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Step 1

Swipe down from the top of your Kindle Fire HD, until you see the "More+" option

Step 2

In the "Settings", scroll down to "Device"

Step 3

Turn ON "Allow Installation of Applications". If you receive a warning message, select "ok" as the CBDReader is a safe program.

Step 4

To download the CBDReader app, you can click/tap the following URL to install the file or type it into your Silk web Browser: Click here

Step 5

Confirm the Download

Step 6

The download will appear under your "Downloads" section within your Silk menu.

Step 7

Tap the CBDReader file.

Step 8

The file will download when tapping on "Install" at the bottom right.

Step 9

When the application shows as installed, select "Open" on the bottom right

Step 10

Login with your CBD account and all the eBooks you've purchased on the website will be automatically added to your device.