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The best gift anyone can give to another is to send hope and encouragement through prayer. Join us in helping others by lifting their needs to our Lord.

  1. Prayer Wall

Still praying for our family to be blessed with right home, property for us. Pray for provisions,, affordable housing help, favor. What's impossible with man is possible with God. Please keep praying for our family.. Amen

- Anonymous | May 14, 2023

My brethren and sisters, PLEASE continually intercede for the salvation of each of the people who ever will have read Any of the Christianbook.com ESV vest pocket Bibles which I have placed in this Philly suburb train station and park benches over the last 3 years; thx

- Anonymous, PA | May 13, 2023

Please continue praying with me, my companion will return to me and we can communicate. Hes the first person, Ive dated since becoming a widow(40mos. ago) and he truly makes me happy. Please pray.

- Amy, FL | May 11, 2023

Pray for our daughter Alexandria, her family who want to relocate to Eastern Washington for a fresh start Pray for favor, affordable apt. Job for her husband. God is in control.

- Anonymous | May 11, 2023

Please pray I have the wisdom to make wise choices and to be better with my finances and that I am able to have a new hear that is selfless and caring and that I come to the knowledge of truth. Thank you.

- Johana | May 11, 2023

please help me pray for a mighty move of God in my life. i desire another level of his anointing. i feel stuck. it seems like this wilderness process is so wearying. Divine direction, divive provision, divine strength.

- Marlene, Lathrop CA | May 10, 2023

My name is Lynn Ross. please pray for me to find the right Dr that will properly diagnose my mental health. I have turned to self medicate with drugs. please pray I over come this deamon on my back. I HAVE CARRIED THIS 25YRS AND I WANT TO CHANGE AND GET THE HELP I NEED. PLSE PRAY GOD GIVE MY FAMILY THE TOOLS TO BE SUPPORTIVE AND FOR THEIR SALVATION

- TERESA, LAS VEGAS | May 8, 2023

Please pray that Larry is able to hire enough qualified help at his store so that he is able to get his days off. Pray that he hires people that will stay employed with him for a long time and that they have a good work atmosphere. I pray that it is a job they will like and that he will like them working there.

- EDB, Oklahoma | May 8, 2023

Please pray for God to fill Jennifer's soul, body, home and car with spiritual power, armor, living water, His Blood, manna, anointing oils, Angels, Himself, etc. Thanks!!!

- Anthony Sirianni, FL | May 6, 2023

i had a stroke please pray for full heal dear jesus please lay hans on me love you lord amen thank you fur pray for me God bless you all

- joy kemp, mohave valley AZ | May 5, 2023

My Friend Ariane in France. She texted this to me. ty " I am at the hospital very tired ..i will be operated on Monday early the lumbar verterbral number 1 is unstabke...brokem ..has within inside a little vascular tumor 4 visses + biopsy + ciment injection...to treat that . Ty for your prayers support . I am out sorry"

- Anonymous, Vermont | May 5, 2023

self others salvation forgive our sins protect defend deliverset free cleanse heal from all our enemies be they demonic spirits sin flesh or human beings. bless w holy spirit mind of Christ 1john1:9.what how to repent fruit repenrance

- Anonymous | May 5, 2023

Healing for Nathanial, Natasha, Sam, Marianne A deeper walk with Lord Jesus

- Marianne, Toronto | May 4, 2023

Lord, please heal my daughter Stephanie's chronic back pain in Geneva, Switszerland. Amen.

- Odette Dei, Ottawa, ON Canada | May 3, 2023

in 2019 I was out of a job for the past 3yrs and unfortunately accumulated at debt of $6k due to no income, and a bad marriage, trying to sustain and provide for my personal needs, no financial support from my ex, just, managing with only what I had from unemployment. Before loosing my job, I was never in debt, I had a good credit score in the 700's but unfortunately, I cant say that now. By the Grace of God, I've gained employment this year February and working to pay my debts. But as a single mother and with other responsibilities, it, it's not as easy. I feel chocked, I need financial breakthrough

- Samia, Silver Spring Maryland | May 1, 2023

please remove black magic from my life and my mother Mallika, and my brother Dammika and specially my cat blacky s life. I feel enemies attacking to us. I did some black magic s its involved my brother dammika and mother Mallika and my brother s friends involved to this case because of my boyfriend Nishoka, my partner patmasiri and my late husband Franco. ( they hurt me with bad ladies) now i believe Jesus Christ. i never want to involve with them. now lond time im with Jesus. but still that cursed comes around me. please pray anen.

- Inoka, Middlesex | April 30, 2023

I would like to pray for my family friends,

- Anonymous | April 30, 2023

I would greatly appreciate it if you would pray for me. For quite sometime I've been severely backslidden and have fallen back into sin, the snare of the devil, and the world. If you would please pray for my return to The Lord Jesus Christ in pure, godly repentance and faith. If you would pray for my deliverance from any enemy bondages and strongholds, for healing for my body and backsliding. If you would pray for The LORD to deliver me from my enemies and to restore me unto Himself, and to restore my life. If you would pray for The LORD to provide for my spiritual and material needs and that He helps me through the trials I am going through. Thank you and God bless you.

- ruben, ca | April 29, 2023

for Unity love maturity and growth in the Lord my church family . My pastor to receive more help in the church, healing and strengthening and that The Lord help him in his burdens annoit him afresh daily, my husband to have a personal relationship with the Lord to be saved. prayer for my unsaved children and daughter n law. prayer for my grandkids all of them through marriage as well. peace love healing deliverance restoration for every being in the world and souls to be saved. i also request prayer for myself to receive the anointing to understand God's word and for it to help me examine myself to walk upright for the Lord. help me to hear from God and to walk in obedience. i desire to know all truth and to speak all truth in love.and i need the Holy Spirit to be invited in my heart mind spirit and soul, and to know how to fully discern. in the name of Jesus. Amen

- ECB, NY | April 28, 2023

Please pray for The LORD to heal my backsliding and body and for Him to help me through the trials I am going through. Please pray that He protects me and delivers me from the wiles of the devil and the counsel of my enemies. Please pray that He provides for my spiritual and material needs. Please pray that He guides me into all truth. Thanks.

- Ruben, CA | April 25, 2023

pray that my eyes be healed, pray for healing for my son R/A arthritis,

- jacqueline | April 25, 2023

prayers for my family at this time for our grief as well as any addictions I am encountering right now in the name Jesus Amen

- Anonymous | April 24, 2023

Pray Tinnitus in my head and ears would go away for ever.

- Anonymous | April 24, 2023

Hi, I am new to faith and have found my partner who is christian to create doubts in our relationship constantly by not listening and attending to my emotional needs, is this something a circumstance where I need to learn to understand/learn love or is this a situation where he is just a part of my journey and is being purposely neglectful of my emotional needs, please, kindly pray for me and clarity as this affects my daily life

- Anonymous | April 22, 2023

thank you for extending the opportunity to submit prayers. Please pray that my husband has a good report on his bloodwork on tomorrow. please pray for Diane Kinbrough who is having a procedure done on tomorrow. Please pray for my continued health in order that i will be able to take care of my mother. Please pray for all those who suffer from depression. Please pray for those with mental illness. Please pray for the young adults in our world. God Bless you and have a great rest of the day. may Jesus always be Glorified in and through you.

- Debra, Lower Peachtree AL | April 21, 2023

Keep heavy prayer and my family and those love and care bout. Psalm 91 and 27, 35, that be lifted off. In Jesus Christ name. They want stop. Also take it off my family and they be protected aswell and he is .they are doing that and do not let it be put back on them or me. They are mocking and laughing and using god's name and holy spirit to deceive me.

- anthony roberts, lake Wales fl | April 21, 2023

Contacting you your majesty. Praying for all saved families to be united at the table this week for Passover and keeping the bible open, the candles lit and strong drink to celebrate. To a wonderful year, father. Your work is never done. How beautiful you are! Give praise, Emmanuel. I am blessed and sit at the right hand of the father. Abba, so be it and: Amen.

- Kara S., Big Sky, Montana | April 3, 2023


- EMILY ARVIE THOMAS, LA | April 3, 2023

I need prayer for financial help/employment. i ask prayer for my daughter & for wisdom and discernment.

- Lisa, Baltimore Md | April 3, 2023

oh Lord, our granddaughter has broken ribs. it is a mystery. our daughter is being investigated. she says she didnt do it. shes a nurse who has worked for years in the homes of sick children as their nurse. it is senseless. baby is 7 months the 3 of this month. she has never cried in pain. my daughter would take her to emergency asap if she ever hurt her. oh lord. how do we pray, i being all of this to you on your throne

- Anonymous, BC | April 3, 2023

Prayer to a loving Father God that hears and answers His childrens prayers. Father God Thank You. Stability and accountability for living the Christian life.

- Kristyan Zhei, Santa Ana CA | April 2, 2023

please pray for Frank standing in the gap with me binding his meth addiction i ask God that the cravings and little things set him off the deep end be gone in Jesus holy name

- Anonymous, Utah | April 2, 2023

for heaven to shine down on me

- Anonymous | April 2, 2023

Friend got rental assistance, It's up very soon. Others are trying talk our friend to get inexpensive place locally, or move back home. Rental help pays more than half of her rent. It's very expensive. Pray for our friend to keep an open mind.. Please pray, share this prayer request.

- Anonymous, Washington | April 1, 2023

I Pray for healing for my husband been going thru some sickness.

- Jeanette M, Buffalo NY | March 31, 2023

I Pray for healing for my husband been going thru some sickness.

- Jeanette M, Buffalo NY | March 31, 2023

I seek help with pride and vanity and deceit. I seek prayer to end the struggle and I seek God's wisdom, guidance, and direction in planning.

- Ben Newton, Kansas City | March 31, 2023

Dear God, I come to you today with a heavy heart and a plea for help. My daughter Jasmin has been sexually abused by a man named Rafael, and I am asking for your intervention in this situation. Lord, I ask that you provide Jasmin with the help and support she needs to heal from this traumatic experience. Please surround her with loving and caring people who can offer her comfort and guidance. Help her to find the strength and courage she needs to overcome this and move forward with her life. I pray that Rafael is brought to justice for his heinous crime. Please guide the authorities and give them the resources they need to arrest him and hold him accountable for his actions. Protect other children from falling victim to his abuse and bring peace to our community. Lord, I also ask that Jasmin's family opens their eyes to the truth of what happened to her. Help them to understand the gravity of the situation and provide them with the wisdom

- Anonymous | March 29, 2023

hello! Would you please pray for me that I can get a car? I have been without one for about 20 months. I do have the money, but the economy has made it difficult to buy a good used car. I need a miracle. Many people are trying to sell their lemons. I've been told it's a very bad time to buy one. it has been very challenging during this time. Thank you so much for praying for me.

- Tracey | March 29, 2023

We are alienated parents and grandparents. We are estranged from our Adult children and sweet grandchildren. Praying for an Easter miracle. This is a pain that is always there. Happened during the Covid lockdowne. In God we Trust...

- Jim and Pam, Ohio | March 29, 2023

The Lord has placed within me the burden to pray for the salvation of a certain Japanese Musician celebrity for almost 4 years now. Would you PLEASE join me in praying for him. For a new heart and mind that loves the Lord and is devoted to Him. Thank you.

- Victoria | March 28, 2023

please pray for healing of my back

- Anonymous, IN | March 28, 2023

Thank you Lord for this online prayer circle. Urgent prayer Prayer for Gods Provision during my loss of employment. Psalms 91: is one of my most visited and read scriptures. When the arrows fly my way I read out loud, the truth I experience His peace. I pray for a trustworthy Christian attorney that I may have wise counsel from in Jesus name. I pray for guidance during these dark days. Joshua 1:9 Jeremiah 29;11

- Special Education/ Instructional Assistant, CA | March 28, 2023

pray for my sister elaine estepp and carolyn thurn

- carolyn thurn, grove city ohio | March 28, 2023

please pray to our Heavenly Father to give me wisdom diserment knowledge to deal with a meeting that's coming up tomorrow at 6:00 p.m. please send the Holy Spirit to guide me to say the right words to have a soft spirit when speaking at this meeting please bring friends a good people to stand up for us pray for these people that I'm speaking to will open their hearts towards me and see the evil doings that are against me Jesus's name Jesus

- terry, ME | March 27, 2023

my husband is bipolar schizophrenic and he's controlled by substance abuse of alcohol drugs

- Lazara, Gonzalez | March 27, 2023

my grow son, today because of medical issues his dog passed and is please pray for emotional strength. His name JR. Thanks from a loving mother, Pauline.

- Pauline, FL | March 27, 2023

Pray for a work from home job I recently was let go from a JR High School I have no idea why I experienced heavy spiritual warfare, there are many religions being practiced there Lord help me release all ties to that school. Help me Father to let go of any animosity in Jesus name praying for courage, strength, financial provision while being unemployed. Lord father God use me for your Kingdom.

- private, CA | March 27, 2023

pray to have alot of money and a nice home

- Anonymous | March 27, 2023

Urgent Prayers a relatives to get FULL CUSTODY of a child. They'll give child wonderful home, stability, security Parent was investigated by Authorities for child abuse, other things too. Escaped justice. Authorities didn't know the whole story. It's frustrating, overwhelming, scary Parent plans to Move away with child very soon, Pray this never happens...Please don't let this child slip through the legal cracks again. Pray help, supernatural favor, mercy intercede for these relatives to get FULL CUSTODY of this child.. Please pray, share this prayer request with others. Stand in Agreement

- Anonymous | March 26, 2023

pray to have alot of money , pass all my classes fast without breaking my fast pray to pass my trade school and become an electrical apprentice to be free from slavery and be strong and happy with a nice wife and remove burdens and hardship

- Anonymous | March 26, 2023

prayer for my finances,lower back pain , to wake up in the morning and goto work for a better living , to feel god closer to me and help me when trouble comes my way. to have a beautiful child and live happy with a beautiful story

- Anonymous | March 26, 2023

Please pray for my father, Algernon.

- Indie | March 24, 2023

Distant relative uses MONEY, EXPENSIVE ITEMS. to BRIBE others even own child. This needs to stop immediately. Influences child to dress like a GANGSTER, with CLOTHING, HAIR a certain TALK too This child needs protection,, Please pray, share this prayer request

- Anonymous | March 24, 2023

Elliot invited Christ into his heart a few years ago. Please ask the Lord to help him grow in the Lord. Thank-you.

- Eric, Elkridge, Md. 21075 | March 23, 2023

Please ask the Lord to guide Erica in whether to remain in the relationship with a gentleman she recently met. Thank-you.

- Eric, Elkridge, Md. 21075 | March 23, 2023

Eneia struggles to financially cope with debts from her Interior Design Business because some clients have been slow to pay for services rendered. Please ask the Lord to help Eneia through this. Thank-you.

- Eric, Elkridge, Md. 21075 | March 23, 2023

My friend Rev. Mary suffers painful headaches as well as other discomforts do to a non-cancerous tumor in her head. Please pray for her healing and for her strength in the Lord. Thank-you.

- Eric White, Elkridge, Md. 21075 | March 23, 2023

Dennis continues to trust Jesus to overcome breathing difficulties. Please pray for his strength in the Lord. Thank-you.

- Eric White, Elkridge, Md. 21075 | March 23, 2023

First, thank you God for this day. Second, I ask that my whole family become Christians in Jesus Name. Third, I ask that my foot doctor appointment goes well tomorrow. Fourth, I ask that our trip to Paris goes well in September. All this I ask in Jesus Name. Amen.

- Linda, Kansas City | March 23, 2023

Hello! My name is Abby and I'm 11yrs old! This is my prayer request!! I get my results from my MRI today. I had it last week and I want good results! Also, for a family friend he just had heart surgery and is in recovery!

- Abby Reynolds, Virginia | March 22, 2023

for the Will of Jesus Christ of Nazareth be done in mine and Alina P life and for her to be set free from any dark spirits, ungodly soul ties, spirits of abuse and emotional abuse and spiritual abuse and for restoration of her faith and for her to be set free from any spirits of fear in Jesus Mighty Name amen, for God to give her the perfect love that casts out fear in Jesus Name amen and for me to be set free from dark spirits and

- Anonymous | March 21, 2023

I need prayers for better health so i can get out and start enjoying life again... Thank you , Kelly Ann

- Kelly, Indiana | March 21, 2023

I need prayers for better health so i can get out and start enjoying life again... Thank you , Kelly Ann

- Anonymous, IN | March 21, 2023

for God to give wisdom to Alina P. in all areas of her life

- Anonymous | March 21, 2023

Please pray my for my husband he will draw closer to Jesus. Please pray for him and pray for the racism in the US Schools to end

- Anonymous, IN | March 20, 2023

Please say prayers for me to meet a companion. I declare that I want to attract a spirit filled companion with a background in mathematics and a heart of gold.

- Sandy, Illinois | March 20, 2023

I'd like to request a prayer for myself. can you pray for me to get sound mind.

- Emilia, Michigan | March 20, 2023

My household has been ordained as a Decon, and an Elder. I am asking for revelation, confidence, and endurance during this period. thank you in the might name of Jesus of Nazarene

- Anonymous, England, New York, Jamaica | March 20, 2023

health family future

- Anonymous | March 19, 2023

I want to confess any sin and selfishness, bitterness, and anger. and have my thoughts focused on God today. I seek guidance and wisdom from Him for the other things in my life.

- Ben Newton, Kansas City | March 18, 2023

Please pray for healing for my back. Dr. wants me to see surgeon. i live alone and have no one to help after surgery. Please pray for healing so i do not have to do it. I am very afraid. I desperately need healing. Than you for your prayers

- Anonymous, IN | March 18, 2023

Pray for our daughter Katey, her husband Travis, who have been trying to conceive for years. Our daughter is loosing hope. What's impossible with man is possible with God. Please pray God's will

- Anonymous | March 17, 2023

Blessings Be To The Great I Am, thank You Lord for everything, please answer our prayers in Jesus Christ's Name Amen.

- Anonymous | March 17, 2023

I seek prayer for confession and help with my words for how to say things to people when they are upset or doing something wrong to me. I seek guidance and direction for how I can only speak edifying things and correct an action that may need to be corrected at the same time.

- Ben Newton, Kansas City | March 16, 2023

My wife is not controlling her temper. I seek prayer for how to react, confess when it has been bad, and for what to say.

- Ben Newton, Kansas City | March 15, 2023

My wife is not controlling her temper. I seek prayer for how to react, confess when it has been bad, and for what to say.

- Ben Newton, Kansas City | March 15, 2023

I would like for my health my health and strength

- Anonymous | March 15, 2023

The struggle with Pride and vanity seems to run so deep as does anger. I seek some kind of help and a lot of prayer. I seek I can simply have my focus set on living God and others and a sound peaceful mind.

- Ben Newton, Kansas City | March 15, 2023

I am a caregiver for my mother-in-law who is blind and has seizures, dementia, and other medical problems. Please pray she will be put back on the medicine that made her seizures stop as she lashes out at us after having one. My days are very difficult. Please pray that I will have the strength and patience to cope as her caregiver. Thanks!

- Brittany | March 14, 2023

Salvation and Healing for Bassfield Ms. family, marriages, family, children, fathers, Mother, schools, and county. Revival to our town. unity of the church's leaders. finances and provision of the needed resources

- Minister Alton/Mary Carson Pastors/ Mount Bethel Ministry, Bassfield Mississippi | March 14, 2023

Please pray for my family. Satan has taken two of my grown children and my oldest son is pulling them away from their father and I. Our oldest son is very evil and is lying to them. He has brainwashed them. They are young adults and one is pregnant. This seems so unreal. I'm having a hard time dealing with this. Please, please

- Anonymous | March 14, 2023

Please pray for my grandson that he will not be lost to the world ie drugs, laziness, but give him a spirit of keeping a job and most important being saved.

- Anonymous | March 13, 2023

i want to know God's love. his unfailing, eternal, faithtul love. Father's love. i want to experience, and filled with this love. can you pray for me to meet the God you met? the God of Love? because i do need an enconuter of God's love. i need Father.. can you pray for me?

- seowon | March 13, 2023

Pray for God to continue delivering my property from all evil, strongholds, demons, sin, evil spiritual armor, hexes, occult, witchcraft and more. For Him to bless it in all ways He desires. God bless!!!

- Anthony Sirianni, Florida | March 12, 2023

I am praying for a spiritual companion. A soul mate.

- Sandra M Gates | March 11, 2023

I seek prayer and deliverance from having had years sgo sought wisdom with selfish ambition in my heart. Such spirits from that tormented my mind I seek a peaceful and sound mind. I also seek freedom from bitter jelousy.

- Ben Newton, Kansas City | March 11, 2023

I seek prayer for handling tasks correctly. Accurate with no misleading too. I seek prayer that I can ignore status and celebrity worship and love people for who they are.

- Ben Newton, Kansas City | March 10, 2023

Please pray that my 32 year old daughter stays as close to God, Jesus, Holy Spirit as she always was as a child. She had a stronger faith than anyone I knew. I saw miracles that God did through her many, many times. She is a great girl but sometimes the world can take up so much of your time that you don't have the time for God as before. I want her to always put God, Jesus, and Holy Spirit first in her life as she always has. Thank you! She also needs some Christian friends as she is now living on her own and is weary of people she does not know.

- Anonymous, North Carolina | March 10, 2023

I have been a very healthy type 1 diabetic since 1971 until 2000 when a lot of stress came my way. Since then I have had 9 eye surgeries, am blind in one eye, have a cataract in the other eye that can't be removed or I will go blind in that eye also plus the same eye has glaucoma. It is getting hard to see. I am also the care taker of my 81 year old mom who has a terrible amount of pain after an accident in 2000. Along with the broken spine, arm broke 1 inch away from the shoulder, brain bleed, spine disc deuteration, cartilage is gone from most of the spine, the whole last part of her spine covered in arthritis, and Macular Degeneration taking her vision and is almost deft without hearing aids. My dad passed away with ALS, Parkinson's and Diabetes. My only sibling, a brother who always looked after our family, passed in front of my mom and myself after having two by-pass surgeries and badly controlled type 1 diabetes. My daughter lives 3 ! hours from us. Please pray for us. God bless.

- Anonymous, North Carolina | March 10, 2023

Selfishness. I see how selfish I can be even when my own kids are sick. I seek confession for this and confession for the anger that comes with it.

- Ben Newton, Kansas City | March 9, 2023

I need back surgery asap, I have dealt with torn sciatica and discs for over a year and need the dr to help with the pain and do surgery eventually. Today I'm going and pray he handles these things .

- Anonymous | March 8, 2023

Dear Lord, I ask for your help to change the hearts and minds of the men attending thr Alpha Reenter Program at the Charlotte Correctional Institutional. Jesus send your angels to protect the volunteers spreading your word to the prisoners. I ask you to send the Holy Spirit to open the inmates minds and hearts to accept you as their Savior. i pray to you God to give the volunteers of Alpha the courage to offer your love and direction to the lost and encouage each other to strengthen their faith in you. Your faithful servant. Amen

- Irv Hopkins, Charlotte County FL | March 8, 2023

Please pray for The LORD to help me through the trials I am going through and for the satanic assaults against me to cease. Please pray for my deliverance from any satanic bondages and strongholds. Please pray for The LORD to deliver me from my enemies, for Him to silence the mouth of Satan, and for The LORD to fill me with His peace, comfort and joy. Thank you.

- ruben, ca | March 8, 2023

My deep rooted bitterness extends to not just my in-laws but her other close family as well. My anger and reactions to my wife and reactions to what she does need help cinfesdion and help too.

- Ben Newton, Kansas City | March 8, 2023

Praying God (jireh) will provide for me Financially take care of everything I need at this time. In Jesus Name Amen

- Sherry, LA | March 8, 2023

I seek help with peace. I confess sin in my life and seek peace. I also seek Wisdom and Guidance for following up on my potential new job and peace for the family with the job and no pride.

- Ben Newton, Kansas City | March 8, 2023

Up coming SEA exam for grand daughter and children in Trinidad and Tobago. Stop fighting in schools

- Althea Seepaul, San Fernando | March 8, 2023

I seek prayer that I can trust and rely on God. I confess deceit, anger and exaggerating and things. I seek prayer for God's guidance and direction. I seek and acknowledge Him with life, peace, and my potential job.

- Ben Newton, Kansas City | March 7, 2023

I seek prayers that I can do things as they are supposed to be done and in full integrity and confess when they are not. I seek prayer I can stop trying to impress people. I pray the lies I say and manipulations will end and I seek I can just focus on God and things above.

- Ben Newton, Kansas City | March 7, 2023

Dear church family, I request you to pray for my family, mother, father, father's wife siblings, my son, my cousin, and my friends they are all going thru something. I also ask for me to obtain a permanent job with the university i am temping and to God open doors in my life, my sons live with my family... Prayer for healing, and for everything God knows what it is. I am grateful that God has our backs and he will never leave us or forsake us. In your name Lord. Amen

- KC, NJ | March 7, 2023

PLEASE TAKE NOTE: Yesterday I distributed the 3 Christianbook.com ESV vestpocket Bibles which I received last week. PLEASE pray for the salvation of each of the people who ever will have looked at any of the Scriptures which I've distributed over the years.Thank you !

- Anonymous, PA | March 6, 2023

I confess seeking charity work for pride and vanity. I confess taking excessive pride in contacts I know and I confess anger. I seek help.

- Ben Newton, Kansas City | March 6, 2023

I seek confession and help with pride, anger, and selfish ambition. I also seek confession for selfishness and seek prayer for guidance as to how I say and word things.

- Ben Newton | March 5, 2023

I seek prayer for bitterness. My inlaws are in town and I hope to end this bitterness and resentment. I seek prayer for my anxiety during this time. I also seek prayer that they and the rest of the famiy will be at peace with my new potential job and the move that would come with it. I want to acknowledge God and seek wisdom in all this.

- Ben Newton, Kansas City | March 4, 2023

Please pray for God to deliver and bless my soul, body, home and property. For Him to fill my property with power, Himself and all He desires. God bless!!!

- Anthony Sirianni, Florida | March 4, 2023

Please pray for God to deliver and bless my soul, body, home and property. For Him to fill my property with power, Himself and all He desires. God bless!!!

- Anthony, Florida | March 4, 2023

We ask for prayers for an ex-husband: Mr. GLENN Rand, who is a Veteran teacher who retired from the NYC School System. He is no longer a "Jehovah's WITNESS" any more. He hated that religion. HE wants to be "Delivered" from that DOCTRINE, and them making a fool of him. We ask for Prayers for his Salvation in "JESUS." We ask for Prayers for the rest of his family. (RAND family)** Thank you for all Prayers for this man. HE resides in BROOKLYN, New York.

- Glenn RAND, Brooklyn, New York | March 3, 2023

I ask for Prayers that GOD will deal with my own "family" who are "Jehovah's Witnesses." THEY refuse to LOVE because I am not one. I am SAVED and LIVE for the LORD for many years now -- (New Greater BETHEL Ministries) since the years of 1990 -- and these DUMB folks who are under "religious bondage" and SEVERE Lack of Knowledge (these folks DO not even KNOW the LORD)** NEED to get out of the "past" of what GOD is doing. We ask for Prayers of Salvation of these people. IT is NOT easy. I walk ALONE> I JUST lost my father/ and NO comfort. IT is NOT easy. I ask for Prayers that GOD will help this family. I ask that GOD will COMFORT me, and healing Prayers -- and that GOD will continue to BLESS me with "brothers and sisters" in CHRIST, who will comfort and be a "family" to me. Thank you for all Prayers. I am in Hampton, VIRGINIA. We are all grieving my father and his los! s -- just a few months NOW. I KNOW that he would NOT want this. (SO MANY "divided" families!!)

- Linda R. Rand-Mills, Hampton, VIRGINIA | March 3, 2023

I seek prayer and confession to how I respond to harsh words and comments. Especially from my wife. I also seek prayer for wisdom with what to say and do. Additionally, I seek prayer that I can root out some bitterness towards my in laws imparticular. all of it.

- Ben Newton | March 3, 2023

Please pray for Natasha Healing of depression, an eating disorder To be healed emotionally, To be filled with The HOLY SPIRIT and POWER Healing of hurts in Jesus Name

- Marianne Mustapha, Toronto, Ontario Canada | March 3, 2023

Spiritual healing for mother and salvation for father, salvation for grandaunt and her healing from Dementia and give her desire to live long and for us to be able to visit her, she is overseas. prayer for provision and help.

- Anonymous | March 2, 2023

Lord Jesus, Adonai, blessed Redeemer would You bless Rev.s Eric, Brad, Chuck, Ethan, Adam, Fr. Jegbne, and John. Would You cause them to be holy because You alone are holy and righteous. Protect their families from the adversary. Bless the servants and deacons for Your namesake. Protect their families and loved ones and cause them to prosper in Your will and security. Would You bless Patty and the children's teachers and caretakers to teach and train Your words to these precious little ones. Father would You bless our Armed Forces and their families. Make righteousness, honor, and power to become peacemakers their cause. Holy Messiah, bless Israel and remember us the adopted like Mephiboseth. Bless Indonesia with Your Spirit. Would You bless Africa, Asia, Europe, Oceania, N.& S. America and the churches that You alone bought with sacrifice. Praise You, Father, Son and Holy Ghost. Amen.

- Ben Dare, Alaska | February 28, 2023

Jehovah Shalom, You alone are worthy Holy Father, Creator of all things to receive praise & glory. Your majestic, & You captivate me with mercy and grace. May you bless this request through Your Son Jesus whom gifted me the Holy Spirit to dwell within this clay vessel. Purify me now please Father as Isaiah spoke my lips are unclean and I live also among unclean people. Would you hear now Lord Jesus that I need you, my earthly desires conflate and confabulate me at times so that I struggle with my old sinful nature. My friends have asked me to intercede for their behalf. Please remove my iniquities through the power of the Holy Ghost Whom you gave us to make intercession on my behalf. Please work in Luke, Jaqueline, and these brothers who once called upon You. Jehovah Jireh, please prepare Kelly for the mission field and provide as You only can by quickening the spirits of those she is destined to share with. May they respond early and withou! t hesitation while the time is still at hand.

- Ben Dare, Alaska | February 28, 2023

Please pray for The Lord to help me through the trials I am going through. Please pray that He heals my backsliding and body. Please pray that He protects and delivers me from the s and my enemies. please pray that He delivers me from any and all Bondages & strongholds. Please pray that He provides for all of my spiritual and material needs.

- Ruben, CA | February 28, 2023

Please pray for all the people in my journal that need to find Jesus. My friends, family, even people that are not in my life anymore. They are saved and feel the Lords love and have a changed heart. Also Please pray for my daughters to stay healthy and for understanding and forgiveness as I haven't been best mom since my husband passed away a year ago.

- Lori | February 28, 2023

Pray for my wife who suffers from PTSD and anxiety that the Lord will place His healing power upon her. Pray that my wife will have a desire to go back to church. Pray that the Lord will bless my wife's small business. Pray that the Lord will bless our marriage spiritually, physically, socially, mentally, and financially. Pray that the Lord will help myself and my wife to build a good relationship with my nephew and niece. Pray that the Lord will open doors of opportunity for better employment with good benefits. Pray for lost family members. Pray that the Lord will open many doors of ministry to be used by Him.

- Christopher, Newfoundland | February 28, 2023

please pray that God would help my career.

- Anonymous | February 27, 2023

I seek prayer and confession for lying, deceit, and mixing facts. I pray for wisdom as to how to share hard to grasp concepts as well.

- Ben Newton, kansas city | February 27, 2023

I seek prayer and confession for any demonic involvement in the past and recent. I am not entirely certain of what happened and certainly anything that hapoened recently but I do seek prayers for freedom and for deliverance.

- Ben Newton, kansas city | February 27, 2023

I seek confession for anger and temper. I also seek prayer for communication. It is challenging to communicate with someone even by text without sounding angry or rude when there is a disagreement. I confess I need help with this and my actions.

- Ben Newton | February 26, 2023

I have 4 sisters Alisa Gomez, September Mims, Kimberlee Mims, Barbie Mims,that need prayer that the Lord, quite their pain. And pour out the Love that God has determine for all of us to receive. And pray that their trust in him increase, so that they may love other as Christ did. Amen!

- Anonymous | February 25, 2023

When people do something wrong or perceived wrong I should be able to let it go. I confess when not doing so and seek prayer for my temper and words. I pray I can let it go

- Ben Newton, kansas city | February 25, 2023

please pray for health issues i have

- Anonymous, IN | February 24, 2023

My daughter, Amie Harrington has cancer and will be starting radiation and chemo. Please pray for her recovery.

- Amie Harrington, Washington | February 23, 2023

Hey, my family is going to a financial crisis and we need prayers. can you pray so my sisters and i get a good job. And also we need money to pay off bills. my mother has trouble with eyes, so if you can pray for my mothers health and good health for my family. Also for my receding gums that GOD HEALS MY TEETH AND GUMS.; THANK YOU.

- Emilia, MI | February 23, 2023

Pray for God to surround and cover Donna, Jamie and their pets with spiritual armor of various types that is filled with His power. For Him to remove all evil spiritual evil from around them. For their total protection, healings, blessed overall health. God's will for them to be done in all ways. Thanks!!!

- Anthony Sirianni, U.S.A | February 23, 2023

my Prayer to our Lord and Others. may the hour for each be full of darkness. Fear. Anxiety. Jesus open each soul on Earth to open there soul. feel your Spirit. if Those are Weary and Sick Jesus thank you for offering youre hand to lean and guide through. May youre light of hope. Heal each broken heart. May youre Glory of love I bow down praise you my Lord. May each Heart Dance in Spirit with you Jesus. Laying in a bed. walking on a beach shore. climbing mountains. May we all know its Jesus we are with. Glorifing. praising. Giving thanks. Teaching each Generation. Embrace the Joy with Jesus. Share his almighty unconditional love. Always give Thanks. He is with each what ever trial, tribulation. Its his will in time . He walks those mountains. Green pastures, Desert lands. Stormey Seas. and blesses with Peace and Grace. My Prayer to each of you. Hope, Peace , Faith, Joy. Love from my heart. For Jesus lives forever in you and me

- Anonymous | February 23, 2023

Thank you God for the recent blessings bestowed upon Leland. Let NO weapons formed against him prosper. Praying Gods protection, mental, physical, spiritual & emotional well being & Gods presence surrounds Leland daily. In Jesus name, Amen!

- Anonymous | February 23, 2023

there are many requests for prayer. salvation for children, grandchildren, and for one great grandson who may have a calling on him by the Lord. pray against the disfunction and unforgiveness in our family. one doesn't like this one and this one doesn't talk to this one. pray for an adoptee struggling with resolving these issues with both adopted parents and birth parents. prayer to heal our marriages and for me to continue seeking the Lord and be sensitive to His voice and urgings. praise God

- Elizabeth from Minnesota | February 22, 2023

I seek prayer and confesdion for how I treat people at work and otherwise. I seek prayer that I will not be self absorbed and focused on them.

- Ben Newton | February 22, 2023

health streanth protectlion employment

- Anonymous | February 22, 2023

If you would please pray for The LORD to remove the hardness from my heart and to pour out His goodness on me to Repent. If you would please pray for my return to Him and for healing for my backsliding, body, soul, mind, and spirit. If you would please pray that The LORD helps me through the trials I am going through and that He delivers me from The Devil, my enemies, and from any strongholds & bondages I am under. Please pray that the attacks against me cease and that whatever the devil and my enemies are trying to do to me is exposed and confounded. Please pray the The LORD protects me and provides for all of my spiritual and material needs. Please also pray that I am able to find a godly christian wife and a biblical new testament church to attend. Please pray for The LORD to help me in all things.

- Ruben, CA | February 21, 2023

For my sister who was diagnosed with pancreatic, lung, and lymph node cancer. She is very weak and needs Gods strength to fight this. My aunt who has breathing problems shes on oxygen and cannot talk her lack of breath is so bad. My best friend who is fighting stage 4 breast cancer in her liver.

- Anonymous, Wilkes County NC | February 21, 2023

please pray for me and my love and my children. help me to see clearly where God is directing me to go. my path is blurry and I feel like I have no answer but to look up for the hand of Jesus. only He has the answers.

- Anonymous | February 21, 2023

I seek confession for my role in two divorces and for moving to other relationships while I was still married. I seek prayers for this.

- Ben Newton, Kansas City | February 20, 2023

I would like to pray that we find editors that can write more "Table Prayers" We need more!! Thank you.

- anonymous | February 20, 2023

been struggling financially a lot lately due to job situation, have been lookin' for a new job lately but unsuccessfully :-( please pray for me

- Ray, Jackson, Michigan | February 19, 2023

Please pray that the man that is responsible for scrapping my relatives Car brings back our family memories that I recorded by using the Mini DV Tapes in whichever way possible. In the name of the Lord. Thank you in advance.

- Theo Nemeth, PA | February 19, 2023

Please answer all of our prayers and petitions Lord to aid us on our lives journey in Jesus Christ's Name Amen.

- Anonymous | February 18, 2023

I seek confession and help with people pleasing. I seek help with the fear of man and manipulatikns I may say to seek the fear if man. Inoray that I can fear God and seek inly His opion.

- Ben Newton | February 18, 2023

Please pray for my fullness delivery to the furnication addiction. Thank you, blessings!))

- Andrei, Egorov | February 18, 2023

to help me heal my body from this disease i have for the past 2 years and appreciate what time i have left thanks

- michae willard, pocatello id | February 18, 2023

I confess to having had bad reactions to peole being mean and degrading. I seek prayer and wisdom for how I can handle these situations.

- Ben Newton | February 17, 2023

Part of my sight in my left eye is blocked. Surgery did not work. Please pray for healing.

- Anonymous | February 17, 2023

I spend so much time caught up in my own selfish worries in life I end up neglecting work. I seek prayer that I can work and work as if for the Lord.

- Ben Newton, Kansas City | February 17, 2023

my friend is going through cancer treatments and is going to have to start chemo on February 24. please pray the treatments will kill the cancer but they will not affect any other healthy cells.

- Anonymous | February 17, 2023

pray god would close a door that my sister is trying to open for my elderly mom that would hurt my my mom and cause harm to her. Please pray God would that and another door she tries to open that would hurt my elderly 89 year old mom please God would make both of them close doors that no man would ever be able to open them for the care of my 89 year old mother

- Anonymous | February 17, 2023

Pease pray God would put the friends i need in my life to help me with my current situation which i need to help in. please pray God would send someone in my life to physically check on me everyday to see if i am ok. please God would send me a friend who is extremely gifted on the computer to be lifelong friend to help to me with the things i absolutely have to do in my life

- Anonymous | February 16, 2023

I, with humility, ask that you will agree with me on prayer through our Messiah, Yeshua, Jesus Christ, Immanuel, in the name God gave His only son, for deliverance, (for our many loved ones, family members, and not), of not knowing God, of illness, of ignorance. of being blinded of the eyes of the heart to the spirit world, of strongholds, and of evil spirits of soul ties, as well as the stubbornness of not being teachable. Prayer for our humble little church be structured and in alignment with The Lord! Finally for my family to either be reunited through our Messiah, or plainly spoken, God's Will be done so that my youngest son and I will have no hinderance in our prayers, our spiritual walk with the Lord, and that we may not stray off the straight and narrow! The time is very near, we must be diligent in our Faith and our walk with Jesus Christ. I feel as though I am not nearly as close to Him as I desire and that there is a hinderance keepi! ng me from being able to hear my Father.

- Rebecca, AR, U.S.A. | February 16, 2023

Please continue praying with me, my companion will return to me and we can communicate. Hes the first person, Ive dated since becoming a widow(36mos. ago) and he truly makes me happy. Pray. Please pray.

- Anonymous | February 16, 2023

Pray for God to deliver Jen, her home and neighborhood from all evil of every kind. For Him to fill her home/neighborhood with spiritual armor, power, Himself, His Heavenly strongholds, Angels, spiritual plant life, trees, flowers, herbs, mushrooms, various Heavenly beings and more. Thanks!!!

- Anthony Sirianni, Florida | February 16, 2023

Our Prayer is may all on this site requesting prayer wait for the answers, they will come. And God Bless all struggling, and give Ben Newton a great mentor. Lord send Laborers into your Harvest field. And deliver us from all evil in the Name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. And may the Body of Christ come together like the Mighty Book of Act of the Apostles! Thanking one in all in Jesus Name!

- Terri Az. | February 15, 2023

I seek to Trust God completely. The areas in my life that are blind spots now I want to confess. Any hidden sin I want to find and confess. I seek prayers to be completely surrendered to God. I akso seek prayers for His guidance.

- Ben Newton, Kansas City | February 14, 2023

for my husband's healing from alcohol that played a role in job loss. for strength and perseverance in homeschooling my younger 2 children. for my hardworking son that he keps planning for his future and finances. for my middle child with several medical issues, for my youngest who has anxiety around tween peers who can be uncharitable.

- Anonymous | February 14, 2023

a christian many times over, Want to know if the person with mental will go to heaven

- Anonymous, bedford va | February 13, 2023

I seek confession and prayers for forgiveness in engsing in i sults and arguing. I seek prayers for self control

- Ben Newton, Kansas City | February 12, 2023

Please pray for the salvation of my children that the Lord will draw both of my sons and send laborers into the harvest. please pay for my husband to be save and delivered from the spirit of anger and self pity. please pray that that my baby boy is delivered from drugs and the spirit of self pity. please that he is delivered from the spirit of alcohol. pray for my ministry. please pray for deliverous in my body and marriage. That me ank

- Lenora shaw, Bennettsville South Carolina | February 12, 2023

I need prayers cause ive been feeling sick since last Saturday and now i feel very weak,tired achy and stressed. please pray for God to heal me. thank you

- Jamie | February 11, 2023

I am having a hard time handling it when other people are not coming through. I confess being aggravated, angry, not reacting well, and saying things I should not say. I tend to have obseesive thoughts about these matters. I seek prayer that I can just let things go and not tear people down.

- Ben Newton, Kansas City | February 11, 2023

Pray for anyone who seek the Load. Pray for mercy, comfort and strength to our heart. He loves us. In His grip,

- SC | February 11, 2023

for Alina P to be set free from all dark spirits, spirits of abuse, emotional abuse, spiritual abuse, fear, all dark spirits and principalities and for her to be filled with the Holy Spirit strongly and the whole her life and for Jesus Christ Will to be done in her life in the Name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit amen

- Anonymous | February 11, 2023

Lord, continue to heal me, what a difficult 2022, but you got me through and good friends encouraged and prayed for me! For the health of a premature baby. For healing of my friend.

- Louis, Florida | February 10, 2023

prayers for Alina Pisarevskaya to be in the Will of Jesus Christ and for her to be in His complete Will for her life and follow His Lead for her life in the Name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit amen

- Anonymous | February 9, 2023

Please pray that current crises in the USA and Abroad only serve to reel more souls into vibrant relationships with Jesus that becomes a catalyst for us all to cry out to Him and attain unto greater power in prayer for our nation and the world (James 2:5 & First Timothy 2:1-4). Please pray for wonderful tax-cuts, deregulation and encouraging breakthroughs for Social Security recipients.

- Christopher Lockard, Louisville, Ky | February 9, 2023

for my dear ex husband, Jeff I've been praying for his salvation and waiting on God in hope for the marriage, but I've not had any contact from him since Sept 2021 until yesterday, when he responded to a business-related email, praise God! Pls pray for God to save, heal, and restore.

- Renee | February 9, 2023

Please keep a healing hand on my Dad. He’s been battling cancer for 4 years. its now wrapped around carotid artery on his lymph gland. The power of prayer is mighty like the Lords blessings. amen

- Sarah, Idaho | February 8, 2023

Please pray that 5 Special Unspoken Requests for Salvation of Souls are answered to our Great Encouragement here.

- Christopher Lockard, Louisville | February 8, 2023

Please pray my gift will have a profoundly positive evangelistic effect on those who get it!

- Christopher Lockard, Louisville Ky | February 8, 2023

Please pray for God to fill my room with powerful spiritual armor, anointing, comfort, peace, living water, His Blood, beautiful spiritual Heavenly plant life and Heavens glories, beauties and wonders. God bless!!!

- Anthony Sirianni, Florida | February 7, 2023



Pray that reducing the dosage in half for my migraine medication will be effective.

- Anonymous | February 6, 2023

Child Evangelism club in public school today, peace and God's love, comfort and victory in their lives and homes.

- Eileen | February 6, 2023

Pray for adult siblings to forgive, and minister love to single dad with special needs girls 6 & 13!

- Harmony | February 6, 2023

I need help trusting God. I need that Trust. I am wrecked with anxiety and second guessing and worrying about many things. This is all very difficult and I seek prayers.

- Ben Newton | February 6, 2023

I wanted to expand more on my last prayer request. The people I work with are peope who I have hired to help me and they are not doing things right. I am really concerned. In fact Very concerned about how I am treating them and want to confess that and get help for the situation and with how have been handling situations like this.

- Ben Newton, kansas city | February 5, 2023

I need confession, forgiveness, and help with how I treat people who I work with who are not treating me fair or doing right things. I need help with my anger and temperment and also serk prayer for handling these situations.

- Ben Newton, kansas City | February 5, 2023

I thank the Lord for his tender mercies and grace toward us each and every day. My most recent prayer is for my Pastor to trust that God still has a plan for his life and his family. After a recent church disagreement, the Pastor was removed from his role as a Shephard, a role he faithfully held for almost 30 years. Parishoners have mixed feelings; some are disgruntled while others are simply upset. He is asking for peace in his own life and restoration for all this affected in the midst of this life changing event. Thank you for your prayers,

- Anonymous | February 5, 2023

My Mother Darlene is back in Chemotherapy. She has bad pain, please help me pray the cancer will b we destroyed. My Dad Jerry is also a cancer patient that the cancer would be destroyed, his walking to improve. Strength for the journey and rest.

- Rosea, North Carolina | February 5, 2023

for our grandson to find contentment beig a man

- Jackie, Pa | February 4, 2023

If you would please pray for The LORD to heal my backsliding, my body, my mind, soul and spirit of all ailments. Also, if you would please pray that He helps me, protects me, and delivers me through the trials that I am going through. Please also pray that He provides for my spiritual, material and financial needs. Please pray that The LORD delivers me from the devil, my enemies and any strongholds and bondages that I am under. Finally, please pray that The LORD turns away my captivity as He did for Job. Thank you and God bless you.

- Ruben, CA | February 3, 2023

Hello, wanted to humbly submit a prayer request... please please pray for mercy and for a miracle... thank you so much... Gratefully, Cindy

- Anonymous | February 3, 2023

famiy freinds job.

- Anonymous | February 3, 2023

job house family freinds hleath streatnth

- Anonymous | February 3, 2023

Please pray for God to fill me and my house with power, living water, His Blood, manna, anointing oils and more. For evil to be removed from it. God bless!!!

- Tony Sirianni, Florida | February 3, 2023

Please pray for wisdom in our finances and to end our indebtedness. As well, we are badly in need of a car to replace the one we used to have. Thank you for prayers, please remember Ukraine!

- Anonymous, Ontario | February 3, 2023

Prayers for all on here. I also ask prayer for my family. A false accusation has caused a major rift in the family. No one hardly speaks, dont get to see some of the grandkids. Pray for all of them to be saved. And we be a family again. Prayers for my brothers Bryan and Randy, be set free. My mom to lose weight and the pain be healed in her leg from sciatica. For myself to be healthy so I can serve God.

- Dianne | February 3, 2023

I need to lose weight so I can stay of diabetic medication. I lost my housing, and I am struggling to pay rent and other bills, so I am depressed afraid and very lonely. I need to feel and be closer to God's presence but don't know how.

- Anonymous | February 2, 2023

Please answer all of our prayers and petitions Lord to aid us on our lives journey in Jesus Christ's Name Amen.

- Anonymous | February 2, 2023

Im asking for prayers please for my husbands salvation and marriage restoration!

- Anonymous | February 2, 2023

for husband Hal in hospital and needs healing of stomach as they are refusing to do surgery.

- Anonymous | February 1, 2023

Please pray for healing for my friend Luann. She is bravely battling 2 very rare types of blood cancer. She wants to live and care for family and friends. Thank you so much for your payers.

- Anonymous | February 1, 2023

please pray for my nephew scott who has wrapped his world around marijuana. also my sisters the youngest gail and her husband j has several medical issues and either wont or cant do anything about them lastly but not least my closest sis darlene is having spells where she freezes in place. she eats so few things and is a heavy smoker.thank you for your time on this. also none of them really believe in God or his holy word either

- pam, n.c. | February 1, 2023

Prayer that I will be reunited with my children and have a normal life soon

- Anonymous | February 1, 2023

Hello, hope u are well. This last week or so has been EXTREMELY hard on us. First, there was a stabbing in the bathroom of son logans school. It was recorded so kids seen it. Victim ok but son knew her and this was hard, he missed days of school. Than there was a terrible 3 car crash by our home when he was walking home, i had to runt to it and make sure he wasnt hit. So at this point everytime i hear a siren, a car skid, i sicken. I can tell where the sirens stop in the neighborhood. Theres also been multiple other bad things in the neighborhood. Logans 15. He has struggled with mental health and depression badly in past. His heart desires good friends. We and so many others been believing for this. He has only like 3 "friends" he skateboards with, so walking around the neighborhood to the skate spots is a thing. Yesterday a dead body was found on grounds by his school. He had panic attack and even slept in our room. please pray for good ! friends safety and good mental health. tyvvm

- Anonymous, Maryland | February 1, 2023

Prayers for my siblings and their families. May God bless them and keep them from Illness and harm. I pray that the Lord woll help us to become a family again without hatred and greed.

- Sylvia, Texas | January 31, 2023

I believe there is a selfish thing I do that actually leads to real physical pain on someone. I seek confession and forgiveness for this and seek a resolve.

- Ben Newton, Kansas City | January 31, 2023

I believe in so many ways I have been untruthful and lied. I want to confess this and seek prayer that I can stick with the truth in a convincing manner.

- Ben Newton, Kansas City | January 30, 2023

I am coming to you this morning suffering from anxiety , it is affecting my everyday life. It is hard on me and hard on my family. It has been hard for me to do for myself and my family. I am asking anyone who read this please pray for relief for me and my family. To all those on this wall who needs prayer and all those praying for others my God bless you!

- d.H | January 30, 2023

Prayers for our former Pastor and his wife as they wade through conflicts in their church. May their church come together in one accord as they bring their grievances before Him. Prayers for our friends and family who don't know the Lord and reject the Lord. Prayers for my husband and myself as we face difficult decisions. I lift up prayers for my husband for the Lord to relieve him of his anxieties and his fesrs and his emotional afflictions. I lift up to the Lord, our Great Healer, for healing of my cancer and its tentacles' wherever it has traveled in my body. I pray the Gracious Lord will keep me strong and restore my energy so I may stay and comfort my husband. In Your Holy and Precious Name, Lord Jesus, Yeshua Hamashiach.

- Lois | January 30, 2023

It is bad. My love of self is causing me to be angry, rude, argue, and say bad things. This is shameful and I seek confession and forgiveness. I have also found myself in some lies. All of this is so hard and so daunting I seek prayers.

- Ben Newton, Kansas City | January 30, 2023

finances. House needs many repairs. a job I can do from home.

- Anonymous | January 29, 2023

please pray for our young son Kerigan. He befriended the wrong people and recently tried to help them with a ride home which created some significant problems for our son. Pray that God will intervene and deliver Kerigan from this and this will be dismissed.

- Anonymous | January 29, 2023

Please ask the Lord to guide our American Government Politicians in a manner that they can work through their differences without violence.

- Eric | January 27, 2023

Please pray that my children Erica, Eneia, and Elliot will grow closer to the Lord in faith and love.

- Eric | January 27, 2023

Reverend Mary is being treated by her Doctor for a non-cancerous growth in her brain that causes discomfort in other parts of her body. Please pray for her healing and for her strength in the Lord. Thank-you.

- Eric | January 27, 2023

Dennis continues to trust Jesus to overcome breathing difficulties. Please pray for his healing and for his strength in the Lord. Thank-you.

- Eric | January 27, 2023

I am battling arrogance, and I am battling arrogance to where it may be affecting other people. The pride and deceit that comes with this could be destructive. I seek forgiveness and confession for all of this and seek prayer to be humbled and surrendered to God.

- Ben Newton, Kansas City | January 27, 2023

Lois in Ohio, please know that your request is being shared with Jesus to uphold you and to help you so that you never feel alone with him as your friend. Isaiah 41;10 is a good verse to memorize and believe. Fear thou not for I am with you ... I am experiencing a lot of anxiety since my husband passed in 2019. It is really debilitating, so much so that I don't leave my home much at all. I live alone with my kitty, and all of my immediate family is deceased. I have NEVER lived alone in my life because of epilepsy. Please pray that this anxiety leave me & I can enjoy interacting with others again. Thanks so much & God Bless! - Lois, Ohio | January 9, 2023

- Anonymous | January 27, 2023

Please Dear Heavenly Father, I need You this day and everyday forward. As You are aware, I have daily chronic pain and fatigue from my severe and progressive Rheumatoid DIsease. My Rheumy has been searching for the best Biologic for my Disease. Until then I continue Methotrexate injections every Tuesday, Hydroxychloroquine, twice daily, and currently taking Actemra injections every Saturday. It’s still too early to tell if the Actemra Biologic is helping me. I continue to be a productive person in society by teaching but it gets harder each passing year. I’m 59 and cannot retire until I’m at least 65. I can go on Disability like so many others but I fear my body will continue to worsen if I lay around and do nothing. Lord, help me make the right decision for life (go on Disability or continue to work). Fall and Winter months are the most difficult months because of dampness, rain, cold, snow an! d major barometric changes. Please guide and direct! Amen

- Linda P., WV | January 26, 2023

Please pray for the severe spiritual attacks coming against me, and that my chronic digestive health issues would get better. That the internal struggles of pride, envy, and the rest would cease. That God would bless my marriage coming up in spring and the family He provides. For His peace, strength, wisdom, and guidance. For His will to be done. Thanks and God bless.

- Trent, LA | January 26, 2023

Please pray for both my sons for God healing My youngest son Michael is having a lot of health problems he is a special needs child of God he is 35he is 24 hour care...He has been having a High heart rate and liver problems...My other son Richard had colon cancer and liver cancer please pray that the cancer never comes back the doctor is watching a spot in his lung please pray for complete healing...please keep me in your prayers as well my name is Penny I have been fighting cancer since 2015 God has made me a winner 3 times and Now I am fight liver cancer and I know I will come out a winner again with Gods healing right now I am an emotional wreck I am so worried about my boys all I do is cry I know God got us ,I still cry Please Please pray for us we really need God help right now...Thank you

- Penny Breeding, SD | January 26, 2023

Heavenly Father, please cleanse, heal, and revive our local churches, and re-ignite us with your love, and make your message of eternal hope burn within us so that we can't help but share it with our neighbors, friends, coworkers, and family. We pray in the blessed name of our Lord Jesus Christ.

- Anonymous, OR | January 25, 2023

I am requesting an urgent prayer request for my Son JVS for deliverance from drugs, alcohol and ungodly influences in his life. Please pray in agreement with me for his complete healing and turnaround. May the Lord's will be accomplished in his life. I have been praying for Godly mentors to come into his life and for him to have a desire to come to a church where he will get the professional counselling and help that he so desperately needs, and if it's God's will for him to get into a God centered treatment center, that he will be willing to submit to the will of God for his own recovery. I ask God to have grace and mercy in his recovery and healing journey. Praise God give him your peace Lord and heal him of all his past traumas growing up around an abusive violent background in Jesus name. I prayer for family restoration and support from family members to help him in his recovery. God Please heal the whole family from all this time in past years

- SAH, BC | January 24, 2023

Asking prayer for a friend who had just had brain surgery this morning, Larry Gatten. Also for myself, I am having a lumpectomy this Friday, 1/27. Praying that all that needs to be removed is and no more or no less. Also that they get all lymph nodes affected removed and that I won't have to have chemo and radiation. I am 84 years old. Love God and am trusting in Him and your prayers. Thank you. and Thank God. Pat Yonley

- Patricia A Yonley, Zanesville OH | January 24, 2023

I just meditated for 40 minutes and I dont smoke tobacco. I am feeling unpeaceful and discontent. Can you pray that these negative emotions leave? Thanks! And God Bless You All!

- Becky Olson, LaCrosse WI | January 24, 2023

Please pray for my husband, Noah, so he comes to his sense and come back to our marriage covenant. Mark 10:8-9. I speak Truth, Open Communication, Reunification and Restoration of our love and marriage. Spirit of God is moving and working on Our Marriage. Amen.

- HM, Florida | January 24, 2023

I seek prayer that I can continue to work on the areas of my life that need to be completely surrendered to God and weed out any sin. I seek forgiveness for not always being focused on God and seek prayers for deliverance .

- Ben Newton | January 23, 2023

Healing & Provition, asthma healing & need of a car, hard 2 breath @ bust stops & safety from drama people @ bus stops. Marvin, Salvation, & stomach problems healing, complaining.

- Debra | January 23, 2023

Please pray for H, a man in his 20s, who is in a psychiatric hospital with heavy sight- and hearing halluciations. He's being tested for schizophrenia. Please pray for healing of his mental health, for complete and miraculous recovery. Thank you.

- Anonymous | January 22, 2023

i want to pray and humbly request a new job. this is dofferent than my last time trying to keep a job and wprking on sundays because of domestic violent situation. this is to get away from that and date maybe in 20 years

- Anonymous | January 21, 2023

I am asking for prayer for my children . They have all been baptized and brought up in the Christian faith. They have all fallen away from church . I believe that four of them are alcoholics. I also pray for my 12 grand children, and 11 great grand children. I pray they are all healed of their Illnesses and addictions and are born again. I also pray for my-self and my twin sister. We are facing illnesses now. She is having 5 weeks of radiation and I have had back and stomach pain they can't find anything wrong.

- Grand M, South Dakota | January 21, 2023

I am seeking out a customer service letter and I pray for God's guidance with this and wisdom.

- Ben Newton | January 20, 2023

Please pray for Sharon and John GOD will bring us back together mother and son also for me Sharon and Cohen so I can be Grandma Thank You Jesus Jesus Jesus in the name LORD JESUS CHRIST AMEN.

- Sharon | January 20, 2023

deliverance for my mom and i from spiritual oppression and i am unsure if this stems Covid vaccine. i feel that the entity has latched on to me and is difficult to remove. prayer for others thst are suffering

- Anonymous | January 20, 2023

A bank executive that I know told me that he would find me a mentor in the area of community service. He has not done that yet. I seek prayer that he will follow up soon and do it.

- Ben Newton | January 20, 2023

TY God for improving my moms hospital conditions. Each test you put your hand on improves. Help her with strength on her breathing trial tomorrow. Lord help her breathe on her own. I believe tomorrow they will be able to lower the trach pressure and she will handle it because of You Jesus. Help her become more alert God. Help her get the right meds and help the doctors understand what to do next. Thank You again for healing mom. Amen Jesus Amen Praise You

- sharon | January 19, 2023

please God heal Dennis Cuff , fighting for his life on life support and fighting from life threatening illness due to a car accident.please pray for him in Jesus name amen

- Anonymous | January 19, 2023

for our grandson to find contentment beig a man

- Jackie, Pa | January 19, 2023

I want to take a genuine interest in people. A real genuine interest. I do not want to be deceitful about this or deceitful about other things. I seek not to focus in myself and whatever wandering concerns I may be having. I hope the wondering thoughts about myself end as well.

- Ben Newton, Kansas City | January 19, 2023

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