Robin Jones Gunn

Robin Jones Gunn is the best-selling, award-winning Christian author of over 100 books.

Robin Jones Gunn

Robin Jones Gunn is the best-selling, award-winning Christian author of over 100 books, including the Christy Miller and Sierra Jensen series for teen girls as well as the Glenbrooke series and the Sisterchicks series. Robin's non-fiction titles are "Praying For Your Future Husband", "Spoken For" and "Victim of Grace". Her books have sold over 5.5 million copies worldwide. She is best known for the characters in the Christy Miller series that now continue in '"Christy &Todd: The College Years", "Christy & Todd: The Married Years", "Christy & Todd: The Baby Years"

Haven Makers Series

Emily Winslow moved her family from North Carolina to California in hopes of a fresh new start., but now she and Trevor are certain they have made a mistake.Their jobs are not providing enough financial stability as they had hoped for. Her daughter Audra on the other hand, is adjusting beautifully and really enjoying the move. Emily finds herself, in an expected group of friends who she had always longed for her whole life. Join this group of women as they discover the gift of true friendship and the joy of creating the lives they all had dreamed about.

After her mom passed away, Jennalyn was in the midst of moving, adjusting to life with a new baby, and helping her husband, Joel, work toward his dream job. At the time, she thought she’d processed her mother’s death, but only now that Jennalyn has two small children, a lovely new home, and a husband who is always working does she feel the full impact of what she has lost.
 Even among her sweet circle of friends, the Haven Makers, grief silently overwhelms Jennalyn, until an unexpected encounter allows her to express herself in ways she hasn’t fully been able to with her husband. Even though Christy, Sierra, Emily, and Tess provide a soft place to land in times of tension, Jennalyn remains guarded, especially when Tess reveals she is tangled emotionally in a relationship that was thorny from the start.

Christy Miller – the High School Years

Christy & Todd: The Married Years

In Christy Miller Series: 3-in-1 Collection, Volume 1by Robin Jones Gunn, readers will follow teenager Christy, who meets two life-changing friends on her vacation to California. After moving across the country with her family, Christy is uncertain if she can fit it as she starts her sophomore year of high school. Follow Christy Miller as she stays true to her identity in Christ, drawing closer to God as she deals with disappointments and trusts in him when seeking his help in realizing her dreams. Paperback, 496 pages. Ages 12-15.

This collection contains volumes 1, 2 and 3, from the 12 volume series. Volume 1: Summer Promise | Volume 2: A Whisper and a Wish | Volume 3: Yours Forever

Christmas Novels

Island Novels

Glenbrooke Series

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