This Week's Specials - Devotionals

Instead of opening your eyes to lengthy to-do lists and anxiety-inducing headlines, wake up to a discovery of what truly matters---God! In 60 short lyrical devotions, Perry poignantly stirs your heart with the timeless wisdom needed to sharpen your mind for the day's challenges. Seize each moment to become the person your Creator made you to be! 208 pages, hardcover from B&H.

Every follower of Jesus is on a lifelong journey to becoming more like Christ. In these 25 devotions accompanied by stunning illustrations, beloved author and artist Simons will help you explore God's faithfulness, engage with his attributes, encounter hymns that have helped illuminate his character for generations, and experience the peace of focusing your heart on him. 256 pages, hardcover from Harvest House Publishers.

Our Bridegroom is coming! When you at long last meet Him face to face, will you be pleasing to Him? This 21-day challenge from beloved Bible teacher Anne Graham Lotz and her daughter Rachel-Ruth offers timeless inspiration to help ensure you are fully prepared for that crucial moment.

The biblical book of Genesis describes how Abraham sent his servant to find a suitable bride for his son Isaac--and how that servant found Rebekah, a woman of remarkable character who met the father's criteria. That same story is an allegory of how God seeks a bride for His Son Jesus.

With this in mind, Anne Graham Lotz and Rachel-Ruth Lotz Wright explore the characteristics God the Father is seeking to find in the bride of His Son, Jesus. This twenty-one-day challenge, with prompts for reflection and prayer, will move you from salvation to transformation. Each reading will inspire you to ready yourself for the day you meet Jesus by choosing now to be the bride He is looking and longing for, one characterized by humility, selflessness, generosity, and other key qualities of one whose heart is prepared to meet the Bridegroom.

Beloved pastor Stanley teaches how to obtain daily peace by believing in God's love and resting in his purposes. Release anxiety, trust your faithful Father, and stop trying to figure life out yourself! In an uncertain world, it's time to transform your heart and leave the unknown future to the One who cares. 400 pages, hardcover from Nelson.

Whether you're brand-new to the Bible or you grew up in the second pew, reading Scripture can feel confusing or boring at times. Thankfully, The Bible Recap is here to help. Following a chronological Bible reading plan, the recaps explain and connect the story of Scripture, section by section. And this special edition--complete with floral accents, a ribbon marker, two-color interior design, and soft, imitation leather cover--makes a great gift for yourself and others.

Do you find your spirit eager to attend Sunday services, but your mind and heart distracted? How can you better prepare to worship God? Tripp offers 52 devotions to help you engage more joyfully and passionately at church. Each includes Scripture, thought-provoking questions, and theologically rich meditations on gratitude, divine grace, our identity in Christ, and more. 288 pages, hardcover from Crossway.

In these uncertain times, it's not always easy to release our worries into God's hands! Weaving promises from Scripture, enlightening illustrations, and thoughtful practices, Lucado's 90-day devotional will help you exchange anxiety for heavenly peace. Each powerful entry includes a brief meditation, biblical promise, and space for recording prayers and concerns. 208 pages, hardcover from Nelson.

Do you sometimes feel overwhelmed, overlooked, or inadequate? Jensen does! In 30 Scripture-rooted reflections, she shares personal stories of her own vulnerable moments; leads you on a devotional journey to find the Lord's strength amid your weakness; and directs you to the wisdom, hope, and comfort of the gospel. Learn to rely on God in any challenge! 224 pages, hardcover from Harvest.

Firsthand accounts of miracles and encounters with Jesus in the Gospel of John can't help but bring you closer to him! In 365 devotions and prayers based on this beloved book, Simmons---lead translator of The Passion Translation---emboldens you to embrace your Christian identity, unite with the Lord, and carry his love into the world. 384 pages, imitation leather from Broadstreet.

Learn to control your emotions before they rule you! Life can be a roller coaster of feelings. Passions serve a purpose, but letting them dictate our actions leads to confusion, anxiety, and unhealthy attitudes. Meyer points out how biblical wisdom can help us manage our fickle feelings before they take charge of us. 208 pages, hardcover from FaithWords.

Send your kids on a 90-day journey to the moon! In these insightful devotions, Lusko uses biblical teaching and eye-opening surprises about outer space to help children handle issues like loneliness, peer pressure, and negative emotions; see how our universe fits together; and learn from courageous people, including Buzz Aldrin, Neil Armstrong, and Katherine Johnson. 192 pages, hardcover from Nelson.

Who is God? How much does he love you? Majors takes a journey through Scripture for 52 weeks of devotionals exploring the importance of relying on the Lord's faithfulness every day. In this world full of uncertainty, you can find peace by knowing that the same God who calmed the seas is worthy of your trust today. 336 pages, hardcover from Multnomah.