Abeka Academy - Grade 2

  1. Grade 2 Complete Parent Kit
    Abeka / 2019 / Other
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  2. Abeka Grade 2 Homeschool Parent  Essential Kit (New Edition)
    Abeka / 2018 / Other
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  3. Grade 2 Homeschool Child Full Grade  Kit (New Edition)
  4. Grade 2 Child Kit (contains unbound  components)
    Abeka / Other
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The field of Language Arts encompasses several subjects that involve words, literacy, composition, and handwriting. Abeka’s Language Arts Parent and Child Kits provide 170 days of content for each language arts subject. Depending on the grade, these subjects will be Phonics; Grammar & Composition (sometimes titled Language); Spelling, Vocabulary & Poetry; Reading; Handwriting; and Literature. The Parent Kits include 170 easy-to-use lesson plans, a copy of the student textbook with answers, and answer keys for any activity books and assessments books. Child Kits contain the student texts for each language arts subject for that grade, readers, assessments books, and any workbooks and activity books. Please check each Kit description for the curriculum books it includes. Abeka’s Language Arts resources are available in these convenient Parent and Child Kits or individually so parents can customize their child’s education.

  1. Abeka Grade 2 Language Arts Parent  Kit
    Abeka / 2019 / Other
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  2. Abeka Grade 2 Homeschool Child  Language Arts Kit, Revised  Edition
    Abeka / 2018 / Other
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  1. Homeschool Grade 2 Bible Kit  (Updated in 2024)
    Abeka / 2024 / Other
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  2. Abeka Grade 2 Homeschool Bible Kit  (New Edition)
    Abeka / 2021 / Other
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  3. Homeschool Grade 2 Bible Curriculum  Lesson Plans
    Abeka / 2018 / Other
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  4. Abeka Salvation Series Flash-a-Card  Set
    Abeka / Other
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Abeka Art: Grade 2

Abeka Grade 2 Resources

  1. Songs We Enjoy Songbook Grade 2 (3rd  Edition)
    Abeka / Trade Paperback
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  2. Songs We Enjoy Audio CD Grade 2 (3rd  Edition)
    Abeka / Compact disc
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  3. Abeka Sing unto the Lord Songbook  (Grades K5-6)
    Abeka / Trade Paperback
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  4. Abeka Sing unto the Lord! Grade 2  Audio CD
    Abeka / Compact disc
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