Wedding Gift Collection

Inspired gifts for the bride and groom


  1. Ten Commandments For Marriage Wooden Plaque
    Dexsa - The Giving Company / 2021 / Gift
    Our Price$23.99 Retail Price$27.99 Save 14% ($4.00)
  2. Love Is Patient Love Is Kind Love Never Fails Cabinet Door Art
    P Graham Dunn Inc. / 2019 / Gift
    Our Price$28.99 Retail Price$83.99 Save 65% ($55.00)
  3. A Marriage Is A Promise Wood Plaque
    Dexsa - The Giving Company / 2016 / Gift
    Our Price$16.99 Retail Price$19.99 Save 15% ($3.00)
  4. Our Story Our Life Our Home, Leaves, Framed Art
    P Graham Dunn Inc. / 2019 / Gift
    Our Price$36.99 Retail Price$106.99 Save 65% ($70.00)

Wedding Gift Favorites

Wedding Figurines

  1. This Is Our Happily Ever After Canvas Art
    P Graham Dunn Inc. / 2021 / Gift
    Our Price$9.49 Retail Price$17.99 Save 47% ($8.50)
  2. Happily Ever After, Soy Wax Reveal Candle
    Pavilion Gift / 2023 / Gift
    Our Price$18.99 Retail Price$20.99 Save 10% ($2.00)
  3. Personalized, Plaque, Large, Happily Ever After,WeddingThis product can be personalized
    P Graham Dunn Inc. Engravables / 2017 / Gift
    Our Price$26.99 Retail Price$29.99 Save 10% ($3.00)
  4. And They Lived Happily Ever After Pillowcases, Set of 2This product can be personalized
    Dicksons / 2018 / Gift
    Our Price$26.99 Retail Price$30.99 Save 13% ($4.00)

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No other day quite like your wedding day. Promises and vows. Flowers and music. Family and friends. A lifetime event to celebrate your union in Christ. May the day be blessed with joy and delight, and your years together as husband and wife be long and happy.