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The best gift anyone can give to another is to send hope and encouragement through prayer. Join us in helping others by lifting their needs to our Lord.

  1. Prayer Wall

Dear Heavenly Father, Thank you for finding my daughter Stephanie and family a house to rent and school for her children to attend in Geneva, Switzerland. Please bless them with peace and prosperity in Geneva, Switzerland. In Jesus Christ name I pray. Amen.

- Odette Dei, ON | May 8, 2022

Please Pray for my Son and His wife. GODs healings for them individually and for the marriage. The marriage is very very very bad. She is a narcissist. and very mean. He now realizes this and when She wants Him out and when He tries to go She gets very crazy. Threatens Him with prison. I am afraid very afraid for my Son. She needs GODs healing desperately. They need GOD and to put GOD first. They need to forgive each other and stop fighting. Please Pray for GODs intervention and hedge of protection and safety and favor for my Son. Thank You for Praying.

- Anonymous, PA | May 7, 2022

Please Pray Like The Olden Days With your Hands And Not The Click That Me An My Mom Are Watched Over and that Good Things Come To us And We Come Into More Resources For The Things We Need And That Bad Doesn't Succeed To Hurt Us Ty

- Lia, USA | May 5, 2022

45,mland female, disciple of Christ. Our fam loves God and he in my daily. In past yrs mental illness got really bad. I however went 8mo on no med and did great. Recent spiral again. Issues w meds. Im utterly heartbroken and in a bad place bc the kind of mental issues i have effect my faith walk. When i pray i hear things, reading triggers ocd. Honestly, it feels very mean by god is how i feel sometimes ab things. Im fighting the good fight. Our family needs Gods help. The gates of hell will not prevail. Ty for prayers

- victory in Jesus, md | May 5, 2022

Please pray for both of my grandsons. The oldest is just finishing college and has come out as being gay to his family. The younger one is turning 12 this month, and has tried to commit suicide because he is confused about his gender. We are a Christian family and we know Satan is attacking us. Pray that Satan is rebuked in the mighty name of Jesus!! Pray also that parents will take a stand on young people's use of PCs and phones as this is how Satan is able to attack and destroy our youth!!!

- Anonymous, TX | May 5, 2022

i pray for our country and those who run it. I pray that they be wise and take responsibility for their actions and not put aside what is good for what is wrong.

- Anonymous | May 4, 2022

Please pray for my marriage. My wife is not a believer but I am and sometimes it causes friction in our marriage. Also please pray for my little boy Caleb. He has bronchitis and he had a COVID test but we havent found out the results of the test yet. Thank you!

- John, Tupper Lake NY | May 4, 2022

Please pray for my relationships with family members and my boyfriend getting along with them.For me being treated like an adult.Helping me do the right things and avoid temptations.

- Jessika Swallow | May 3, 2022

my lost love one,I need finnacal blessings,cant pay my bills .my church,and Pastors .my friend needs new car .

- sue grice, FL | May 3, 2022

Please pray that my financial situation will change through finding a job. I have been unemployed and currently seeking a job. Please pray healing over my body as I am in so much pain. And please, pray for my mother and I that her eyes may be opened to the evil that she lives with and that we may both be freed from the strongholds.

- Anonymous | May 1, 2022

Asking prayers for my son Jonathan. He is currently undergoing some pretty hard trials concerning custody of his daughter with his ex, financial difficulties, etc. He is a good, hard-working young man. Thank you .

- Kay Bullian, Texas | May 1, 2022

I am needing prayer for Mario L and I to stay strongly connected. I been a bit sad often and really have more feelings and like him a lot. I want him to understand and hopefully he will have strong feelings for me to be in a relationship. With our situation it has been difficult at times to be hopeful.

- C | May 1, 2022

my brother needs a healing. he was justed admitted into ICU. please for the family.

- Anonymous | May 1, 2022

For friend, Sandy, doctors found lesions on her liver. Please pray for healing.

- Wendy, Texas | April 30, 2022

Please pray that I will allow God to heal me of several emotional problems. I love Him and feel closer to Him than ever, but these problems keep me from stepping out into the future. God bless you.

- Anonymous | April 30, 2022

Please pray that God's will be done in my marriage. We are currently separated. My husband's heart has become very hard, and mine is becoming harder with feelings of anger and disgust towards him. Lord, please help us and do not abandon Your children.

- Cheryl, Boston | April 30, 2022

Your majesty; I pray humble guidance. I pray for a renewed health and a flourished earth!

- Kara S., Arkansas | April 29, 2022

Rents have skyrocketed. My salary isn't enough. Please pray God provide a better, safer, more affordable home for me and my cat. Thank you. Blessings to all!

- Pamela Parker, FL | April 29, 2022

I pray the hardened hearts of the government be renewed and made new again.

- kara steadman, Arkansas | April 29, 2022

Dear father am suffering from debts and basic needs and very much worried about my daughters future pls pray for my family in jesus name amen

- narendra kumar, WEST BENGAL | April 29, 2022

please pray for Sam he is struggling with many wounds from his past and has recently discovered that he is bi-polar 2. He needs restoration, healing, establish right boundaries and priorities in his life and freedom from past hurts. also, relationship restoration and reconciliation with the love of his life, Lydia

- Anonymous | April 29, 2022

hi, pleae pray that we have a better marriage. Also we are looking for a bigger house so that i can homeschool my kids and its literally impossible to find one with increasing california real estate rates..please pray for us

- Anonymous, san diego | April 27, 2022

Request prayer of agreement that my 2 yr old grandson will talk properly. Agreement that my husband and I have TIME together as a married couple.' Agreement in prayer that I get the remote job I just interviewed for about 2 hours ago with great pay and benefits. Prayer for my girlfriend family-nephew committed suicide about 2 days ago that they will be comforted. Was told he did get baptized recently and started going to church.

- Anonymous, Birmingham, AL | April 25, 2022

LORD GOD Almighty: i did wrong in 1990 & have paid the consequences. Please Forgive me? In Christ JESUS' Name... Holy SPIRIT Please Help? -preston

- Anonymous | April 25, 2022

My family needs praying for badly, my boys are 5 and 7 they need to have happy times not fussing every single day it's always something no matter how hard I try. I need help to bring in God's love and peace to my family.

- Anonymous | April 24, 2022

Hello My name is Alihuseyn. My surname is Agazade.Greencard results will be available in two weeks. I ask you to pray for me to get a green card in a very short time this year and become an American citizen in a very short time. My biggest dream is to live in America, to be a citizen there, to work there. Pray for me many times that this year I will be able to get a green card and become an American citizen in a very short time

- Alihuseyn, Azerbaijan | April 24, 2022

That the Lord will heal me of this sciatic pain so that I may better serve Him. I teach a Sunday School class and Junior Church and I want to give these children the knowledge of Jesus.

- Nancy Weber, OH | April 24, 2022

Your Majesty, I praise you father. I cherish you father. In Christs name I pray that the people of the Ekklesia be heard. Hear us father. Help us father. In the fathers holy name I pray everlasting peace on earth and in heaven.

- kara steadman, Arkansas | April 21, 2022

Join me in prayer for my husband who is being consumed by the internet all day long. He has COPD, refuses to wear oxygen, which lowers oxygen to his brain. He has changed in many ways but I can't change him, only prayer and God can. Also, I care for my mother who has congestive hear failure and AFIB. Just breathing is a tremendous chore. I'm trying to work and depend on my husband to care for her while I work, but that doesn't seem to be working out. Please pray for God to send me some kind of relief and/or help. I would like to keep my mother here with me where she's comfortable and can tell me anything she wants done or needs. My husband has GOT to help me and stop procrastinating about everything that needs done while I'm away. Thank you for your prayers.

- Anonymous, South Carolina | April 19, 2022

Please pray David will stay sober and lean on the Lord. Please also pray for Lynda who just found out she has colon cancer and possibly ovarian cancer that she can have peace and healing. Thank you

- Anonymous | April 19, 2022

Please pray that Bobby be set free from his alcoholic dependency and that the Lord gives me strength so that I don't give up on him. In Jesus name, Amen.

- Sheila | April 18, 2022

If you would please pray for Alex's salvation and for the attacks of the enemy against him to stop and for The LORD to heal his mind and body. Also please pray for Nicole's salvation and for her to pass her exam this week, and that she is able to get her life back together. If you would pray for The LORD to heal my backsliding, body, mind and spirit as well as delivering & protecting me from my enemies and providing for my spiritual needs. Finally, If you would please pray for the salvation of: Jeremy B., Deshawn W and his sons health., Dennis, Jimbo, Randall R., Justin R., Williard, Pat, Keyshawn, Jeremy A., Jovanni V., Sheik, Kyle D.,Justin B., Moses, Luis v., C. Mcmichael, Thomas, Jack, Aven, Stephen, Alex w., Lisa & M., Stacy, Mike W., Andy, allen, Dom, C., Allen T., Alexis, Larry W., Eric,Julio, Richie, Annie, Josh Jr., Robert M., A. Facey, Victor M., Celeste, Anthony V., Dorian, Kemo, Raymond R., Roberto S., Brandi, Joanne, Mi! ke, Joseph T., Joe, Holly, Colleen, Ryan, Lupe, Bria

- ruben, ca | April 18, 2022

Please pray for my boyfriend's mother who has chosen to stop dialysis and is now in the care of Hospice. Lord, please comfort this family and this woman as she transitions from our world to Yours! Ease her suffering both physically and mentally. I pray that my boyfriend and his siblings find peace with her decision and have comfort in knowing that she will be with You Father in Your Heavenly Kingdom. In Jesus Mighty Name I pray . Amen

- Ashley Machin, FL | April 18, 2022

I'm praying for God to be with me and Guide me on my journey of writing, editing, and publishing my book. I pray that God blesses me to move and find a job in the state Im interested in. I also pray that God prepares me for marriage. I pray for Godly friendships, and I pray for growth and acceptance of my Spiritual gift from the LORD.

- A. Berry, Montgomery, AL | April 16, 2022

I ask God to open my Brother Pauls Heart to accept the Word of God into his heart and become a believer in our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ Amen

- Anonymous | April 14, 2022

Please pray that I be delivered from my smoking addiction and that Bobby be delivered from his alcohol and smoking addiction. In Jesus name, Amen.

- sheila | April 14, 2022

Converted from a heathen background. My PAN card process with my new Christian name is being delayed.And I'm unable to get it..Please pray that all the hindrances should be removed.

- susmi, India | April 14, 2022

Please pray for the salvation of my husband Jonathan and daughters Alexandra and Gabrielle D.

- Denise D. | April 18, 2022

please pray for favor and open doors in my work world... thank you humbly and truly... blessings, cindy

- Anonymous | April 14, 2022

Physical healing. Vocational and financial blessing. A closer, much closer, walk with Christ. Thanks!

- Shannon Adams, TX | April 14, 2022

May you please pray that the Lord will respond favorably to the prayers from my heart. Thank you for your prayers I sincerely do appreciate it.

- Nicole Smith, Maryland | April 13, 2022

assurance of an open vision in 2018 that I was to open a farm for homeless women veterans. They go through a war like no others and it seems I am being shown and experiencing same! Thank you, Gid Bless you, and give Him All the Praise and Glory for giving me clear directions!

- Joanne Wolf, Allendale, Michigan | April 13, 2022

Please prayer over a situation my family is going through right now. I am currently not able to be with my wife and kids. Please pray for strength and wisdom for our situation, as well as peace for my wife and kids while I am not there. Also, my mother is battling dementia. Please pray for peace of mind for her as well as my father as he is taking care of her.

- Anonymous | April 13, 2022

Good day, wed morning my husband frank has very important dr appt w brand new dr. He hasnt been to do in many yrs. Hes had a slew of issues, 2 being with his heart and migraines. Felt like lightening shoot through heart i believe he said with other heart /beathing/chest related symptoms. And for over a yr now migraines and now a numbness in head or s cloudy off feeling. We both quite concerned ab them both. Praying this new dr is giid, understandable and therough. That he does complete blood work that shows cholesterol etc. And likely a heart test and mri of brain. Its nothing serious in jesus name. Thank you for our prayers. The only diagnosis we receive is by his stripes we have been healed!

- victory in Jesus, maryland | April 12, 2022

Please pray for my sister's healing. She has a damaged hippocampus(brain). If anyone knows someone who specializes in this area that can help please email me. Thank you!

- Anonymous | April 12, 2022

Please pray for my prodigal son. He is angry with God and feels that he can't be forgiven. Pray that God keeps fighting for him and that my son's heart will soften to hear God's voice again.

- Ohio Mom | April 11, 2022

Dear Heavenly Father, please help my daughter Stephanie and her family when they arrive in Geneva, Switzerland to get affordable house to rent, a baby sitter and school for her children to attend quickly. Give them money to take care of all their expenses in Geneva, Switzerland. In Jesus Christ Name, I pray. Amen.

- Odette Dei, ON | April 9, 2022

Urgent Prayer, Our sister Helena " is our elderly Mom's Power of Attorney. She's Blocking our siblings from our Mom, She', her EX-HUSBAND are spending like crazy, going on shopping trips, taking our Mom on, vacations too Our Mom doesn't want to go on vacations Our siblings want a THIRD PARTY to handle everything Our Mom is afraid say anything to our sister Helena ". Pray for our sister to be removed from being POWER Of Attorney immediately. Please share with others Amen

- Monica | April 9, 2022

Dear Jesus, I am coming to plead to You help. Please let a co-worker come back from quitting. Please heal and help my friend who is having a hard time. Please heal me. Amen Please anyone, do pray along with me my prayer.

- Anonymous | April 8, 2022

SOS!!! A child is living with friend's relatives. They are giving the child stability, wonderful home love. Parent "continues saying wants to sign over FULL CUSTODY then changes mind. This is emotionally messing up the child.. Authorities have repeatedly investigated this person for ABUSE etc, but escapes justice, It's frustrating, scary. This person is very street smart. Pray for wisdom for Authorities Officials.., for Authorities to investigate this parent " again for everything. Pray for FULL CUSTODY.help, mercy intercede discernment, intercede. Share this prayer request with others. Stand in Agreement. Amen

- Anonymous | April 8, 2022

Please pray for God to deliver and protect me from all spiritual attacks physical attacks etc. For Him to clothe my soul in spiritual attire and materials that infuse power and all He desires into my soul and spirit. For living water and manna to fill my soul and for all He wants to fill my body with healing included to fill my body. Thanks!!!

- Tony Sirianni, Pennsylvania | April 8, 2022

Please pray with your hands that i am protected and healed i am currently suffering spiritual affliction and Torment am losing a lot of sleep and am depressed a lot because of these spirits Ty

- Lia, USA | April 8, 2022

Continual Prayers, We found out a Driving school in Tri Cities Washington passed our relative who's MENTALLY DELAYED!! This is SCARY, DANGEROUS.. ! We're in shock, distraught, overwhelmed. Under normal circumstances this wouldn't be an issue.. AUTHORITIES stated this person NEEDS professional help, but REFUSED HELP. DRIVING SCHOOL wasn't aware that officials strongly suggested professional help.. We're praying for roadblocks, obstacles hindrances immediately.. PS this person has a small child others are raising the child. Thank God. We're calling all Prayer Warriors to Stand in Agreement, share this prayer request with family, church members, prayer groups friends... Matthew 7 :7. Mark 11 :24 DON'T STOP PRAYING

- Johnathan | April 7, 2022

Thank you God for showing me actual physical proof of watching over me time and time again. A thankful widow of 6 months

- K, desert sands | April 6, 2022

Please continue to pray for the innocent civilians in Ukraine. Lord, please send protection to the country of Ukraine and may you be glorified as a result.

- Kevin, Versailles KY | April 6, 2022

i pray for your healing for my beloved husband of 35 years, who defended our country for 30 years in the Uniited States Navy, in his battle with ALS. I pray for strength and comfort in my caring for him. in Jesus name. Amen.

- Sherie, Sedro Woolley WA | April 6, 2022

Pray for our family to be blessed with rental, electricity help. We need all the help we can get. My husband has terminal cancer.

- Hannah | April 5, 2022

Hello, son logan 14 stressed in school bc hard to get out of his head feeling depressed he has no friends and also he dont sleep well and thats a big issue. Please pray for him to get healthy sleep and for good Christian friends soon. Been believing for so long and neigh ors moved in w no kid. Very sad but not giving up. He needs this so very very bad. Ik its gods will for him not to be companion of fools and to have blessed sleep and no depression etc. I rebuke it all in Jesus name. U be gone satan. Ty so much for prayers

- victory in Jesus, md | April 5, 2022

Please pray for a friend and her family who are considering homeschooling their children, but are not sure how as they are also running a restaurant and need someone to help them. It would be neat if there was a babysitting network for homeschoolers to help when they need days off that could also be like a substitute teacher and assist with the schooling- kindove like a governess- kindove like care.com for homeschooling families.

- Anonymous, Colorado | April 5, 2022

Emergency Prayer, This is very important, My husband, I get FOOD STAMPS,He has terminal cancer­. A relative helped us out Financially. Now they drastically reduced our FOOD STAMPS.. This relative is, NOT on our FOOD STAMPS,, Now they want to talk to this relative or get a letter Relative doesn't want to get involved.. We need all the help we can.. Pray grace understanding, food stamps reinstated to all. Food stamps. We need With my husband having terminal cancer, He doesn't need this added stress about us, our food stamps. Please SHARE this prayer request with others Amen

- Hannah, Washington state | April 4, 2022

I offer to you O Lord all the bitterness of your passion in reparation for the offenses committed against you.

- Anonymous | April 4, 2022

With heartfelt grief I sigh while considering your holy passion O Lord and I beg you wound my heart with the arrow of your love

- Anonymous | April 4, 2022

Please pray for The LORD to heal my backsliding, my body, my soul, my mind and my spirit. If you would also pray for Him to protect me from my enemies, to deliver me from them and for The LORD to provide for my spiritual and material needs.

- ruben | April 3, 2022

Lord Jesus give me a humble and contrite heart

- Anonymous | April 3, 2022

If anyone can provide prayer for us to access prison in Arkansas our trust is desperately to donate bibles in Arkansas Prisons, please let us know. Politics have come into play in attempt to stop us from delivering bibles to Arkansas prisons.

- Mike, Industry PA | April 2, 2022

Asking God for total healing of Hollie an 84 year old prayer warrior. She is an alert sharp and healthy lady! She loves God and her family. She had an episode of dizziness on 3/8/22 at home and does not remember falling. She hit her head when she fell and developed a brain bleed. She came to at the emergency room and doctors decided to put her in a coma with a breathing tube. Doctors are now wanting the family to let her go. Her family is not ready! She is now showing signs of breathing on her own and having body movements as if she is waking up. please pray for her and her family! They want her home a little longer! thank you. A good family friend in Florida.

- Hollie, Orlando FL | April 2, 2022

Heavely Father, Would help me pay my unemployment bill and my bill with Grand Canyon university and my FICO score. In the matchless name of Jesus. Amen!

- David Lance | March 31, 2022

Precious Lord, Praying today for the strength to read and comprehend what I read (cognition and memory).In Jesus' name. Amen!

- David Lance | March 31, 2022

Heavenly Father, I thank you and give thanks today for you being merciful and kind loving toward me and my situation. Father, I bless your name and exalt your holy name. Father, I thank you for hearing my prayer and for giving me the strength to get through. Asking (inFAITH) for the car I've been believing for. in Jesus' wonderful name. Amen!!!

- David Lance | March 31, 2022

Father in heaven, I ask tonight for healing and blessing in mind and body. Asking dear Lord for ability to study effectively and efficiently. I plead the precious blood of Christ over my house and all its articles, over my ability to think and reflect in bible study. praying for help with my email on my phone, for blessing on my acting skills, praying for a Proverbs 31 wife, pleading the blood of Jesus over my finances, over my relationships, pleading Christ blood over mental health (medications-answers to prayer) praying to move to a better place, In Jesus' name.Amen!

- Anonymous | March 31, 2022

Urgent Prayer!!! For a couple of relatives to POSTPONE SCHOOL for awhile. This is very important. Pray classes are filled up etc. NO EXCEPTIONS!!! School can wait!!

- Samantha | March 31, 2022

Father in heaven, I ask tonight for healing and blessing in mind and body. Asking dear Lord for ability to study effectively and efficiently. I plead the precious blood of Christ over my house and all its articles, over my ability to think and reflect in bible study. praying for help with my email on my phone, for blessing on my acting skills, praying for a Proverbs 31 wife, pleading the blood of Jesus over my finances, over my relationships, pleading Christ blood over mental health (medications-answers to prayer) praying to move to a better place, In Jesus name.Amen!

- Anonymous | March 30, 2022

Praying a prayer of thanks for all God has done, is doing, and going to do! Praising God for answered prayers, for His mercy, and goodness, and most of all for loving even when i was less or not deserving. I bless the Lord tonight, I ask (in FAITH), that my prayer be heard fron high, for Him to heal all the little babies and to give them comfort. Heavenly Father, I thank you for watching over me and for protecting my loved ones, I glorify your name Lord Jesus!!! Tonight, I ask for answered to my prayers, I am BELIEVING for a mighty healing in mind, body, and for a quickening in my spirit. Asking for the wisdom, strength, and power to be able to carry out God's call for me. Lord, I ask for blessings at school and the help to finance my educational goals and needs. Father, I claim and decree your precious promises (in your word) for my daily walk, asking for protection and blessing for those in close proximity of my purpose. In Jesus! powerful name. Amen!

- David Lance | March 30, 2022

I would like prayer for my family member and ll of the members of Buck Street COGIC, the pastor, COGIC leadership, presiding bishop (J. Drew Sheard), board of bishops, general board, that the Lord will give them fresh oil .Every minitry and ministry leader at Buck Street be saved, revived and given fresh oil for ministry. Take away the slothfulness.

- Julia Peter | March 30, 2022

I would like to ask the Lord to bless in the following ways: 1. Clemons Circle of Commerce CDC to be visible and vital in the community.2.Buck StreetCOGIC family 3.My own tutoring company 4. To bless and anoint my hands, my ministry, spiritual discernment,word of knowledge, gift of prophecy, and other spiritual gifts to be a blessing to the body of Christ.4. Nat Q, Hendesron faculty,staff and student

- Julia Peter | March 30, 2022

Dear Heavenly Father, please heal my itchy scalp, itchy hair and diabetics. In Jesus Christ Name I pray. Amen.

- Odette Dei, ON | March 30, 2022

Dear Heavenly Father, help me win the Sweepstakes that I enter on my Computer all the time and Lotto 649. In Jesus Christ Name, I pray. Amen.

- Odette Dei, ON | March 29, 2022

my mother is in the hospital with an infection in her colon, a cyst on her ovary and a very large blood clot in her left leg. i ask for you to lift her up in prayer for healing and the wisdom of the doctors that will be treating her.

- Anonymous | March 29, 2022

Please pray science & pe give logan fair honest grade asap. That each of his teachers be moved in their hearts to go above and beyond to help him and that they all reread and follow the 504 plan. The chains broken in Jesus name over our whole family. healing in every way. Logan will not struggle nor will we. Be gone satan in Jesus name. Thank you

- victory in Jesus, md | March 29, 2022

I messed things up really badly with my ex. I still love him and id give anything in a heartbeat to be able to be with him again. Pls pray for him to forgive me and desire a relationship with me again. All I want is a second chance to be a better girlfriend to him, and hopefully his wife someday. He was so good to and for me and id give anything to be with him again. Praying he reaches out to me so our relationship may be restored.

- kelsie | March 29, 2022

I am a chronically ill 36 going on 37 year old single women- I suffer from Endometriosis, ibs,migraines, elevated estrogen levels,back/hip/sciatica/psaos pains which has put a lot of stress on my physical&mental health. My 9.5 year old pet bird cockatiel hen is suffering through lose urates&is having a difficult time with her Spring Feather molt. Please pray for our healing-Lord protect&deliver us from our pains,abnormal growths(tumors,cysts,fibroids,adhesions,scar tissue,possible cancer)&inflammations be gone from my body&my bird's body. AMEN.

- M, Canada | March 28, 2022

For the family of the boy who died on a ride at the Icon theme park in Florida last week. May God give you strength and peace as you mourn the tragic loss of your child.

- Jen | March 28, 2022

Please Pray With Your Hands my mother has help with getting resources needed for daily living and that we are safe from any evil that may come and she stops feeling signs of heart attack And Gets Better Ty So Much

- Lia, Manitowoc | March 28, 2022

A local driving school passed our relative who's mentally delayed. We're in shock, distraught, overwhelmed. Under normal circumstances this wouldn't be an issue. We're still praying for hindrances, obstacles, roadblocks immediately. Authorities Officials stated this person needs professional help, but refused help. The Driving school wasn't aware that officials strongly suggested professional help. Pray for wisdom for Authorities Officials, hindrances, obstacles, roadblocks. This is extremely important. This individual has a small child, others are raising the child because of major issues from the relative..They don't have legal rights, yet All in God's timing. Don't stop praying. Copy, Paste. Matthew 7 :7

- Johnathan | March 25, 2022

Please pray for the salvation of my husband Jonathan My daughters Alexandra and Gabrielle.

- Anonymous | March 25, 2022

I am a grandmother and a mother asking prayer for my family. I have four children that have been in foster care since October 2021. My daughter, their mother is depressed and feels like giving up trying to regain custody of her children who range in ages 17 - 12. She is a traveling registered nurse who takes on contracts in COVID nurse needed hospitals where needed. Please pray for her safety and strength, that her children will see that their mother may have made mistakes but loves them. Please pray unity for my adult children that they have a closer relationship with Christ and each other. They are living in different areas. Of the four children gifted to me, I have three remaining. They are all in their 40's, parents and grandparents, Thank you for your prayer. I thank God for the opportunity to be a great grandmother to two babies born in the last two years. Pray for my continued health and strength.

- Anonymous | March 25, 2022

please pray for the salvation of my Parents Charles and Josephine.

- Anonymous | March 25, 2022

About to start living on a social security income. Please pray that the lord keeps me living a comfortable way in all areas of my life.

- Mary, Minnesota | March 25, 2022

Pray for my 13 year old granddaughter. She experienced the tornados that hit Western Ky in December. Then on February 3rd, there was an ice storm and two big black oak trees fell on their mobile home and she was there. Thank God no one was hurt. Now she has great anxiety when she even thinks it is going to rain because she is afraid of a storm. She has always been a happy child and she is saved. Please pray that her fear and anxieties will go away.

- Patricia Kay McKinney, Princeton KY | March 25, 2022

please pray for me I need prayer

- jacqueline moreno, California | March 25, 2022

Emergency prayer mentally delayed relative has been going to Driving school, The Driving school passed this relative. Our family is freaking out. None this makes any sense. Pray the paperwork gets lost that has to get sent to the DOL. This is extremely important.. We're calling all Prayer Warriors.. to share this prayer request with with family, friends to post, on prayer walls We don't know why this happening. We're not going to stop praying.. Pray for hindrances roadblocks permanent obstacles.. What's impossible with man is possible with God. PS this relative has a small child, others are raising this precious child. Glory to God. however they don't have legal rights, yet Pray for favor, help decree

- Johnathan | March 24, 2022

Please pray that God will heal Brian and my relationship with each other, restore it, and make it better than ever. We need to center ourselves upon Christ.

- Anonymous | March 23, 2022

hi there, i lost my job due to a car accident as well as loosing everything due to a fire. we are not only need curriculum but gift cards foor food. please pray that we are providing the recources that we need to survivr

- Katrena Hopkins, 95670 | March 23, 2022

Prayer that biopsy will be clear of all types of cancer. Prayer for grace and favor and God's covering of me at work. Love and peace in my home. Save my coworkers.

- Anonymous | March 23, 2022

Prayer request for God's mercy, grace, deliverance, hedge of protection and favor, healing and blessing and unity for me, my children and grandchildren. Prayer for my unemployment benefits and snap to start asap, now. Prayer for Houston be approved, deliverance from homelessness and for my daughters safe delivery, healthy baby and speedily recovery. Prayer for my sons to respect and be obedient to me while their grown and for their girlfriend to respect me and stop damaging my items. Prayer for a right now financial blessing and me to afford move in my own home now and pay all bills in full. Prayer for God to fight my battles from being fired from prejudice people that cyberbullied harrased me as I worked from home. I was fired wrongfully but glory to God for everything.

- April, USA | March 21, 2022

For my daughter, Janelle. Pray that she will have an encounter with Jesus that will remind her of His love and faithfulness and TRUTH. Her heart has grown cold and she's walked away from God. Thank you.

- Terri | March 19, 2022

Pray that a mentally delayed relative won't will STOP going to Driving school. The school is saying whatever too. This is SCARY, DANGEROUS. Pray for immediate hindrances, obstacles, immediately. Please understand don't judge our family. We're calling all Prayer Warriors to Stand in Agreement. DON'T STOP PRAYING. PS This person has a small child, others are raising the child. Keep praying, DON'T STOP PRAYING..

- Johnathan | March 18, 2022

Severely need breakthrough in son Logans 14 school. He has plan, teachers arent intervening & being helpful like theyre supposed to and theyre ignoring my messages. Its been 5 months of turmoil within the school team and select teachers. Plz pray the teachers i contacted will do the right thing, grade his late work, go the extra mile to help him and communicate kindly and honestly w me and team. The stress of it all on me is indescribable. We and son need breakthrough, for his school yrs not to be a struggle for him, for the teachers favor & anything thats needed & healing/mental healing/focus/comprehension etc. For son. God will make sure he has what he needs and not what he dont. Thank you all for your prayers.

- Victory in Jesus | March 18, 2022

Please pray for my wife Terry Copeland. She has back and intestine problem. May the Lord Bless and keep you.

- Terry Copeland | March 18, 2022

That my family and neighbors would follow Jesus, that this year I can serve Jesus by sharing His word and being an example to them, that the Lord would return soon and make things new again.

- David Ortiz Laboy, California | March 17, 2022

Please pray for The LORD to heal my backsliding, to provide for all of my needs, for the destruction of any and all bondages and strongholds that are on me, and for His protection and for His deliverance for me from all my enemies

- Ruben | March 16, 2022

please pray for my cousin who is having heart issues very bad right now and please pray for her family at home please and pray for my family to stay together please and keep us walking close with god always also please keep me strong and sober for my family and myself please jst keep us with god thanks love you guys

- john burnworth jr, westlake louisiana | March 16, 2022

heavenly father im seeking for a car a dependable vehicle lord that would last me nothing new just something to get me from point a to b i know father when i go looking you would guide me in the right direction in jesus name thank you lord amen

- Cecelia Lewis, Michigan | March 15, 2022

Asking for prayers I struggle with sexual immorality and forgiveness, praying that I draw closer to God and that the Holy Spirit convicts my husband as well. We may be heading into a divorce.

- Anonymous, PA | March 15, 2022

Pray for peace and an end to the War in Ukraine so the people can go back home and be free. Pray for peace in our families for illnesses and depressions. Amen

- Mona Marie, FL | March 15, 2022

Please pray for my niece, she is a teenager and has a rare cancer. She is currently in renal failure, but is still hanging on. Please pray for her. Thank you.

- Anonymous, TX | March 12, 2022

please pray for the safety of me and my family.

- chase | March 12, 2022

please pray for me my marriage my husband is so disconnected from me please pray that God will speak to his heart on how cold he is toward me we stay in the same house, but we are so separated please pray that God will take the drugs and alcohol out of his life, and he allow Jesus to come back in his heart please call out his name in prayer james

- tammy, goldsboro | March 12, 2022

That my granddaughter, who was born a preemie 8 months ago weighing 1 lb and now weighs 13 lbs, will have a strong, healed heart & not require surgery; that her mind & body will be strong & develop properly with all organs functioning the way Abba created them too; that she & her parents will accept Christ & they will live Godly lives before her; that I can spend more time with her as I live in another state. Thank you.

- Anonymous, Dallas TX | March 12, 2022

Please pray for a family friend who was just diagnosed with a form of lymphoma called Waldenstrom macroglobulinemia. "St. Peregrine, I confidently turn to you for help in my friend's present sickness. For so many years you bore in your own flesh this cancerous disease that destroys the very fiber of our being. Ask God to relieve him of this sickness, if it be His Holy Will.

- Jen || March 9, 2022

To Know God's voice better, and to love Him move intensely where I'm thinking more of him and others than myself To have favor with doctors and getting medicines easier long term with less bills To receive more grace to manifest the character of Christ more consistently To be happy and have significance because I have the gift of serving and giving and I use His gifts to serve others better (than I ever have before). Especially with my mom, help us to go home to heaven at the same time and until we do that I serve her well with more strength, love and wisdom May I reach one soul each year for their salvation. And at my place of employment....WHATEVER I DO, May I DO IT HEARTILY for the Lord and every month and year increase the sales brought in over the previous month and year. To HIm be all the glory and thanks for the increase in gifts and income ...and better relationships male and female.

- JCH, North Carolina | March 9, 2022

My prayer request is for Ukraine and the people of Ukraine to be protected. For God to put a hedge of protection around them. The devil to flee from them. Reverse the bombs back to where they came from. Sit Putin down and make him repent!! Amen

- Anonymous || March 8, 2022

Requesting prayer for God to bless me with miracle money today and manifest it today.

- Joyce Haywood | March 4, 2022

I ask for your prayers to strengthen me in overcoming debt and struggle. For I know that Your plans are for good; plans to prosper me; to bring me hope and a future. I believe and declare in Faith that this mountain of struggle with be demolished; that I will overcome this for You are my strength, my shield, my vindicator. I trust you Lord, I trust your timing, for at the right time you will make it happen. In Jesus' name, Amen

- Anonymous | March 4, 2022

praying for healing for.my aide and friend who fell on ice last week and broke her leg snd ankle in three places. praying for a replacement aide to be found soon.

- Anonymous, ohio | March 4, 2022

I pray that my Sister In Law gets her Ford Explorer 2002 Limited Car back in New Jersey after it got stolen. Thanks thanks thanks.

- Lewis, Minnesota | March 3, 2022

Innocent people of Ukraine and Russia - for leaders to turn to God - world wide revival. For God to use the world wide church to be His hands and feet in the crisis situation.

- Chaplain, Texas | March 3, 2022

My husband Bruce's upcoming hernia surgery to go well, for him to draw closer to God and live his potential for God. me not to hinder but to help as God directs.

- Chaplain, Texas | March 3, 2022

Thanking God for answered prayer for a provider for my motherinlaw, by a miracle so that she does not have to go to a nursing home. Praying all details will work out and it will be a win, win situation. Thanks!

- Chaplain, Texas | March 3, 2022

My friends,PLEASE TAKE NOTE: The 6 ESV vest pocket Bibles which I ordered 2 days ago from ChristianBook have arrived. Lord willing, tomorrow here on trainstation benches and parkbenches in this suburb I will be placing them. I expect that they are taken quickly because of the little boxes they are in. PLEASE pray for the salvation of each of the people who ever will have read any of the Scriptures.Thx

- Rich, PA | March 3, 2022

Praying for my daughter who is lost and unhappy. May she accept the Lord Jesus as her personal savior and find joy, peace, and happiness.

- Anonymous | March 3, 2022

Please pray for my daughter Ashley. She has been addicted to meth for many years and needs total and complete healing from this addiction. I pray that God will give her a desire to seek treatment and that he will open doors to make that happen. In Jesus Name Amen!

- Karen, La Habra CA | March 3, 2022

i pray that all my family grow close to Jesus, being a saved,and Baptisted in the holy spirit. in Jesus name.i pray for a healthy marriage, grandchildren, finances, and retirement,and protection for all of us. in Jesus name.Amen

- Linda Hunt, Va | March 2, 2022

Please pray for protection over our employees and our clients, that we may have a strong confidence that the Lord is with us.

- NexenConstruction, State College PA | March 2, 2022

Aloha Prayer for UKRAINE Christian leaders n their flocks. our children salvations, return to Jesus raised in church now, out in world ways, respectful but not in fellowship in church. Derrick David Rachel, , 2 are still church going , followers Antonio Danica Keep strong in Lord, My order in home, procrastination. my husband of 15 yrs Ken health. Mahalo in Jesus name n Holy Spirit 2-22-2022

- Linda n Ken, Elevate CC, glory to God, HI | March 2, 2022

please pray for our family. we not only lost everything in a local fire but i start cancer treatment tomorrow and was also injury in a car accident last week leaving my car totaled and unable to work. we need food and homeschool materials for a family of 8

- Katrena Hopkins | March 1, 2022

Pray that god help me to stop smoking and break the spirit of smoking. I cant sleep at night and I'm constantly under spiritual attacks by snake spirits in my sleep and it get worse at night. These snake spirits are real spiritually and can feel the attacks over my body at night and day. They multiply Also that extend my life for many more years to do his will on earth. Also my finances Need a car for work and business, home New friends Business adventures to prosper Restore all the devil has stolen from my life Marriage and kids Protection against witchcraft and curses Exceedingly abundantly above all can ask or think And last to break all generational curses off my family life and future generation.

- Anthony Roberts, FL | March 1, 2022

I ask for prayer for the Lord to provide my mom and I a house or duplex. We have been moving a lot for years and been homeless twice and we would like to settle in a place without having to worry about moving again.

- Melodie Cooper | March 1, 2022

Please pray for my health to restore my lungs and heart function. Im terminally ill but God still has me here to be a testimony of faith and trust in God. The lung and hear physicians say I'm a walking miracle with protection from this pandemic and spending 4 months in ICU on life support and induced coma collapse lung and heart failure that was 2 years ago right 2 month before pandemic started, God has a plan and I want to live mydays serving and glorifying Him by being His testimony I pray for deliverance and submission for my parents, brothers, sister Gail my best friend Jesse and Nancy my nephews and nieces, pray for deliverance of severe demonic addiction for my next door neighbor Henry and protection strength and faith for his mom Josie.

- RODNEY F. LOPEZ, TX | March 1, 2022

Praying for healing, forgiveness, restoration and reconciliation of the Jones family. May God restore their family unit whole with love and compassion for one another and a reconciliation of their family.

- Anonymous | February 27, 2022

Please pray for my husband. Pray that he will open his heart to the lord he was raised to believe and he has his mind set that jesus isn’t real. He will not open up about his reasons but i still choose to raise our children to know god and i pray for him that he will touchd by the lord to see the truth in the light.

- Anonymous | February 27, 2022

please pray for my son he is not getting to see his son and i dont get to see my grandson. i just want god to put light in my grandsons moms heart to be kind and not use a child as a vice for relationship and just let us see him. in jesus name, amen

- Carla, Oklahoma | February 27, 2022

Big school mtg this Wed. for Logan , possible 504, In person, new team. Praying I get peaceful response from letter sent to principal, meeting will go above n beyond, what ever we/logan needs we will have and whats not needed we wont. God will defend and provide 4 us in every way needed. Were in his peace, hes faithful, his words true, we will stand form and see the power/glory of the lord! Were his and he is for us! Ground leveled and foxes chased ot in Jesus name. Tyvvm

- victory in Jesus, md | February 27, 2022

Son Logan age 14 needs good friends so so desperately. He has none. Hes such a great light of the Lord and has been praying for good friend so long. At least 1. He gets very lonely/depressed, feel unaccepted by peers. House next door for rent, plz pray a good friend for him moves in. That the bad aquaintances are chased out and replaced with good friends asap. Iron sharpens iron, Tysvvm

- Anonymous, md | February 27, 2022

1.For my husband, Bruce's healing over a hernia and upcoming surgery. 2. For repairs and renovations to be completed in the homes that we have, for 1 rental property to be occupied and another one to be renovated and rented by good people of faith for long term. For the rental property business to go to an optimal level of operation, efficiency and production and increase. For it to be honoring to the Lord. 3.For our daughter Cynthia to draw closer to the Lord, a better job for her in San Antonio, and God to fulfill His plans for her, her to walk in her calling and for her to marry her live in boyfriend, that is a wonderful man and for God to heal all of her pain through the process.

- For my husband Bruce and for our daughter Cynthia and her boyfriend, San Antonio Tx. | February 27, 2022

For good care givers for my mother in law, for God to give me wisdom to hire who He sends for her, for her health, physical restoration to walk again, to sleep well at night, for good circulation in her body, no pain in her back or anywhere, for her to have peace over family losses, for her to focus on God and to grow in Him.

- Pray for Lois, San Antonio Tx | February 27, 2022

Prayers for my family and my husband that he overcomes his addiction.

- Anonymous, Ohio | February 27, 2022

Need prayer for wisdom to think clearly and make the best decisions I can for myself snd all my family in these complicated times.

- Anonymous, GA | February 26, 2022

Please pray that James, Courtney, Noah, and Ian Yeskewicz will receive Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior. Please pray that Matthew, Susannah, and Marin Thomas will also receive Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior. Thank you and God bless you!

- Andrew Thomas, Middleboro MA | February 26, 2022

My sister in law is nurse in India. She applied nurse job in Canada. I requested you that if you pray for her she and her entire family can come in Canada.

- Silvana Ravi Joseph, India | February 25, 2022

Please pray God gives me guidance . I'm struggling to find full time work. Should I move or stay. Dont know what to do.. I need guidance

- Kathie | February 22, 2022

Dear Heavenly Father, I pray: ~for the lost members of my family to be drawn to Jesus and saved by His grace. Dear God, dull the appeal of the flesh and worldly things to them. I pray You will crush the devil and his minions under Your foot as they try to ensnare and steal the souls of my family members. Please put a burning desire in me to better know Your Word and to spread Your Message of hope to everyone that is lost. I want to be prepared and ready when King Jesus returns.

- Anonymous | February 22, 2022

Praying for my daughter and son that they will totally surrender to GOD.

- Anonymous | February 21, 2022

please pray for healing in my body i have a broken leg and carpal tunnel i am in constant pain thank you

- catherine jones, NY | February 21, 2022

Lima Miller God bless you fellow believers in the lord Jesus Christ tky for lifting me up in prayer i am going through a divorce my apartment was burned down i now in a homeless shelter i am emotionally drained i need prayers for affordable living housing section 8 help i go to church i am a HHA worker i am 63 years old tky in advance amen

- Anonymous | February 19, 2022


- Velma Henderson, Dayton TN | February 18, 2022

Please pray for me that I be healed from my sickness from diabetes. And also prayer for my eye sight.

- Anonymous | February 17, 2022

Please pray for my brother who has stage 4 cancer that God heal him. Thank you for your prayers.

- Anonymous | February 17, 2022

Deliverance...so many knots and ties...

- J R, Other | February 17, 2022

Please pray for healing and peace of mind for Mary Ann. Thank you, I appreciate it!

- Shelly | February 17, 2022

Dear Lord; Please heal my sister & her husband of their many health problems. Please be with my cousin's family as they just lost a dear wife, mother & Grandmother, also please be with my friend Sherry in the loss of her mother. And finally please be with my friend Karl as he recently lost 2 aunts in the same week that were both named Barbara. May you bring comfort to each family that has been mentioned that is hurting & in sorrow. Help them to know that they can turn to you in times like these & please shower your love & mercy upon them as well as your blessings.

- Doreen, Barre, Vermont | February 16, 2022

Please pray for relationship with our daughter. She lives with us but haven't been talking to us since June. me and my husband need wisdom what to do.

- Anonymous | February 16, 2022

My prayer is that every man would come to the knowledge of the truth and that the Holy Spirit would deal with hearts unto salvation and that hearts would understand and eyes be open and that ears would be unstopped for it is written let them hear what the spirit say unto the churches is my prayers for a lost and dying world

- Jerry Antoine, LA | February 13, 2022


- Anonymous, PA | February 13, 2022

My wife, Brenda, needs prayer. She has metastatic renal cancer which has spread to liver and lungs. She has just gone through Gallbladder surgery, and radiation on spine and neck. All very painful. During all this, she contracted Covid during procedures. She is recovering from some of it and needs further treatment. We ask for the healing hand of the Lord to give her comfort and healing, in Jesus name we pray and ask your prayers for her. Lord give me all the strength required to care for her continually.

- Don Mondor for Brenda Mondor, Greene, Maine | February 11, 2022

pray for ezquiel that he follows his heart when it comes to love and find self love. pray for his finances and for his health. pray for his family members who need prayer also. god bless thank you Jesus for prayers that will be answered in your name. When two or more pray in my name i am among you. matthew 18:19

- Anonymous | February 11, 2022

please pray for my right eye which i am needing injections every six weeks because of inflamation behind my eye. pray for all my family who need prayer for their health issues. pray for my son that he can be relocated back home as his job he has to live in another city. praying for a transfer this year. pray for a girl name barbara who is very ill with covid complications. pray for this country usa and pray for the world and those who have noone to pray for them god bless keep safe.

- malena | February 11, 2022

Please pray for God to restore my relationship with Justin whom i love so dearly. Pray that he softens Justins heart and fills it with the love for me he used to have. I am begging god to bless me with the privilege of getting one more chance with the man i love so much now that ive had the space i needed to grow and learn.Im begging god for a miracle that only He is capable of. In whatever way he may use to bring us back together, i am praying fervently that he does. I am ready to give Justin the love he deserves and never neglect him in the ways i did before. Please, heal this damage ive done to our relationship and make it new. Please help me ask god to bring Justin back so that i may spend the rest of my life with him, glorifying God and bringing his love and light to Justins life. I would give anything to have one more chance to be with him. Please help me raise my request to god for favor from god for a breakthrough to bring him back and give ! me a second chance

- kelsie | February 10, 2022

Please ask the Lord to motivate and enable my brother Glenn to take his prescribed medicines daily and on time. Thank-you.

- Eric, Elkridge, MD | February 10, 2022

Please ask the Lord to grant wisdom and motivation to our American Political Leaders and to the in Law Enforcement to carry-out their responsibilities in a manner providing peace and justice to all.

- Eric, Elkridge, MD | February 10, 2022

The Lord Jesus has blessed my son Elliot to obtain promotion to Leasing Agent in the Realty Company he works for and is now being trained. Please ask the Lord to quicken his mind to understand and retain the instructions. Thank-you so very much.

- Eric, Elkridge, MD | February 10, 2022

My friend Mary is faithful to her ministry of praying for others and as as a result receives push-back from the Kingdom of darkness. Please pray for her strength in the Lord. Thank-you.

- Eric, Elkridge, MD | February 10, 2022

Dear Father, I pray for my mother that you would soften her heart for her children who she has hurt over the years. Bless her father with a repented heart. Let her know that she's loved Irregardless, and her reaching out in love will be a great milestone in healing the family. In Jesus name I pray.

- Anonymous | February 10, 2022

Please pray with your hands for my mother she is struggleing and haveing a hard time trying to get by and is always depressed Thank You

- LiaMarie, Manitowoc | February 10, 2022

my family to be save

- watson,pat, northcarolina | February 10, 2022

Daniel has spent over half of his life in the hospital with cycle cell anemia in the hospital. He is God's child.

- Elaine | February 9, 2022

i just found out my friend who just turned 61 has stage 3 ovarian cancer n had a total hysterectomy. she will b needing chemo n she struggles with money like myself so we understand each other. i had a class 5 pap smear in 88. thank God i had a great dr /surgeon. my friend will needs lots of prayers n a miracle.. please pray with her.. please really hard....thank you

- Henri, ND | February 9, 2022

Dear Lord this day was beautiful I give you thanks and praise in Jesus name Amen. I ask for prayers for my children and grandchildren to be in your protection. Amen.

- Anonymous | February 9, 2022

please pray for my 15 yr old granddaughter. she dealt with more or less trusting a friend n he was 2 months short of his 18th birthday. she was 13. gma just found out. she struggles with it ALOT. she was in counseling, she then lost a 60 yr old gpa to suicide. n lately she has a group of girls 5 of them, one of them has lost a brother to suicide n granddaug was counseling for all of this. but my granddaughter said she quit after a few times since her 1st counselor moved n the 2nd one never worked. i think she needs more counseling n asked her about Christian counselor but she said she wouldnt feel comfortable n they hve free counseling thru her dads work. i need to talk with my son n dsughter in law but i guess ill b open to u n them n im terribly scared of her committing suicide.. these group of girls are being bullied at school too. they walk by them n call them the suicide sqaud. the boys all get called in the office but nothing happens. im so ! worried. she wanted my moms rosary n

- Henri, NDak | February 9, 2022

please pray for my son Abera Noah he is in a hospital in comma for 50 days he is only 31 years old He knows the Lord but he was away from Him for a while because of his bad decission please for him God to give him second chance to come back to Jesus and be saved and healed

- Anonymous | February 7, 2022

Hello beautiful prayer community. Please pray for John who needs a miracle in his life right now. He is fighting for his life and becoming closer to God in the process.

- Anonymous | February 7, 2022

Please pray for my marriage to be restored and reconciled and for my husband to be saved, delivered and sanctified. I am also asking for strength, peace and patience in this season and God's grace, mercy and favor over me and my families life in every way. Thank you,

- L. Pierce | February 5, 2022

Please pray for a restored body and brain injury of my husband, Dan. We will celebrate our 51st anniversary this month. He has been bed ridden for almost 4 years.. I have been caring for him at home and it is extremely difficult both physically and especially emotionally. I love him very much and I want my husband and partner back in my life! In the Name of Jesus! Thank you!

- Anonymous | February 5, 2022

Please prayer for me vijaya to get software job in big IT company..i am trying so many jobs but luck not favouring me so prayer with god and granted me best job..also I have to get married because age is running but no match is fixing till now so prayer for me to get software engineer match with good salary in high position and rich person has to come into my life..where we lost rescept there we have to gain by get job and marriage please understand my pain and prayer..

- Anonymous | February 5, 2022

Thanks be to God for his indescribable gifts. Keep praying and believing my friends in Christ

- Anonymous | February 5, 2022

My daughter is planning to go to heaven soon, she celebrated life November 18, 2021 at Mnn's Chapel with her family. We pray that her angel will never be lost in God's name. Amen Linda Emory and Noel Emory for Miss Angela Verdeyen

- LINDA R EMORY, ILLINOIS | February 4, 2022

I have recently went thrue trauma in my life and i am struggling to remember and cry alot because i cant i know most dont always pray for someone on most sites that have prayer walls but i would be so thankfull if you all coud band together and make one big prayer chain for me please pray with your hands so its special Thank you so much :( i have bad memory loss

- Lia | February 4, 2022

Colon cancer. I just found out my Uncle has Colon Cancer. Stage Three. The Doctors gave him two years to Live. His name is Patrick aka Corky or The Duke- Patrick Donahue. Please pray for the Holy Spirit to touch him as of now because I hear the Devil trying to convince me not to send this message to all my Christian friends so I know God is up to something good in his future. Let's keep him in our prayers for the next year. And also that The Holy One may comfort him and his Family. Thank you men and women of Faith. Peace love joy and kindness to all. Take care. If you personally want to call me and pray about this, just let me know in a more private text message. Love you all.

- Cody William Monroe, Oregon | February 3, 2022

Favor with my job that they will pay for gas, when I travel, my grandson is in the air force, he is going through, his character is in question, and it seem as if they are trying to force his out of the service, praying that the charges against him will be dropped, and he will be able to stay until he decide when he want to retire thank you

- MYRTLE BROWN ALEXANDER | February 2, 2022

Lord Jesus, I ask you to come into my heart and give me strength and courage to fight the storm in me. I need you at this moment to tell me like you did the twelve apostles, "take heart, for it is I". I have faith my anxiety will lessen and calm.

- Anonymous | February 2, 2022

a great birthday year. to have strength in waiting for God's promise.Restoration of marriage, family. prayer for the children, and grandson. financials and my health.

- Janet R, PA | February 2, 2022

Good morning Church. I want everyone on this website to please pray for my Sister In Law to get her Ford Explorer 2002 Limited Car back from where ever the illegal tow truck thieves left it at. In the name of the Lord. This is a rebuke against the devil prayer by the way. Thanks thanks thanks.

- Lewis, Nathaniels | February 1, 2022

My friends,PLEASE TAKE NOTE;yesterday I bought from CBD for maybe the 10th time TO BE PLACED ON PARK&TRAINSTATION BENCHES here in this SW Phila. suburb,SIX ESV VESTPOCKET BIBLES(which I think are really neat blessings because they come in little boxes)-AND THEY GO VERY QUICKLY*Please pray for the salvation of each of the people who ever will have read any of these Scriptures;Thx

- Rich, PA | February 1, 2022

Let us continue to remember and pray that The Lord God shines The Light on the hidden things in our world today that is putting fear, depression, anxieties over this pandemic, and bitter doubt of His majesty upon the masses. To the glory of God the Father; unto the salvation of many souls in Jesus' name. The Lord God bless you. Amen.

- Anonymous | February 1, 2022

Please join me in prayer for BP who needs to have the correct hospital medical treatment administered to him to allow his body to begin again to be restored to health.

- CH, Illinois | February 1, 2022

Please pray for my husband James the he would put the Lord first and listen to Jesus. That he would put the Lord first in our finances and honor our marriage. Pray that the Lord, would bless my husband's work. that he would be diligent and prosperous and given favor both with the Lord and man. That he would be the head and not the tail above and not beneath. That we would lend and not borrow Pray for supernatural debt cancellation. That everything he does prospers.That the Lord would make us rich and add no sorrow. That we would not be appointed for the Lords wrath. But escape what is to come and be counted worthy to stand be for the Lord Jesus. Pray that he would have a heart of gratitude and remove the spirit of apathy,condemnation and unforgiveness. Pray that no weapon formed against us would prosper. That the Lord would give us wisdom knowledge and discernment to make good Godly decisions. Pray that we enter into the Lords rest. Pray that th! e

- Angela, KY | February 1, 2022

my prayer request is for God to give me the resources, ingredients, needed to be the mother each of my children need me to be. we are soaked in grief, heartache. so fresh so painful. loosing betty davidson, a 5th generation grandmother. so blunt, so honest and so much love. . anger takes over where love once thrived. we take a night at a time, a morning at a time, carrying each others crosses. WE WILL RISE ABOVE IT!

- Bonny, Texas | February 1, 2022

Please pray for my mom who has Parkinson that God grants her strength and still have the joy of the Lord and his peace, that if it's his will for her complete healing or not that she will abide in him and have a clear mind...

- Rita Delgado | February 1, 2022

If you woukd please pray for my return to the LORD i would greatly appreciate it. I have been severly backslidden, proud, hard hearted and double minded. Please pray for my deliverance from any and all satanic strongholds and bondages. As well as healing for my backsliding and body. f you would please pray for the LORD to protect, preserve, and see me through the trials I am going through. The Devil and his children have been attacking me for sometime. I need the attacks to cease and to be delivered from them once and for all. Please pray for The LORD to help and protect me through the latest trial that I'm about to go through. The LORD has seen me through alot. Please pray that whatever The Devil and his children are trying to do against me is exposed and confounded and that The LORD gives me the victory. Please pray for my health and for healing for my ailments ( physical and spiritual) and for The LORDs protection, guidance and provision (shelter, food, health, Etc)

- Ruben | January 31, 2022

clarify clarifying, wisdom, WISDOM, IN HOUSEHOLD, AGAINST fear. health, hearing. Mahalo

- Linda n Ken Rojo-Schmidt, HI | January 31, 2022

Dear God, thank you for this wonderful day and thank you for always being there for me. God I feel incredibly broken right now. Everything is overwhelming and most days I find myself crying. I cannot go on like this. I need your guidance and support. As right now I am having difficulty in my relationnship. I feel like my partner is distancing himself from me which makes me want to give him more love, support, and encouragement. But I feel like I am just stifling him with love. I just pray you guide my relationship and show my the path. Because I love him dearly but it takes two in a rations hip. Dear God please watch over me and my relationship. In Jesus name with all my heart, Amen.

- Anonymous | January 30, 2022

Dear Brothers & Sister's in Christ I am doing my best to fight the good fight. I certainly could use prayer for my family. Oldest daughter for travel mercies across the states. Middle daughter is confused and married another lady. She is distant with me . Youngest daughter is expecting her 1st baby due in May. She lives several states away from me. I am experiencing financial hardships due to health and depression. Psalm 91, Jeremiah 29:11,

- Adele | January 30, 2022

Please pray that my Sister In Law gets her Ford Explorer 2002 Limited Car with the things in it back from whatever place the illegal tow truckers left it at. My Sister In Law needs justice. Or else it will happen to one of us. Thanks.

- Lewis, Minnesota | January 28, 2022

For Salvation & Baptism in the Holy Spirit: 1) Martin S Jr. (age 33) 2) Karen S (age 40) 3) April 4) Nancy W 5) Nancy W adult children 6) Ceysllia (age 7) 7) Martin S (age 5) ALREADY SAVED, for Baptism in the Holy Spirit: 1) Karrie S 2)Marsha S

- Marsha, Russellville, Arkansas | January 26, 2022

Request for an abundance of energy and drive, relief from depression

- Beth, Iowa | January 26, 2022

Please pray for my wife as she struggles to overcome the recent loss of her grandfather as well as ongoing bouts of depression.

- Anonymous | January 24, 2022

Please pray for God's blessings, love. mercy and miracles in a legal matter I am facing soon. Please pray for extra special leniency from the prosecutor and judge, and that God displays His works through my lawyer. Please also pray that God blesses me with the perfect job and career very soon. And please pray that God heals and protects Joan, Ted, Janet & Jossy. Thank you and God bless you, -Pete

- Pete R., Philadelphia, PA | January 24, 2022

For a customer named Mary M. and her son, Jacob. They both need lots of prayer for many deep, past hurts and dealing with Jacob's suicidal tendencies and his "Messiah Complex". She is a distraught Mom but does not live nearby. Jacob certainly knows how to push his mom's buttons....and it is the intensity to this situation that needs immediate prayer.

- Anonymous | January 24, 2022

Please pray for my brother eho hsd lung problems and all my family who has COVID that they all will be well soon. Thanks for all praying. God bless

- Debra | January 23, 2022

I ask for prayer for the Lord to provide my mom and I a house or duplex. We have been moving a lot for years and been homeless twice and we would like to settle in a place without having to worry about moving again.

- Melodie Cooper | January 23, 2022

i have a granddaughter that desires to be grandson. i know God loves all of us. Also have a gay coworker. we all kkow how the people are chainging, please pry with me for salvation of all lost soles, God is good and is waiting with open arms.

- Anonymous | January 22, 2022

Hoping that the truth finally comes out about some things, and justice is served. No one is above the law, but these individuals apparently think that they are. I got singled out, targeted, and hurt and messed up because of what I knew, it was very wrong and criminal what went down. But some people thought because of their money and positions that they could get away with it.

- Gavin L. Turner, Terre Haute, Indiana | January 21, 2022

I am in a real battle/war of sorts here that is for sure. Got hurt and messed up badly by someone who was trying to cover up a mistake that was made. What this man did was outright sick as it gets. It is going to take nothing short of about a true miracle internal healing, neurologically in my brain and mind to heal from what happened here. Hoping for a true breakthrough there though. Because being messed up from whats happened has put me in a very compromising situation where not only can I not go out and do what I was before, serve and use my gifts but then as a result I am falling into sin temptations more easily that open up doors/portals to the demonic, and bring about bondage, so dark enemy forces, (Ephesians Chapter 6) are no doubt at work.

- Gavin L. Turner, Terre Haute, Indiana | January 21, 2022

If you would pray for The LORD to help me through the trials that I am going through, and for the attacks by the enemy and my enemies to cease once and for all I would appreciate it. If you would pray that whatever schemes the devil and my enemies are trying to do is exposed, confounded and do not come to pass. Also that The LORD heals my body, my mind, my soul, my spirit and backsliding. Please pray that The LORD fixes my life both materially and spiritually. Please pray that He provides for all of my spiritual and material needs. Please pray for The LORD to help me, guide me, direct me, and protect me, and preserve me from all things. Thank you Psalm97v10 KJV

- Ruben | January 21, 2022

Lord you are our hiding place. Pray for a dear brother in Christ who has been diagnosed with liver and lung cancer. Praying that God heals him completely. He recently began a ministry for Christians that are struggling with addictions. Praying spiritual strength for his family (wife, two daughters, one son, and two grandchildren)

- Anonymous | January 21, 2022

Thank you, Lord, for your blessings on me. I ask that my oldest grandson reconcile with his earthly father, that my two younger grandsons realize a need to walk with God every day. I ask this in Jesus's Holy Name. Amen.

- Anonymous | January 21, 2022

Please pray for me as I am grieving the loss of my Mama. I know that I will see her again one day but I miss her so very much.

- Rhonda Lynn Moore, NH | January 20, 2022

Please pray fora friend of a friend, who is dying unless he gets a heart transplant very soon. Please dear Lord Jesus, bring a new and healthy heart for him, as he is not yet 30 years old. Bring him most importantly into your arms if he should die without the new heart. Amen.

- Anonymous | January 20, 2022

I pray for Strength... for all that came here, at any time.

- ~k | January 20, 2022

Please pray for me I am very ill, God gave mercy on me and heal me in Jesus name, thank you.

- Viorel | January 20, 2022

Wow we are suffering I ask God our mighty savior to put all the prays together including my family because we all are desperate with the same intentions and bring them to the feet of your cross

- Me, West Warwick, Rhode Island | January 18, 2022

Thank you God for this day. We know you made it. Make us rejoice and be glad in it. I pray that you bring a job for my youngest son. Also, bring some peace and joy for our second son. In Jesus's HolY Name I ask these things. Amen

- Anonymous | January 19, 2022

Divorce settlement offers are going back and forth between lawyers. please pray for wisdom and God's provision. I'm so sad.

- Renee S, WA | January 18, 2022

Hello fellow believers,i need prayer ASAP,please ,i am feeling very tired and weak and overwhelmed with were i am in my life right now.I need strength and stamina again.I am struggling with a lot of unwanted negative thoughts.

- Andrew L., jacksonville, florida | January 18, 2022

My friend has injured her back. She has a 22 yr old autistic son that she takes care of. surgery is 9 weeks away. With her son that is too long to not drive, work, finish her studies, exercise. Please pray for God to do some Miracles. either early surgery, respite care or complete healing.

- Alison, NZ | January 18, 2022

Prayer for Rory (had 5-Bypass Heart Surgery in October 2020) : ---Recently Diagnosed w/ more heart issues & a few other serious physical issus ---Has many anger, arrogant pride issues to be DELIVERED FROM ---is a Christian but does NOT like the spiritual road vs the religious road of christianity, thus he NEEDS the spiritual road b/c he needs 2 know TRUE JOY, PEACE, GODS UNCONDITIONAL LOVE!

- Anonymous | January 18, 2022

Thank you for this day that the Lord has made. Let us rejoice and be glad in it. Please pray my sleep habits get better. Please pray for a long lost friendship return to me. In Jesus's Holy Name I ask for these things. Amen.

- Anonymous | January 18, 2022

Please pray God will be merciful and kind and forgive and help with upcoming interviews and the processes; that my job is secure; I have favor from my management; that my work is appreciated, rewarded, promoted; that I find favor with everyone; that I can cope with managing workload and marriage and kids and health; health and happiness and peace for me and my entire family. Thank you!

- susie, seattle | January 17, 2022

please pray for my grandson who is struggling with same sex attraction. He has just called to inform me he is gay & he & his male friend are engaged. I need guidance too in being able to approach him in a biblical way. I told him God loves all people but not all of our choices. God is real, he is the only truth.. I pray his heart opens to God immediately and he lets him in his life, made stronger in Gods word.

- Anonymous | January 17, 2022

For answered prayers on this prayer wall in Jesus name. For myself to find my way back to the Lord. A new job opportunity.

- C Stephen, Quebec | January 17, 2022

Please pray for my deliverence, salvation, guidance, and patience. Amen!!

- Georgann Vallon Hurley, PA | January 17, 2022

Dear father am suffering from debts and basic needs pls pray for my family and bless my daughter in jesus name amen

- narendra kumar, WEST BENGAL | January 17, 2022

please pray for my family,we are struggling really bad .thank you so much!

- Stephanie Parsons, birmingham AL | January 16, 2022

There's a person or groups of people illegally towing Cars off of Auto Repair Shop parking lots without Police Warrants. So please I need everyone to pray that my Sister In Law plus everyone experiencing this offense get their Cars back whether damaged or not damaged and also pray to bring these people to justice. Even if the Police are involved in this. Thanks thanks thanks.

- Lewis, Minnesota | January 16, 2022

for healing empathy love compassion for the world.

- anonymous | January 16, 2022

that my ex-husband has victory and favor with his court case. that the district attorney sticks to his agreement Time- serve. comes home beginnings for the both of us open doors to move out of state to be close to children and grandchildren.

- Sheila Baptist, NY | January 16, 2022

new beginnings open doors reverse restore. love

- an ominous, NY | January 16, 2022

for the families who lost loved ones in the Bronx apartment fire. and for everyone who lived in the building.

- an ominous, NY | January 16, 2022

please oray tor my mother theresa she is very sick the doctors have given up on her they say shes already near death but i ask fir a miracle for god to bring her back to life and to fully restore her inside and out physically mentally and spiritually

- Natalie, portland OR | January 16, 2022

My mother, Christine, will be having a knee replacement surgery on Tuesday, 1/18. Her other knee was replaced about seven years ago, and she had a shoulder replacement in June. Please pray that the doctors have Godly wisdom and that the surgery is successful. Most importantly, please pray for her to accept Jesus Christ as her Lord and Savior. thank you, and God bless you!

- Marie Prendergast, New York | January 15, 2022

Please storm the gates of heaven with your prayers as I discovered that my husband has been leading a secret life of sexual sin for the past 13 years and I never knew. The Betrayal Trauma sears my heart. I have never experienced such greater pain then believing the one man I believed and trusted in to be faithful and to love me above all others (but God First) was the one who has done such unmentionable things. Oh God all I can utter right now is: Help Me Lord.

- Kbridges | January 15, 2022

i need prayers for my family there is disarray in it and i want that to go away so we can go back to where we were a year or so ago. my husband is the best man i know other than my dad. i hope he clears his head and comes home. i also pray for my lenny girl she has health issues and i want every second i can take with her. thank you for looking out for all of us and anyone who needs it. i wish there was a way i could help people who really need it like you.

- ginasue, pa | January 14, 2022

Please I am in NA I am part of an online narcotics anonymous meeting on zoom. This one group proposed at their business meeting tonight to replace the word God in all of the readings that are read before every na meeting and replace it with Higer Power. I opposed this loudly. Pray that God is kept in the readings in this group of NA please my recovery as well as many others depend on the word God not being changed to Higher Power. God Bless

- mavis, Florida | January 14, 2022

Please pray for the healing of my back, joints & ligaments. I lost my job due to severe pain & inability to stand or sit for longer than a few minutes. Thank you Jesus for your grace & mercy. God bless you.

- Debra A., Florida | January 14, 2022


- Lovie Frazier, Illinois | January 14, 2022

Glory and praise to our Father, through Jesus Christ. We are trying to start a small business but are being overwhelmed with financial and other obstacles. Please pray that my husband and I will be given wisdom to know how to overcome all obstacles and also to know the right questions to ask before trusting other businesspeople who may deceive us. Lead us to the right people who will guide us in truth and integrity. Also, pray that we will know how to market our business of dog breeding and pet boarding. Thank you for your prayers in Jesus Mighty Name.

- Amy Przybyla, IN | January 13, 2022

I continue to battle a chronic illness. After four years, I have not found a treatment that has worked and I do not want to be immobile. I need God to please immediately intervene positively, to clearly show me where to go and what to do to heal my body so that I can function normally. I cry out to to the Lord for the plans he has for me a good Amen!

- Antoinette | January 13, 2022

Please pray for my 12 year old girl relative who is suffering from trauma growing up in a very unhealthy situation and is depressed and anxious, and also being bullied daily. Pray for wisdom for her dad and healing in the family, as well as protection from the enemy. She has given her heart to Jesus, but does not have any Christian examples close by.

- Anonymous | January 12, 2022

Please pray for my 12 year old girl relative who is suffering from trauma growing up in a very unhealthy situation and is depressed and anxious, and also being bullied daily. Pray for wisdom for her dad and healing in the family, as well as protection from the enemy. She has given her heart to Jesus, but does not have any Christian examples close by.

- Anonymous | January 12, 2022

Hi folks ,i need continued prayer for very severe manic depression. I am suffering from it and it makes life very hard to manage due to my moods. I am on meds and see my psychatrist regularly. But ,this matter needs the Lords interventiion and guidance.

- Andrew L., Jacksonville FL || January 12, 2022

Pray for Melissa, on a ventilator and will not make it aside from a miracle. Pray for her husband and children.

- Anonymous | January 12, 2022

Praying for my son Tyler praying God to ease his anxiety Bless him with peace praying God to break any demonic spirts from him and for Tyler to live up to his full potential. Praying God to Bless Tyler with a college scholarship in Jesus name Amen.

- james johnson, Linden Nj | January 10, 2022

I pray for me to make the correct choice for correct lawyers to do the right thing in Jesus's name. Thank you, Jesus, for the wonderful day. Amen

- Anonymous | January 10, 2022

please pray for my daughter's family. that they stay together

- Angie Revis | January 10, 2022

Dear father am suffering from debts and basic needs and worried about my daughters future pls pray for my family in jesus name amen

- narendra kumar, WEST BENGAL | January 10, 2022


- COLLEEN STEWART | January 9, 2022

Please pray that God will make this tough situation easy for me to get through. Thank you Amen.

- KC, Sacramento CA | January 9, 2022

I need God's financial provision so that I don't lose my house in an unwanted divorce. Please pray for God to change Jeff's heart away from divorce or for me to be able to find a way to qualify to refinance the house on my own. Please pray for Jeff's salvation. God, I have been faithfully waiting on You. I need Your help!

- Renee, WA | January 9, 2022

Can you pray for Jesus to give healing to my body from any pain and illness.

- Anonymous | January 8, 2022

please pray for me and my family to stay well and love God always..amen

- Tammy Lynn Clark, FL | January 8, 2022

Please pray for spiritual growth for my family and myself. I ask that you all pray for us and with us that God provides a home for us for we have to be out of our home in less than 5 months. We were approved for a mortgage and were scammed out of $3,000 from the mortgage company. We trust and believe that God is going to provide. We also trust and believe that God will lead us in the right direction for our small business to be started and prosperous, as well as my books to be published. God is an omnipotent God and omnipresent. Keep us in prayer over the next couple of months. Also, please pray for my mother in law who is sick with a bad cold and will not go away. God is a healer. I pray and ask Jehovah Jireh and Jehovah Rapha.

- Mrs. D, NC | January 8, 2022

Please pray for God's blessings, love. mercy and miracles in a legal matter I am facing soon. Please pray for extra special leniency from the prosecutor and judge, and that God displays His works through my lawyer. Please also pray that God blesses me with the perfect job and career. And please pray that God heals and protects Joan, Ted, Janet & Jossy. Thank you and God bless you, -Pete

- Pete R., PA | January 7, 2022

I lost my husband about a year ago and my life has changed completely. I need prayers for strength, wisdom and discernment. This is a new year with new decisions and changes, I have to live for myself!

- Kelly Bartlety, Terre Haute In | January 6, 2022

Praying for Gods divine intervention for immediate housing, employment & financial needs for Leland in the new year. Praying for him to be surrounded by Godly mentors, friends & others to help him positively rebuild his life obedient to God.

- Anonymous | January 6, 2022

Evening child of God. Thanks for the invitation to write my prayer and for your support. Am a born again child of God. A minister of the gospel and soul winner. I am a tither and generous giver but my finances are growing worse by the day. Both my son's finances are growing worse by the day. Tried doing business and after doing service for people they don't pay us. My son did work for the government and they ended up not paying him. He worked for the government for five years with great appraisals but kept him on the same salary scale with no increment. When he asks they say the government does not have money. Things like that. It is a bit difficult for me. Can you kindly pray for our financial breakthrough.

- Tshiitso, South Africa | January 6, 2022

l am really struggling financially. l am unable to pay my rent ,l have a toll bill. car registration and inspection. its very discouraging . thank you

- Rebecca, TX | January 5, 2022

Father, thank you for this day. I pray for safe travel for my oldest grandson. I pray my youngest son likes his new job and can maintain it. In Jesus's name I pray this. Amen.

- Anonymous | January 5, 2022

I just want to say thank you my Lord Jesus for restoring good health back into my body for your protection New beginnings open doors opportunities miracles signs and wonders. and for surrounding me around people that's going to love me. a soulmate friend. my children my grandchildren. May everyone's prayers to be answered.

- anonymous, nyc | January 3, 2022

I have been struggling with a number of life controlling issues including alcoholism which leads to criminal behavior. Right now I feel like I am at a crossroads to where I can either move towards God or end up being incarcerated for my actions. I really need prayer to stay on the right path and for strength and peace because I know that God has a big plan for my life and I am about at the end of my rope. I am so desperate to change my life and fully live for God but it's been a tremendous struggle for me for my whole life. Thank you so much.

- Adam Palmer, Iowa | January 3, 2022

Dear father we are suffering from debts and basic needs pls pray for us

- narendra kumar, WEST BENGAL | January 3, 2022

Dear Father God Almighty, Your Son Jesus, Holy Spirit and everyone. I need prayers to forgive my x-husband for his drilled conditioning of my mind. I have been praying, in therapy on and off for nearly 50 yrs for his abuse. I am going into faith based therapy January 7th and thru this and with your prayers I can finally get him out of my head permanently! Amen and Amen

- Susie, PA | January 1, 2022

praise God & ty for prayers, Logans ete exam went amazing, Dr said he has 20/20 vision! Hallelujah! God is God, his promises are true, he is faithful! fierce faith, mountain moving walking on water faith! plz pray deliverance 4 my husband Frank. He a great christian man & may have a dumb spirit, causing great marriage crisis. ty for prayers

- Child of God, md | January 2, 2022

Hi my name is Andrew, i could really use your kind prayers, i think i may be bipolar because of my emotional outbursts and extreme depression. I have tried to get better and despite being on medication, it only helps me a little. I need prayers for healing a broken heart over my wifes abortion.

- Andrew L., Jacksonville Florida | January 2, 2022

i am asking God for understanding as why i have been blessed that i received three Angelic letters in my notes in my cell phone and ipad. 2 letters addressed to our two sons from their mother (my wife) That i received in 2019 and from Kaye who had passed in 2012. that i found in 2021. both in angelic in regards that she is not here in person but in spirit. very conclusive the thrid letter was from someone who passed in early 1969 in a fatal car crash of susie who was pregnant. 43 years of amnesia i had of thix. this was also angelic and very precise in regards to some factuL situTions. i get this letter on my cell phone notes in 2017. i find it a few months ago. this suggests proof of afterlife and i am the center of all three letters from two people i was in love with. i am searching for answers and asking GOD TO HELP me understand what this all means and what i am supposed to move forward

- walter hanna, irving, texas | January 2, 2022

Please pray for my fiance James. He has a setback and now he is truly suffering in agony. He came from Canada to work in Singapore but his Canada bank account was frozen since July. Because of his contract, he cannot go back to Canada. Now he has no money to hire workers to complete his job. Please pray that James can get help. Please pray for him and me to keep trusting. Pray God will not be silent in this crisis. We are feeling that God is not responding to our cries for help. Pray the new expert worker my fiance found will agree to work first and get paid later.

- janice, Singapore | January 2, 2022

[We read] In KJV, Ezekiel 22:30: "And I sought for a man among them, that should make up the hedge, and stand in the gap before me for the land, that I should not destroy it: but I found none." O God, please help us and teach us to build a wall [of prayer] around the USA, Canada, Poland, European Union and United Kingdom. Are you ready to stand in the gap, where God is the Helper and Teacher? Dear believers: we continue the good fight to the end. Please pray that United Kingdom, European Union, Poland, the USA, Canada would overcome for: (The Acts 26.18). * Poland and European Union, pray for freedom from dead religion to saving faith of Jesus Christ as the Saviour and the Lord, * the Church in the USA & Canada & United Kingdom – Pray for repentance and cleansing of the church - Matt. 3.12 "Whose fan is in his hand, and he will thoroughly purge his floor, and gather his wheat into the garner; but he will burn up the chaff with unquenchable fire." * my family:

- Edmund Krzeminski | January 1, 2022

Pray for me as I embark and walk into the purpose God has for me. Prayer for guidance, wisdom, and business by the Holy Book. The most important: Pray for my youngest son, that he will find God again and become a man of purpose and a man of God.

- Anonymous | December 31, 2021

Father God, thank you for all that you have done in my life. Thank you for my children and family. I ask for hesling and restoration with the relationship I have with my children, especially my daughter who has completely denied me. you know my heart and my spirit father. please watch over my children as I lay them at your feet and ask for your courage and strength and guidance. in your precious name. amen

- J, Turlock CA | December 31, 2021

Please pray with me for guidance. I need the LORD to show me the way, I am currently traveling between my 95y/o dad's in Oregon and my home and husband in TN. It is very hard and I feel pulled to TN, but don't want to leave my dad alone especially in the winter. Pray that GOD provides me the answers.

- Ann, OR/TN | December 30, 2021

Asking those who know the words of prayer to pray for me and my daughter. Pray that we are healed from the crowns of our head to the soles of our feet. Pray that God can still use us for the Glory of His Coming Kingdom. Pray that all wicked assignments against us are CRUSHED and cast down. We thank God for His grace and mercy. We thank Him for allowing us to live in these moments of the 21st Century. He who dwelleth in the secret place of the Most High shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty. I will say of the Lord He is my refuge and my fortress, my God in thee do I trust. Surely He shall deliver thee from the snare of the fowler and from the noisome pestilence. His truth shall be thy shield and buckler. Thank you, Lord. Amen.

- Litique & Harmony, NC | December 30, 2021

protection wisdom prosperity in all aspects of my life. the gift of discernment. favoring miracles miracle signs and wonders. for breakthroughs opportunities open doors to move out of state next year to be next to my son and my granddaughter. financial increase. for God to send me someone that's going to love me. Ephesians 1:3 Psalms 91 Psalm 23 Isaiah 53:5 Isaiah 54:17 1st Peter 2:24 Jeremiah 33:6 Psalms 107 20 Psalms 103 1 through 5 open my life and my children.

- anonymous, NY | December 30, 2021

Please pray for healing of my relationship with my friend Eric and that we reconcile. Thank you.

- sun | December 30, 2021

Pray for all my family that they find Jesus and that we all endure until the end. I will pray for everyone on this list.

- Mary Etta Gibson | December 28, 2021

Pray for my friend Carol and all her family.

- Mary Etta Gibson | December 28, 2021

My wife and I have been at each other's nerves for some reason. We are at the point where we want to make each other mad and then blame the other person for the mistake. it has been on going and just keeps getting worse. I have no love for her at this time and same for her with me as well. We have been married for over 7 years and we have 3 lovely children. we are both mad and heart broken. We need prayer.

- Chris H, Missouri | December 28, 2021

please pray for 4 yr old Victor Who was diagnosed with Covid today. He is the sweetest little fella heal him and protect him Jesus And his mama Victoria

- donna, ca | December 26, 2021


- Darlene Johnson, New York | December 26, 2021


- Darlene Johnson, New York | December 26, 2021

Pray Old Fashion Way With your hands not the click please That My will and energy is restored And My House is Filled With love and saftey im dealing with a entity attack and need support ty

- Lia, Majesty | December 26, 2021

please pray for I'm tired of being distracted by these tormenting meddling aggravating insulting voices I'm tired of fighting this battle tired of seeing things in my mind I can't even concentrate on things I'm supposed to get done tired of this i been fighting with this since 2016 these annoying voices are still hear in my head I'm sick of hearing them 24/7 and seeing things in my mind

- Kimberly Renee Lampkin, TX | December 25, 2021

Almighty God, We come to honor you this day. We come to acknowledge that you are the only one who can rightly lead and guide our country. Lord, we lift up prayer for our country. We ask that you would bless our country with your wisdom, your love, and your compassion. May we be the people who are pursuing you and your plans for us - individually and corporately. Lord, we lift up prayer for our leaders. Lord, we ask for blessings on our leaders. May these servants who are in positions of authority take that responsibility seriously and do their very best each day. May they realize their need for you and for your direction. May they hear your voice as they make their decisions, and may they follow your guidance. May they have a passion for people, for truth, and for righteousness.

- CherinaVelez, Florida | December 24, 2021

i have ashmas and alot of health issues only god can heal i need prayer i just know its me and my husband he has alot of health issue also mr and mrs boleman jr

- mr and mrs boleman hes a jr, crestview flordia | December 24, 2021

i need a miracle in my life. i find no peace in my life¦ i am so depressed¦ im tired of cry every single day¦ i am tired of fthe fighting¦ I'm tired of feeling unworthy. i have no peace or joy at work nor at home. i need all this pain to stop.

- Anonymous | December 23, 2021

Dear Lord, Please heal my sister-in-law, Robin. If this is not Your will, please allow her relief from pain and rest to help her stay strong as long as You desire. Please help Mike, Ethan and Elly, as well as, the rest of the family, to feel Your presence, strength, and mercy through Robin's illness and whatever may come. Help all of us to bond and give each other support and love as You give and guide our lives. In Your all-powerful grace and Jesus' name. Amen.

- Becky, Nebraska | December 23, 2021

I am in a real mess. I am not only hoping to be healed from what happened to me, and restored, but that justice is served once and for all to some people who think that they are above the law, above justice, can use their money to get them out of things, they got a real sick mindset. And they need stopped for good once and for all. Someone needs to report them. Tried to absolutely destroy me and my life a hell, caused me a lot of torment.

- Gavin Turner, Terre Haute, Indiana | December 22, 2021

Please pray for myself and my two sons and my daughter as we welcome Christmas for the first time without my husband (their father) who died in October. May we still feel the joy of Jesus's coming even as we mourn the loss of this dear man. Thank you.

- Susan, Canada | December 22, 2021

I am requesting prayer for all the people of this world, that if they do not know Christ, they will come to learn of Him & thirst for Him. For my family, because we have lost so many members lately, that our broken hearts will heal. That my children will again become members of a Christian church & come back to God and my grandchildren will know God and be protected from all the evils in the world. Thank you Jesus & all who will pray. God bless everyone!

- Lisa, Maine | December 19, 2021

God Bless, Pray For my Family

- Ana Cepeda | December 18, 2021

Prayer For Financial Breakthrough Father God, I need a breakthrough in my finances. You already know this. Please give me wisdom and revelation about what I need to do. I want to get out of debt and be liberated....Holy Spirit, show me the way and I will follow. I desire divine understanding about how to steward the finances you bring into my life. With You on my side, I will gain control once again. In Jesus Name, amen.

- Daniel Spears, FL | December 18, 2021

Please agree with me in prayer that my 2 adult sons will be able to quit alcohol and come back to the Lord, as they were raised. Also pray for me, I have severe chronic pain in my back from car accidents and right hip is bone on bone making walking almost impossible. I am now in a wheelchair and have difficulty finding rides to doctor's appointments and church. Thank you and God bless all my brothers and sisters in Christ.

- Grandma S, TX | December 18, 2021

son Logan 14 desperately need good friend and a good counselor. Breakthrough in school. mental n emotional heal. big eye exam tues, believing to hear dr say what we know, no glasses needed bc God healed vision! hallelujah, and helpful drops to take spot away. God will do above and beyond. thank you all.

- child of God, md | December 18, 2021

1 sister dissociative disorder, feels she leaves her body, but she smokes weed all day. other sister covid paranoia, makes her and her daugh live like hostages for 2yr, see no family etc. psychosis, wont take med or get help. our mom also mental, enabler. me also mental, trying to help, i tell them the hard truth and im the bad one. noone has my back even tho when we talk separately they all agree with me. tired of how they treat me when i pour so much love into them. praying for all our healing and a great awakening for them. ty

- victory, maryland | December 18, 2021

dad Juan Lisa duaghter son Julian Armando friend Blanca friend Johnston cousin Pedro friend Stana,Son friend s.

- Anonymous, Dallas TX | December 18, 2021

l pray that God will help me become who He wants me to be, no matter what it takes.

- Nigeria | December 18, 2021

Heavenly Father God, thank you for this day. I ask that the mole the Dr. cut off my right arm not be skin cancer. My husband just died of cancer and I prefer that I do not have to go through what he went through. Thank you for answering my prayer.

- Anonymous | December 17, 2021

I am hoping for a true breakthrough in some areas soon. Especially for healing, restoration, and deliverance. I was hurr very badly and messed up by someone trying to cover up a mistake that was made. Really messed up neurologically in my brain from what happened. Also there were some major doors opened up to the demonic real. have some major bondages and strongholds in the soul that need to be broken. I wouldnt even be falling into these sins had some of these things not happened that messed me up where I cant live a mire normal life So hoping for a breakthrough in some areas soon.

- Gavin Turner, Terre Haute Indiana | December 16, 2021

Please pray for Walter Jacob Robohn, Emily N Bolduc, Scott W Bolduc and I, Angela D Bolduc. Thank you.

- Angela D Bolduc, KS | December 17, 2021

please pray for my fiancee and I. We are both two flawed emotionally damaged people who love each so much abd have put God in the center of relationship. We are each working hard on ourselves and together so we can fireproof our marriage.

- Jolynn Marie Stoumbaugh, WA | December 15, 2021

Please pray that God will help my daughter believe that she is "good enough" just being who she is, that she's not broken, athat I'm here for her no matter what, and that she is loved unconditionally & always. Please pray that God will help my husband realize what helps our daughter, what makes things worse - especially his anger. Please pray that God will guide him to express his anger in healthier ways, that he is not alone, that we respect him and are trying to make that clear, and that he is dearly loved.

- Molly, Minnesota | December 15, 2021

Thank You Jesus for Everything Please forgive us all. Amen.

- Linda Saylor-Marchant, Summerville SC | December 15, 2021

Please pray for me im homless staying in fort meyers florida with my cousin but not the best environment. Alot of drama where im staying and arguments and back stabbing and guns. Please pray that god make me financially stable, to be able to purchase a home, find a christian spouse and have a family with kids, protection, good health, for my depression and anxiety to be healed in my brain, buy my first car so i dont have to walk, start my own successful profitable business. Exceedingly above all can ask and think. To be a light to this evil dark world for god and for him to exstend my life for many many more years because my enemy wish evil upon my life and for me to just die and speak word curses against me. That god give me wisdom beyond my age and to use it for his purpose and to be rich so i can help build the kingdom of god. Make many new friends because i have none For god to fight against all my enemies and raise me up.

- Anthony Roberts, Florida | December 15, 2021

Please pray for me im homless staying in fort meyers florida with my cousin but not the best environment. Alot of drama where im staying and arguments and back stabbing and guns. Please pray that god make me financially stable, to be able to purchase a home, find a christian spouse and have a family with kids, protection, good health, for my depression and anxiety to be healed in my brain, buy my first car so i dont have to walk, start my own successful profitable business. Exceedingly above all can ask and think. To be a light to this evil dark world for god and for him to exstend my life for many many more years because my enemy wish evil upon my life and for me to just die and speak word curses against me. That god give me wisdom beyond my age and to use it for his purpose and to be rich so i can help build the kingdom of god. Make many new friends because i have none For god to fight against all my enemies and raise me up.

- Anthony Roberts, Florida | December 15, 2021

Please pray for my husband's blood test today to show that he is still cancer free. Please pray for my friend's health. She has diabetes which is making her loose her eyesight. She also has fibromyalgia. Please also pray that my depression will be lifted.

- Laura | December 14, 2021

After over 20 years, my husband decided, to walk out, leaving me financially, emotionally, physically broken in so many ways. He refuses contact. I don't know where the next penny will come. I don't have a job due to health issues though fixable, I always put him first. I don't feel sorry for myself, I am more stunned at this time of year, with no warning, and no recourse, after also losing my only child how heartless this act is without warning. I did not deserve this. I think another is 'thinking' for him now. Please say a small prayer for me, selfish as that is, that I can have the blessing of God to overcome these impossible events out of the blue. For God is All and able to overcome them with me. God says, where 2 are gathered, so I am asking that as we gather you whisper a prayer for me. Thank you.

- Cathy, FL | December 14, 2021

Pray for my back pain and my business I am trying to get a website but no one want to help Iam trying to learn it my self but i just cant.

- annie Vaughn, GA | December 9, 2021

For dissension in my church family. That everyone would seek first the Kingdom of God.

- Lynn, CA | December 9, 2021

If you are reading this may GOD keep you all!! I pray for the youth of Philadelphia, PA. May they find safety, love, purpose, respect, self esteem, gratitude, forgiveness, and most important GOD. If you stand for nothing you will fall for anything, follow anyone and have no clear direction. (sorry for the double negative). Thank you in advance LORD!! AMEN AMEN AMEN

- RHONDA HAM, PA | December 9, 2021

Mr. Stanley, bless you so much for sending me a card. It meant the glory to me. You said you were praying for me. I am a Christian and it sure means a lot to me and my need for prayer. I have a heart problem which I need prayer for and also my ankles are swollen, but they are going down. Thanks so much for the beautiful card you sent me! LIGHT OF THE WORLD! GOD sure is a healer which I LOVE all the time! BLESSING TO JESUS AND YOU! May the Lord bless you and protect you. Num. 6:24

- Patricia Lanier, NC | December 9, 2021

Dearest Lord, i pray that i will be the Godly example for my nephew who lives with me. I pray that he comes to understand that he needs to confess Christ, Lord and Savior, the real Jesus, to be saved. I also pray for a restored relationship with my two older children, and my grand children. in Jesus name amen

- Anonymous, idaho | December 9, 2021

Please pray for my husband's blood test to show he is still in remission from lymphoma. Thank you.

- Laura, Ardrossan, Alberta, Canada | December 8, 2021

Dear God, There are many things in my life that have caused a lot of pain and extreme loneliness. First, my marriage of 25 years has been more difficult than joyful. I love my husband, but that love has changed. I love and care about his well being and want nothing to happen to him. I don't feel the love I felted years ago. I'm not in love with him because my husband has cause severe emotional and mental abuse. Everyday I work on forgiveness, but there is so much to forgive. How do I turn this pain he has done throughout our marriage? There is good in him, but I can't seem to stop feeling the emotional and verbal pain he has done. My heart is broken and I feel paralyzed by this. There's is so much more to this story. I need your help.

- Lisa, New York | December 8, 2021

Please pray for my nieces husband who is now under going 24 hours of surgery to reattach his fingers. Thank you.

- Laura, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada | December 8, 2021

Please pray for my husband Gene & his adult daughter Melissa that the Lord send a miracle into their relationship now & that God may perhaps grant them repentance leading to knowledge of the truth & they may come to their senses according to Timothy 2:24. Praying that the Holy Spirit convicts both of them & rebuke the spirit of pride and anger out of both of them for our family's sake and especially the children. In Jesus name amen.

- Jennifer, TX | December 7, 2021

Please pray that God would help me with an unforgiving spirit.

- Avianna, FL | December 6, 2021

I want you, Jesus, to control my confused life, to saturate me in your word and will.I trust you to lift me out of all of the hurt I've experienced lately. Come, Jesus, come...

- Anonymous | December 6, 2021

my family is lost and need the Lord

- sue, ohio | December 6, 2021

God, I want to have a closer relationship with you so that I understand you. I feel very far away from you. I have no joy. I feel dead inside.

- Anonymous, Washington State | December 4, 2021

please pray for me pray for for digestive problems, severe constipation, hyponatremia, electrolyte imbalance, back pain, please pray for me

- Keri | November 4, 2021

I am a Director of an Early Childhood Centre, God has opened the door for me to expand my services to the community, but I am having challenges obtaining the Certificate of Occupancy because the Architect keeps filing the wrong information on applications being sent to the Building Department. Please join forces with me to pray for my victory in receiving my Victory before Christmas so I can operate for the new year. Thanks

- Anonymous, Bronx | December 4, 2021

Dear Heavenly Father, I pray for my youngest sister that she will come back to you. Please open the eyes to her heart and give her a desire to know you, Lord. Please help me to say the right words to encourage her. I love you Jesus! Amen

- Mia Wells, FL | December 4, 2021

Dear Lord, I am praying for my youngest, that he would come to you and give himself to you and become the strong man of God that you created him to be.

- Anonymous | December 4, 2021

Lord please watch over me & guide me to better health. I was just diagnosed with Covid. Although I knew it was probably positive its still a shock to learn. I have children & grandchildren that I have so much to share with them...Lord your will be done... your child..Charlotte

- Charlotte CHARLY Palumbo, IL | December 4, 2021

Prayers for the Celeste Veltri family who lost their daughter recently

- Linda D Ramirez Ramirez Pearson, Los Angeles CA | December 2, 2021

Please pray for my brother Joshua who's struggling with addiction and is currently in jail. Pray for his salvation and deliverance. thank you.

- Anonymous | December 2, 2021

Please pray for guidance for job. I'm older with disability. THANK YOU SOOOOOO Much.

- Anonymous | December 2, 2021

Dear Heavenly Father, I pray that you watch over my family and that you will help my oldest son to help bring you back into his life, I pray that you will help their baby to grow to be healthy and strong. i pray that you will help my youngest son to finish college and find a good job with the right people. in Jesus name amen.

- Melissa Haas, Oregon | December 1, 2021

I pray for my grandson Joseph that you will heal his mind and allow him to return to You Lord , stop cutting his self and stop using drugs. I ask Lord that you will give him the strength and courage to go to Therapy.

- IBB, Los Angeles | December 1, 2021

Please pray, been reported to professional board, dad out of control, broken marriage, place to stay, foggy mind, unspoken and many more. He is able.

- Anonymous, Canada | December 1, 2021

Thanks and praise to you Lord Jesus- none of us deserve your mercy and yet you freely give it. Lord God- I lift up to you Kathy Latimore and her husband- if it be your will and it certainly is to your glory- please give Kathy's husband a full recovery from the cancer in his body. With one word from your glorious lips this man can be healed. Please also be with Kathy and give her the strength and courage she needs to get through this trying time. Help her to lean not on her understanding but rather on you Lord God.. In Jesus name we pray- Amen!

- Anonymous | December 1, 2021

Heavenly Father, thank you for this day. I pray for Carol, her sleeping patterns to get better, her leg to heal. Also, for Sharon who broke her shoulder in two places. Please put it upon the hearts to have a weekly Bible study. I pray for Donna who has a UTI, high blood pressure, dehydration. Heal her. I ask all this in Jesus' Holy Name. Amen.

- Anonymous | December 1, 2021

Please pray that David will overcome his addictions to alcohol and tobacco and lean on the Lord.

- Anonymous | November 30, 2021

I'm thanking The Lord this morning for His many blessings. My husband of 49 years passed away in July from Covid and my Son in September from a heart attack leaving a 15 year old son. Please lift our family up as we face this Christmas season without them. It's been difficult without both of them for all of us.

- Crystal, Missouri | November 30, 2021

For my 96 year old Mom who is having aging health issues as well as almost no hearing or vision. She misses Dad so much. She has lost so much weight....depression and worry about being alone since my Dad passed and also because of my oldest sister and her families problems.

- Sara, Texas | November 29, 2021

Heavenly Father, thank you for this day. I ask for forgiveness for all my sins. I ask for knowledge for our financial affairs and to know what to do in everything. I ask all this in Jesus' name. Amen

- Anonymous | November 29, 2021

Please restore the child to her mother as soon as possible. Please heal this family and have God get rid of the dissension and those who are teaching this child hatred, anger, and manipulating this little one. Please make this mother and her child have the enemies of their restoration become footstools to the success of being reconciliated to one another and the family success of living joyfully filled with God's love together.

- Anonymous | November 29, 2021

Heavenly Father, I ask for better sleeping habits for my whole family. Thank you for this day that the Lord has made. Let us rejoice and be glad in it.

- Anonymous | November 27, 2021

Father God, thank you for this day. I want to lift my oldest grandson up in prayer to reconcile with his father so they can get along and stay together as a family. Thank you for answering this prayer.

- Anonymous | November 26, 2021

Praying for God to move in a mighty way upon Dearin's heart and soul to be softened with forgiveness, compassion and love. Praying for restoration and reconciliation of our family unit to be made whole.

- Anonymous | November 26, 2021

Asking for prayers that YHWH continues to mold me to be the example that He needs me to be, the light He calls me to be. For His strength in times of struggle, His provision in times of hardship and His clarity in times of chaos and comfusion. Healing for my family from generational curses that are being exposed, conversations that need to be had and firgiveness that meeds to be extended no matter if asked or not. Healing for my mom from her 4th battle w cancer and all the complications. Healing from rejection, abandonment, fear and anxiety, to remove this blockage from communication, pride, lonliness, depression, suicide, etc. For freedom to pursue God, be bold, do what we are called in Micah 6:8. And for someone to walk alongside me, as a friend and mentor. For my future spouse, my mom and dad's reconciliation, my son's marriage to be a ministry, my daughters' future husbands. Thank you!

- Felicia, Jackson MS | November 26, 2021

Salvation for Bill Connor and Katie Tran

- Anonymous | November 25, 2021

First i want to give Thanks to our Wonderful Lord he found me and my children a place to live after leaving a abusive marriage..I pray that my husband comes to be saved..I pray for a financial miracle so i can pay bills monthly.I pray for everyone who is lost..Thank you Lord in advance..Amen..

- Anonymous | November 24, 2021

Lord, God , Almighty, Powerful to save, I worship you! You are compassionate, forgiving, and strong tower! You are my protector, provider and refuge. Please help me to stay in right relationship to you! Help me to feel your presence! You have authority over all ! You are Sovereign ! There is nothing to difficult for you! Please help me to be grateful for all your provision ! I want to love you more and more and serve you becau se I love Jesus and want to please him in all I do, say, feel, and think! In Jesus name I pray

- Anonymous | November 24, 2021

Please pray that my son finds the confidence he needs to be his very best, believes in his abilities and come out triumphant. Pray those around him are kind to each other and believe in each other.

- Rebecca, CO | November 24, 2021

Unspoken Prayer Request for me and my Sons. Prayer for my Sister who was admitted to the hospital tonight and her family. A neighbor's granddaughter who had surgery today, she is 4 and was born with a liver disease

- DJ, Ohio | November 24, 2021

A deep pain in my right side under my rib where i fell over 5 years ago .Where i wear my bra it folds and gurts making that issue in my body hurt deeply .Thank you for your Faith joined with mine .

- Georgia, New Hampshire | November 22, 2021

Father God, my wife, was diagnosed with cancer one year ago. One year later and she is cancer-free after intensive treatment. God, thank you, and I pray it never returns.

- Anonymous, New York | November 22, 2021

our children had been struggling/fighting mental illness for years. its been such a gut wrenching hard long trek. we all love the lord. they need healing, deliverance and a good group of Christian friends. thanks so much

- victory in Jesus, maryland | November 22, 2021

dear heavenly father I would like to thank you for all I have received. all your blessings all the healing.

- Anonymous | November 19, 2021

Father God in Heaven we thank you for this Day. Father God on Monday we found out that my husband has cancer, we dont know what stage yet, he cant swallow food only ensure now for the last month, Father God i pray for Healing of my Husband, my mom died when i was 11, my first husband died at age 19, i was 17, my father died in August 2020 on the 15th. Father God please Heal my husband, i love my husband i need my husband. Heavenly Father please bless us All in Jesus Name Amen!

- Kathy Latimore, Maryland | November 19, 2021

Please send prayers for everyone who will be alone on Thanksgiving!

- Anonymous, PA | November 21, 2021

I need prayer about getting better,so I can take my walker down the stairs all by myself. I miss going out, just by myself.

- Gloria Johnston, NY | November 18, 2021

My sister's son needs prayer.My son needs prayer about what to do with his life.Also,my friend Kim needs prayer,so she get someone out of life.He is a bad person.He calls her dummy and other bad names.

- Gloria Johnston, NY | November 18, 2021

Prayers for Mary Ann's Health and her upcoming Specialist follow up appointment to go well.

- Mary Ann, Florida | November 18, 2021

please pray that God will turn my life into a ministry ,,please pray for mama dee, Stephanie,curtis,anthony , Melissa, Tony rita for their salvation,kim, Vicki, Britt,latoya,wanna,tracy, Lonnie,lowie salvation

- Diane Streeter, Indiana | November 14, 2021

please pray for me to be set completely free from strongholds, pray for my mother mary, daughter laquita salvation to be reconciled to her and my grandchildren salvation for all and great grandchildren

- Diane Streeter, Indiana | November 14, 2021

Dear Lord, Please make Kids and Teens begins to see an New Generation of Fans finding interest in things from the 1980s(Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Ghostbusters) be replacing The SpongeBob SquarePants Fanbase right before their eyes in Jesus Name, Amen!

- Anonymous | November 14, 2021

Dear Heavenly Father, we lift Your name on high! We glorify Your holy name! We thank You for all You have done for us. All things you have done for our good & to Your glory. We may not always understand what we see, feel, endure, or here before us. But Lord, we know beyond a shadow of a doubt that You are with us & go before us taking care to work all things out in Your miraculous way, even in the spiritual realm. Lord, please forgive me of my sins. Please hear Your Children's cries. Please help every member of my family, including myself, strive to worship You as we should & to have a closer relationship with You. Help us to long for & dive into Your Word each day with You as our guide. Direct our paths, Lord. God bless & protect Israel, Jerusalem, & America. Lead, guide, & direct our paths. Provide divine wisdom &. knowledge to all of our leaders. Bless & keep Your mighty hand of protectioin about all of our nations military. In the name of Jesus, amen.

- Miriam, North East Alabama | November 14, 2021

prayer request for Elke Inge Vogel health recovery with no complications in her spiritual surgury. Plague can cause blackouts so pray them away. pray for more patient heart and needs gods understanding for her believe you are there to hear her voice. cries out and has pain in her life from starvation and fears of the light. Free her frkm the demon known as The Reptilian. deliver her frkm archons and nanobots to and virus. Attune her rife frequency for total health. Cosmic christ needed in her life.

- Anonymous | November 14, 2021

Pray for my son, he has a court November 29th, that the charges lsid upon will be dropped in Jesus name I pray

- Anonymous, Waskaganish Quebec | November 13, 2021

please pray for a 16 month old baby who is undergoing surgery today.

- Anonymous | November 12, 2021

Please pray. I am the only one in my household that is saved. I do have to watch my step everyday. Last week my daughter came to me to pray. I about fell over. We prayed. I thank God for this chance to show me I am doing some good here. Amen Please pray with me my children get saved. Amen

- Elaine | November 11, 2021

My family needs a miracle. Please pray. Thanks!

- NL | November 11, 2021

Please pray for my daughter's addiction physical mental and emotional pain. please pray for her safety health finances and happiness. please pray she will find new friends that will lift her up out of depression and loneliness. please pray God will send her a good decent husband to go through life with. please pray she is approved for disability after being hit by a car and that she will forgive those who have hurt her in the past. please pray she will allow the Holy Spirit to guide her in life. thank you and God bless you.

- Parker Howard, AL | November 10, 2021

Please pray for my sister. The doctors just diagnosed her with a brain tumor.

- Anonymous | November 7, 2021

pray that God continues to call people to ministry. The church needs to be led by people who are anointed and appoint by God, not men.

- Anonymous | November 7, 2021

Please, pray for Jason and his family's salvation. Jason doesn't believe God exists nor that belief in Jesus is needed. Also, pray for me to follow God's direction. Thank you!

- Anonymous | November 7, 2021

Please, All of us, continue, to keep Max Lucado and his family , in Our Prayers, God, is Good and A God of Love, thank you, Jesus.

- Anonymous, New Mexico | November 5, 2021

Please pray for God to protect my mom from all of the plans and attacks of the enemy and the enemy's people. Pray for her healing, comfort, anointing and grace. God bless!!!

- Anthony Sirianni | November 5, 2021

Asking for prayer, for rival, in the jails/prisons, mental areas, rehab ,and streets. Align, their hearts with Jesus, Lord, let them know they are loved by you, and let them see themselves as children of God, so they can move forward in life. Turn the legal system around to help the ones with drug/mental problems. God BLess our world.

- Anonymous | November 5, 2021

My granchild (age 14) recently told her dad and myself (her grandmother) that 1. she doesn't believe in God and 2. she believes she is a boy. She won't wear a bra and she binds her breasts up so she is flat chested. She uses pronouns to talk about other gendered people not him, her but they or them. We need to know the best way to guide us to know how to address this. Are there any books or guidance materials or guidance people you would reccomend. Please pray for our family. My husband is a retired minister, he has Alziemers and is in a residential caregiving home. My son is living with me and caring for me. Our oldest daughter lives 50 miles south of us and comes up to take me to visit my husband at the home near where I live. She cuts my hair and toe nails and takes me shopping and does other things I may need. Our family needs prayer. Please include us in your many prayers. Thank you and may God bless you and your family and fri! ends.

- Mrs. Dean Gade, California | November 5, 2021

thank you for forgiving me for hurting my son and daughter in my words and deeds. I pray they will forgive me. God loves us all!!

- Joanne Wehrly | November 5, 2021

If you would please pray for my return to The Lord Jesus Christ, I would greatly appreciate it. I have fallen back into sin and need deliverance, repentance, faith and healing for my backsliding. Also, I need help with the trials I am going through and for deliverance from The Devil, my enemies, and from any satanic strongholds and bondages that I am under. My life has become like The Book of Job. If you would pray that The LORD helps me find a New Testament Church to attend and heals my body, mind, soul and spirit. In addition if you would pray for The LORD to protect me from The Devil and my enemies and to provide for all of my spiritual and material needs, I would greatly appreciate that. My life both spiritually and materially is ruined but I know The LORD can restore me like He did Job. Thank you all and God bless you.

- Ruben, CA | November 4, 2021

please pry for my grandson who was hit by a car on Thursday night and he is in critical condition prayers for complete healing. please

- Karen Pero, Vermont | November 4, 2021

my family get closer and closer to God that they crave knowing Jesus more

- Maria Martinez, charleston SC | November 3, 2021

I have a cousin that just passed away from cancer at a very young age. His momma and siblings needs prayer. I also would like to ask for prayer for my students megan and melissa they don't have a very loving family.

- lacy crabtreeso, ok | November 3, 2021

Please pray for my sister-in-law to come back to my brother/ her husband and her two sweet boys. My heart aches for all of them.

- Rand, Geeand | November 3, 2021

My daughter pass away 4 month ago. I dont know that she is saved or not... But, the Lord give, and the Lord takes it away.( Oh! The mother love. ) I had the stroke, 52 years ago. 3 children without the stroke, and 4 month after I had the stroke, I had a child. Mercedes she was 7 years old. I dont know if a raise my children right after I had the stroke...I pray papa du Ciel, I am sorry. Sometime I cry...

- Michelle, Laval, Quebec | November 1, 2021

Oh! Lord, i am a 87 years old, and 10 months. I never see the world like it is right now. The enemy is running all over the people...we are fighting a war. prayer, prayer prayer, is the only answer. The devil being on our back since Adam and Eve...time to get out...let him have his lessons...The War, Armageddon...We are not here, the Christian, going up, we honor Him, and we sit a huge table. The Great Lamb.

- Michelle Lafrance, Laval, Quebec | November 1, 2021

Husband sent by the Lord.

- Anonymous | November 1, 2021

I pray for my son that he would come to know and live Jesus Christ as his real father. And read the bible so he can have knowledge, and forgive his family and reconcile with them.

- Katherine Janes, Florida | October 31, 2021

praying for I can know and love the Lord like I used too, like when I first met Him many years ago, nothing was impossible with Him then, that He would restore my work which I am very good at and the Dreams He has placed in my Heart, that he would restore all that has been stolen from me every thing, my finances my dignity my purpose my life my hope my dreams that He has destined me to be. Thanks for praying for me, Dave

- Dave, Los Angeles California | October 31, 2021

Please Pray The old Fashioned way with your hands for my moms friend al his brain is bleeding in icu

- Anonymous | October 29, 2021

HUBBY lost his job in SEPTEMBER 2020. Recieved NO unemploment. He is blind. NO disability SS because he worked before. Age 63, applied for EARLY retirement SS. NO health insurance. HE IS DEPRESSED and increasingly verbally abusive. SAD...HELP !!! PRAY for US. TY. MMF PHILLY PA.

- MMF, Pennsylvania | October 29, 2021

Pray for my work situation that I will either keep it without taking the covid vaccine or that God will provide even better. That God take away the anxiety and stress. My husband and I are facing homelessness if God doesn't come through. Believe with me for the impossible made possible. Thank you for your prayers.

- Jacinthe, Nova Scotia, Canada | October 29, 2021

Please pray for health and family Praying for all of you that have requested prayer May God Bless you all

- Amanda, Illinois | October 27, 2021

Please prayer for the bereaved family of Richard Davis Hicks. Please pray for the family of Andre White as he is ICU from his illness.

- Tracy O'Neil, MD | October 27, 2021

Need prayer for my husband that he will draw close to our Lord Jesus Christ. Protection from the evil one that leads him around. Praise the Lord for being an unwavering God for all who believe in Him, and for those who are yet to know Him.

- Colleen Stewart, Alabama | October 26, 2021

pray for my daughter for her husband get his visa to do his medical .daughter name debbie son in law name geroge please pray for both.thank you

- Elizabeth SOLOMON, ON | October 26, 2021

For my 29 year old son Michael that the Lord will guide him to meet the Proverbs 31 Godly woman.

- Diana Alaniz, TX | October 25, 2021

Please pray for me for protection, finances ,housing, career, relationship/marriage and kids, that god extend my life many more years and restoration. A deeper relationship with jesus christ and spread his word to millions. I've basically lost everything I still care about my ex arie cooke in Westfield ny and wanted to see my god son elisa but things ended badly. Pray that god put it on her heart to forgive me and she contact me again. Her family was the reason for the separation. I'm homless Pray that god keep me safe from my enemies and bless them. For they wish evil on my life, they use witchcraft and spells against me.

- Anthony Roberts, FL | October 23, 2021

Please pray for my daughter, that she would realize her anger and turn to God. i so want a relationship with her but she rejects all offers of love.

- anonymous | October 21, 2021

need prayer lost my mom two months ago and life has been difficult. Pray for God to open doors and lead me. pray He gives me revelation on ministry and connections. Pray for job openings in His will. Also pray for my health and my sister health. Pray for my elder brother Kenneth to be saved.

- james white, Kentucky | October 21, 2021

Let us pray for pastors and pastoral families. They pray and care for so many. Lord meet them at their points of need. Amenn

- Anonymous | October 21, 2021

prayer for my sister-in-law battleing cancer & having surgery to repair a hole in herheart.

- Anonymous | October 20, 2021

our business has been affected by c-19 and bad hires, we are struggling with crippling debt and creditors. Financial burdens is affecting family/marriage. It is really difficult. Believing God for the impossible.

- Johnson, Oregon | October 20, 2021

Please pray for my wife and me. She is homesick for her homeland even though she was just there. Lately, she misses her family terribly. She seems depressed and very angry. We've been married for 18 years. She wants a divorce. She wants to go home permanently. We are both different nationalities. Please pray for the unity of our marriage. Thanks!

- Missionary Pastor C | October 19, 2021

Please pray for my wife Terry. She is ill at this time. God Bless You

- David Copeland | October 17, 2021

Almighty God, We come to honor you this day. We come to acknowledge that you are the only one who can rightly lead and guide our country. Lord, we lift up prayer for our country. We ask that you would bless our country with your wisdom, your love, and your compassion. May we be the people who are pursuing you and your plans for us - individually and corporately. Lord, we lift up prayer for our leaders. Lord, we ask for blessings on our leaders. May these servants who are in positions of authority take that responsibility seriously and do their very best each day. May they realize their need for you and for your direction. May they hear your voice as they make their decisions, and may they follow your guidance. May they have a passion for people, for truth, and for righteousness.

- Cherina, Orlando FL | October 16, 2021

that they help my husband and daughther get the help that they need with their health and that the doctors would operate on me and sort my pancreas and sort it out so i can come off thhe painkillers andlearn to drive

- Anonymous | October 14, 2021

Prayers for Shirley Waff sister of Margaret, who recently lost her husband.

- Margaret Moore, Indiana | October 14, 2021

i ask that every pray for me and my family (chavez) that we all get closer to our father may we get joy and faith back in our hearts and to keep on a straight road help us overcome all obstacles life gives us . i also ask for you all to pray for me my name is rachel i em fighting with my faith cant seem to find a reason but i want my faith and joy back thank you

- rachel chavez | October 14, 2021

For my husbands salvation. For God to use me and give me the right words to tell him about our Lord Savior Jesus Christ.

- Anonymous, OR | October 13, 2021


- Anonymous | October 13, 2021


- Anonymous | October 13, 2021

Dear lord Jesus, I want to say thank you for everything you have done for me. I praise you I lift you up oh lord there is none like you. you are wonderful and merciful I love you!!! I pray that you would draw and lead my 3 Children to you bring them back to you oh lord let them see they need you. you gave them to me now I give them back to you that they will be forever be with you. I pray you would send your Angel's to watch over them night and day. and my husband lord he is fighting some legal battles things that should never have been put on him. lord Jesus please go to court and make sure it goes well for him lord Jesus you sai d in your word you were a present help in a time of trouble. we are in trouble and we need you now oh lord. thank you so very much lord Jesus for you are worthy to be praised there is none like you oh lord in the wonderful name of Jesus I pray AMEN AMEN AMEN

- Donna, Louisiana | October 11, 2021

Please help me pray for my dad he is going through depression

- Jose Pereda, Phoenix Arizona | October 11, 2021

Divine location and financial breakthrough and more of revelation of Christ in Jesus name Amen.

- Nehemiah Ekpenyong, Rivers State Portharcourt, Nigeria | October 11, 2021

Healings-Bloodclots in both my legs, asthma, & bone spurs in both feet, needing of a car, hard 2 breath at bus stops.

- Rain, California | October 11, 2021

Please pray for Jim to get a religious exemption for the Covid shot at work. that he'd be able to keep his job and be relocated to the department he was at before with the same shift he is working on now.

- Anonymous | October 10, 2021

It's me oh Lord. I am asking for healing, Healing of my mind. Deliver me from the stresses of life. Give Joy Lord. Lift me up in spirit Lord. Help me in my job. Help me to release the burden of my mind for over thinking all the time. Lord give me strength, growth and prosperity. Love me Lord for I am your child. Lord help me with my finances. Lord help me with my insecurities. Help me Lord to Believe in myself. Lord bring forth Love in my life. In Jesus name Amen

- Sheila Moody, Columbus OH | October 7, 2021

Dear Partners Please agree with me for the total healing and perfect restoration of my father Nick heart If possible, without a surgery Let the healing power of God release full miracle on timely matter and lets agree that “No weapon formed against my dad will ever prosper and that my dad will be saved And let the Lord guide and use the doctors in the best way May the Lord richly bless you In Him :Jery

- jery | October 7, 2021

Please pray for my husband and father of my children, that he might be saved and freed from his schizophrenia.

- Angela, MI | October 6, 2021

please heal my tmj clogged ear

- Anonymous | October 6, 2021

please pray for my husband, Robert's health for total healing?

- Linda, South Carolina | October 7, 2021

ti find a mate fall in love

- Anonymous | October 5, 2021

Please pray for my health I have Rheumatoid Arthritis and something is going on with my stomach. I have to go to the hospital on 10/7/21 I am losing blood at this point. and also pray for me and my husband a lady from the Philippine's is contacting him and trying to get with him. at this point he is supporting her and she is sending him pictures of herself without clothes. Thank You.

- Gloria E, Albuquerque NM | October 5, 2021

Let us pray for pastors and pastoral families. They pray and care for so many. Lord meet them at their points of need. Amenn

- Anonymous | October 5, 2021

Praying for the Blood of Jesus Christ on all God's Children

- Anonymous | October 4, 2021

Please help me pray for the faith in God of my three kids, the respect and love towards their mother, for our future, for wisdom as a single mother, for light and peace in our family. Amen

- Luz Angela S., Austin TX | October 3, 2021

Dear God My Everything, Please continue to guide me on how to serve you and blessing me with things that are making me happy. Thank you for saving me from the devil when he was doing all that he could do to try to break me and even kill me. Thank you for giving me life not 1 time but 3 times after the devil tried to kill me with 3 intense hospital stays with one heart attack, coma and drug overdose. I thank you for the trials and bad that was brought on me throughout the years without all of that i wouldn't be where i am at today trying to save souls. Thank you for your gift of prophecy that you gave me after being saved. I am so thankful to have been given for no reason at all such a beautiful gift. I am very new to all this god and i see you taking me places just don't give up on me and remind me to stay patient because you are in control. Thank you for loving me no matter what. I want to ask that you help me be able to afford these mission trips that you are calling me to do.

- crystal mendoza, Alabama | October 3, 2021

Please pray for my girlfriend so she will the goodnesss i bring her. Amen

- Anonymous | October 3, 2021

For my granddaughter to have normal, healthy growth. Was born two months prematurely: has reflux, requires oxygen for apnea at night. Asking she will be able to meet all developmental milestones, and her medical expenses will greatly decrease.

- Anonymous | October 1, 2021

This is very sad. Please try to bear with me. I'm a faithful believer in Christ for salvation And I've fallen on hard times financially. I only mention it not so much for you to pray for me as because BY NOW I NORMALLY would have ordered vest pocket ESV Bibles to distribute on benches in this SW Philly suburb. And Now for 6 weeks I've been refraining from spending the $35 or so. And if I'm go on my normal Christmastime vacation - which blesses people Besides me - I can't spend the money until at least next month. What's worse is that maybe I've been already spending money which should have gone for those peoples. Not to mention that a soul or more might have gone UnSaved. PLEASE PRAY for anyone who might normally have read any of The Scriptures; thx

- Anonymous, PA | October 1, 2021

If you would please pray for my return to The Lord Jesus Christ. For Him to do a work of Grace and Mercy in my heart, mind, soul and spirit. I've been for sometime severly backslidden and have been under severe trials. Please pray for true repentance and godly sorrow to flood my heart and for my return unto The LORD with humility, repentance and faith. Please also pray for my health, for The LORD to help me through the trials I am going through, and for the attacks by the enemy and my enemies to cease. Please pray that The LORD provides for all of spiritual and material needs, and for His protection in my life. I've pretty much become Job and my life is no different than Israel in the wilderness. Please pray for my deliverance for any and all strongholds and bondages in my life and healing for my backsliding. Thank you and God bless you.

- Ruben | October 1, 2021

Please pray with your hands that the evil in my life is reflected on its self and that good comes to me and my family an blessings come to my mom and not bad ty

- Lia, Manitowoc | September 30, 2021

Prayers for Parker Family for Strength during a difficult time of Loss.

- Locharbor Baptist Church, Monore LA | September 29, 2021

please help me by praying that my daughters find christ.they were brought up in church but strayed away as they got older.my prayer is that God will come into their lives so that they may bring him into their childrens lives.thank you Holy Father.

- Anonymous | September 28, 2021

Please pray for my family. My dad died in August and my mom recently had covid and is still experiencing serious effects from it. But most of all please, please, pray for my daughter, my only child. She won't have anything to do with me or anyone in my family. I would have never dreamt that she would ever treat me or my family members as she does. None of us know the reason. We can't think of anything we did or anything that happened. I have 2 precious grandsons who I get to see about every year or so. This breaks my heart. It has been going on for about 12 years now. When I do get to see.them they are so happy and excited. One time I had the boys and we went to my parents and my dad asked them about Jesus. They said who is that? My dad was a minister practically.my whole life and certainly all of my daughter's life. She was raised to go to church. I know I am not the only grandparent who is going through this. Please pray that things w! ork out before it is too late. Thank you all.

- D. Brown, Ohio | September 28, 2021

I have several unspoken prayer requests. God knows my heart and needs!

- Anonymous | September 28, 2021

My daughter will find Christ again. She has walked away from her Christian up bringing and all that she knows is right.

- Frenchie Clark, AZ | September 27, 2021

Dear Lord, Please help keep Kids and Teens away from The Sinful SpongeBob SquarePants Fans by replacing The Sinful SpongeBob SquarePants Fans with Kids and Teens finding interest in things from the 1980s (Like Ghostbusters) in Jesus Name, Amen!

- Don, United States | September 26, 2021

I need prayer for generational curse breaking.

- Anonymous | September 26, 2021

i was recently diagnosed w RA. im not only experiencing immense joint pain, swelling and joint erosionnthe humira they want to put memon costs more in a month than i get in SSDI and my prev manager had, for some reason, a vendetta against me and i am lied to and chewed and and today shes had the comp director fire me w no details or siscussions. she refused to discuss it. i know cant afford my home, and w my TA getting worse the condition of the house is falling apart and RA only progresses. if i sell i have no where to go other than to try and buy a trailer and make lot paymentd until low housing is avail in 2-3 yrs

- julie budge, hurricane UT | September 24, 2021

pray for my freedom

- elle | September 24, 2021

Prayers over George Buckley for good health as he is currently on Hospices.

- Carol Buckley | September 23, 2021

I pray that I may find a way to share my faith with my daughter and grandchildren on a regular basis.

- Bev | September 23, 2021

Lord Jesus Christ. Lord Jesus Christ bless us today In life and be with us and keep us Safe from evil every day And Lord give us strength to Pray for the sick and suffering Every night and we'll light a candle for the sick And suffering tonight and the Lord Jesus Christ will hear our prayers tonight Amen Lord Jesus Christ.

- David P Carroll, FL | September 23, 2021

My sis Terry has been in mental breakdown/psycosis/delusional since covid started. Shes histerically afraid her daugh. Gracie18 (juv. Diab) will catch it and die. Theyve been hiding in the house living irrationally for almost 2 yrs, seeing noone! Healing in Jesus name. Ty

- Anonymous | September 22, 2021

Please I pray for our democracy. We have people losing jobs over these vaccine mandates and companies who do not allow us to exercise our religious freedom! This world needs a spiritual revival to awaken this world with the word of God! I pray for all these employees that they might find peace in these difficult times. I pray that our leaders look to God and ask to be filled with God's wisdom to guide them in their decisions. Glory to God!

- Cherina Velez, Florida | September 22, 2021

Pray for my relationship with my friend Eric. Pray we communicate well. Pray we marry and have a healthy normal baby. Thank you.

- sun, usa | September 21, 2021

Praying for healing. I lost my bestest friend, companion of 22 years to cancer in 2016. I am still grieving. I feel lost and so alone. At times I wonder if God is punishing me for not praying enough and not being the best caregiver. Thank you kindly for your time and your prayers. May He Bless you and your ministry.

- Anonymous | September 20, 2021

Please pray for the salvation of my dad, Greg and two siblings, Armando and Nereida. My beloved Dad suffered a stoke 3 1/2 years ago. I also request prayer for my dear friend, Alice, 96 yrs. old. I've shared the gospel, she's babe in Christ, dealing with a bit of dementia, and praying the LORD will give her peace. Thank you so much. May GOD richly bless you for your prayers and ministry.

- Silvia Alvarez, Austin Texas | September 20, 2021

Please pray for God to fill me with His Presence, power, love, anointing, beauty, hope, faith, joy, peace and all He desires. Cancel the enemy's plans for me/my life and pray total protection over me from the enemy, the enemy's people, all attacks, harm, sickness, disease, sin, temptation etc. Pray wisdom, knowledge, understanding, revelation, discernment, insight, dreams, visions and prophecy over me. For God's will to be done in my soul/spirit/body and life. God bless!!!

- Anthony Sirianni, Pennsylvania | September 20, 2021

Father God, save Kyle, and restore the years the locust gas eaten. Pour out Your spirit on him. Do not let your word depart from Kyle's ears and eyes, and cause him to keep those promises in the midst of his heart (Proverbs 4:20-21). We know the promise ofJohn 16:13 that even for prodigals Your spirit tells us things to come, we can know they will happen. Holy Spirit, guide Kyle into all truth so the truth will set him free.I pray this in Jesus name Amen.

- anonymous | September 19, 2021

Pray that God removes all demonic hindrances and destroy all evil plans against me from receiving my breakthrough and deliverance. Pray tgat God destroys all spiritual warfare and witchcraft against me as well.Pray that God arrest and put in prison evey witch and warlock in my family and the religious cult i was in. Thank you guys for your prayers. I declare and decree i receive the victory

- elle | September 17, 2021

Pray for all the body changes pray about would come through. Pray for money to help poor people Pray for protection for loves and healing. Pray to see in spirit realm. Pray for Jesus return.

- Zachary smith, usa | September 17, 2021

Please be Praying over The Turudic Family to come to know and have a Relationship with Christ.

- Jewell, Washington | September 17, 2021

Please pray for Jewell Dixon's finances to be blessed , so she will be able to keep her house she's living. Thank You

- Jewell Dixon | September 17, 2021

Please pray for my friend and mailman Ritchie, just diagnosed with cancer for the third time. Also pray for his family. Thank you!

- Karrie B, Las Vegas NV | September 17, 2021

please pray I don't have cancer. I'm being tested for kidney and ovarian cancer and i am scared

- Anonymous | September 17, 2021

Please pray for my husband Thomas, for God to transform his heart and give him joy. The prayer of Ezekiel 36:26. Also for this pregnancy (about 6 weeks along now) and for a new insulin pump to control my Type 1 Diabetes. Thank you.

- Kristen, FL | September 17, 2021

Please pray for my beautiful daughter and newborn grandson, he is not eating and they just need Gods love and direction to be with them. Also pray for Alton and I, I truly love and treasure this man. Only God can bring us together. Together, we have such an amazing friendship/relationship. Most of our conversations are centered on God and his word. And we talk for hours. But, I told him I was in love with him and we haven't spoken since.... we've known of each other for 40 plus years, yet only recently became extremely close. I miss him so very much..... my heart aches. I miss our talks. I just pray he will call me.... and we can find our way back....

- LINDA J BISCHOFF, Texas | September 16, 2021

Seeking provision for the Women's Ministry that God has given me to teach about all the Women of the Bible. Praying for the church of tomorrow that we train up the youth to be fishers of men and women.

- Anonymous | September 14, 2021

I'd love prayer for my work situation that my leadership and HR fix the compensation errors which has translated to a huge loss to me. The fault is theirs but they haven't yet accepted or resolved. Please pray that they sort this out and also for my faith in God and to have peace. Thank you!

- susie, seattle | September 14, 2021

please pray for this world The enemy is running rampant all over our children are dying every day and you wonder why but I know God is in control ,we are fighting a war, prayer is the only answer i know, maybe if we all pray asking for peace and calm collectively The enemy will get the message God is still in control,

- mel, Illinois | September 14, 2021

the past two years the devil has been on my back. trying to steal my joy and faith in every way my husband who had dementia for about ten years pasted, 3/3/2020, one year12 days later oldest child died from cancer 5/15/2021, September i had a electrical fire in my home, as if that was not enough then my baby girl is now fighting cancer, I am a 10 year cancer Survivor my self my whole family needs pray please i know that GOD IS STILL IN CONTROL,

- Melva, Illinois | September 14, 2021

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