Bible Kit for K4

Encourage students to see God's Word as a fascinating subject that's relevant and important to their lives.

This Abeka Bible K4 Curriculum Kit contains all necessary Flash-A-Cards for the year; a CD with hymns and choruses; and a daily lesson plan curriculum guide to tie everything together. This grade K4 curriculum includes lessons from both the Old and New Testament. Memory verses and hymns/choruses are integrated into the curriculum, as well as lessons on doctrine.

The Bible Curriculum lesson guide provides the structure for each lesson, and lists out the pledge, songs, verse, prayer, doctrinal drill with scripture questions and answers, and which Bible lesson in the Flash a Card to cover.

Flash a Cards are full-color, attractive illustrations of Bible events. These 8.5" x 11" cards can be used as flash card teaching aids or attached to a classroom wall or bulletin board. A teacher's guide is included in the center, which provides the stories to read for each illustrated card.

This K4 Kit Includes:

  • Little Ones Sing Unto the Lord for K4

  • Holiday Stories Flash a Card
  • Old Testament Stories Flash a Card Series 1
  • Old Testament Stories Flash a Card Series 2
  • New Testament Stories Flash a Card Series 1
  • New Testament Stories Flash a Card Series 2
  • K4 Bible Curriculum

Individual Items

Extra Resources