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Krystal Whitten

Krystal's experience with hand lettering began in high school with magic markers and notebook paper. She spent hours teaching herself different handwriting styles and wrote out Bible verses in good ol’ Crayola markers to hang on her wall.

After 9 years as a graphic designer, Krystal hit a wall and felt a deep lack of creativity. She began searching for a creative outlet and rediscovered her passion for letters. In 2015, she began seriously pursuing hand lettering and calligraphy and eventually retired her freelancing business.

Krystal's passion for lettering quickly transformed into a calling as she dove deeper into her own relationship with God and His Word. Studying the Bible had ignited Krystal's heart for the Lord and for His Word. She felt a powerful connection to Scripture when she hand lettered it. And as she filled her home with Bible verses, she began encouraging other women to discover the power of God's Word for themselves.

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Faith & Lettering:

Connect with God as you learn to draw his Word! Encouraging you to pursue a deeper faith through creative expression, Whitten shares three basic types of letters and variations, the best tools to use, and step-by-step instructions for decorative flourishes and embellishments. Her practical tips and techniques will help you make your Bible or journal unique!