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Rise to New Life


The resurrection of Jesus from the dead is an extraordinary thing to believe. Such a supernatural event is the stuff of make-believe, many think. Yet millions of Christians around the world believe that Jesus' resurrection was a real, historical event. In this concise book, respected apologist Rebecca McLaughlin outlines the evidence that Jesus really did rise from the dead and why it's the best news ever. Ideal to give away at Easter outreach services and events, as well as to give to new Christians wanting to remind themselves of the evidence for their faith. 64 page booklet, 4" x 7", paperback.

Perfect for outreach, 20-pack for bulk ordering.

The Good News begins here! Experience the biblical story of Easter in the contemporary and engaging language of The Message Bible in this accessible booklet.

What appeared to be a defeat was actually the greatest victory of all. In his death, Jesus defeated sin. On Easter morning, death, too, was defeated. You are invited into this story, to read about Jesus and find the life you were created to live.

Easter is an opportunity to encounter the story of Jesus for the first time. The Bible in contemporary language is a welcoming, refreshing introduction to the gospel. This booklet includes the Gospel accounts of Holy Week along with prophetic texts related to the Crucifixion and New Testament passages reflecting on the meaning of the Crucifixion and Resurrection.

  • The Story of Easter
  • The Promise of Easter
  • The Meaning of Easter
  • The Practice of Easter
  • How We Can Know God

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Motivate seekers and skeptics to investigate the Bible's most compelling claims for themselves with this compact, engaging, and informative resource!


  • 7-point Comfort Print type
  • Double-column format
  • Articles from best-selling author Lee Strobel
  • 24 color insert pages highlighting key apologetic topics, including Jesus' divinity, archaeological support for biblical claims, and more

The Gospel of John

  1. NASB Plan of Life, Gospel of John, softcover (2020 Edition)
    Lockman Foundation / 2020 / Trade Paperback
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  2. ESV Gospel of John, Paperback
    Crossway / 2002 / Trade Paperback
    Our Price$2.49 Retail Price$3.99 Save 38% ($1.50)
    4.5 out of 5 stars for ESV Gospel of John, Paperback. View reviews of this product. 5 Reviews
  3. NLT Gospel of John, pack of 10
    Tyndale House / 2005 / Trade Paperback
    Our Price$8.49 Retail Price$9.90 Save 14% ($1.41)
    4.5 out of 5 stars for NLT Gospel of John, pack of 10. View reviews of this product. 13 Reviews
  4. NIV Gospel of John, 25 Pack
    Zondervan / 2016 / Trade Paperback
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    5 out of 5 stars for NIV Gospel of John, 25 Pack. View reviews of this product. 2 Reviews
  1. Lent & Easter Church Supplies

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After Easter, everything changed.

After Easter provides a brief case for the historical reality of the resurrection of Jesus Christ and describes the impact of His rising from the dead. Each chapter ends with a few simple thought-provoking questions for individual reflection or small group discussion. The full Gospel of John is also included, making this the perfect leave-behind tool for personal evangelism.

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