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New Day Foster Care

When you purchase a Lighthouse Christian Products gift, you are assisting orphans in China through a special foster home equipped for children facing serious medical conditions.

They provide life-saving surgeries and a happy environment until these priceless children find their forever homes.

In addition, a donation is made to A Better Life For Kids to provide nourishment, baby formula, medicine, clean water, education opportunities, and a loving environment for orphans and children with special needs in Ghana, Africa.

Thank you for caring for these children through your Lighthouse product purchase.

LCP Family

Lighthouse Christian Products Family

In early 1993, George Nizynski and his family started attending Willow Creek Community Church in Illinois. The biblical teachings significantly impacted their whole family. At age 40, George dedicated his life to Jesus Christ and soon after, he and his wife Pat started a Christian gift company called Lighthouse Christian Products. Now, 21 years later, Lighthouse is an award-winning leader in the inspirational gift industry.

George formed a covenant with God before starting the company, promising to honor God by putting His Word on every product. He also committed to building this company for the next generation as a rich inheritance of Christian love as well as a thriving business model. God has surely honored this covenant with His continual blessing. Over the years, Lighthouse has become a growing family-run business with George, Pat, Jeff, Shelley, and their son-in-law, Brent, all on the core team.

Shelley was also deeply driven to share Christ’s love through the message of the gospel launching her into mission work. During the last 10 years, Shelley has founded and grown a non-profit charity called * A Better Life for Kids*. This charity provides life-saving food, medicine, baby formula, clean water, and educational opportunities for orphans and children with special needs in Ghana, Africa. When you purchase a Lighthouse gift, you support these kids as well.


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