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The best gift anyone can give to another is to send hope and encouragement through prayer. Join us in helping others by lifting their needs to our Lord.
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Need prayer for family Keep peace and grace angel protection and closer to god and money blessing and healing. and keep daily prayer

- Anonymous | January 17, 2019

hi my name is sherry jackson. please pray for my whole family please. And pray for all.

- Sherry Lynn Jackson | January 17, 2019

Please pray for the First Baptist church in Glasgow, MT.... for congregational growth, financial support, encouragement to the pastor and his wife, and prayer for his congregation to be faithful. Thank you.

- Anonymous | January 16, 2019

Please pray for Jayme Closs n her family as they heal from her kidnapping. Her family n her needs salvation, grace, peace, strength, wisdom, and anything that God puts on your heart. This really touches my heart cuz i just can imagine what she has gone through is what i have gone through too. I have not been kidnapped though. Please pray for me too. One other person that we need to pray for his salvation for is her kidnapper Jake Patterson. He needs Jesus really bad, and some remorse for what he has done to her. When I see him on TV confessing to what he has done to her n her family, he has no remorse. Please pray for the kids in the USA that are scared cuz of what Jake has done to Jayme.

- BrendyGirl, MN | January 15, 2019

This request is from Gavin & Cinday. Gavin has cerebral palsy. He said Cinday is not doing well either.

- Gavin & Cinday | January 15, 2019

I am going through a new custody battle with my non-believing ex. I have had custody of our 9yr old daughter her whole life. My current husband got a new/better job out of state. I am praying the judge allows me to keep custody wirh my 9yo moving with me.

- S, Kansas | January 15, 2019

My husband has type 1 diabetes since he was 3. One eye is totally blind & his doctor told him yesterday that he is slowly losing vision in his good eye but there is no way of knowing when that may happen.

- Melissa Scheeler, Chillicothe OH | January 15, 2019

Please pray for my healing. That my chronic migraines and tinnitus will cease! For my uncle who has colon cancer, for my uncle in law who has lung cancer, and my sister in law who has lymphoma. Also for my nephew who has been having a hard time. Thank you so much for your prayers!

- Anonymous | January 15, 2019

Thank you Lord for your faithfulness. Prayer for wisdom and discernment for some new parents. Good health for this new baby! Also please for true salvation, surrender for loved ones. Lastly, for myself that I would remember Gods promises in prayer and thanksgiving!

- Anonymous | January 15, 2019

I pray that the entire world will find God during these troubled times that the government of every nation will take care of the people of God completely and that everyone will come to know the Lord as their personal Savior in Jesus name tonight amen.

- Elder PIR, NYC | January 14, 2019

I need an apartment. It is the hardest thing to find. I am alone, never married, I need Jesus to help me, to guide me. Jesus send me a good place so I can do your will. Prayers for my twin Sue who wont speak to me. Prayer for reconciliation. I love her. Blessings to all. Blessed New Year.

- MaryBeth, Boston MA | January 14, 2019

My Nephew Sam and his Wife Lesley adopted a little girl from the Philippians, Her name is Eliana and she has severe health issues which were never shared with them at the time of the adoption! Prayers for Eliana: For total healing of her mind and body. For her to tolerate food and the vomiting to stop. For her bowels to start functioning again as they should. For her to absorb nutrients and gain weight and grow. Wisdom for us as we care for her day to day Thank you for your caring for this little 6 yr old girl

- Anonymous | January 14, 2019

For the stress at IVJ job become no stress and his job comes to him with great ease, that he is faithful in his faith and allowing God to head his life... that his word to me is honest and faithful...anger is removed....

- Anonymous | January 12, 2019

I pray that God continue to be the head of my life, for me never to get distracted. for me to always remember not to stress over nothing and no one. i pray for my business for well healthy wonderful patients and loyal committed hardworking employees. for God to be the head of my relationship and for us to always honor God. for my family/friends/enemies to be healthy financially blessed and for God to always to be the head of there lives.

- Anonymous | January 12, 2019

Prayer for wisdom about renting out my house as I am taking care of my mother, after my father has passed away 3 years ago, who has some health issues. Praying that I will get the right renting company, the right renter, the right movers, the right storage place and the right handyman to fix up my place. Praying and Thanking God for favor, and financial and time provision for my mom and I. Prayers for my mom's health that she will live a long and fulfilled life. Thank you.

- Anonymous | January 12, 2019

I am thankful for all God has given me. I am asking God to show me my purpose in serving Him by helping others. I feel a yearning and a desire by the Holy Spirit that I can help be there for others that are in need. I want very much to help those who are hurting and need encouragement or a helping hand. Please Lord guide me to your purpose. I long for Heaven but know that there is work to be done. Please Lord speak to me so I can hear and follow you. Amen.

- Anonymous, Syracuse NY | January 12, 2019

Please lift up my daughter, Devon up in prayer. She's been diagnosed with MS and is going thru a lot; prior to this she was hurt in 2 separate accidents- a burn accident at work & a hit & run accident where her truck was totaled! She needs strength, peace & healing. I thank you in advance.

- DPRIDGEON, IL | January 12, 2019

My son has been falsely accused of a crime and has been in jail for a year. Please pray that proof will be found of his innocence and we can bring him home with us. We live a simple life in the country and that is all he's ever known. His record is clean; this is the first time he's ever been in jail. Please pray that his lawyer will be able to clear his name. Thanking you in advance.

- Anonymous | January 12, 2019

RESTORATION Of Health & Wealth

- Mary from Philadelphia, PA | January 11, 2019

My daughter converted to Islam 3 years ago while our relationship is very healthy my heart aches knowing I might not see her in heaven. We raised in a Christian home and weekly attendance in church. I pray that she might be led back to Christ. Thank you.

- Thena, Southeastern Connecticut | January 10, 2019

My 46 year old son is addicted to pain pills. He has been struggling trying to get off of them at times, and other times, he won't admit he has a problem. Please pray for him to see and understand that he DOES have an addiction problem and that he will let God help him to break those chains and be clean and drug free again. Thank you!!

- Cathy from Andrews, SC | January 10, 2019

please i'm down on my knees and arms are raised. I cant sustain this anymore I give it to God and pray for a better tomorrow. better support, partnership, career. i'm drowning here. I need out, I need help

- Anonymous | January 10, 2019

Reconciliation and healing in family

- Anonymous | January 9, 2019

Please pray for me that I don't have cancer & that the CT Scan of my head comes back as "unremarkable" I.E. everything is normal. I ask this in Jesus name amen.

- Robert G., Illinois | January 9, 2019

salvation for mother and aunts. physical healing for my husband and I. thank you very much.

- Anonymous | January 9, 2019

my heavenly father protect me from my enemies and have mercy on my soul give me the strength to bear your name I pray for me

- Anonymous, TX | January 8, 2019

Please pray for our son as he is struggling with anxiety. We are trying to decide what is best in his life right now. We have never homeschooled and are praying for God's direction. Thank you!

- Anonymous | January 7, 2019

My prayer is that my husband's RA (rheumatoid arthritis) which is the rare condition goes into remission or healed. He was diagnosed two months ago and is having a lot of pain. We own a business and I pray over this as well so that we will succeed and be able to give more to God and be a blessing to others.

- Anonymous | January 7, 2019

Please ask God to enter, defend and heal my body. Please pray over my health. Thank you.

- Reid from Canada | January 7, 2019

First let us give the Lord thanks for the abundance of all things.Please pray that the Lord would deliver his people from evil men; That the Lord would preserve his people from violent men, who plan evil things in their heart and stir up wars continually. Pray against the spirit of anti Christ, false witness, terrorism, leviathan, jezebel, witchcraft, hatred and violence. Pray for world wide repentance that people would turn to God, so that he will forgive their sins. Please pray and intercede without ceasing that God's will be done in the lives of the world's leaders and for our leaders to seek God and listen to Him. Pray that they would be surrounded by godly counsel and, that our leadership would personally know God and the salvation found through faith in Jesus Christ alone. That we may live peaceful and quiet lives in all godliness and holiness. God can turn the hearts of kings. Earnestly pray that the people of America and its leaders will humble themselves and seek the Lords face and

- Angela, KY | January 6, 2019

VBS on August 8-9th. may souls be save and His word been planted in their hearts. For all involved at Stonelick Baptist Church. God Bless you all

- Debbie Van Camp, Maysville KY | January 6, 2019

dear heavenly father, i pray for comfort and understanding in a difficult situation for a long known friend, unexpected news has made life harder an a choice in how to handle it has bought fear, stress and financial hardship. please direct the pathway an bring loving mercy. amen

- Anonymous | January 6, 2019

Restoration of Health & Wealth in 2019.

- Morrow-Farrell, Germantown PA | January 5, 2019

Please Pray that God will release my Money that Is owed to me soon. Only in his time and according to his will,Thank You and God Bless!!! and Also to that I may have a good Blood Work Report from the Doctor's office in Jesus Name Amen. PS. PRAY that my son Robert get his SSI Benefits very soon that he stand need of so bad.

- Jo Ann, Fort Worth | January 5, 2019

A humble prayer for my family that they develop a personal relationship with Jesus. We learn to have a good fellowship with one another in brotherly, sisterly and sibling love. Pray for my granddaughter in her first year of college. She will be going broad to Florence Italy in June of this year. Also pray for my fiance that God touches his heart to do the right thing in our relationship.

- Anonymous, Tampa FL | January 3, 2019

Please pray that Christians would support the Christian book industry especially sharing Christian kidlit and YA books. Please pray that Christian agents and publishing houses would publish more racially-diverse authors.

- Anonymous | January 3, 2019

I need god to bless me my bill from the IRS my bill will be pay off is over 7000 Dollars

- Shereese Clark, Atlantic City | January 3, 2019

Pray for me that I will be able to find a part time job that will enable me to help my elderly mother, spend time studying, and be able to go to church on Sunday. Thank you in advance. Praise His holy name!

- Kathryn, SF Bay Area | January 2, 2019

First Corinthians 15: 24 - 28. This is the Big Picture! The macro. Please join me in asking God our own adoptive Father - the First Person of the Triune Godhead - that He would glorify Himself thru what goes on during my life this year, even manifestly, and that that would be all the more the case, even manifestly, thru the magnifying of Jesus His Son and His Christ, and that that would be all the more the case, even manifestly, thru the saving of a soul! Thank you each for your prayers. Our Father thru Christ Jesus bless each of you richly today and richly all thru the New Year. Romans 11:33-36!

- Rich, PA | January 2, 2019

Pray for me to move to another level in God. For my ministry to be made evident to me. I want to see miracles happening TODAY as in Jesus' day - He said greater works we will do. I want to be a part of it - for sure. Thanks!

- Alice Wells, PA | January 1, 2019

Pray for: (1) my husband's (Randy's) health - suffered two strokes last September - and for salvation. Also for ((2) my Son Brian to obtain a job that is close to his family. Right now it takes almost two hours one-way to get to/from work, even more, when there's snow, sleet, etc. (3) For me - that I fulfill the plan God has for my life - I need to hear him clearly - understand his word even the more - and grow closer to him. And (4) For my older son's salvation and for him to be settled. Lastly, for my seven grandchildren.

- Alice Wells, PA | January 1, 2019

Appreciate prayers for my family, and healing prayers for me as I have Graves disease, and at times it is so difficult to deal with. Know God knew this would happen, He is with me, and He has a purpose for good tru this time of illness.

- Mercedes A Cunningham, Indiana | January 1, 2019

Please pray for Eric M. Please pray for his salvation. Pray God to open his eyes too his needs for Jesus- Pray God to open his ears to hear the Gospel of salvation- Prasy God to soften his heart so he can believe in Jesus Christ!!!

- Alfred, Maine USA | January 1, 2019

I need the Lord to bless our homeless vets, again this year. We provide food clothing and assistance to all these folks. We are finding it hard to meet there needs so I am asking for the prayer warriors to join me in prayer for the needs we face each day. In 2018 we lead 11 folks to the Lord, Praise His Holy Name. Thank You all.

- Donald Morris, Fayetteville NC | January 1, 2019

To pray for all toxic people and agendas by the devil to leave M. N. To ask for her life to be held in Gods hands and not the devils hands. To help M. N to see clearly with Gods light on her path. In Yeshuas Name Amen and Amen.

- Anonymous | December 31, 2018

To heal my feet from arch issues and inflammation from injury so I cannot miss church again. In Yeshua's name. Amen

- Anonymous | December 31, 2018

Please pray for me, that God will renew my faith in the new year.

- Darrell | December 31, 2018

for my Adopted Daughter Gracie to make wise decisions and walk fully with The Lord. For her to help around the house and finish school. For her Father Kenny who also is like a Son to me to get out of prison sooner than his release date of June 2020 and to walk with Christ again and stronger. For God to use him in Ministry and protect him. Send him a good woman to marry and a good job. A new life in Him. In Jesus Name. And for my good health and courage and wisdom. Thank you all.

- Anonymous | December 31, 2018

l'm a 71yr old divorce women that have live in my house 44yrs and paid $13,900. Some private investor has come in my neighorhood and reappraise our home and went up to $114,000 dollars and sent it to the city tax people.I can't afford that tax bill and i don't want to lose my home.I going to appeal it.Please pray for me to win my appeal and i'm not going to sell them my house I have no where to go.

- A Christian senior, Baltimore MD | December 30, 2018

Please, pray for the healing of my eyes. My left has no sight and my right eye is blurry. I want to drive again. Thank you for your prayers.

- Anonymous | December 29, 2018

Father God, I believe that You will come like the rain in Julian's life. In Jesus' Name, please break every attack of the enemy and cancel every curse or negative word ever spoken in Julian's life. God, help him break free from death of Ericka. Bring to him life. In Jesus' Name.

- G, TX | December 27, 2018

Please pray for our daughter, Liz (41). She has cancer. It started as Rectal cancer about 4 yrs. ago. She was later declared cancer free. Unfortunately it has returned with a vengeance. The doctor gives her less then 5 years. She has 2 kids, 17 & 13 who need their mom. Pray God's will for her and for His healing touch to be upon her. Also, please pray she grows closer to Our Lord God. Thank you

- Barb, Washington | December 27, 2018

Pray for the depression I have to be gone. I have Multiple Sclerosis which limits my walking ability and other areas of my life. Energy levels fluctuate. I need God to make some changes in my life so I can be happy. Thank you

- Barb, Washington | December 27, 2018

Humbly, i pray that my mother will be fully healed and restored after having a stroke in September. I pray all aches, pains, anxiety, and any and all defeated thoughts will be removed from her thinking. I pray she will have full mobility . I pray. Lord God that she will be better than ever before with her physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health, ready to give her testimony of the awesome miracles you blessed her with each day, in Jesus' name! Amen!

- Kim France, New York | December 27, 2018

quick lucrative sale of our NJ home, easy purchase of home in senior-friendly Delaware. Permanent deliverance from anxiety, worry, fear, doubt. That I be content and my joy be restored.

- Anonymous | December 26, 2018

i'm asking for prayer for me, oscar, my family, his family. i pray for a close relationship with god help me to love myself as well as others please help my smart mouth and the cussing lord i'm asking for forgiveness for everyone of my sins and i'm rebuking the devil In the name of Jesus

- Christina, Alabama | December 26, 2018

prayer for a position that offers work life balance, healthy culture, and allow me to pay the bills and to continue to support my two kids on my own. i'm in a very toxic place right now and it trickles over to my home life. i'm stressed all the time, cant sleep, and every day is a battle. i'm exhausted, overwhelmed, and don't want to go on like this. to make it more challenging I moved to a new state for this position, this organization, and it is breaking me.

- Anonymous | December 24, 2018

Please pray for me and my family as we go through a grieving process because of the passing of our brother December 21 2018 day before my birthday. Praying for peace, understanding, humble hearts, love in preparing for our brothers home going.

- Verna Richardson, Jacksonville NC | December 22, 2018

Father, I have faith that you will uplift these prayers and provide the strength needed to the next step. You have already declared in your Word, and for that, Thank You! Love, your Child

- Anonymous | December 22, 2018

pleae pray for me and my family. my dad went to heaven on December 16th. i need strength to get through Christmas

- Heather, Menomonie | December 19, 2018

pray for we to get back in church and to be nicer to others any forgive others.thank you lord

- Julia williams, North Carolina | December 19, 2018

For once, God sent me an amazing relationship. For once, I would like for this relationship to work out. God, PLEASE HAVE MERCY ON ME AND LET ME KEEP THIS. I hate that God's will takes stuff so good away from us. It's not fair. Please, God. Have mercy. In Jesus' Name. Amen.

- G, TX | December 18, 2018

Prayers needed for my 27 yr old daughter who has lost her way and meaning in life. She is a wonderful young lady Pray she finds her way and overcomes the obstacles that are bringing her down.

- Anonymous | December 18, 2018

Please pray for me to get through this Christmas without my loved ones. They will all be spending Christmas in heaven with Jesus.

- Vicki Haberman from Texas | December 19, 2018

Please pray for my 1 year old daughter. She is not sleeping good at night. She has night terrors and screams and cries all hours of the night. Pray for peace and that she can get sleep

- Anonymous | December 18, 2018

I humbly as the Lord God, King of the Universe to grant peace and serenity to me and my family. Help us to love each other without strife and work together as we walk in unity toward you. Help us to see your light in our world, even though some might have lost their faith. Bring us and the whole world back to YOU, to shine your LIGHT on to us and all the Nations of the Earth. Amen.

- Rachael Alice Orbach | December 16, 2018

Please pray for our daughter Grace to heal from piano-related muscle overuse injuries. She has not been able to play music for 2 months and is a music major in college! Her pain continues despite rest, meds and PT, limiting most of her activities. Thank you for praying for her!

- Anonymous | December 16, 2018

prays for my ex husband to come back to God, love his kids, be a father FINALLY. Also, for justice in our court case and the kid's hearts to be protected. I pray my children make WISE CHOICES in life, career, and MARRIAGE so they never suffer what happened to us again.

- Paula, Georgia | December 16, 2018

I am asking for prayers to find an affordable house/apartment for my son and I. we have to move by Feb 1. My landlord died and it is being sold. also my son needs a job. I am requesting also that no more of my things are thrown away

- Denice Jenkins, LA | December 16, 2018

I ask with a humble heart for guidance and strength during this difficult time in grieving my moms passing. Its come up on the 1 year anniversary last week and Im missing my mom, my best friend terribly. My heart is broken and i feel so lost without her. All i have is my Faith and for that I am also becoming more acquainted in my relationship with God and my testimony because Im being tested. beyond i have ever been tested. As I have been faced with so many setbacks on top of losing my Mom. I ask for God to remove those that are toxic and keep placing my new brothers and sisters of Christ on my path to healing..

- Stephanie, Orange County | December 15, 2018

unspoken request about Church membership,Please pray my mom and i wont have our Christmas ruined.She and i often feel very lousy her physically and me mentally, please pray God will help us feel better for Christmas.Plus i am very short on money and cannot afford to give gifts this year.Please pray Gods peace and comfort in my heart this year, and that my mom and i will have a nice Christmas in spite of our circumstances.

- Andrew, Jacksonville FL | December 14, 2018

I am praying for the Lord to bless me with funds and grants needed to open my new business and clients to ensure that my business is a success. I also pray that I can pay off my debtors.

- K.V., NC | December 14, 2018

Please pray for Stephanie who has Multiple Schelrosis and still works full time with 2 children. Pray for me as I am stressed out dealing with a loved one who is an alcoholic. Pray for my birth mother who is a very bitter. Pray for the community here where I live that they find answers to political problems which do not consider what is best for the community as a whole. And a thank you to God for answering recent prayers.

- Anonymous | December 14, 2018

I am praying that my blessings will be released in heaven and fall on me.

- Anonymous | December 14, 2018

my niece is in line for a liver transplant. they meet with drs. at 4 pm today. please pray for good report. she is 53. thanks

- Anonymous | December 14, 2018

my brother is 74. He is having nightmares. please pray peace and that he can cast all his cases on the Lord and that he will go for couching if he sneeds to

- Anonymous, TN | December 14, 2018

Need Prayer for our church we are a small country church that welcomes anyone that wil come and worship with us but we are in need of prayer that the lord will send us a new Pastor due to personal issues our Pastor is no longer with us so please pray that god if it is meant to be sends us someone and also pray for pastor Greg he is helping us out during this time thank you and amen amen

- Ryan, Eastern Kentucky | December 14, 2018

From Sean in Silicon Valley, CA, USA: Pray for the Lord's grace, mercy, help, healing (even His supernatural / miraculous quick physical healing and pain / anxiety relief), salvation, peace, comfort, provision, and protection for: USA, Israel, Canada, Mexico, THE BODY OF CHRIST, me & all my family/relatives, all I've prayed for, and all of mankind as the Lord wills. Amen, thank you.

- Sean, Silicon Valley CA | December 13, 2018

I have a 21-year-old daughter who is suffering from bipolar disorder and now living on the streets. I'm asking for the Lord for healing. For her to be willing to ask for healing from the Lord and pick up her mat and walk toward Jesus.

- Crystal K, Simi Valley | December 11, 2018

Pray and agree with me that God will grow my husband and me in our relationship with Him. Pray that we hear when God speaks to us and leads and directs us in all areas of our lives. Pray that we both can have hearts filled with love, the love like Christ asked us to love each other and that we both are restored and our marriage is reconciled. Thank you for praying for us.

- Angela Bates, NC | December 10, 2018

Pray and agree with me that this court case goes in my favour. That it will be dismissed and all charges dropped. Been a long battle. I'm overwhelmed to the point of death. Sometimes it feels that no matter how I pray, things just keep getting worse. I'm drained. I feel so broken and forsaken by God but I do know He hears me and will answer. I don't know what else to do. Thanks.

- Forns Arlette, St.Lucia | December 8, 2018

Lord I pray that you deliver my husband from the hurt and lies that he lives with. Show him the path to you so he may know the unconditional love and grace you have for us all. Please give him peace. Bring our marriage back together so we can share our story to help others going through similiar situations. Help us to do your work and share your story. In Jesus name I pray...Amen

- Traci, Louisiana | December 8, 2018

Lord I pray that you deliver my husband from the hurt and lies that he lives with. Show him the path to you so he may know the unconditional love and grace you have for us all. Please give him peace. Bring our marriage back together so we can share our story to help others going through similar situations. Help us to do your work and share your story. In Jesus name I pray...Amen

- Traci, Louisiana | December 8, 2018

Heavenly father deliver me of cigarettes and drugs. Lord i need your supernatural. to heal my hernia and make my body perfect and strong as you designed it to be. King of Kings i need you to remove the trespassers within my daughter Oh Lord free my child your creation from the demon that has taken occupancy of her. when o lord she belongs to you. I pray this now in the name of Jesus Christ Amen Thank you God for all you are doing. By your grace i can come for the blood of Jesus made the way. Amen

- Katy, Ft collins CO | December 7, 2018

Heavenly Father...I pray for the stray cat that has been in my care these past few months. Heal his injury, and give him a wonderful home... Secondly, Lord God...grant me the strength to overcome depression and anxiety, and one more chance to work. And may the next job you give me, O Lord, be a job that I stick with for years to come, no matter my inner struggles. I want to be successful in Your name, Lord. I want to be granted so much blessing, that it can run unto others, man and animal alike.

- Vivian Futch, FL | December 4, 2018

Please request prayer:: for my family struggle our budget problem to live and give us bless and be strong family not want to struggle our budget to live house and bills and my health issues chronic depression and anxiety and chronic illness. Yes we study and pray more but no answer our prayer fail mean give us hard time struggle everything Oh please help us to save with the Lord Amen. Yes we are Christian family

- Enza Genova-Tammaro, Ontario Canada | December 4, 2018

Please pray for the young men in Kansas AMT that they receive the Lord.

- Anonymous | December 3, 2018

  1. Please pray for the Lord's grace, mercy, love, help, complete healing, full-household salvation, leadership, truth and light, wisdom / knowledge / understanding / discernment, peace / comfort / rest / joy, presence and favor, impenetrable protection, and all that’s good from God above for all of: The USA (Washington DC); California (N. CA Bay Area, Silicon Valley); Israel & Jerusalem; Canada and Mexico; all of the Lord’s churches / groups / denominations / ministries / gatherings world-wide; all of God’s people (THE BODY OF CHRIST); me (SEAN) and all my family and relatives; all whom I’ve prayed for, & all of mankind as the Lord wills. Pray that the Lord would physically, mentally, and spiritually bless, save, heal, strengthen, & restore us all; forgive us of all our sins; write our names in His Book of Life; grant to us all our prayers, needs, and desires of our hearts according to His good will; and deliver us from all evil and the Evil One. Amen.

- Sean from Silicon Valley, CA | December 3, 2018

My sister and law and her daughter are having a tough time due to recently losing their 20 year old son/brother.

- Anonymous | December 1, 2018

i pray for a peaceful, fun and exciting grand opening for Everetts new business. May he find joy and success in all he does and may his territory widen to continue to bless others. Father clear his path and protect him from all who are against him. Heal his health by the blood of Jesus and keep his heart strong and full of peace and love. Thank you for the blessings seen an unseen, put a head covering over his children and those who work for him. Give him your armor and discernment Lord and allow him to lead us - by you, for you and through you in your powerful name Amen.

- B, Milpitas | December 1, 2018

I am asking for my family and adult children's forgiveness! my family has been torn up since my parents divorced and now my adult children are angry and bitter towards me for divorce of they're father and have no forgiveness! I pray for peace and love and repair of these relationships! I also ask for prayer for my childrens (3 son's) Salvation and Baptism that they return to God and Church and raise their child up in the way they were taught! i also pray for more time together with my children and family!!

- Dawn, Ohio | November 29, 2018

Prayer for a family whose older father had surgery on his throat that had a lump. It looks to be cancerous and also might have spread to his liver! They think the spot they found on his liver could also be cancerous! Pray for strength of the family and the Doctors wisdom! Pray for Ralpha's full recovery and strength.

- Dawn from Ohio | November 29, 2018

My granddaughter is on drugs and on the street. Needing salvation and deliverance. Thanks...

- Jeanette Boyd | November 28, 2018

Please pray.. the love of my life, went to be with Our Lord. 27 days ago. we were married over 30 wonderful years.. my heart is broken. I miss him so much.. he was retired, we spent 24 hrs/7 days a week together. My Lord has been with me every step. I miss him so much. thank you all.

- Ms. Rose, Modesto | November 27, 2018

Please pray my fiance will get help with his anger issues and his emotional abusive behavior towards me. Please pray for my brother, who blames himself for the passing of our beautiful sister " Debbie",whom had the mentality of an 8 year old. My brother, has mental and physical issues as well and very suicidal. He is under commitment order with a healthcare team to address these issues. My other two sisters, my future mother in law and father in law. Please pray all these important people that I dearly, love come to know, God; including my son, who has turned to drugs, my former step daughter. Pray i am redirected in my career path with more opportunities, renewed faith and joy, so that i may be a light to others, in this dark, cold world. Thank you and God bless!!!

- Willa, Indiana | November 27, 2018

Son Daniel .. He's an angry man. Does not want to talk with anyone. dose not want to spend time with family. Divorced, one daughter. Has no home or wife. Drinks all the time when not working . Needs Salvation, or come back to the Lord. During most of his life its been hardship. one bad thing after another. Pray he will see he needs Jesus.

- Janet Crippen | November 26, 2018

Please pray for my brother to accept Christ into his life and his heart and for God to protect him. Please pray for healing in my father's knees and deliverance from anxiety about getting older. Please pray for me to get back on track with my relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ and to increase my motivation to read and study God's word (the bible)daily again. Thank you.

- Anonymous, USA | November 24, 2018

Pray for my friend he once service but he has backslide now.

- Allen | November 24, 2018

Please pray for my daughter Emily who is struggling with health issues.

- Cheryl, NY | November 24, 2018

Father in Law has cancer going through a rough time.

- Liz White, California | November 23, 2018

Please pray for my granddaughter, Abi. She was raised in a very strong Christian home, the daughter of a minister of music in an evangelical church. She's pursuing a major in music, but at a state university. She's only in her 1st year there, but has already been drawn so far away from the Lord that our son suggested that we don't even bring up the topic while she's home for Thanksgiving. Please pray that the Lord will bind Satan & not let him influence her, and that the Holy Spirit would work in her heart to draw her back to the Lord. Thanks!

- Anonymous | November 21, 2018

Healing so that I may be able to do what God has called me to do. Healing and strength for myself and family to hold on without question to God and to do His will with our whole heart, mind and soul regardless of what comes our way. That we also encourage others to follow Christ and to pray for all. My family and I endure multiple health and financial issues that often interfere with our service to God and daily life. Some of them are generational curse, asthma, heart, depression, anxiety, traumas other health issues and mental illness. Please pray for my grandchildren and their parents as well as myself that we provide through Christ a strong foundation for them to follow Christ. I just want to remain pleasing in God's eye. I know my health must change so that I maybe active as God desires. Thank You God Bless You and Yours.

- Virginia, From Virginia | November 21, 2018

Please pray that the Lord will heal my son Henry Sperling. within 2 weeks Henry went from stumbling a bit, to not being able to walk at all. Both the doctors at ER and Henry's own doctors could not find out what the problem was. They even suggested that the problem might be in Henry's mind! Please pray that the Lord will keep Henry alive, and that his new nuerologist may find out what is afflicting Henry. Henry is 9 years old. Thank you.

- Brian Sperling, Laredo TX | November 21, 2018

I thank Jesus for today. I praise Jesus for the beautiful sky and the majestic beauty he painted for us in the night sky. I praise Jesus for the beauty on our wonderful earth in and in gods awesome nature. I praise Jesus for the wonderful people, their character and everyone’s uniqueness. I praise Jesus for my beautiful home my beautiful Cynthia and the step boys, our family and friends. Lord praise you for the boys Justin Rishon and Nathan and for you lord helping with their good behavior. Praise you god for providing me and Cynthia with work helping us to prosper. You are our true and loving father Amen

- Benjamin, Western Australia | November 21, 2018

Pray for Darlene who is struggling with loss.

- Anonymous | November 20, 2018

Please pray for my ex-husband and my family to be snatched away from the enemies captivity and delivered into HIS LIGHT and love of forgiveness. I'm praying they will all come to surrender in GOD's truth an purpose for their loves - Thank you I'm praying in agreement your prayer requests too, GOD's will be done, Amen

- Anonymous, Dade City FL | November 20, 2018

Please pray for my family my sons father Jessie Guzman has been clean for 7 days and i ask that you pray for him to stay strong and stay sober and please pray for our 3 year old son whose name is also jessie but we call him Jayjay because he wakes up at night scared and says sees a man and is frightened by something that only he is seeing please ask god to watch over us thank you in Jesus name amen

- Ashley Green, San Bernardino CA | November 19, 2018

Husband had nuclear stress test,- had already had a stent put into his heart, it pulled loosed throwing blood into his body, along with the nuclear stress fluid they gave him. They are trying to clean his system, has two swollen legs, one is red with poison, he had to go to hospital again. He is still having heart problems, then kidney problems, now they say his heart is beating irregular, & is listed with congestive heart failure, today they said his kidneys are ok, but the irregular heart beat are a concern. I've been praying that God guide the Drs. minds to get him healed.... would rather God would heal everything for him (He's been in the hospital twice in the last 3 weeks, trying to get him well) We both began having breathing problems around the same time, but he is having so many problems with the poison in his system, cannot figure out how to treat him, apparently....I'm scheduled for a heart cath next week, Would appreciate praying for him-thanks He's a young man 75

- Nancy | November 18, 2018

I am asking that we join in corporate prayer for our nation & for the people who do not know or accept Jesus Christ in their lives in totality as their Lord & Savior. I am asking that we agree that our brothers and sisters in faith need a boost of strength, endurance & energy so that we can step up to the task given us to spread the gospel, praise the Lord, encourage, teach & love one another in Spirit & Truth...be bold as a Lion ...wise as serpents...yet gentle as Doves...in our walk with the Lord in grace, faith, endurance, truth, obedience, & keeping our eyes on the Word, Will and Way through & according to Jesus Christ. If you see fit, please remember me (Janet), my husband (Olu)...our integrated families & children & each of their struggles, challenges in opposition to the Will of God. Help in our finances, homes, relationships, careers and our Love for God. Thank you...love u all & I pray God's continued covering, guidance & comfort over all your lives & those in it.

- Janet R-A, Midwest USA | November 16, 2018

Pray for the Lord's grace, mercy, help, healing (even His supernatural / miraculous quick physical healing and pain / anxiety relief), salvation, peace, comfort, provision, and protection for: USA, Israel, Canada, Mexico, THE BODY OF CHRIST, me & all my family/relatives, all I've prayed for, and all of mankind as the Lord wills. Amen, thank you.

- Sean, Silicon Valley CA | November 16, 2018

i need help i'm losing this battle and my drug addiction is winning it overpowers my thoughts my actions my life i have no control i am so lost i am saved but i have lost my way

- Anonymous | November 16, 2018

I need a new doctor mine will retire in six weeks. I have multiple health problems. This is just for one piece of the whole. I cant find anyone who takes my insurance or will take my secondary. My finances don't allow me to pay the part the secondary would pick up. very discouraged

- Christy Tuma | November 14, 2018

First let us give the Lord thanks for the abundance of all things.Please pray that the Lord would deliver his people from evil men; That the Lord would preserve his people from violent men, who plan evil things in their heart and stir up wars continually. Pray against the spirit of anti Christ,false witness,terrorism,leviathan,jezebel,witchcraft,hatred and violence. Pray for world wide repentance that people would turn to God, so that he will forgive their sins. Please pray and intercede without ceasing that God's will be done in the lives of the world's leaders and for our leaders to seek God and listen to Him. Pray that they would be surrounded by godly counsel and, that our leadership would personally know God and the salvation found through faith in Jesus Christ alone. That we may live peaceful and quiet lives in all godliness and holiness. God can turn the hearts of kings. Earnestly pray that the people of America and its leaders will humble themselves and seek the Lords face and

- Angela Hughes, KY | November 14, 2018

Had anti christian/mission work interference when ready to send a ocean cargo container of bibles and devotions and basic necessities for Unreached far outback native people in lantune pizon mtns. First bamboo pole Home Church made last year that soon doubled as a shelter for abused/trafficked moms and kids. No church No Org. No store or school or doctor. Mini bamboo houses far apart access by paths. Need funds to ship/mission support sap for Christmas.

- Anonymous, SoCal and Native Americans and Asia Pacific | November 13, 2018

Heavenly most gracious Father, I pray that you will heal my son from drugs and suicidal thoughts. Please keep him in your will and send your angels to protect him from evil. Surrounding him with good friends and give him the skills to make positive choices as he goes thru life. He will be 18 in two days, help him live to see 18 this day. In the name of Jesus I pray for him and others that is in need of a prayer and blessing.

- Anonymous | November 11, 2018

My sister Carolyn is on morphine for cancer the radiation and chemo does not work they had to take her off of it just a matter of time please pray for her that God will heal her she's a good hearted person she always helped any one who needed help please keep my sister in your prayers she's the only one I have.

- Carolyn Ives Brown, KINGSTREE S.C. | November 10, 2018

Please pray for me as I go through a grieving process because of the sudden passing of my disabled son. I was his caregiver and he lived with me. Now I am alone with no close friends of church family turn to. I lost contact with everyone when I submerged myself in my son's care. I am experiencing a lot of loneliness. I don't feel I have a purpose anymore. He was my whole life, my best friend and encourager.

- Cyndy, Virginia | November 10, 2018

Please pray for my wife Dyan to stop her physical and emotional abuse. She is always tearing down God and all of us who serve. Please also pray that she would come to the knowledge of Jesus Christ. Also, please pray that we have a heathly pregnacy.

- Minister | November 8, 2018

Pray dorothy is healed and saved.

- Anonymous, Kentucky | November 7, 2018

Dear Father God; I come to you in complete submission.I want to do your will.I know Christ died for my sins.Please Lord hear me when I say I love you. Thank you for the many blessings live has bestowed upon My Church Family.

- Kathy Wheatley, OK | November 7, 2018

Pray for me to get a wife. pray God supernaturally matches me with the right woman very soon. pray for my family and things to get better and God to lead and guide me and give me wisdom and favor in life and opportunities.

- James Arthur White, KY | November 6, 2018

I pray father that you keep my addiction from me. In your name I pray. Amen

- Michael Durler, Vero Beach FL | November 6, 2018

Pray i find a teaching job my certification is about to expire to able to renew it and move to another city. i only work as substitute teacher and lost my job at harmony as teacher aide. i have a debt of loans from college and never have been able to learn to drive help me find a teaching job in another city to get hired in El Paso.

- Claudia Chaidez, TX | November 6, 2018

Pray for my parents who are no longer Christians but have joined a sect

- Diane, NH | November 6, 2018

Heavenly Father you know the struggle our family is living with. Please send Jesus to enlighten our minds to stop the generational curses that have plagued this family. We love you very much and struggle every day to help our children know that you can change the devastation that has been done to our family and many others. Please help all the souls in America suffering from trauma, addiction and prison. Let there be hope that what this family has endured will give hope to others because of what you have brought us through. Please keep my grandson Logan on the path you have set before him and help him see that the calling to be a doctor is a gift from you so he can help others.

- JO, WOOSTER OHIO | November 4, 2018

Please keep myself & my 3 year old daughter In your prayers. The love of my life and my daughters' father unexpectedly passed away due an unknown heart infection. He was only 32 years old and passed just 11 days after our daughter turned 3. We were not prepared , I was not ready to let him go. He still had so much life left in him. It' so unfair! Why? Please help me find the words to tell my daughter that her best friend, her hero, her daddy will not be coming home from the doctor. I have never really turned to GOD for guidance, I am not even sure that anyone will read this... i just don't know what to do or even how to live in this life without him in it.

- Jaclyn, Pennsylvania | November 4, 2018

I would really appreciate prayer for unification of my family. Lies and greed have infiltrated both my family of origin and the lives of my five adult children. I would also greatly appreciate physical healing that would enable me to leave my wheelchair. Thank you immensely!

- Peggy Schmidt, Northeastern Minnesota | November 4, 2018

please pray for me that there will be unity in my family . And I hope and pray that my brother will come to visit me in the nursing home I miss him so very very much!!! I hope to get see him soon. My birthday is Sunday Nov. 4 2018 I would hope for him to come and see me the only way that can happen is with all of God's to keep on praying !!!! And I am firm believer in prayer !!!

- Joyce, Collins | November 3, 2018

Heavenly Father please lift my granddaughter Alexandra Michelle that the doctors can find what is going on with her as a diagnose has not been determined as yet, and I'm praying that she can get to know you. Praises to you heavenly Father.

- Anonymous | November 3, 2018

Please pray for my cousin David today. He is struggling with his sobriety today. please pray that he will regain his faith. He feels broken, ashamed, and depressed. please God hear his prayers and all of ours that he will start to believe in himself . God, please help him to be his own best friend. thank you for your grace and kindness.

- Rebecca, Boston | October 31, 2018

Dear precious Jesus, Lord, I know there is a reason for all of trails, tribulations, deveristy, and division. I pray for your will and direction in all areas of my! For your healing touch in my life, My family, restoration with my marriage if its your will. A renewed healthy christion relationship filling us all with Gods love and the Holy Spirit, and direct us to react only with the fruits of the spirit! especially with my kids and grandkids & husband. Renew relationsips. Bless my finances and grow my real estate business beyond imagination so that i canbless others around me. Hold hack the demonic forces and all opened doorways that could cause us harm and desruction, hold the enemy the darkness of this world. Thank you for always loving me, caring for me and help me walk through each day, carring me when i cant carry on! I love you and praise you Lord!

- Sylvia, Clio MI | October 30, 2018

Oh Father of Heaven and Esrth, You Who's breath gives life to dust and Who's Word washes away mountains of sin like the waves of a great storm. You Who sets the saving Light of Truth on the Hill high the infinite abyss of darkening lies - have mercy upon all of us, your children in promice and through seed. Forgive us Heavenly Father for we loose our Way without our Lord and your First Begotten Son, Jesus Christ - calling us in voice made by flesh and blood. Oh, Heavenly Father look.upon us and all our misery. Be kind and pour your grace once more upon this world and every soul in it before you jugde all our iniquities in the flame of cleansing fire. Let the Wonderful Councilor visit us once more before you close the Books of Life. Let our Saviour come today, now for we are becoming ill withouth Him but desire to be alive as we once were before the Enemy deceived our simple minds and overpowred purity of our hearts. Save us our Father from t! he hands of your stoker for we are only yours

- Akiva | October 30, 2018

Father, forgive them for they know NOT what they do. Lord bless those that bless thee and curse those that curse thee. Your Word says I am accepted in the beloved. Lord Your Word says You will provide, comfort, keep, protect build mansions and feed your people. Lord bless the children around the world and let no further harm come to them. Touch the lives of all the enemy and help us Celebrate in grand fashion, The Harvest, THIS CHRISTMAS, Homegoing and all the things that trouble the hearts of your leaders and the people. Now move Father, right now, RIGHT NOW Jesus and heal the nation. In Jesus name. Amen!

- Anonymous | October 30, 2018

My prayer request is----That all of us would at least look and study the prayer requests that are ALREADY WRITTEN in our BIBLE (no matter which translation) and then look at all the NEW TESTAMENT prayers specifically for all who have been BORN AGAIN. as an example see Ephesians; 1:15-23, 3:14-21, 6:18-20, Philippians; 1:3-11, 4:4-9, Colossians; 1:3-12, 4:2-4, 1 Thessalonians; 1:2-10, 2:13-20, 3:9-13, 5:12-25, 2 Thessalonians; 1:3-12, 2:13-17, 1 Timothy; 2:1-8, 5:3-5, etc. etc. etc. Let's PRAY SCRIPTURALY. Hebrews 4:12!

- Zdzislaw Hyjek, Jackson MI | October 30, 2018

please pray for me that I have strength through each day. I havent been able to sell my house back home and my bills keep piling up. I work at a school and don’t get paid through the year. I know that God is with me but sometimes financial circumstances make me anxious and Ii shut down when I’m reading the bible. Thank you for your word each day that lifts me up. Lori

- Lorena, Gilbert AZ | October 30, 2018

Please pray for Bradley Allen and Alex in Iowa

- Anonymous | October 29, 2018

First and foremost, thank you Lord, for keeping your hands on me in the midst of difficult situations and trying circumstances. You are sending small blessings in different forms to assist me in my financial struggles. I know that you know the struggles that I am going through and I know that even when I don't know why this is happening to me --you do and you have a due season to work it out. I will be patient and wait on you as your word says to do. But, please Lord, watch over me and lead me in the direction that you would have me go. I feel alone and afraid but I know that, in you, I can find peace and comfort. Amen.

- Anonymous | October 28, 2018

Please pray for a successful procedure on November first to remove a squamous cell cancer from my arm. I praise God that it is localized and contained in the top layer. Thank you.

- Lillian T, Jacksonville FL | October 27, 2018

I am asking all believers to pray that God's will be done in the upcoming election.

- Beulah | October 26, 2018

I am a 68 year old Mom who's son abandoned us because of his wife and family. It has been 3 yrs. since we have had any contact, he pulled the grandchildren away also. My husband and I are not well. My biggest fear is that we won't see him before we pass. I was diagnosed with PTSD because of this traumatic experience. Please help!!! Thank You

- Debra Izzo, Vermont | October 26, 2018

I am again here to humbly ask the other brothers and sisters in Christ to please lift me and my mom Paula up in prayer. We live together and i care for her. My heart bleeds for my mom, she is now 70 and is so weak and wobbly on her feet. She had a bad back spinal surgery and has many illnesses due to her back surgery. She is very demoralized and has quit going to church. I suffer from major depressive disorder and it is hard to watch my mom suffer while suffering myself.

- Andrew L, Jacksonville FL | October 22, 2018

Pleas pray for 88 year old Grace (not I); faithful believer in Christ for salvation; for her and her daytime caregiver to have rapport (Grace sounds still in crisis). Thank you each. Our Father thru Christ Jesus bless each of you * Romans 11:33-36 !

- Anonymous | October 19, 2018

Prayers for a longtime customer (and veteran) with ALS and prayers for his wife and her ministry to the vets.

- Anonymous | October 19, 2018

Please pray for Chris. He is in work release, but just backslid by using drugs. Will probably lose his job and go to jail again. He was to be released in 4 to 5 months. Pray that the judge will be lenient. He feels hopeless and like a failure. Thanks!

- Anonymous | October 19, 2018

protection of enemies and healing for me nora, my son cesar, my grandchildren jeremy and ivana, my daugher in law jannette, zamir, camila, natalia, raul, bryan, reyna, luis, luis alberto, alexis, karina, joanna, fernando, jesus, nando, kassandra, maria, taylor chistian, sandra, .martha, maria magdalena, maria lourdes, leticia, fernie, cristy, Brianna, irais mario, mariana, maria luisa, and other family members.thank you. God bless you.

- Nora, Calexico, CA | October 18, 2018

Please pray for healing in my heart and my ex-girlfriend's heart, that we would have intimacy with God and find our worth in Him, and that God would heal our relationship or bless me with a wife and family.

- Josh | October 16, 2018

Please pray for my daughter Chloe. I took her to the doctor today because she is having knee and joint pain. She had blood work done today and has an appt. with orthopedic doctor later this week. Please pray that everything turns out well for her and it is nothing life threatening and nothing serious. Thank You so much and God bless.

- NLM, LI | October 16, 2018

First let us give the Lord thanks for the abundance of all things.Please pray that the Lord would deliver his people from evil men; That the Lord would preserve his people from violent men, who plan evil things in their heart and stir up wars continually. Pray against the spirit of anti Christ,false witness,terrorism hatred and violence. Please pray and intercede without ceasing that God's will be done in the lives of the world's leaders and for our leaders to seek God and listen to Him. Pray that they would be surrounded by godly counsel and, that our leadership would personally know God and the salvation found through faith in Jesus Christ alone. That we may live peaceful and quiet lives in all godliness and holiness. God can turn the hearts of kings. Earnestly pray that the people of America and its leaders will humble themselves and seek the Lords face and turn from their wicked ways. Pray that the Lord would hear from heaven and forgive! our countries sins and heal our land. God Bl

- Angela, KY | October 15, 2018

My daughter & her husband are separated & my son in law smokes & cusses around my grandchildren & that really hurts my heart. He needs deliverance from drugs & anger & needs to find the Lord.

- Liz | October 15, 2018

Im broken and grieving the loss of My Father a month ago. Please pray for me. Im leaning on my Faith, knowkng it is Gods will, Gods way, but the thought of not speaking to my Dad, My Best Friend is breaking me. i hurt so bad please pray for comfort for my family also. Thank you

- Linda | October 15, 2018

My marriage is falling apart we only been married a year and six months I want to save my marriage I don't know what to do where to start I don't know how to pray I want to learn how to read a bible I want to understand I love the peace I feel when I'm in church the joy I get when I talk with God I want to be able to share all that with my husband without him calling me crazy because he's not a believer.

- Lorraine, Haverhill Mass | October 15, 2018

Our Great Heavenly Father, I come to you with heavy heart, needing guidance 2 lift burden, not only my life but my entire family's; 4 we have immense concerns 4 my grdghtr. Sweet Jesus, we know to hand it over to you, but sometimes things are harder than that.

- JS~Elle Phant, California | October 14, 2018

Jesus, I want to pray for my sister "R". She'll be requiring back surgery. Unknown when at this time but it's never too soon to pray for the best support system, surgeon, team, hospital, et staff. Please Lord be with my sis and anyone who touches her, that she will finally be free of pain. Hallelujah AMEN

- Seestra, CA | October 14, 2018

Father, I am asking for the right mind and attitude to trust in my marriage. Please forgive me for living in fear. Please help me to accept who I am and that I am truly loved. I ask I would show joy and appreciation to my husband. I pray that I would truly be a help and blessing to him. In Jesus name Amen.

- Anonymous | October 12, 2018

Pray for my Grandson he is 21years old and suffering from the diabetic that is causing him to have seizures every other day. He's in and out of the hospital every week his name is Nathan. Can the good Lord heal him of this problem?

- Colista, Jacksonville FL | October 11, 2018

Heavenly Father, I'm praying to you because I am feeling lead to make a decision whether to leave or stay with my husband. Over the years I have come to know what he really thinks of me and it is hurtful. I am praying oh GOD, for discernment of what is right or wrong and not just to be emotion driven. Also, I'm praying Your grace to do whatever it is that I am supposed to do. Oh yeah, Peace and joy as well, being that there are children involved. With all faith and confidence I give you praise. Thank you God in Jesus name, Amen.

- Anonymous | October 10, 2018

I'm praying to think you lord and savior Jesus Christ and God of most high. Odell R. M went through a huge transition of drinking and drugs addiction and now living a clean eternal life has gain strength and encouragement also inspiring others through the midst of storm. O Lord God of truth I thank you of your holiness amen. Sister.

- Lafayette McDaniel, Washington DC | October 9, 2018

I recently found this prayer wall. Our family is no different than any other on this wall. there is drug addiction, personal injury, diseases, mental health issues, broken families and damaged relationships. My first prayer is that a new song would be placed in the hearts of the believers who are suffering. My second prayer is that the lost would come to know our Lord and Savior. Restoration comes after repentance, so my third prayer is that restoration and healing would be a fruit of repentance. Miracles are real and happen everyday. Remember the blessings God has already provided. For those grieving a family member, know that God loves them too and grieves with you. For a new song, I recommend starting with Psalms 46 and going from there. May Christ prevail in all things. In Jesus name, Amen.

- Anonymous | October 9, 2018

I have just learned I have a reoccurance of ovarian cancer stage 4 pleas prayer for me to have the strength to accept god's will and for my physicians tp have the knowledge and wisdom to help me thank you Patricia (Trish) Blair

- Patricia Blair, Columbia MO | October 7, 2018

For my son and daughter that God will deliver them fro drugs and alcohol . that the church my husband is pastoring that he will always listen to the voice of God and don't get so angry at the people that it cause him to hit the rock.

- Lady Patricia Boyd, Evans GA | October 5, 2018

Heavenly Father as you know my Husband of liking just one month being 45 years came to live with you on March the 25. Father on April the 28 what would have been our 45th anniversary I had emergency surgery for a preforated bowel. More people die with that than live. You chose not to take me home yet, I thank you for letting me keep my life but I do not understand the pain that I have had to endure after I got home from the hospital. You see God while I was fighting for my life, my family was taking things that had ment a lot to my husband and me. Now they want nothing to do with me. my family has deserted me when I needed them the most. I have almost been alone sense Fathers Day. The pain of losing my family and the feeling of betrayal has almost been more than I can stand, God please help my family get the loving heart of Jesus.

- Grannie L., KY | October 5, 2018

Dear & Gracious heavenly Father...I give thanks for your mercy and grace. I pray for your peace and comfort for friends who are fighting the battle of drug addiction. Surround them with your love and grace, give them strength for the fight, light a spark in their hearts as the Holy Spirit moves through them and around them. You are all powerful and good. In Jesus name, I pray...Amen.

- Susan, Michigan | October 3, 2018

Please pray that my husband would discover forgiveness and acceptance through Jesus Christ our Lord.

- Anonymous | October 3, 2018

Dear Jesus Christ, our Lord & Savior, thank you for helping my son,Jordan as he chose to become drug addiction Free. Now 3 weeks clean, Jordan has agreed to rehabilitate at the Christian based Colony of the Ministries at Keswich. Oh dear merciful Jesus, please watch over, guide, protect & encourage Jordan during this huge transition in his life's journey. Jesus, fill Jordan's mind, heart & entire being with you Love, Goodness,Forgiveness,Confidence,Faith in You & himself. Keep Jordan on your path now and his entire life. Surround Jordan with good Christian men & women every day of his life. Dear Lord,I ask that You keep Jordan strong & courageous throughout his clean life and perhaps Jordan can serve You as being a bright beacon of Hope for others. This I pray to You, Dear Jesus for you are our Lord & Savior, Our Beacon of Light, Love, Peace, Hope, Forgiveness, Hope & Eternal. Life. Thank You,Jesus.Alleluia, Alleluia, Amen. Thank You, Jesus. Amen

- Carol Welsh, NJ | October 1, 2018

Dear LORD, Creator of the universe and all things within it, I know I'm not worthy even to call your name, thank you for all the blessings You've given to me and my family. I find myself in need of your help now Father. My wife and I are living solely on our social security and we're falling behind on our house payments and other financial commitments. Pls Father, help us to survive. I pray this in the name of your Son Jesus, Amen.

- D. Guarrera, Glendale AZ | October 1, 2018

Praise God, my husband has a new teaching position that he loves! But I’m asking for prayers because his hormone levels are out of balance and the dr thinks it may be a brain tumor. I pray he will overcone fear and get the tests he needs to determine a treatment.

- Kay, Oklahoma | September 30, 2018

I would like prayers for E & T Morgan & their boys to be string in the faith and rely on God's grace. E is having intestinal difficulties requiring surgery. He is the sole breadwinner and is in need of assistance while he's recovering this next 3 months. He had a GoFundMe site and i pray more of his Christian family will provide for rent & food.

- Catina, Santa Cruz CA | September 30, 2018

Please pray for my friend melisssa > her dad was just diagnosed with als and she is having a hard time dealing with it > nothing can be done for him >

- janet ludolph, waynesburg PA | September 30, 2018

Dear God i pray that you will heal my Pastor's body that you would restore his health and strengthen his wife as she stands by his side through his illness. Let us as the church body support them as they go through this season in their lives that it will increase their faith in you bless their children and grandchildren in Jesus name Amen,

- Sis. A. Campbell, Jamaica. Queens | September 28, 2018

please pray for my daughter that all the strongholds will be lifted please pray for my grandson that he returns to the path that God wants to lead him on pray for my granddaughter that God will bless your life and pray for me that God will bless me and give me an opportunity to be a spiritual motivational public speaker

- Darlene, Beverly MA | September 27, 2018

The last 6 weeks of my life have been really hard I lost my job which thru me into depression and anxiety and few other health problems in the emergency 5 times it was awful with anxiety attacks however I have been reading the bible and teaching my self I cant control everything in my life things happen, I have been praying and praying and things are getting better I take one day at a time now no need to rush things life happens things happen, I can't work myself up over a situation that I can't control, I have never prayed so hard in my life till now and with the grace of the good man upstairs my life has gotten better with Jehovahs help...

- Jennifer Cordova | September 27, 2018

heavenly father I rebuke temptations I rebuke satan at all cost! please bring me peace in you Jesus and to help me get to church and get rides to church on Sunday mornings in Jesus name amen

- Tommie Hoff, Manchester CT | September 27, 2018

Please pray for me. I have been in the psych ward eleven times since December 2017. I believe that I am possessed. I am facing a mountain in my path and I know that God can help me through it, but I am scared. I have been facing lots of difficulties due to mental illness. Please pray for me, thank you.

- Jess, MI | September 24, 2018

Most Holy Father God, how many times have You heard me say that Your Chosen and I could write our own medical book? You gave us into each other's care 43 years ago, and when my Multiple Sclerosis was diagnosed 36 years ago, he would not leave me. With his Diabetes and Cancer, he will always take care of me. I adore this man, God, and he loves me. So many say we inspire and bring them encouragement. We are eternally grateful that You have given us Your Grace and Guidance to live our marriage within the Light of Your Vision. so that others can see how Wonderful Life can be in spite of turmoil. You know ALL of our needs, especially those buried deep in our hearts. It is so hard to say to You to do what is best for us, but, Father... Do What Is Best. In Jesus' Name, Amen.

- AnnaMarie Fernihough, Indiana | September 24, 2018

Father, it has been Your Will that we live with my MS all these years. The lessons we have learned never stop. My man had to retire from being one of Your Chosen because he would not leave me to finish his classes. Father, he had to move to Louisville afterward, and it left me here in this nursing home alone. Please, Lord, let use find a nursing home in Louisville for me. Our boy gets married next month, Please let me get down there before the wedding so that Your Chosen one and I can be back together. He can't spend his day driving when he is the one performing the ceremony. Please find me a nursing home in Louisville this week. In the Holy Name of Your Son, Amen.

- AnnaMarie, Indiana | September 24, 2018

please pray for my husband,(Joe) and I. we are going through so many attacks. Joe had a stroke, and had to retire early, due to the stroke. Our home is on the market. We can't afford it now. We are dedicated Christians and love the Lord Jesus. Joe served his country for 34 yrs. and has the Silver Star and Purple Heart. The 401k people in Alabama, are keeping us from getting our money, that belongs to Joe. We are in financial hard ship right now, we have helped so many, up to now. We need help and prayers. Thank you and god bless you.

- Drema Burner | September 23, 2018

First let us give the Lord thanks for the abundance of all things.Please pray that the Lord would deliver his people from evil men; That the Lord would preserve his people from violent men, who plan evil things in their heart and stir up wars continually. Pray against the spirit of anti Christ,false witness,terrorism hatred and violence. Please pray and intercede without ceasing that God's will be done in the lives of the world's leaders and for our leaders to seek God and listen to Him. Pray that they would be surrounded by godly counsel and, that our leadership would personally know God and the salvation found through faith in Jesus Christ alone. That we may live peaceful and quiet lives in all godliness and holiness. God can turn the hearts of kings. Earnestly pray that the people of America and its leaders will humble themselves and seek the Lords face and turn from their wicked ways. Pray that the Lord would hear from heaven and forgive! our countries sins and heal our land. God Bl

- Angela Hughes, KY | September 22, 2018

my brother Henry has been through so much this year. he almost died this pass February; his gallbladder ruptured. He is now going through another surgery this coming Tuesday, Sept 25th. Please pray that he will do well, Dear God, in the name of Jesus, please be with him.

- Lucy, San Antonio Tx | September 20, 2018

God you placed this child with me to protect, nurture, care, teach her about God and fight for her. God continue to lead and guide us in this fight to do your will, follow your direction and answer your call. Allow the judge to give to your will to protect this child and her life, bind the hands of Satan and those he is using and who continue to create distension and confusion. You are in control God and I trust that you would not have put me in this fight if you were not fighting for us and with us. Bless my household with this child and continue to put your fiery hedge of protection around us and keep us in your care and will. I completely trust you Lord, in the mighty name of Jesus Christ I pray......AMEN

- Barbara, San Diego | September 18, 2018

God you placed this child with me to protect, nurture, care, teach her about God and fight for her. God continue to lead and guide us in this fight to do your will, follow your direction and answer your call. Allow the judge to give to your will to protect this child and her life, bind the hands of Satan and those he is using and who continue to create distension and confusion. You are in control God and I trust that you would not have put me in this fight if you were not fighting for us and with us. Bless my household with this child and continue to put your fiery hedge of protection around us and keep us in your care and will. I completely trust you Lord, in the mighty name of Jesus Christ I pray......AMEN

- Barbara, San Diego | September 18, 2018

Please declare and decree that my sister will be healed of saractic nerve pain in her back and legs; that my granddaughter is healed of sickle cell disease; that my son is healed of alcoholism due to brokenness; mental healing for a friend. Thank you in Jesus name.

- Anonymous | September 18, 2018

I'm the Matriarch for our large dysfunctional family. Clinical depression keeps me down. I need to be "up" to deal w/my family somehow. I have a son with severe heart problems married to a drug addict. Two members are Atheists. A son who is "above" the rest of the family & each of my grown children don't want to speak to one or more of their siblings. This means my dear Grandchildren & Great Grandchildren are deprived of a beautiful , extended family. My husband has Stg 4 Emphysema & severe rheumatoid arthritis so he is in pain continually so doesn't want to have much to do with any of family. I am the center of a broken wheel that I can't fix or accept. My depression sneaks in & makes me doubt in God's love. My whole family of 4 grown kids, 12 grown grandkids & 9 great grandkids, with their serious drug, alcohol & incarcerations, are breaking me physically & emotionally. Please pray for peace 4 us. Having trouble keeping my family & myself altogether.

- Barbara, Texas | September 18, 2018

I pray that I may find peace and order in my life and that I am always surrounded by God's Love.

- Kathryn from Boston, MA | September 17, 2018

prayer for my ocd and that i feel good while doing it and for my auntie maria to take her of the pain killer pills to take that addict out of her

- Anonymous | September 17, 2018

Dear-Ones-In-Christ; Shortly, I will be begining by tenure/pastorage of a new hone Churh that I & others founded &completed. In your Christian Chartiy , please pray for my up-coming New Pastorate and This New church! Thanks! Please Pray For Me, A sinner! --Rev. A.B.M R VII "One who ]caries a lighted Torch need never fear the Darkness!".-J.S. Moi

*- Anonymous, Des Moines Iowa | September 16, 20188

I (Josefina) have been involved in the new age movement and have been repenting for a week but still I am not receiving grace from Jesus and He does not want to hear my prayers. Please help me as I need to receive a spirit of grace over my life as I humble myself and receive a renewed spirit of adoption. Please keep praying. For Jesus to receive me as a newborn into grace.

- Josefina Turunen, Finland | September 16, 2018

Please, Christins, & Followers of Jesus Christ: in your charity, please pray for me a Sinner! Shortly, I will be taking over Leadership/priest/pastor in my Church. May God Continue to Bless,Support,Heal,&Help Us All & our Dear Ones, Families, parents,childrien,the Members At Our Churdhes! In Gods'Mericy & Divine Help, Fr. Athanasios-Benoit Macarios R. obl.osb, PhD "One carring a Torch that is on fire, need never fear the Darkness!"--Yiddish Proverb

- Anonymous, Des Moines Iowa | September 14, 2018

i need my desires to end i have pinched nerves and a overactive bladder and my legs cramp up i need the HOLY SPIRIT to flow in me more abundantly and walmart 2515 and my finances to increase thank you GOD BLESS

- Ronald Rowe, Phoenix Arizona | September 14, 2018

Asking for God's grace over ex daughter-in-law & her mama. That He surround them with believers, that they finally see & feel His healing Love. Always prayers for our grandbabies that we haven't seen in 8 years.

- Tutu | September 11, 2018

I was married to a man that had borderline personality disorder. Even so God blessed us with a house and a business. My ex-husband loved drugs an at 40 started using heroin. It was horrible. By Gods Grace I kept my house but my ex husband went on Social Security so we lost the business. He refused to stop shooting dope even after 22 hospitalizations and rehab. I finally divorced him 11 years go but he refused to leave the home. Last year I sold my little house of 24 years which I loved, to escape him. Its been such a struggle. I miss my home. I'm in a small apartment and just started working part time. Please pray for me that God would restore what has been lost. I was a good and loyal wife and mother to our 3 children. I never lost Faith or Hope in God's goodness and abundant Grace which is new every morning. God Bless all who diligently pray for the needs of others.

- Lynda Wilson | September 9, 2018

I need prayer for a lot of things! To start with:(1) Abundant Health, I have been healed of cancer 2-times, within a 6 year period. I am still taking medication, I will be for the next 2 years. Because of this, it makes me to tired and weak to work, I have had to quit my job. I am now in barber school trying to learn how to cut hair- (2) I have 2-granddaughters, that I do not ever see, so we don't know each other. My daughter has accused me of being inappropriate with her! In about 3 months, I will be 65. (3) my ex-wife does not want to have anything to do with me. (4) I need some real true friends. (5) I would love for my daughter have a change of heart.(6) I would love for my ex wife to have a change of heart. Thanks James Robinson

- James Robinson, Houston TX | September 9, 2018

My son is and his children living with a women and her children and expecting a child and have decided to give up their jobs and move 2000 miles away. They don't take care of the kids like they should and i was able to take his kids to church and my son used to go to church. I'm really worried for the children and everyone's salvation.

- Anonymous, Oregon | September 6, 2018

Please pray for my brother James (in prison).

- Angelique from Michigan | September 6, 2018

please pray for my son and his family he was brought up knowing the word and the miracles our Father has done in our lives today he's lost and hanging out with the wrong people he has 3 children he so lost he thinks they don't know what he is doing. pray that the lord brings him back home to our Father with his family and they can reunite as a true family. also pray for me I am going through a harsh divorce and I have to give up one half of my home pray that it be the will of our Father.

- Judy, Glendale Az | September 5, 2018

I want deliverance and restoration for my children, children's father, mother and myself as I combat with this spiritual warfare. We were all pulled apart. I am the only adult in this situation as far as I know taking the Lords will into consideration and allowing Christ to carryout his will in my life. I pray I will be given the correct weapons in warfare to reunite my family. I pray and am in need of a torrent of blessings and miracles to be a healed whole again in Jesus Christ mighty name!

- Hopeful Mother of 4 from Indiana | September 5, 2018

Please pray that Cahill and Logan are returned to their mother.

- Rachel D from Mt. Hope Wisconsin | September 4, 2018

My husband and I have two wonderful children, but we have a 4 year old son who has a rare and fatal genetic disease called Niemann Pick Type C. It is a progressive disease and does not have a cure. I have steong faith in the Lord but my husband has been struggling. I married my husband because of his strong faith in Jesus so it hurts to see him struggling. We are also a military family which is difficult in itself. I also just had surgery for Chiari I malformation and my mom just died. A lot has happened in such little time but my faith has kept me going. I ask for prayers for my husband and my kids and our family. Thank you and God bless.

- Catherine M McVaney, Fort Detrick MD | September 3, 2018

Father, help Joel to KNOW of your Deep DEEP LOVE for Him. That LIFE is GOOD and you have Wonderful plans for him, because your Word says it and you cannot lie. Please remind him ,what he puts in his eyes matters and FILL his Life with music like WorshipMob, filled with your Spirit and Presence and if tv shows then thise lighthearted filled with joy, laughter, peace. please send other workers, your servants across his path and may he be uplifted in Spirit and Find those things which he is in need of and fulfilled, Healed, and Completed IN YOU! IN JESUS NAME AMEN.

- P, Texas | September 2, 2018

I am and have been strugling with deep depression. I am in a state of despair with feeling that there is no hope for me and I feel so lost and lonely. I often feel like I have lost my salvation and that there is no hope for me. I have used drugs and I try to stop for good with intensions not to ever do them ever again and then after time I fail again.I struggle feelings of guilt of all my sins of the past and I cant find it within myself to forgive myself and I feel like God has left me. I have a family but no one ever trys to reach out to me. I am sure that they dont care about me at all. We were all abused when we were children and were all seperate out of 5 of us 3 were sent to foster homes as children and I was left with my brother and the abuse continued until I was11 years old and then my brother who I fought with all the time asked my moms lawyer to get away from the constant abuse to go to a foster home, so I was left with an abusive mother.! I also never in my life had a father

- Joel | September 1, 2018

I am seventy years old and have several health issues.

- Janet Ludolph, Waynesburg PA | September 1, 2018

payoff debts and house

- adam, Oregon | August 31, 2018

My wife and I struggle financially. We are missionaries (we operate a 501(c)(3) nonprofit), we feed people, we help people that live on the fringe of society, and we care for the elderly but we have debt that overwhelms us. We try to serve God. We are always stressed out. Please ask God to help us.

- Anonymous | August 30, 2018

please pray for my son Jake, hes incarcerated at Cedar Creek Corrections. He has four more years for protecting me,his mother against the abuse of my X.husband he was sentenced to 12 years unjustly. Hes a good man,a wonderful loving son. thank you.

- Debra Glenn, WA | August 30, 2018

I am experiencing a cold and I would like to ask for prayer for healing, as I have a busy week ahead. Pray that the sore throat, congestedness and runny nose will go away. Thank you.

- Colleen | August 28, 2018

Please pray for my family and I. We are in need of blessings and miracles as soon as possible. We all been stuck in one spot. It seems like every time we try to move we can't. Please pray for us. We're having financially problems and car problems. We're in debt. We need a peace of mind and miracles and blessings.

- Chantel | August 26, 2018

pray that my pastor and his wife are healed. pray that myself and other members are healed. pray that the church will grow and be productive for the kingdom of God. Pray that the church operates out of a continual overflow in people and finances.

- Anonymous | August 25, 2018

Please pray for John, Anastasia and baby Tyler. She had a traumatic birth and John is very worried and tired. Please Lord let him relax and get rest. Let them ask me for help.

- Victoria, San Jose CA | August 23, 2018

Please pray for my relationships with my four children. Their father poisoned their relationship with me. Please pray particularly for my relationship with John and Suzy-that I can spend extended time with my grandchildren. This is urgent because of a brand new baby I would love to be allowed to spend time with. Thank you!

- Ann from California | August 23, 2018

Please Jesus, be with my friend Cindy, and the surgeons as she has back surgery next week. Give her and her family the peace of knowing that you are watching over them. Let Cindy have a speedy recovery. She loves you very much and has been brave only because of you. Thanks Jesus for taking care of Cindy. I Love you Jesus for ever and ever and so does she.

- Sylvia M. Rowe, Wells ME | August 20, 2018

Please pray to the Lord to be let into my heart, mind, body and soul. I need him with me and these prayers will help. I love you all for praying for me.

- Anonymous | August 20, 2018

my mom June. is very sick shes dying praying for comfort and peace no more pain for her she has lung disease for 12 yrs suffers everyday to live i asked that you pray for my family that lord will fill them with comfort and peace,my mom is a true warrior for Christ very strong in the lord. thank you so much.also my friend Lori had brain cancer.,i heard that is has grown pray for comfort for her and her family.christa my neighbor hurt on mini bike she cant walk or work for months she a single mom 4 children praying for her that lord will lead to him he will fill up with comfort and peace.my fiance that lord will lead him back to him ty

- kim | August 19, 2018

Return my abducted sons, Cahill, 14 and Logan, 11 peacefully, promptly, permanently and with God's exceedingly abundant provision. By the blood of Jesus. amen.

- Rachel Grace Duart, Madison WI | August 18, 2018

Please pray for a financial miracle of $2000 for me. Thank you, I appreciate your prayers.

- Shelly | August 18, 2018

PRAY FOR MY FRIEND, B,and husband, they are studing with Jehovahs Witnesses. its not what we are reading in our christian life.

- Mildred Tatum, California | August 15, 2018

Kindly pray for our company Ian's House of Greens to get registered with local stores and government institutions. And for us to start getting orders to supply meat products , fresh and dry food products. Thank you and God bless you.

- Choolwe from Lusaka Province | August 15, 2018

Please pray for me that my relationship with God can be restored and that I always put Him first in my life and in everything I do. Thank you.

- Choolwe from Lusaka Province | August 15, 2018

For my marriage for my daughter and her children for my daughter's marriage and a blessing to have a baby

- Anonymous | August 15, 2018

Pray for all my Enemy's. Pray for God to Restore my Relationship with my boyfriend. Pray for God to heal me of Colitis Colon problems. Pray for me to be blessed financially. Pray hard for my Moma Bonnie Sue Byrd to be healed of everything and never, ever Get No Types of any Cancer. I ask this in Jesus name I pray the blood of Jesus over all of this Amen Thank you Jesus!!!

- Pennie Dozier, Missouri | August 14, 2018

Please pray for our family we have no income now and going through this hardship with two children has been especially hard with chronic pain. we played for many benefits and still continue to get shut off notices and the utilities my car broke down and now I have applied for child support as for SSI still pending have been denied twice. Please pray that we get any kind of income to sustain our family children still in school in Jesus name we pray Amen

- Charlot, Palm Bay FL | August 14, 2018

Please join me in prayer for 100 % financing as i go through the process to purchase a home.

- Regina Wade | August 14, 2018

Father God in heaven, You are great! Your Name alone is great! Your love is unfathomable and why You love us we will never fully comprehend. Father, I thank You for Your Son, Jesus. His blood has power! His blood cleanses us all from unrighteousness. Lord, we need You every moment of the day. We need Your grace, mercy, strength and love. Our hearts are broken for so many of our loved ones, but You O God love them more than we ever could. Heal our broken hearts. Strengthen us by Your grace. Give us what we need (not what we want) because Your perfect will and way are just that...perfect. May we learn to have a heart filled with Your Spirit to accept the things we cannot change, to accept whatever you give us and trust in Your awesome, perfect plan. In Jesus Name I pray. Amen.

- Paula, IL | August 14, 2018

Please pray for me to get a better job, more money and pray for me to save money. Please pray for my mother to improve with her short term memory and let her see that she does not have the same skill set that she once had. Please pray for my siblings to put themselves in my shoes and see that they need to have more empathy appreciation and support for me instead of tearing me down like they do.

- Karen, Oaklawn IL | August 13, 2018

For my wife Carrie, with a bout with breast cancer to defeat this illness and for God's blessing to cure her I request this prayer in the name of our Savior Jesus Christ

- Bob Paulus, Holley NY | August 11, 2018

Please pray for my health and salvation for my family.

- Anonymous | August 11, 2018

Please pray for my sons to be saved. And also, my husband has had colon cancer and it has returned in his lungs. I am believing for miracles!

- Kathy from West Monroe LA | August 9, 2018

I am asking for your prayers for myself; Oct 2016 my Mom suddenly passed in less than 24 hours after passing out. My Aunt (Mom's older sister) passed Feb 2017 (two days after my Mom's birthday) more from a broken heart at loosing her lil sister. Then in April 2017 my ex-husband and friend suddenly passed (our daughter was 18). My heart is still so heavy from the loss. I am in desperate need of peace of mind and heart, true rest. Thank you.

- Theresa from Maryland | August 9, 2018

Father dear Lord oh God I ask for healing for my husband health and his ways allow us to unite as one. grant him prosperity health and strenght dear Lord oh God in whose name I prayer Amen.

- Wife, USA | August 9, 2018

Father kindly grant my second son (I called his name) with a job so he can establish a sense of responsibility, to care for himself., also a productive citizen . Keep him in good health strength prosperity and faith dear lord oh God in who name I prayer Amen Habukkuk 2: 2

- Mother, USA | August 9, 2018

Father dear Lord oh God I have faith kindly forgive my son (I have called his name) grant him an early release, with given opportunities to be a mature responsible citizen thank you Father. dear Lord almighty. Habakkuk 2:2

- Mother, USA | August 9, 2018

Father oh lord oh God almighty, thank you for the blessings you have granted. I have faith that all I' ve requested would be approved (my application) cleanse me from the pain an other ailments. Blessings to my family, friends, enemies. Take away all weapons that form against me. Bless us all fnancially, with health, strength,prosperity, healing hearts. Keep all safe where ever they are. Dear Lord Oh God in whose name I prayer. Amen Habakkuk 2:2

- Sandra, USA | August 9, 2018

i am asking for a prayer a unified prayer, i beed grace and mercy for allowing myself to be caught into ego and office politics, where my sympathies should not gave been given to encourage rift. I feel sick and embarrassed for the outcome and hope the outcome next week will be a scenario if gentle and non conflict outcome so we can re-unite as the happy team we should be. Thank you

- ja | August 9, 2018

Please pray for my father, George, that he can be transformed, leading him to come to salvation and experience his own personal relationship with Jesus. God bless you all!

- Bella | August 8, 2018

Please pray for my grandson Caleb. He is born again and water baptized . God has already used him to minister to adults !! He is 11years old. Very bright, smart...6th grader in 7th grade classes. Caleb is short for his age....he is tired of dealing with height issues !! He is getting bullied at school. He is small but mighty in the Lord. Thank you so much for interceding for him.

- Diana Tourek, Boynton Beach FL | August 8, 2018

Prayer for my families salvation, for my stepson Cody has a court date in a couple weeks prayer for a good outcome. For my daughter in her current situation with her boyfriend and for me that pell will pay for my classes so i can finish school. Thank you in advance.

- Lisa Gilliland, Georgia USA | August 8, 2018

I ask of you to pray for me and my family, my husband needs a job and at this point of our lives a prayer for a financial blessings to continue paying our rent and bills. I thank you so very much so, God Bless you.

- Cynthia from Rochester | August 7, 2018

pray for my friend Rhino...for complete healing in his back that imhas an effection ..and that the lord will save him and his family..amen.. larry martinez ..

- Larry D. Martinez, Los Angeles CA | August 6, 2018

i need prayer for me and my family to get along so we dont fight i pray that we can talk and commicate with love and happiness i pray me and my mother can love each other and get along with each other and love each other thank you i also pray that i get a job to be able to take care of myself

- Susan Jane Bennett, Boaz Alabama | August 4, 2018

Please pray for the senior community where I live and work. I am an activities coordinator, spiritual leader (Women's Bible Study) facilitator of several food distributions and Christian Life Coach. What is troubling is a spirit, if you will, of ill-will, entitlement, battles of all sorts, physical assaults, horrible intolerance of other races, constant back biting and improper conduct in male/female relationships. I am not talking about non-ambulatory seniors. I am speaking of 55+..many who are still working outside of the apartments, (not rooms as this is an independent living place). I am becoming discouraged and many times want to leave, but the Holy Spirit tells me that I must stay and not lean on my own understanding. I have been here for six years and the very people who attend bible study, can be found right around the corner afterwards, spewing such filth from their mouths you would not believe. I realize that my role is limited. God wi! ll do the rest. Please! pray!

- Zenobia, Brooklyn Park Minnesota | August 4, 2018

oh Lodr please pray for continued healing on by teeth mouth and body for Andy and belief and trust in God and Andy his beging faith and all the people tha care about me but are waging a war aginst Andy a soldier it fits all the scams I have herd and read to night he ask about living in heaven I told him how agin. god said trust Him, I am but Lord you said what was ment for bad you will turn for goodAmen thank you Lord keep the people that will not pray busy with other things like there own salvation. in Jesus name Amen Tricia from SonoraCa All Soldiers and peace

- Tricia, Sonora CA | August 4, 2018

Please pray for those of us that have back slidden and need to be back in front of the Lord! Consequences of past actions tend to be a huge burden that the evil one continues to push on one's soul. I love God but I tend to blame Him for all that happens, good and bad. Please pray for mine and other's forgiveness. Thank you

- Mitch Robbs, Washington | August 3, 2018

It really is amazing how God uses waiting seasons in our life to grow our faith in Him. Please continue to pray for God to send me a godly husband and pray for me as I wait for this promise to be fulfilled. Pray God to pave the pathway, accordingly. Pray, ultimately, for God's mercy and help in this area of my life.

- Gloria from Texas | August 3, 2018

Praying for my husband to become a Christian and our marriage to regain happiness and love.

- Anonymous | August 2, 2018

Please pray for my mother that the spot on her lung does not end up being cancer.

- Anonymous | August 1, 2018

God Bless my friend, Caroline, who tore her hamstring while water skiing. Help her heal quickly.

- Anonymous | August 1, 2018

Please join me in building a prayer circle around my preparation for marriage, preaching ministry, completing my Master's degree, graduating in May 2019, debt freedom, wealth accumulation, son, Keith C, grandson, Keith C, Jr., new home, and continued good health.

- Kelly from Maryland | August 1, 2018

for son, homeless opioid addiction, suicidal thoughts. his name is Jesse, this has been a battle thats lasted over a decade w many overdoses, and relapses. he needs JESUS. Thanks

- Anonymous | July 31, 2018

i need god to bless me with 5000 dollars to move in to my appartment

- Shereese Clark, Atlantic City New Jersey | July 30, 2018

For my son that he change his ways and leave friends that are just bringing him down. New direction in his work environment and help him to focus on the Lord, and start saving for his future.

- Anonymous | July 30, 2018

Please pray in agreement with me for total healing in my body from severe pain in my back, right hip and leg.

- Anonymous | July 30, 2018

Please uphold Rev. Brett(first name);faithful believer in Christ for salvation; seminary-trained,ordained,conservative,evangelical pastor;Chaplain (Lt.Col.)National Guard;CURRENTLY ON ORDERS in France;he'll be leaving Monday morning;he's been selected with some other officers and soldiers of his Division to be there this week;sole pastor of his church;Brett also has 2 part time jobs;And ,in my opinion,he has 3 other part time ministries-one to his wife who has a lot of physical difficulties, and one to his teen son who is autistic,and one to his teen daughter who is adopted from China. Thank you each for your rpayrs of intercession. The LORD bless each of you thru Jesus Christ oru Lord by the power of the Holy Spirit * Romans 11:33-36 !

- Rich | July 28, 2018

Heavenly Father, Your name is holy, and I pray that it will be honored in America once more and forevermore. Our sins are so great and always before You. I don't have room here to type them, but you know them all. We don't deserve Your mercy, Lord, but we need it desperately. Please grant us repentance. Give Your Bride, the Church, eyes to see and ears to hear the desperate state of America, and please grant us understanding of what You require of us for repentance. Help us to humble ourselves and pray, and seek Your face, and turn from our wicked ways. You are our ONLY hope. Please raise up more and more intercessors who will stand in the gap with fasting and prayer, confessing the sins of the Church and nation. And for all these who have written prayers of petition, asking for Your mighty help in their time of need, Lord I ask You to come in like a flood to overwhelm our enemy, the devil. There is nothing too hard for You, LORD. I praise You and thank You in Jesus' n! ame

- Anonymous | July 25, 2018

I am raising support to become a missionary with Cru in the Silicon Valley. I have a passion to reach college students with the Gospel, but I need prayer that I see God provide in miraculous ways. I have 8 days until my deadline, and I pray that God gets me to full support by then.

- Gina Mangiante, San Jose CA | July 24, 2018

Its been a rough year since I moved from my home town to help out with my mother and I have had my house on sale for a year. Unfortunately, I am hurting financially and I dropped the price of my home in hopes of selling it. Renting might be an option but this small town doesn't have many jobs to bring people in. Please pray that I don't lose my faith and that God speaks to me, giving me guidance and hope. Also, that I find spiritual friends in this new city where I live now.

- Anonymous from AZ | July 23, 2018

Pray for hardened hearts to be tenderized. Pray the barriers to healing, humble. loving communication to be removed. Pray for in-laws and others to stop cursing us and our marriage. Pray the divisive voices are broken and lies stop. Pray we stop lashing out at each other. pray for God's restorative love to restore our marriage. pray for our baby girls to be healthy and safe. Pray we have a God perspective and not an earthly one. Pray Rachael breaks the curse and Ron does his part. Pray this marriage and family will be a living testament of God's amazing love and restorative love. Bring this loving family and marriage back together and get the dividers out and silenced. Reveal their evil plots and bring them to shame.

- Rachael and Ron, NC | July 22, 2018

prayers for my son in prison. he has 2 1/2 morw years to go. blessings.

- Marissa Gonzalez, Miami FL | July 22, 2018

Please pray for my daughter, Aleisha, to leave her abusive husband and to get back into church.

- Mary | July 22, 2018

Dear god I pray for cuben Keira Alaina Eric myself I pray lord, you help us,be really close and have great bond together to have protection and safety, to have and be respectful loyal trusting truthful honest faithful and to have faith in you and to each other Lord help us all to be out of debt, to be financially stable so we have our own home and we are able to be a family together, Lord I pray our children grow up to be more then successful have good jobs, build good homes for each other, to be respectful and loved with joy, trust truth loyalty God I ask for all evil spirits to go for all harmful devious people to leave us alone, god u pray you heal us to be better and have better, Lord my family need you, I need you, please please guide us hear our hearts lord I'm praying because my heart is hurting my kids are hurting, lord I have no where to go please please help us thank you thank you lord in Jesus name amen

- Le Marianni, londin | July 22, 2018

Precious Father, I agree in prayer with all those who have come to you requesting your hand. Lord You say to seek ye my face and my soul says to you Lord your face will I seek, hide not thy face from me. Lord I too come to you to ask you not to hide your face from my. I desire with my heart soul, strenght to teach me to pray, Teach me to Pray my Lord that is my GREAT DESIRE, with WISDOM Understanding kinowledge discernment power and humility. Abba, I ask that you will open the swcriptures to me and give me revelation in prayer open the heart of my understanding and open the scripture to me as you did in Luke 24: 32. Lord I stand on your word, Ask and it shall be given to you. You have not because you ask not. I am asking you Lord WITH ALL MY HEART TEACH ME SO THAT I CAN TEACH OTHERS. EMPOWER ME WITH THE GIFT OF ENCOURAGEMENT. Give me the tongue of the learned so I can speak a word in season to whose who are weary. Lord You said you! watch over your word to perform it.

- Joann, London | July 22, 2018

Please pray with me as i continue to heal from my Brest Cancer Surgery. I have been very tired at times and is about y begin my Radiation. Thanks

- Beatrice W. Moulton, Md | July 21, 2018

Having brain surgery next Thursday for attempt to treat for inoperable tumor. Don't want Satan to steal my destiny - what God has planned for. I'm not afraid to die but- a miracle testimony would be great too.

- Stacy D, Tampa FL | July 19, 2018

Please pray my son Mark, who is a believer, will come into a fullness with our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. Mark is in his early 50's yet has worldly corrupt companions.

- Anonymous | July 18, 2018

Please pray for our government those in Washington DC’ and in every state, Pray for justice and peace amongst our citzens of this country.

- Dee, Seattle | July 17, 2018

Darrel Cariveau of Coos Bay, Oregon is requesting prayer for comfort and strength for himself as well as healing for his wife Connie, who are both in their seventies. Connie was recently diagnosed with kidney problems and congestive heart failure. They have also lost several children due to various reasons and have several other adult children who have various financial needs.

- Darrel Cariveau, Coos Bay OR | July 17, 2018

Please pray for my family that they truly find and worship God in spirit and truth. That the enemy stop all of his mind control/ lies over my children, my cousins, nephews, my children friends. For my friend to accept Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior. Lord Jesus please cover us with your blood. In Christ Jesus name I pray and trust. amen!

- Anonymous | July 16, 2018

please pray for upcoming surgeries in my family and court cases. Too, prayers for each of my Grandchildren who are returning to school this yr. May God be with n protect each of them. God, be with my husband n I. we've been fussing a lot here lately for no real reason. strengthen our marriage n love. amen

- Rita Pumphrey | July 16, 2018

I know of a young man who lost his children's mother. Shortly after that the young man lost his mother and his two sons, his name is Chris. I'm asking for prayer from fellow believers to stand with Chris in faith because he is in Unspeakable pain. Thank you prayer partners!!

- Anonymous, Wisconsin | July 16, 2018

Please pray that I would see more of God's grace in this life. Whether its already pouring in here and I just don't see it . My husband

- Anonymous | July 14, 2018

Please pray for my wife's upcoming embryo transfer; that we may conceive.

- Mark & Dyan Vogel, Appleton WI | July 13, 2018

I pray that God will forgive me of my transgressions and Abominations that God will be my salvation in The Mercy Seat of the Son of God that my Abominations that I repent to the Lord that I may praise and seek his face the godhead overall of the Bible of the Lord that God Will Lead Me and that I can confess with my mouth that Jesus is Lord amen. I believe and except with my mouth that the son of God is the Lord Almighty of my life amen Romans 16:16:17 Mark 2:1-5 I pray with the right heart that God lead lead lead and I also believe and the Son of God the Lord Almighty my God Christ Jesus amen. keep me in your prayers thank you God.

- Justin C. Whiteley, Morehead Kentucky | July 13, 2018

please pray for my health and for my husband's health

- Anonymous | July 12, 2018

I'm starting a church in las vegas and we are very excited about it.

- New Beginnings Christian Church, Las Vegas NV | July 12, 2018

Prayer for not only the success of my new book, but also for the lives of those who read it to find God and His peace. Though it is fiction, God is very real. Thank you.

- James Owens | July 11, 2018

Please pray for Bella Moore. This little girl was just diagnosed with metastatic medulloblastoma. She has had her initial brain surgery and now faces chemotherapy and/or radiation as the cancer has spread to other areas in her brain and spine.

- Tina from Bridgeville, DE | July 10, 2018

I just submitted a prayer request for Tammy. Please pray for me as I face the prospect of losing Tammy and her not being in my life. We are both parents and grown adults.

- Alan, Birmingham | July 8, 2018

Please pray over our family. my husband and I have been separated for 6 months. He has fallen back into the trap of his addictions. please pray God places the right people in his path so he may work on himself and one day come home. I need prayers as it's taken a tole on me and our childen.. thank you.

- Christina, Oregon | July 8, 2018

A woman I love dearly has been in a rehab facility for about a month. She's talking to an ex boyfriend with whom she has a 13 year old son. He's apparently convinced her they should get back together when she gets out of rehab. Please pray that she comes to her senses and does the right thing! Her name is Tammy.

- Alan, Birmingham AL | July 8, 2018

Please pray that God hastes in Vindicate, Restore on my work situation where I am been continually slandered for three year already and unable to find a job and that I dont have cancer because I dont have a job, no lawyer, no health insurance, and no family helping me in case i have to go under surgery... Oh My God liberate me from evil heart people so i can move on with my life. In Jesus name. Amen

- Mary | July 8, 2018

pray for our asian brothers and sisters in China ( one of largest Christian populations in the world) and North Korea and for longsuffering and fnancial and prayer support continually for them; James says faith without works is dead..so may we give to christian missions programs; may we not be ashamed of the gospel of Jesus Christ because of our cowardice.

Tim, United States of America | July 6, 2018

please pray for me for peace of mind for i am dealing with anxiety and stress and have a hard time sleeping through the night. Also for a financial breakthrough to become debt free.

- Anna Cencora, California | June 30, 2018

prayer in agreement for healing of internal vibration in my stomach and ribcage. very painful. thank you. God bless you..

- Cathy J Martin | June 30, 2018

we pray that we will touch children and their family for Christ and they will continue to come for SS and church

- Kathryn, Portage PA | June 29, 2018

i pray in the mighty name of Jesus to uphold righteousness and give God the glory to live right according to the truth of the Gospel, in Jesus Name. we pray. amen

- Naomi, VA | June 29, 2018

Please pray for the restoration of my marriage and family. Please pray for this miracle.

- Anonymous | June 28, 2018

Dear. Jesus , I want to feel protect by you everyday

- Sylvia McCarus, Miami | June 28, 2018

Please pray for my brother's early release from prison if it's in the Lords will. He is going to be 65yrs in Dec. He has been saved since he was incarcerated in 1994. He lost one kidney and is in poor health.

- Juan Mancha, McAllen TX | June 27, 2018

i have been diagnosed with immunodeficiency. i am having trouble getting treatment, IGg infusions. My Dr keeps saying I will get them but treatment continues to be delayed for unknown reasons and no explanations even though i have asked for reasons. i need help in moving this mountain.

- Judy Cole, Atlantic City NJ | June 27, 2018

My daughter in law who is a social worker is looking for a job. Agree in prayer with me that she will find the job God has for her and she will fulfill her destiny as a child of the Most High.

- Judy Cole, Atlantic City NJ | June 27, 2018

I am trying to recover from my husband's infidelity of almost 2 years of our 12 year marriage. I am mentally, physically and emotionally torn apart. All I can feel is a deep empty sorrow in my heart and feel at my lowest.

- S.H. from Texas | June 26, 2018

i would like to request prayer on behalf of my marriage.

- Anonymous | June 24, 2018

Fellow Chaplain has been diagnosed with incurable leukemia cancer and given 3-7 years to live if all goes well but could be shorter. Pray for his wife and family and that God will continue to give him strength to tell the incarcerated about Jesus Christ.

- Mark Stevens, Arizona | June 23, 2018

Please pray for Eric. Please pray for his salvation. Eric needs Jesus. Pray that God will open his eyes to Jesus Christ!

- Alfred, USA | June 23, 2018

Please pray for my mother. We lost my father 2 1/2 years ago to a heart attack. She is still not doing well. She is a Christian, but she will not read the Bible. I have done my part to encourage her to read it along with her Christian programs and radio Christian programs that she enjoys. For some reason though, she avoids the Bible entirely as well as all people except immediate family members, and now she lives alone with only her dog. My husband and I do everything we can to help her out, but she refuses to engage with others outside our family. And we have a small family. Please pray that she will start reading her Bible and know the Lord in a way like she has never known Him before. She is extremely lonely and depressed much of the time, but she denies it and says she is completely fine. She's in very good health for her age, but as her daughter I often suffer from migraine headaches. Many of them come from worrying about her. She is in denial. Thanks for prayers!!

- A concerned daughter, North Carolina | June 23, 2018

prayer for a career a job longtime stay at home needing independence. prayer for new college start for my child. prayer for child to do well on and off field guidance to make right choices in life

- Anonymous | June 22, 2018

With everything that I have going on I need prayers. I have severe Rheumatoid Arthritis, Arthritis in my back, Lupus and Osteoporosis. I am tired all the time and hurt all the time.

- Deb | June 22, 2018

this very 2018 date, PRAY Roberto Carlos Mejillas 'll be accepted for the position he applied, tried, vied for; passed oral & physical interview; but his background as a youth; might deter mankind's standard of favor; also, PRAY my absolute, complete, total healing; I'm being attacked; by joint , muscle, tissue, vein, walking pains; also, that lethargic, sluggish, tiredness; so unlike THE SPIRIT;

- DENA-ANTOINETTE CHISHOLM, Midwest Region USA | June 22, 2018

Pray for peace of mind. To have Jesus in our heart for everyone on this earth. Pray for anyone who is sick today and dying. And good weather to enjoy

- Anonymous | June 21, 2018

Please pray for my family , My husband lost his father yesterday please pray for us please give us strength it is so hard for all of us, He was a great father and father in law I will truly miss him he passed away 06/20/2018 at 2:00 am please pray for our family.

- De, Inglewood CA | June 20, 2018

Dear Jesus, Give the power to yield everything concerning me,my life and my plans to you my Master.Grant me a great husband and loving children.Great businesses and power to continue help others reach their goals.

- Uzunma, Lagos | June 20, 2018

Lord Father God, I lift up my good friend KMG as she is very very angry at her husband over money and separate Money Accounts! Father give Kelly peace and YOUR WORD and what you want her to do! Amen

- Brenda, Alton | June 19, 2018

Seeking guidance from God, that i may know His plans for my life and to be obedient to His leadership for my life. To surrender everything that I am to the obedience of My Lord and Savior.

- Anonymous | June 19, 2018

I lost my husband of 23 years 2 weeks on June 26, 2016. He knew for one month that he had bladder cancer. We have an eighteen year old daughter who has just graduated from high school and will be going to community college. I feel very lonely at times. My husband (42) and I (35) waited for each other. He worked from home and so I miss him greatly!! Please pray for me to connect with other born again Christians male and female.

- Pam | June 18, 2018

Hello brothers and sisters in Christ. Please pray for Jonathan. He is struggling in his Christian walk and has been for a couple of years now. Please pray that he is drawn back to Jesus in repentance, and that the Lord places a fire in his heart to read and walk in obedience to His word, and please pray for anything else Jesus places on your heart! Thank you so much, and God bless you for taking time out of your busy day to pray!!

- Melanie, Southern California | June 18, 2018

Please pray for Divine protection, provision, and appointment on my brother Hector, sister Patricia and I(Carmen Pierce). We really need help to get reunited as a family, to faithfully follow God, breaking all the generational curses, specially poverty, and to get more wisdom and the spirit of discernment. Carmen and family

- Carmen Pierce, Fort Worth TX | June 18, 2018

I thank God for healing Garnet Hammond,LarryHolmes,Garey Holmes,Mike Holmes,Janette Holmes and Annette Holmes

- Anonymous | June 17, 2018

my prayers im asking for is because in the process of moving from one town to another i lost my McAurthor brown leather nkjv bible. n it meant the world to me n i dnt have the funds to purchase another one. . .

- Gabriel Villarreal, levelland TX | June 17, 2018

I am battling an addiction, even though I am educated about the reality of the industry and the emotional and spiritual dangers it causes. Still, I struggle. Please pray for and with me that I will be completely healed from this addiction once and for all. Thank you.

- Woman, Norway | June 14, 2018

ii pray that my son finds peace in his life i pray for another son finds a help mate i pray that the Lord guides me and helps me to forgive those who have wrong me I pray for healings of my ex husband ;friends and family with illnesses I pray for this country and all those that are in authority over us Amen Amen

- ida walker, cleveland OH | June 14, 2018

I Praise you Lord with all of my heart and I come to you in Prayer. Lord I Pray for my brother Tim, I ask for others to Pray for him as well. He made a mistake, it was not as bad as some people think, yet it was bad. He has asked God for Forgiveness and he is now studying The Bible, truly studying The Bible. He is now serving a 15 years sentence. Lord I Pray that he stays in Prayer and studies The Bible. He is not in good health, he is 56 years old, has had a Triple Bypass a couple of years ago, this prison is not giving him his medications as directed, if he complains, they get really rude and skip his medications. My Prayer is that my brother remains healthy and stays in Prayer and that he will be able to get out of Prison alive and soon, not in 14 years. I don't believe he will last that long. Thank You Lord, Amen

- Angela Hokanson, Savoy TX | June 12, 2018

please touch and a gree with me, that my husband will fall in love me all over again, and spend time with me in a loving way, that he will help me out more with the twins, and that he he will come back to God and the church, and look unto God, and not man. and that my mother in law would move out, or help us in the house by taking the twins to school so i can help my husband financially, and that i would find a job in the school system, and be closer to home, and or able to spend more time with my children, that i will ,healed from depression, and find joy in my every day life, and that i will not hoard things ,and clean my room and make it beautiful.

- vernecia, suffolk VA | June 12, 2018

I give honor to God first and foremost. My prayer request are for my NewBirth Church family individually, as a whole, our families, and friends. We ask you our Superior Father for Strength and anything else each and every one of us are in need of. Search our hearts and souls Jesus as only you know exactly what we are in need of even if we are unable to ask of it ourselves for one reason or another. Thank you for your continued generosity of taking care of us. You ARE AN AMAZING, FAITHFUL, LOVING, BEAUTIFUL GOD in deed! I ask of these things in your name as I pray. AMEN.

- Anonymous | June 10, 2018

Pray for me that i will walk with God and have to strength to do his will daily. Pray that i will find a job where I can prosper and grow and also where people actually care about not only what they are doing but also each other

- Sandra L Smith, MO | June 9, 2018

Please pray for me that I am so hopelessly in love with someone who likes me but does not seem to love me. I am consumed thinking about this person every day. I've spent more than five years living like this and I don't know what to do anymore as his attitude towards me doesn't change and that breaks my heart. Sadly, I have not met anybody else who is genuinely interested in me and I don't want to be alone. I would love for God to move in my life and either change this person's heart towards me or change my heart so I can be free of these blind feelings and constant thoughts about this person. I really don't want to be alone but it's hard for me to meet people and most men don't see beyond a pretty face. I don't want to live another five years like this please pray that God mightily intervenes in my life. THANK YOU VERY MUCH FOR YOUR TIME TO PRAY FOR ME!

- Jean, MA | June 3, 2018

Please pray for my teenage son, he was involved with other teenagers playing around with ouji boards attempting to reach the dead. Recently, he seems somewhat different than his norm. Please pray for him to seek the Lord's direction and for him to open his heart to Christ.

- Anonymous | June 3, 2018

Please pray for the tick bite s I am on meds, but i have a big round red spot,I also have lymphedema . I 'm believing for total healing & joy & strength to return. Our roof has leaked in an outside office where my husband who had a heart attack does his bible studies.Pray for it to be simple & not cost a lot & for a helper. Thank you & I pray God answered all the prayers of all of you.....God bless :)

- Jo, DE | May 30, 2018

Gracious and Loving Father God. How excellent is your name! Lord, I know you are a God of Love who's faithful to the righteous, and will never forsake those who call upon your name. Lord, I pray thee that every prayer request that is posted here is heard and answered by heaven's love, grace and mercy. Lord, bless each prayer request with your faithfulness according to your word. Lord where there is sickness let there be healing. Where there is weakness let there be strength. Lord where there is lack let there be abundance. Lord where there is dispair let there be hope. Lord revive every person with your transending glory that has requested prayer. Lord grant peace that surpasses all understanding in every situation. Give all of us fresh eyes to see your glory in every situation. In Jesus Almighty Name, Amen

- Melissa Marie White, Jackson MS | May 29, 2018

I am in need a prayer for strength, courage, and hope. I have been struggling with being lonely, I miss my mother and sister. I am often feeling sad when I know that I am ok. I am ready to return back to school. Financially, I am unable to pay for my tuition. I am praying to you that my fear will not hold me back. Give me your strength to do well and follow your footsteps. I pray that my mom and sister are doing well and healthy. I pray that my families/relatives continue to believe and pray with you. I pray that my extend family, The Ross Family, to have a safe travel to Texas and pray that Bill Ross will be ok. He will do great things through God and Jesus. He is my big brother and I am grateful to have him as a family. I pray that you would show me a way and light to the right path. Help me and strengthen me to continue to go forward in your plan,

- Regina Daniels, Bloomington MN | May 29, 2018

dear brothers and sisters, i come before you with a heavy heart and a burdened spirit. my tongue is loose and forked. i spout lies and stories, which our Almighty Father hates! my heart stings and aches at the knowing how i am letting my Lord Jesus, my Holy Father and the spirit within me down by these false, at times irreversable, adulterative, and corruptable-just downright unforgivable lies. please, brothers and sisters, pray that my voice will silence when the devil tempts me with a clever snare. please pray that i may have courage to right the wrongs, tell the truth where i have made a mess. please pray that this will be in His will, because i want to do the best for Him. i pray for you, brothers and sisters! as many as i can get to. i believe our most gracious, loving Father is kind and merciful. he will never leave us. thank you so much. may you all be well and may His will be done. in Jesus's Holy Name, Amen.

- cari | May 29, 2018

prayer for continued good health( thanks be to GOD)- I am a 7year stage 3 rectal/vaginal cancer survivor. I am however single(6 years), raising and homeschooling a 14yo GOD loving daughter :) Prayers for continued good health and financial provision! thank you!

- missy, ohio | May 26, 2018

Please pray that God will show me where I am to go. I moved from UT to OK and am living with my Uncle who has become Verbally and Mentally abusive towards me. I live on a small stipend. So I am putting all my trust in God that he will assist me in getting into a different place and help with any deposits it takes.

- Pamel Welsh, OK | May 24, 2018

Please pray for me to find my spiritual strength again. I feel so unloved as I failed to make wise decisions and am having trouble looking forward. I have had dark thoughts and anxiety. I want my bond with my family restored. I wish I would have done things differently... I took things for granted when they were good. I pray heaven isn't too far away.

- Carol | May 24, 2018

I am asking for you to pray complete healing for my body, I need God to heal me and take this cough away. Also I stand in need of my marriage being healed and whole. I stand in need of a break through and for our money to be restored. We are really going through it.

- Anonymous | May 24, 2018

Please pray for me as I live with such regret. I have Lyme disease and a rough childhood. I think these two things combined have mental impaired me. A sweet family took me in and I was saved prior to that, however I received stem cell treatment and it didn't go as well as I had hope so that I can be on my own... Now I feel as though I am unworthy of anything. My heart is being overcome by Satan. I am living in the past continuously. I am lost. I have lost relationships I highly valued and now I am struggling even more. I want my drive to seek and believe in God's works again. I truly want my heart back! Please please pray that God redirects me to become someone new and better.

- Girl fighting Neurological Lyme, Illinois | May 24, 2018

Please send prayers for my Mom, she has a brain tumor.

- Julie Ann | May 24, 2018

I am once again back asking for everyones prayers, i am saved and i am a regular tither, but i am feeling bad both physically and mentally. My ocd is still tormenting me and causing me to doubt. I pray that i can get peace and restoration of the joy of my salvation. I am trying to do less habitual sin and without my habit, i feel irritable and stressed. Yet,i feel i am finally moving forward, so i covet everyones prayers. Thank you and God bless everyone here.

- Andrew L, Jacksonville FL | May 23, 2018

May the power of prayer help my fiancee to acquire the job he's been working so hard training for. It will help us get back on our feet and give us a fresh start after we go through this foreclosure process. He is a wonderful, caring man that takes pride in taking good care of me & our fur babies. May God give him the strength to endure the pain that he is going through while not being able to be the provider he wants to be. I love him with all my heart & being & just want him to feel whole again. His pride is at an all time low. I know we will be ok as long as we stick together. With love & support & prayers to help us as our upcoming marriage approaches, we know that we will be able to be strong as we continue on our journey. Bless all that pray for us.

- Anonymous | May 22,2018


Please pray that I will get another job. I had to let my last job go because of personal problems within my family and I have regretted it ever since. I really need a job considering I am the only one that makes an effort to improve things in my family. Please pray that my significant other will realize the way he treats my children and myself is hurtful and please pray that he will start stepping up and help me provide for our family.

- Heather Mills, NY | May 21, 2018

l'm sorry I hadn't finish my prayer! my doctor said if things went awry he would work on saving me and the obyn. said he would do every thing to save the baby but God save us both , through prayer. We need prayer. We both have visions and see angels and demons and are very spiritual. We love Jesus and he loves us. My youngest is a Doctor and is very blessed and always getting promoted. I have several chronic illnesses but when I get ill with God's help I land back on my. My daughter helps me when she can. God really is my Help! The reason for the prayer request is because she is trying to buy a house and we are under attack from Satan. We have encountered him before but not like this. My mother was a praying women and so are we. God bless and keep you.

- Helen from California | May 21, 2018

Pray for my family and me especially my youngest daughter. I was seriously ill when I gave birth to her. It's only by the grace of God we are here.

- Anonymous | May 21, 2018

Please send prayers for my Mom, she has a brain tumor.

- Julie Ann | May 21, 2018

Please pray for my Mother, Father, and I as we have many Health and Financial problems!!! Please understand we DID NOT buy fancy clothes, Cars, jewelry, etc; as Health, Home Repairs, Dental Health, and Automobile Repairs, etc; all add up very quickly!!! PLEASE also pray for my pet Cat Casper who the Veterinary Doctor tells me he has End Stage Kidney Disease but not a detailed improvement plan was given to me to take care of Him and maybe it's time for a new Veterinary Doctor to treat Casper as Pets become like a Family Member!!

- Jeff | May 21, 2018

Dear Lord Jesus, please take care of my sister, Linda, who left us so suddenly in January. Deliver her of the pain she knew that she may have peace in knowing your love. we all miss her.

- Barbara, New Mexico | May 17, 2018

I'm asking for prayer fir Jesus help me get more organized and confident. im hoping my husband, Richard will have God's blessings for more healing. Holly

- Holly | May 17, 2018

heaing for myself. Have fibromyalgia. my name is Maria

- Maria Wheelock, California | May 17, 2018

Divine intervention suddenly especially in our finances grace mercy peace blessings favor help even with my grandson graduation ceremony celebration events parties gifts the new vehicle special accomplishments and all pertaining to it what God has for him is for Him Jehovah has the final say as well good for all my grandchildren enjoy content happy prosperous abundance respectful activities plans events all finishing this school year strong no weapon formed against them shall prosper not now or ever in Jesus name Amen

- Anonymous | May 17, 2018

A Family member who is looking at a long jail sentence. She lost her Mommy at VERY young age. She was an awesome kid in school but somehow got with a crooked path. Please pray that she stops wanting to be with her Mother and for the Judge to show Mercy by allowing our Lord to guide them both.

- Anonymous | May 15, 2018

I am in a bad situation.. financial problems stacked against me.. a lot of things desperately need to get replaced.. it is driving me crazy. I desperately need financial miracle. Please pray, hopefully something happens.

- Susan | May 14, 2018

Please pray for my family.

- L. Lumlise sangtam, Nagaland | May 12, 2018

My heart is shattered 2 18yr old boys were in a horrific car accident they tried to get out of the car & others tried to help them, but the flames took over moments of horror their school is right next where I live. Pls Pray hard for their loved ones, & school, they were preparing for Graduations, now they are preparing for Funerals. Lord, comfort their wounded hearts

- Sophia Papadopoulos, Ft Lauderdale FL | May 11, 2018

for my safety to going church

- jesse, Stockton CA | May 11, 2018

My family. I was a terriable mother. My sons have given up and turned away. So have my daughterinlaws snd grandchildren. Ive to pray but i dont think God hears. I'm 74 years old. I worry that my time is fleeting fast I dont wsnt my children to look back and regret not letting me be apart of their lives. I have ask my sons forgiveness but. They hate me. Ive ask Jesus to forgive me . Please pray for all of js!?s

- Carolyn Chapman | May 11, 2018

i lost my job late last year. please pray into my new career path that God has for me and make it clear to me what he wants me to do and where he wants me to go and take away the blocks and resistance of the enemy so I can get to my destiny. i need financial stability so i can provide for my child and myself. Thank you so much in advanced.

- Elena Perez, California | May 10, 2018

Can you add Melissa M to your churches' prayer lists, please? She's my pastor's wife and she needs prayers of healing. She has arthritis, a sinus infection that causes terrible headaches and a tumor in her brain. The doctors prescribed a medicine for the sinus infection that caused more problems than they solved and she's sicker than ever. She has 4 young children at home and she's overwhelmed. Obviously, being the pastor's wife, she shares her husband with the congregation, so his attention is split. She needs all the prayers she can get. Pray for pain relief and physical healing! I appreciate it. Thank you all!

- Jarrid from Quebec | May 10, 2018

Saturday evening an amazing woman was hit and killed on her motorcycle and her husband is still fighting for his life. I would just request a prayer for all of their family and friends to find some peace during this difficult time and for her husband to make a full recovery and have the strength and will to be able to move forward with his life after such a tragic accident. She touched the lives of so many people she was a Wife, Mother, Mimi and dear cherished friend to many. We will all miss you dear friend until we meet again.

- Anonymous | May 9, 2018

I have BPD & PTSD. Both are unrelenting mental illnesses. My husband is Bi-polar, another unrelenting mental illness. I pray every day that our marriage would show God's mercy, grace, strength, and power. We've made it through losing family, friends, our home (fire) and our health. 12 yrs this year! PRAISE JESUS! ALL GLORY TO GOD WHOM HAS HELPED US ALL THE WAY AND WILL CONTINUE TO HELP! I do NOT recommend two people with mental illness to marry. Please pray we will be totally committed to our marriage covenant before God

- Jo Joy, Michigan | May 9, 2018

please pray for my husband he was recently diagnosed with diabetes, high blood pressure,and high cholesterol. He doesn't know how to handle all of this. Im trying to keep him motivated and helping him the best way i know how.

- Shawnetta Washington, TX | May 7, 2018

a healthy and happy family

- Shawnetta Washington, TX | May 7, 2018

Need Healing and Financial Help, Need strong holds broken off of me and my husband. We want to walk in the will of our Father and draw closer to him. My Family needs healing, been, grieving losing both parents and 2 brothers, which has cause division between me and my sister.

- DIANE K ROBERTS, KY | May 7, 2018

Divine intervention/contacts/connect suddenly especially for all my grandchildren schools involvement part of all there doeth right by them and they not be intimidated or looked over all feel right and the way they should toward them activities plans everything enjoy favor bless show grace mercy peace shalom all passing promoted to the next grades his graduation ceremony awards what he wears achievements celebration Jehovah has the final say all in all our behalf in Jesus name Amen.

- Anonymous | May 7, 2018

Please pray for our love, marriage and family to be reconciled and restored. Pray fear is removed and those divisive voices are silenced. Give us victory of those and that which is dividing us, separating us, scaring us, using us, attacking us and trying to harm us. Pray we overcome all and ourselves and hear Jesus' voice and return to each other and forgive and heal. Make our marriage and family whole again. Make our love better and stronger for each other. Expose and defeat the enemy.

- Ron, Rachael, Amelia & Elizabeth C, NC | May 6, 2018

Please pray for my husband whos going through his second and third back surgeries this week. That God will guide the doctors hands and that he will have a speedy recovery.

- Anonymous | May 6, 2018

My boyfriend is a new Christian. We go to church together and he really likes it so far. I can see him changing little by little. I pray that god would continue to transform him and that my boyfriend would continue to lean into god and be more dependent upon him.

- Anonymous | May 6, 2018

heavenly father please help me not sray from my budget and keep me to tap moneywise im doing good sofar and don't want to cut short when the rent is due and my other bills I trust that you will guide me in this amen

- tommie hoff, manchester CT | May 5, 2018

Dear God, I’m really sorry for not praying daily, I don’t understand how I strayed so far. But I thank You for Your Holy Spirit that leads me back to where I first believed in the power of Your truth. I ask for forgivness and want to be in agreement with Your Word. I ask You to bless the saints of God and protect the anointing You have given the body of Christ through the power of His shed Blood.

- Moses, New Orleans LA | May 4, 2018

My brother has been in and out hospital over last year. Recently had surgery requestimg get in agreement for speedy recovery, total healing and restoration.

- Detra, Houston TX | May 4, 2018

Hi, please pray for by biopsy to not be melanoma. I had cancer in breast twice & am doing well. Thanks for all the prayers. also pray for my daughter Julie she needs salvation & a job asap (mortgage car etc.) Pray for my husband & I to just be able to breath & enjoy everyday we have together, thanks .

- Jo, DE | May 3, 2018

Robin H is facing back surgery to correct issues stemming from many years of training horses. She has tried every form of treatment, but now it seems inevitable. Please pray for a successful surgery as well as her recovery.

- Robin H. of Newton, NC | May 3, 2018

lord please help us to find a home that we can afford to buy in a safr neighborhood. also lord can you please help me and my husband to have great jobs that will be helpful to our family in jesus name i pray amen!

- Anonymous | May 3, 2018

I'm having surgery. this morning, in 2 hours. I'm supposed to be able to come home later today, barring complications. Prayer appreciated. Thank you and God bless.

- Tracey, San Diego | May 3, 2018

Father God in the name of Jesus help us let us always pray the prayers that availeth much peace with wisdom beyond all our years the new vehicles the new house and home repairs remodeling favor blessings grace mercy always at the right place at the right time doing the right thing (open/close doors) prosperity miracles activities plans contracts connection especially God bless excellent sporit eight attitude lift us up where we belong gifts for me my daughters and all my grandchildren my family in Jesus name. Amen.

- Anonymous | May 3, 2018

God, we need a house. We trust you are working on it and will show/guide us Your plan.

- Anonymous | May 3, 2018

Please pray for my family to have financial security and me to get an opportunity for a better job situation.

- Sara, San Diego | May 3, 2018

Special mothers prayer for Angelina R, a single mom with 3 boys needs uplifting prayers for her faith, hope, and love may the Lord touch her heart to see the good intentions of others. So she may feel the power of prayer as she petitions to the Lord, to continue her strength in all that she sets out to do. May the Lord remind her that she still needs care for herself to remain healthy, in mind body and spirit. may the Lord reveal to her the special love that she desires so she may find it in her heart to love as the Lord intends. May her days be blessed with goodness and hope in her persuit of a better life, may she see the love that is waiting for her surrounding her life. Finally, that she feels the kindess from me and shares in return, with all my faith and love.

- rrr, San Antonio TX | May 3, 2018

Special mothers prayer for Angelina R, a single mom with 3 boys needs uplifting prayers for her faith, hope, and love may the Lord touch her heart to see the good intentions of others. So she may feel the power of prayer as she petitions to the Lord, to continue her strength in all that she sets out to do. May the Lord remind her that she still needs care for herself to remain healthy, in mind body and spirit. may the Lord reveal to her the special love that she desires so she may find it in her heart to love as the Lord intends. May her days be blessed with goodness and hope in her persuit of a better life, may she see the love that is waiting for her surrounding her life. Finally, that she feels the kindess from me and shares in return, with all my faith and love.

- rrr, San Antonio TX | May 2, 2018

Please pray for all the Woman and Girls Ministry.

- Lizzette Echevarra, FL | April 29, 2018

Please pray for me as I go to apply for a divorce. I still love my husband but he is very bad and has done things I can't ever approve of. I don't think he will change. I don't think I have the right to try to change him. At this point he has gone too far. I need the willpower to move on. Also my youngest son is 22 but he is over 500 pounds and cannot do much. He doesn't think he has problems but the last job he had, he got fired the same day he started because they thought he would be a liability. I need financial help cause my husband left, and left me all the bills. I'm trying to take care of my son and myself. The Lord knows my needs, praise him, but I'm still just muddling through. I would love for my son to have a life with a wife and children but I'm not sure that will ever happen the way things are now. please please pray for us. and thank you so so much.

- Anonymous | April 29, 2018

My 8-year-old grandson, Max, has spinal muscular atrophy and has never walked. He needs a miracle.

- Kathy, CA | April 28, 2018

My husband has survived a brain tumor and kidney transplant thanks to our son and the miracle the Lord blessed him with! Pray for him and my son as they prepare for their two year evaluation!

- Kathy | April 27, 2018

Please pray for Jerry and Sharon Reed. Jerry has ALS and is fading fast. Sharon is caring for him in their home with Hospice's and a Viet Nam veteran's help. I am thankful that they are both believers. I intend to send them a CD with "I Can Only Imagine" by Mercyme to comfort and encourage them. They will be reminded that their final destination is secure with Our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ!!

- Dee W. White, Edmond OK | April 27, 2018

Please pray for my new skin care business venture.

- Cindy from Montana | April 25, 2018

I want to be strong in the Lord. My 6 children need help from the Lord. I have faith like a mustard seed but I am still human and scared.

- Nva from San Francisco | April 25, 2018

Please pray for my adult son Kellen. He is struggling with alcoholism and schizophrenia. Please also pray for me as I learn to forgive my son and not be so angry.

- Gail from Englishtown NJ | April 25, 2018

I came up on your website quite accidentally as I was looking at a book of Oswald Chambers and followed the link trail. as I began to read some of the requests I found myself praying for about 20 + of them. as my heart went out to the Lord I realized HE ask us to pray and submit our request to HIM but then realizing also that His Word says that HE inhabits the Praises of His people! encouraging us to Praise Him. just a special request to perhaps have a Praise wall also... this would be an encouragement to us as well as our Lord! Thank you for your consideration. And especially thank you that you would set aside a place for people to pour out their heart needs so that others may lift them up. Exponential BLESSings to all! Lindah, WA

- Lindah, WA | April 24, 2018

I am praying for my 10 year old daughter who has autism and epilepsy. Each day is a struggle for her and my family is trying our best to help her, but it seems like we don't know what to do now. Please send my strength and patience to be able to take care of her.

- Lisa, Bethlehem PA | April 24, 2018

I am looking for a new home in Utah for my family

- Kathryn Walden, Nevada | April 23, 2018

Prayer that i stop sinning and doing Sins And that God would forgiven me of My Spirit and Soul and Human Body that My Spiritual Body is afar from whats Wrong in my Living that i Stop being a Sinner and The Lord thy God Jesus Christ Forgiven me of all my Past pernst and and that i am Forgiven of all whats Wrong in my Living hood and that i stop being a Sinner so i ask that you Pray for me that God forgiveness me of old an Persnet Sin an of All of all of my Sins In The Blood of Jesus Christ And through the blood of cleavery of the Cross of Christ my God of Heaven and be there for me forever in Jesus name above every thing for sure that i am saved in the Game Grace of The Lord thru God of Host in God of the holy Ghost and of true inn God the Holy Ghost in and through the Lord too stop doing what is wrong and that Christ is my Lord thy God of Host through the Blood and the Pathways of Jesus Christ m God of the Holy Ghost Of Power and truth and Hope and my Blessing of christ Savior amen

- Justin C. Whiteley, Morehead KY | April 23, 2018

Please pray that I move into my new career path that God has for me and make it clear to me what he wants me to do and where he wants me to go and take away the blocks and resistance of the enemy so I can get to my destiny Thank you

- Sandy, Ohio | April 23, 2018

I am 62 years old I have a severe heart problem. Cant afford insurance. Got a letter from heart dr and was informed that he will no longer be seeing me due to the fact that we can't pay almost $700.00 he wants up front to see me. I can't work but they say I don't qualify for disability. My husband was hurt 12 23 2016 at 3:30 pm and we are still trying to recover from that. We sold every thing including wedding ring martin guitar and any thing else we could turn loose of. We were just hours of loosing our home. When we put dollar signs in front of a patient that is sad. Secure all dollar signs first. I am unable to refill my heart and blood pressure meds so have been cutting back on doses and skipping days. Now we are trying to put together funeral plans while we still have a chance. Ive been informed my meds are controlled and I need to stay on them. It all looks impossible at this point. Pray for Gods healing in this matter.

- Karen Brown, Panhandle Tx | April 22, 2018

my dad had three heart attacks in one year. the third one attact took a toll on him. So please pray for him he needs all the prayers he can get. Thankyou and God bless you've all.

- Anonymous | April 22, 2018

Please pray for me and my faith walk to know that God has all my situation in control my job and the management who is trying to get me fired. I am praying for peace. I am praying for my sister who husband went to heaven last week, and I am praying for all prayer warriors. In Jesus name, Amen

- carolyn, California | April 20, 2018

pray for me and the team leaders that we teach God word in this vacation bible school with power and authority and that God give everyone that hear His word will get an understanding and revelation of who He is and what He is always doing in our lives

- Anonymous | April 19, 2018

pray for my parents. They are currently in a season where God is putting their faith to the test and to see how much they trust Him. This season could end very soon, but only by a miracle from God. Thank you for your prayers.

- Anonymous | April 19, 2018

praying that I am called to a church very shortly to pastor.

- Melody Smith, NE | April 19, 2018

my best friend passed yesterday of kidney failure. please pray for her family.

- Melody, NE | April 19, 2018

I need your prayers. I work at a hospital and some of my coworkers are doing everything to get me fired. unfortunately my boss is very friendly with my coworkers and believe everything said about me. I need strength,wisdom and favor from God. I believe God will make a better way. Thanks.

- Anonymous | April 18, 2018

Pray with me for two of my adult daughters (Erin and Linds) who are both involved in New Age practices. I pray that the Lord send divine appointments for them--Christians who can help to point out the danger in these practices: (Reiki, yoga, crystals, tarot/angel cards, etc.)--possibly Christians who are former New Agers themselves! They do not listen to me in this regard. (Be careful, because it started with an interest in yoga, which led to teaching yoga, then exposure to Reiki, etc.) I also pray daily for other young adults to come out of these lies as well.

- Jeanne | April 18, 2018

Please keep me in your prayers. I've had Leukemia since 2015. I've been to 3 hospitals and have frequent blood transfusions. I've noticed 2 lumps growing on my neck. Pray the doctors can help me.

- Myrna, West Virginia | April 18, 2018

Please pray for my family.

- Mary Etta Price, DC | April 18, 2018

pray for me and the team leaders that we teach God word in this vacation bible school with power and authority and that God give everyone that hear His word will get an understanding and revelation of who He is and what He is always doing in our lives

- Anonymous | April 17, 2018

I am praying for my daughter to get a job. She has been praying and trusting the Lord. She is educated and has prepared herself professionally but above all she loves the Lord. I pray that as you read this request you will pray for her. Thank you

- Victoria F. Dorsey, OH | April 17, 2018

pray for my upcoming surgery on my right knee.

- Janis, AZ | April 16, 2018

My dear friend Anna and her husband Noble need Prayer Warriors now more than ever. Her life has been a constant turmoil due to circumstances she couldn't foresee. And Noble continues to struggle with health issues, and is currently sedated, on dialysis and an infection of unknown origin. This illness is serious. Anna and Noble are Believers!!!! They know that healing is coming, and have taken on these struggles with devoted hearts. Please help me pray for them, in the name of the Father!!!!!!!!

- Kelly, KY | April 16, 2018

please pray for Dee and Andrea. Forgiveness, reconciliation, new beginning, honesty and openness about feelings. all strongholds be broken.

- Anonymous, Tx | April 15, 2018

Please keep me in your prayers, recently moved to michigan from Texas to get out of a abusive and controlling enviroment, only to find myself in a different abusive enviroment. im 37 years old, not married, and dont have kids, but im on disabilty and thats the only reason im not living slone. please pray God will open a door in my life and set me free from the pattern of abuse and control. Thank you all, and God bless you.

- Jennifer, Michigan | April 15, 2018

Eileen Stephens of Kingsport, Tennesee, who is seventy-five years old, is having lung cancer surgery on April 26th and would appreciate prayers. She is very cheerful and in good spirits and has a strong faith.

- Anonymous | April 13, 2018

deliverance and protection NBAyoungboy! also that our World be touched, schools, police, president, the minds of US PEOPLE

- Anonymous | April 13, 2018

ive backslided 2013. moved from AK to TX 2012. I was in church 7 years. its like im empty and cant find my way back. im blessed that i have no desires of worldly doings. PRAY GOD DELIVERY FROM STRONGHOLDS ON MY CAPTIITIES...IM LOST AND I CANT ACCESS

- Ruthie, Cabot AR | April 13, 2018

please intervene God. I'm hurt inside, please pray for Damianus aditya christie and me. I have been waiting for reconciliation and peace for me and him, i depend on you and still hope, if God deign, please God soften and touch his heart for me, He means a lot to me. I can't touch his heart, only God can change people's hearts. i know that prayer is a powerful thing, please help me face things that are beyond my capabilities. because God, You have power to help me.

- nn j | April 12, 2018

The last few years have been so hard but God is faithful and able to turn our sorrows into joy it is just trusting him through the tears,Any prayers for my son will be so appreciated he is in prison even to say it makes it hard to breath,I know there is power in prayer so I am asking please pray for us that this will not destroy but bring Glory to Jesus.

- Mom, FL | April 12, 2018

Please pray for Rita Devlin, she has cancer and needs Jesus in her heart.

- Marilee W from Nevada | April 11, 2018

Pray my husband stop cheating on me, pray for my healing, pray for God to do me justice since my life has been damaged by some peoples with their lies. Pray for protection for my family. Thank you, God Bless you.

- Carmen | April 11, 2018

Please pray for my son and his wife. They were told they cannot conceive children. They have tried for adoption and fertility treatments and nothing has worked out yet. They always wanted a large family and have a solid faith that God has a plan. We are praying for a miracle healthy baby, if it be God's will.

- Mary from NC | April 10, 2018

please pray for me for God to fulfil the desires of my heart. i have been praying for a buyer for my property, have been praying for blessings for my children who are all jobless. I have been praying for a caring husband.

- Nancy, Kenya | April 10, 2018

please pray for me and my wife and our children my wife filed for divorce a year and a half ago she ended up bringing my baby to this world 6 months ago and she wants to continue in my life but i feel alot of bad stuff that she doesnt really love me just want me to be the one to divorce her please father heal my heart and hers i dont know what. to do i am lost with out u

- Ernie Soto, CA | April 9, 2018

my son and daughter grew up in church they are very gifted in music and playing keyboard and drums and writing song of praise. when we moved to GA. by the way of military and retired here. my son that once was very gifted in God started to deal in drugs and drinking and blame everyone for his problems he has 3 childrens and i just hurt for them. my daughter has 2 childrens and went through a divorce. But because of her lifestyles my husband and i have custody of her kids for the smileys ast 6 years. please pray that they will have a hunger and thirst after the righteouness of God.

- Patricia, Georgia | April 9, 2018

Lord I pray that i surrender all to you, my thoughts my heart. In Jesus name, Amen. Need of prayer for my Family.

- sara | April 8, 2018

Please pray for me that I get a job for September. I recently quit university and I need a job. Please pray that I keep trusting God and that he providencially provides.

- Sarah | April 8, 2018

I am a homosexual and God does not want me to be. please pray for me. im in a gay relationship calling my significant other a fiance. thank you, may God Bless you always

- Brad D, Las Vegas NV | April 8, 2018

Pray that God will guide the leaders of our country as they make decisions daily. Guide their thoughts as well as their actions and make our nation not afraid to stand up for the God who created us. Be with the sick, homeless, hungry and the poor and guide them to people who are willing to help realizing that it is only by Your grace that we have the abundance we do. Be our Guide daily and help us not to be afraid to witness to those around us.

- Anonymous | April 8, 2018

please pray for my kids to be safe and happy.please pray for my health and well being.pray to remove the bad from where i am.Pray that the world becomes a united non judgemental place where there is love and peace between everyone.thank you.Amen

- heather | April 8, 2018

Please i pray to be delivered from drug use.i pray you forgive my sins lord i'm on my knees please.deliver me from the anger and trauma of the past.i pray more people turn to you god and ask for healing.Im leaving my faith to you god.i pray for a loving future of happiness and world peace and that others no longer suffer.amen.

- Anonymous | April 8, 2018

Please pray for my grandson, JTG who is currently in jail. That the Lord would touch him and lead him back to His way. He is a Christian. Pray God would encourage and strengthen his parents. Thank you, A loving grandma

- Bonnie from Georgia | April 7, 2018

God's purpose to be revealed in my life and the life of my children power to forgive my husband for emotional and verbal abuse finances for my son to finish college. FINACIAL DELIVERENCE

- Anonymous | April 7, 2018

Please pray for my daughter Julie, She needs salvation. No relationship with her father, She needs a good fulltime job with benefits. She's lonely . She moved out a man she lived with for 2yrs.,cause he was abusive & living together wasn't right. Pray for laborers to come into her life & lead her to God & joy. Please continue to pray for cancer to never return & thanks for praying for my healing God bless you & standing with you all for your needs to as well....Ps. pray about Sears customers & the info. that no one including me will suffer any loss due to comprised card/account issues. thanks again.

- Jo, DE | April 7, 2018

Father I am weary and so tired. I am so physically weak all the time now. I don't understand what is going on. Please help me find more answers. Please help me to help ------- in the best way. I don't feel like I am understood very well when I try to explain things to certain people. ------ wants to help his community because it makes him forget the man who physically wounded him and caused him to lose a career that he dearly loved. Please help them understand him somehow and help him to do this thing that he wants to do for the community.

- Anonymous | April 7, 2018

Please do not remove my prayer because of my email name. I am Christian. Father I pray for all of those on here who are sad or depressed, looking for answers or worried about their life, job, or their loved ones. Father bless all law enforcement and first responders. Help our children and educators to find the safety and protection that will make them able to learn and teach. I also ask that you give our Congress a good "shaking" and make them think about working with each other rather than against each other. They are like children and bicker over semantics. Also Father, I ask for your protection and guidance, that those who can help me and ------, they they be guided by love and understanding that we want to help the community. Help us fin the best way to do this with no problems or fanfare. Thank you for answering my prayers in the exact way that I need Father. You know best. Help us both find answers. In Jesus Name I pray. Amen.

- Anonymous | April 7, 2018

My ex boyfriend which I have forgiven for breaking my heart...but I want prayer that he will be saved. No matter who or what God has to use to shake him up and take blinders off his eyes, even if God has to give him a dream..please Lord reveal yourself to him!

- Kimberly Buchanan, Ohio | April 7, 2018

I pray my son stops drinking alcohol before its too late. I pray he finds he doesnt needit to be a man, at 31. I pray he's more patient with his 2 daughters and his wife, and learns to love himself without any outside influences. In Jesus name, I pray,

- Anonymous, Arlington | April 6, 2018

Please pray for Chaziz and family. Let there be love, joy, peace, harmony and unity among each members as they share this life together. Let there be understanding, give and take and pure of heart as things are discussed. Let God's continuous grace and mercy be with them. Let every brokenness and rejection be healed and removed in the name of Jesus, Amen.

- Someone who cares, Malaysia | April 6, 2018

Pray that God will provide the financing needed to get VBS going. Also that God will provide workers for that task.

- Celina Lesporis, St. Lucia | April 5, 2018

Please pray for me,I have had serious life threatening health issues and have surgery tomorrow.

- Anonymous | April 5, 2018

I have a praise report ,my neighbor accepted my amends about her fence i messed up.I am very relieved and thankful to the Lord for this,Now please pray that i can get back in the WORD.I have not been studying it,and am very spiritually weak from lack of spiritual food.Please also pray for me to make healthier choices.

- Andrew, Jacksonville FL | April 4, 2018

I am planning to write a book about the character of God. I feel like all of my life has led to this moment, and that the reason that I went through the terrible stuff that I went through is so that I would be prepared to write this book. I have had many book ideas over my life but I have not been willing to put the time and effort into writing any. I feel like it is necessary to write this and I somehow keep coming back to this idea. Pray that the Holy Spirit would be on me and that God would help me to write it, I need a lot of help since I am better at speaking than writing. Thank you for your time Hailey

- Hailey, Ontario | April 4, 2018

Im lifting up all my lost family members All my cares concerns and frustrations! Im praying God will help me surrender all to him! Im praying Im getting better in submission to God in Jesus name I pray! Amen!!! Counting all ready done!!!

- Anonymous, N.C. | April 3, 2018

Just Pray that and talked with my Savior that he may Guide me in The Lord and Pathway of the Bible and the Truthfully God Into the Spirit of Truth and the Author of Salvation and Forgiven in the Lord thy God in the Author of the Believers of the Word of Christians and of the studies of the Lord word of God in thy God in Christ through the Author of Savior and Salvation in the Lord thy God in Christ And in the Lord Church of Christ and ask that I Repented and reviewed and Remove the Sin in my life and the Lord great Gospel of The Son of God through the Mercy of God in the Trustworthy in the Lord and the Truthfully and being Honest and Forgiven in Christ in my Living and my Faith through the Lord I ask that God may be with me and My church Families and that I may studies the word of God through my Spiritual Needs and soul and Mind and seen thy self a Approved in the Blood of Jesus Christ Through the Author of Salvation in the Lord through the Word and! the Faith and Hope And Love And Forg

- Justin Cameron Whiteley, Morehead KY | April 3, 2018

Please pray for two of my sons who are unsaved and persecuting me for believing. The one son is forbidding me to teach his daughter about Christ and threatening to not allow me to see her ever again if I teach her about Christ. But the daughter and I have a close relationship and it would damage her and me too, emotionally, if I never saw her again. Son gets extremely upset if I talk about Christ in front of her. Pray for his salvation.

- Alyce, Augusta GA | April 2, 2018

First let us give the Lord thanks for the abundance of all things.Please pray that the Lord would deliver his people from evil men; That the Lord would preserve his people from violent men, who plan evil things in their heart and stir up wars continually. Pray against the spirit of anti Christ,false witness,terrorism hatred and violence. Please pray and intercede without ceasing that God's will be done in the lives of the world's leaders and for our leaders to seek God and listen to Him. Pray that they would be surrounded by godly counsel and, that our leadership would personally know God and the salvation found through faith in Jesus Christ alone. That we may live peaceful and quiet lives in all godliness and holiness. God can turn the hearts of kings. Earnestly pray that the people of America and its leaders will humble themselves and seek the Lords face and turn from their wicked ways. Pray that the Lord would hear from heaven and forgive! our countries sins and heal our land. God Bless

- Angela Hughes, KY | April 2, 2018

please pray for my 6year old grandson who is a patient at childrens hospital boston with kidney failure that he has a full recovery and for both his parents that they receive our lord in their hearts and make the necessary changes within themselves

- Carol F, Boston MA | April 2, 2018

Please pray that my sons and grandchildren find the Lord Jesus Christ

- Carol F, Boston MA | April 2, 2018

I am going to go tomorrow Easter sunday and admit to my non Christian neighbor i accidently broke the top of her wooden fence slat off.Please pray for me for God 's protection and providence for me.I have put it off for many weeks and it has been tormenting me so bad right now i can barely read and deeply study the word.I cannot go on another week like this.Please pray she will have mercy on me and not try to get me in trouble.I am frightened that she will be angry with me and i hope she will allow me to make amends to her and give her some money to try and replace the slat.I want to be honest and a Christian in all of my dealings.

- Andrew Lau, Jacksonville FL | April 1, 2018

Pray for a colleague, his name is Vincent currently in ICU, the Doctors dont know what is wrong with him. All tests have been done but nothing has been found.

- Anonymous | March 30, 2018

II am requesting prayer for my sister Tanya Garth to be delivered from drugs my brother Ronnie Johnson to be delivered from alcohol and my brother Michael Johnson to be delivered from pride also praying for my mother to be healed from bronchitis and prayer for me to be healed from fibroids and that God will reveal if James G is my husband in Jesus name

- Diane | March 30, 2018

My sister and I are having serious relationship issues with our partners (boyfriends). It has got nothing to do with them, but with their families being unhappy with us for no good reason. We have been rejected by them a several times and it burdens us so much. We are very down emotionally. Yes, we do have spiritual parents and good friends to uplift our spirit always but yet, the hurt haunts us everyday. We pray that God to intervene in our lifes and in our decision. Nevertheless, we love our partners very much. We pray that it will be worth the wait for a good response from their families soon. Pray for continues patience, love and faith upon the Lord.

- Rac & Rhe | March 29, 2018

Please pray for my daughter to find someone to share her life with and that her and my grandson will become stronger in their belief in Jesus. in Jesus name I pray, Amen

- Anonymous | March 28, 2018

Please pray that God all mighty put in me two new kidneys. I have diabetes, glaucoma, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, anxiety, depression. I'm on dialysis, pray for the after effects. Tiredness, weakness, no energy, body itching, hand and leg cramps. I owe a dialysis center over 783 dollars. It is money that I don't have. I need a miracle from God to pay this bill. That God save my family and relatives.

- Meliton F from Texas | March 27, 2018

I need $2500 to take care of necessary purchases before May. Please pray the funds come in...thank you.

- Tracey, San Diego | March 27, 2018

Please pray a DELIVERANCE prayer for our son Desmond Johns. He is living in the streets of Ohio. Doing drugs, he accepted Christ as his LORD AND SAVIOUR Age 12 he is now 52. No weapon formed against (Desi) shall prosper! May THE GOD OF HOPE FILL DESI HEART WITH THE SPIRIT OF TRUTH AND LOVE. IN THE MATCHLESS NAME OF JESUS! AMEN

- Anonymous | March 25, 2018

Please pray for a little girl in Cuba who has been hospitalized with leukemia. Her name is Yainelis and she is only 5 years old. She is in critical conditions and keeps getting worse. Doctors says only a miracle can save her. Please pray for her and her family during rough times. Thank you.

- Melissa Machado Rodriguez, Ontario | March 24, 2018

Please pray for my friend's salvation. He is away from the Lord and needs Jesus.

- Jordan | March 23, 2018

Lord, help me find my way. I find myself lost in anger and unforgiveness. I don’t know how to let it go. I’m filled with discontentment and depression. I’m in need of grace and joy. Lord, please help me get set free from this unwanted seed. I have placed in my heart. Remove the roots of it from my heart. Fill me with your love and peace. Set me free for once and all.

- Angelica Villca, Youngstown OH | March 23, 2018

Please pray that God heal Henry from childhood abuse and trauma.

- Erin, TX | March 22, 2018

Our Intercessory Prayer Team join in praying for all those desiring prayer. We pray for their salvation, healing, deliverance and endurance in whatever the challenging situation may be. HOLD ON! God will never abandon us. Our part is to continue to keep the faith, trust and believe. At the end of every trial there awaits "Sweet Victory." Pray for our continued strength in the Lord.

- Pastor Redmond, Ohio | March 22, 2018

My prayer request is for a new career that allows me to use my God-given talents. I have never had that; I've had lots of jobs though. I am currently working a job where I thought everything was going well and I got along with everyone only to be told recently by my director that everything I've done this year was wrong and my co-workers are no longer treating me in a respectful manner.

- S.B., TN | March 22, 2018

Get well prayers needs for Susan S.

- Anonymous | March 21, 2018

Lately I'm feeling so overwhelmed. I have 2 teenagers, both with health issues that I homeschool. I am dealing with health issues of my own, finances are tight, and i just feel like I'm failing them because there just isn't enough of me to go around.

- D, Florida | March 21, 2018

Pray that I get baptized by the Holy Spirit and have y heavenly language.

- Ana G., San Francisco CA | March 21, 2018

Prayer that all my sins are forgiven in the Blood of christ Jesus through the Holy God the Son of God in Christ the kingdom of God that my Homes and that God hear prayer through the Pathways of God in the Gospel of John through God in Christ i repent in thy Lord of Lord thy God that all in all my life and that he wash me with rain and snow and rain and laidess me too the holy city of the saints in the assembly of the saints thy city of God in Jesus christ in the spiritual needs in the son of God in the Holy spirit of the Holy Ghost through pray and being cleans and have a good cleans and wash away of snow shows in Christ lead me too the heaven in the Lord thy God in the Ark of the Lord thy my Prayer is that obey but that God well forgiven me in the God the Son of God in Christ and purify me in me and in my Soul an spirit in Christ Jesus in Christ my God. My Prayer for me thanks and the God rucse me from death, hell, and the Grave and Sin and saves me and renew me in the blood, christ.

- Justin C. Whiteley, Morehead KY | March 20, 2018

Im requesting prayers for my husband, age 40, who had a stroke a week and half ago. It was a mild one but we still have months of recovery ahead of us. A big lifestyle change we have to do and that he is struggling with. Thank you in advance for your prayers. God bless.

- RDA, Illinois | March 20, 2018

Please pray for our church as we are planning 2018 VBS and Faith for the Family Evangelistic Outreach that The Holy Spirit will use us and many will be saved. Please pray for my family as I pray for you. Blessings!

- Anonymous | March 20, 2018

For my earthly father= Mr. Dr. Siegfried Bernhardt, who needs an entire healing-miracle for nearly all of his body after a heart-attack, after a stroke, after lots of the discs in his spine had been damaged by far too hard work, after breaking one of his ribs shortly because he fell on stony ground in front of his house, because of depression and loneliness, because of severe problems to move (doctors say that is because of a chronical inflamation of his nerves),because of growths in his prostate (until now it seems to be NO cancer-just growth),because of plenty of cysts in his bladder, liver and kidneys). For Mrs. Marceline Pricken - a woman from Belgium who suffered from cancer in her ovaries, undertook chemotherapy, but when the cancer came back she got a "Total-OP" (all inner female sexual organs had been taken out). In spite of the state of being very week she undertakes now chemotherapy again (which is very wrong-I think). Mrs. Pricken needs to get saved (she is catholic)

- Martina Bernhardt, Belgium | March 18, 2018

I am praying for my son, Justin, that he looks to Christ and that Jesus cleanses and removes Justins Addictions and that Jesus removes all of Justins depressions too! Jesus please keep knocking on the door of Justins heart! In Your Name, Jesus! Amen!

- Brenda Moser Creasey, Alton IL | March 17, 2018

I need a job. Please pray for a door to open for me with a job opportunity

- Desiree | March 16, 2018

Thanks to all of you who will pray with me, that all my family's needs are met , according to His riches in Glory, and also that I would be freed from demonic oppression in Jesus Name, and that my heart and life would be made right, and on the right path

- Leslie | March 16, 2018

Hello. I am praying for healing and forgiveness for the family including my aunt Cathy, dad( Raymond), mom( Sue), sister( Rachel). I pray for healing, forgiveness, humility, and submission to the Holy Spirit. Thank you. I'm praying for you as well.

- Stanley Zantarski, NJ | March 15, 2018

I need prayer for my fiancé who is struggling with back pain, PTSD, anxious, depression. He is retired Marine, Vietnam Veteran, Christian, but sometimes when I talk with him, he is losing hope in Jesus Christ. How can I help him? I know I can pray for him, which I do every day/night for healings, but I feel helpless, too. Can you add my prayer to your prayer list. I appreciate it very much and May God Bless your ministry. In Christ Love, Virginia robles-Christian in Faith in Jesus Christ my Savior.

- Virginia R, Live Oak CA | March 14, 2018

Pray for my son. He is 30 has been addicted to computer games. It is taking over his life. He cannot see it. His marriage is in jeopardy. He is pushing his family away. Stays in the house all the time. Please Pray!!

- Mike, Pa | March 14, 2018

I am requesting prayer for Patty Slater, She is in the hospital trying to recover from a very bad car crash .

- Travis Mize, Portland MO | March 13, 2017

My prayer request is that all shepherds will have a heart for the sheep they are leading. May the shepherds seek the God that called them to find out what the need of each sheep under their stewardship need to grow. I pray that the longing of the sheep will be heard and felt and that the shepherds will have the heart of King David.

- Anonymous | March 12, 2018

My prayer is to keep my healing that my Father in haven gave to me September 8, 2014, I know that greater is He that is in me then he that in the world and for my children to come out of bondage Praise the Lord

- Mary Pope, Sacramento CA | March 12, 2018

please pray for our son' paul,in austria, that the Lord will soften his heart and bring him to faith and repentence before it's too late.

- Anonymous, Montrose PA | March 12, 2018

please pray for my brother Charles E Kirkland. pray for healing of a massive stroke, that he will get his strength back and mobility in his body. may his speech become clean understandable. pray that God will lift him up and give him a new start in life. we ask for pray in Jesus name. Amen

- Charles E Kirkland, Columbus GA | March 12, 2018

plesase pray for my love he is strugling with some stuff in his life i want him to fulfill his gift pray for protection over our kids and rap ur arms around them please help his moma to grow in her walk with god i pray that my loved ones grow with compassion and understanding and forgivness in his holly name jeasus christ amen

- Stacy N, Sardis AL | March 11, 2018

please pray for anthony and his family wrap him in your embrace give him the love and compasion and understanding keep his mother and children safe and help them to grow in your word spritaly thank you for blessing me every day thank you for giving Anthony the will to help me understand your word and grow better in your love and teaching me

- Stacy Nevinski, Boaz AL | March 10, 2018

I still am drifting away from the Lord some.Please pray God will show me what to do to make things right with the people i have done wrong things to.Please pray for Gods protection for me as i now am getting more serious about proclaiming the Gospel.Please send the right people in my life to help me in my Christian walk.

- Andrew, Florida | March 9, 2018

My husband is having bad headaches and they make him feel drained. He is tryen to work 70 hours a week and pastor a church. He never complains or lets on like he feels bad.....please pray the doctors find out what is causing them and that they can easily be treated and he feels like doing things. God bless you....

- Frances Decker, KY | March 9, 2018

Praise God & thanks for the prayers. I had my 1st petscan & i am cancer free & on no meds. I am so happy. To God be the glory. Please continue to pray that I'll remain this way. Also may I ask for prayer for my daughter, to be saved & healed emotionally, she doesn't sleep well & offends easily & she is a lovely girl & needs healing. thank you again & God bless & meet the needs of all who are seeking Him. amen

- Jo, DE | March 9, 2018

I am praying for all the request listed here. Lord I pray that You would open our eyes to what we need to do in every situation. Bring healing to the sick, peace to the one’s who need peace, understading to them who don’t know what to do now, love to the people who feel unloved, help to the lonely, joy to the hurting and answers to all the prayers. In Jesus name Amen.

- Sharon L, Jacksonville FL | March 9, 2018

Asking God to heal self/siblings of diabetes/affects/Tara of eyesight problems/senses/Jerome of ADHD/streets/Jerry of eyesight problems/lupus/streets/Joseph of streets/dogs/Cecilia of lung cancer/my restoration/financial prosperity/healing/deliverance/protection for the Chester family.

- Napolena Chester, PA| March 8, 2018

I am A believer that has been having A lot of physical pain near my chest area almost daily, and its been going on for many months now. I desperately need help before I get A heart attack....

- Leon, South Africa | March 8, 2018

I pray for the health and safety of my family.

- Anonymous | March 8, 2018

for my two adult sons to come to faith in Christ.

- Anonymous, PA | March 7, 2018

Please pray for the truth to be revealed in the situation of two believers, concerning the clergy.

- Anonymous | March 7, 2018

I am asking for prayer over my home. I am the youngest of 4 grown children. I am the sole caregiver of our Mother who turned 95 on March 2nd this year. Mom has beginnings of dementia, she is now 3 years lung cancer free! HALLELUJAH. I am also caring for my teen daughter who has Autism Spectrum Disorder, ADHD, Diabetes and DMDD. It's so hard. I can't get out to go to my Doctor appts. I can't write because I'm too tired.(I'm a new Christian Fiction author). I am loosing my patience with EVERYONE AND EVERYTHING. I don't know which way to turn. I cry and no answers...

- Alicia G, Illinois | March 7, 2018

Watch over my children I have been fighting since Aug 26, 2016. I go to court on 14th of this month but my caseworker has not worked with me at all I have went above and beyond to get them back

- Sumer S., AR | March 6, 2018

mi esposo Roberto Martinez deje el alcohol

- Lourdes Gabriela Campos, FL | March 5, 2018

Please pray that i can get the o.k., this week, to move into my apartment. i need to get the lease sighned & the electricity in my name before 3/12/18 because thus is a Section 8 apartment. Thank You To All Who Pray!!

- Angie | March 5, 2018

Please pray for relationship with former friends (misunderstanding). Pray for XXXX who is stopping alcohol consumption. Pray for a neighborhood organization with overinflated egos and difficulties. Pray for my insomnia and slight weight gain (diabetic).

- Anonymous | March 1, 2018

Pray God give courage, protection and His peace to Faithful Clergy of His around the World. Time is short and pray God use them and others to be laborers in the Harvest that is ripe. Thanks and God Bless. Pamela

- Pamela | February 27, 2018

Prayer for outreach ministry to reach lost souls in the mighty name of Jesus. Amen. Our Father, who art in heaven, hallowed be thy name, thy kingdom come, thy will be done, on earth, as it is in heaven. Give us this day, our daily bread. Forgive us as we forgive our trespassers. Lead us not unto temptation but deliver us from evil. Thine art the power, the majesty, and the glory. Amen.

- Bobbie, New Orleans | February 27, 2018

Please pray for my family who seem to be distancing themselves from the ways of the Lord...they are not interested in serving God or walking w/ Him. Please pray that God would reveal Himself to them today & that the Joy of the Lord will be our strength. Thanks so much

- Anonymous | February 27, 2018

My husband and I are missionaries to Germany. We talked to our local city council: in August we get to do a three-day VBS at our church, and our local city will include it into their summer programm for youth. That means, they will advertise for us, and send children participating in their programm to us. Please pray that God will move mightily in this great opportunity!

- Angie, Germany | February 27, 2018

I know the Lord is coming but I souls be saved. As I look at announcement at my church and the person that praying a uniting with people everywhere, at this time, now to come together. My prayer would that even when we leave this building (the church). To never let what heard and what we learned leave this building (the body). Let the word cling to us through the love and ministry our beloved Saviour Jesus.

- Carrie Gamble | February 26, 2018

i wrote February 6, 2018 about a 1 1/2 year old little girl namded Marley. She died today. She had cancer and it spread to her brain, her parents are HURTING. i pray for intense comfort for James and wife. i ask for everyone who reads this to please pray for this family in Extreme crisis. Thank you sooo much

- Anonymous, Wisconsin | February 24, 2018

please pray for me i struggle with addiction which includes drinking and smoking i am a mother of three school age children i am also unemployed and i ask for pray that i will find a day time position full time please pray for my children my son is having a hard time in school thank you and God bless.

- Sylvia Hughes, CA | February 24, 2018

Please pray the Lord will show me what i can do to make things right with the people i did not right by.I am really struggling with despair about what i did and have virtually no peace.I am concerned i am on the road to drug addiction if things continue as they are.And i dont want to waste the life God has entrusted to me.

- Andrew L., Jacksonville FL | February 24, 2018

thankyou Jesus , for the healing from stage 4 breast cancer> thankyou for the journey that i survived. you and you alone , know and understand how difficult the treatment was. i thankyou for giving me another chance to give back, thru the testimony of how good God is. we can do all things thru Jesus Christ our Savior. i thankyou for everlasting life. i thankyou for allowing me to give thanks for all that you have done in my undeserving life. i will continue to give you all the GLORY. i thank you for the Good , the Bad and the Ugly. i am asking for prayer to have continued healing, growth within you and the understanding of STRENGTH within your guidelines and words. in Jesus name , i thank you and everyone that is praying for me.

- mw, MI | February 22, 2018

Please pray for all who have been spiritually and emotionally exploited. Hardly can a person own the shame a family can heap upon children and women due to greed and rigidity.

- Anonymous | February 22, 2018

should i stay or should i go.He has been unfaithful several times i need prayers in determining what to do. help i feel so empty and lost

- kim, Michigan | February 22, 2018

Please pray for my pet scan to say no cancer. pray for my daughter to take a position that's part time & may it become full with benefits. Pray for no drama on job. Pray for both my daughters to be saved & get healed emotionally. Pray for my husband & I to be healthy & resored in everyway. Thanks & God bless for praying.

- JO, DE | February 22, 2018

Please pray for God's deliverance from the emotionally abusive relationship I've found myself in and cannot see a way out of on my own. Pray, also, for David...may God touch him and Bless him. This has nearly destroyed everything in my life, I am exhausted, alone and financially, spiritually, emotionally and physically empty. I'm in need of God's guidance, truly, I need Him to carry me out and show me the way to joy, again. In Jesus name...Linda from Longview, Texas

- Anonymous | February 22, 2018

Please pray for my husband he is mentally abused to me. Nothing i do will please him. He drinks a lot each day. I am 62 and don't know how much more I can take. My granddaughter is the only thing keep me going. He has bad mood swings.

- Anonymous | February 21, 2018

I have cancer and so does my sister who lives with me. I've had cancer much longer than she, but her road has been a very intense and painful one. Mine is becoming more painful and hers is improving. Also, I am really suffering emotionally. Please pray for us and our whole family.

- Amanda M. King, MI | February 21, 2018

To find an afordable home for my son and i. Also transportation solutions. Health issues with Asthma. spent 11 days in the Hospital. Prayers for my sons teeth to be completed and fit properly after two years extream sugery. He is loooking. forward to wearing his new teeth.

- Georgina Glenn, MI | February 19, 2018

Blessings to all, please pray for my children, my son 38 incarcerated and my 26 who cannot find a job in Miami as she graduated with a bachelors degree in social work less than a year ago. Lastly pray for me, I am an asthmatic and the stress has me down for a few weeks not. Thank you in the name of Jesus our Lord.

- Marissa, Miami FL | February 19, 2018

Please pray for me about an unspoken i am concerned about.I know nothing is to big for the Lord. Thank you folks for praying fir me a few months ago. God did indeed answer in his own way. And i am grateful and thankful to all who prayed for me. Please pray for me that my heart will melt toward all who i have any toxic unforgiveness with, I deeply struggle with holding on to resentment. And i am now convinced that it is a problem.

- Andrew L, Jacksonville FL | February 17, 2018

my prayer is for everyone and thanks to god and i hope he helps everyone including nonbelievers please allow them to see and let their eyes open also please pray me a miracle to happen in my life

- chris p | February 17, 2018

I would like you to pray for my 12 year old daughter that she will be and is eternally saved through are Lord Jesus Christ her name is Janey G. Kelly.

- David, San Fernando Valley LA | February 17, 2018

Please pray with me that God will bless my Sister Sheila to get another job. She was laid off about six months ago, and she is nearing the end of her unemployment. Pray that God will give her a good paying job that has convenient working hours as well. God bless you and thank you so much for your prayers...

- Steve, Philadelphia PA | February 15, 2018

Prayer, That God, May lead with his son of God and Keep me In his Grace and pace And Love in Christ at the Table of Christ Jesus As Romans 8:1 and the eight Chapter 8 of Romans and Bless me an those in the Lord Of Lords in Christ Jesus An save me and hear me with the Mercy of God an his grace and rauses me from sin and death and gives me forgaven in The Lord of Lords inn Christ Jesus that, I well have life And well be Bless and keep Sin and rauses me from them and forgaven thee and bring me A good And true, Love and Obey his Grace and Mercy of Good News in Christ the Farther of the Holy Spirit of The son of God of the Gospel of John on leaning on Christ Jesus in the God of my Living hood and in Christ Jesus in the Lord Of Great Love and rauses his people from sin and Death and hell and given them The Spirit of Christ Jesus in the Holy God in Jesus Christ John 1:17 and Romans 6:3:23 Died to sin, alive to in the Lord Christ Jesus our Lord of Lords in God Mark 4:12 in Christ Jesus.

- Justin C. Whiteley, KY | February 15, 2018

Pray for me and my 8 year old daughter. She is in foster care and I am in counseling and therapy because of this. She has autism and has been under my wing since she came out of my womb. I love her dearly and hoping to be reunited with her soon. Its been 7 months and still the courts have not sent her home.

- Kenya Johnson | February 15, 2018

My friend, M. is really suffering from a deep depression. M. cannot be seen by the dr, until March first. I am praying for a cancellation so that M. can be seen and helped much sooner. Thank you for your prayer support. Blessings,

- Anonymous | February 12, 2018

PLEASE pray for our son. T. needs salvation and a personal relationship with Jesus. We have prayed for so long. Please, join us in our prayers. Thank you; bless you.

- Anonymous | February 12, 2018

Great Beginnings prek and kindergarten. May God send us sponsors that we may buy a school bus for kids and be able to pay teachers and feed the kids in Jesus name. Amen.

- Mirriam K Clark. | February 12, 2018

prayer for me to obtain successful employment in atlanta to allow me to relocate from california by fall 2018. also a prayer for me to be relieved of vertigo which is a result from my ex husband's abuse of the legal system to avoid honoring our court ordered settlement agreement. it is another form of control which has negatively impacted my well being.

- Shirl David, California | February 12, 2018

please pray for me as I have been waiting for disability for a long time and I'm in quite a lot of pain and I just asked for your prayers please and God bless you

- evie, MT | February 12, 2018

please pray for my daughters who are having a hard time. please pray that they may walk closely with the Lord and start feeling better and things start looking up for them

- Evelyn Bethea, MT | February 12, 2018

Prayer for my son. He needs freedom from alcohol and cigarettes.

- Anonymous | February 11, 2018

I pray today for my mother who is ill in a hospital, may she find some peace and comfort in her heart while she is there. I pray that my fathers heart illness and his walking and circulation problems due to heart problems will subside each day and he will feel stronger each day. I pray that my daughter and grandson, who are blessings from above are always protected and watched over by God the father, Jesus and the Holy Mother. I pray that the holy Father, Jesus, and the miracles of the Holy Mother transform the heart and soul of someone I love, so that he may follow and believe in miracles and salvation. And I thank God, Jesus and the Holy Mother for the blessings and signs that you are always with me. I truly believe that with prayers and faith, you can find strength through any adversity.Thank you, there is power in prayer. Pray the rosary. Pray the Our Father. Amen Barbara Ann

- Barbara Ann | February 11, 2018

bless my family and friends i pray lord that you maybrenew my boyfriends heart and stir him into your path and let us walk with you in faith i pray and ask for forgiveness and please bring us closer to you in jesus mighty name amen

- Suzie Wong, Hawaii | February 10, 2018

please pray that God sends us a miracle to help us out of our mount of debt

- ursula boochee, CA | February 10, 2018

relieve anxiety, trauma, obsessional thoughts, spirit of mental illness. holding on to past pain, negative thinking.

- Jasmine | February 8, 2018

Please pray for Jewell Rainey .The cancer has came back for a third time in four years. She is having another surgery to remove the cancer from he stomach area next week. Please pray for Mike Jenkins he has cancer stage three in his stomach area. Both these folks love and serve the Lord daily.Please pray for my sons they are both lost and need the Lord. amen

- Anonymous | February 8, 2018

Lord Cesar has been mentally ill for most of his life and is now in jail. Please raise up your workers to minister your truth and your Word that he may be healed spiritually and i pray for Cesar to be healed because for you Lord nothing is impossible. May your perfect Will be done in his life. Please Lord intervene on the accusation, only you know the truth. Please show our family how to help him and intervene this Sunday when we speak about him

- Rose Torres, CA | February 9, 2018

Friend named Tina who has struggled with addiction issues much of her life. she needs prayer God will deliver her completely and permanently from any interest in or pull from drugs of any sort!!! Thank U! And prayer for all the many storm-tossed children of this world who are having to pay such a steep price for their parents' selfishness n lack of surrender to God n what He says we should do... we have about destroyed our society...

- Kathleen M.Tucker, Oregon | February 7, 2018

Really sick for weeks with flu and pneumonia. Too sick even to take antibiotic. (So God really gets the glory!) Want healing from those, plus pain n disability.

- Kathleen M.Tucker, Oregon | February 7, 2018

Please pray God will send me a born again Christian man for a friend and husband. May we find our place of service and work for God together and be a Blessing to one another.

- Anonymous | February 8, 2018

Prayer for my grandson Jon Johnson age 9 years old he got angry issue he a very sweet and smart kid but he had a bad life with his mom he acts up at school please pray for him

- Juanita Demps, Texas | February 6, 2018

This prayer is for a 1 1/2 year old child, who has cancer, it spread to her precious little brain. The doctors say she has 2 months to live. James is the little girls daddy. If its GOD'S will to go home, if not, i declare and decree this little angel to live a full, happy, cancer free life. We apply the precious blood of Jesus to her inner body functions. i declare are decree her body will function as GOD created it to be. in Jesus name Amen.

- Anonymous, Wisconsin | February 6, 2018

needed much prayers, for myself in financial struggles due to being put into hospital for 5 days and single mom of 3 boys (all 18-25) with no relatives just on my own. also need prayers for 3 boys to be brought back into their faith after being rejected by their dad when oldest was 14. very angry and resentful. need christian male mentor. also being divorced for 11 yrs, an in very small town and take care of elderly, i dont meet new people esp christian men. seeking a god fearing joyfilled activally seeking faith fill man to court/marry. giving up hope now i am 50 yrs old. god can do all things but its been 11 yrs and im running out of patience and doing it alone:(

- Anonymous | February 6, 2018

Please pray for my daughter. She is so young but has a rebellious spirit. I have tried all forms of discipline to no avail. She would rather do what she wants and accept the punishment than to do what is right and avoid the punishment. I know this is a spirit and I am praying for her, as well as wisdom and instructions on how to raise her up properly. It is very stressful and frustrating.

- Concerned Mom from NC | February 6, 2018

pray for our daughters to be saved & healed emotionally. pray for no more cancer for my wife & no more heart attacks for me. For joy & restoration, In Jesus'' name,amen thanks for praying & God bless you

- VJ, Millsboro DE | February 3, 2018

pray for my sons richard and Gabriel to come by to the lord. and my son inlaw to come to the lord also. thank you

- April M Bryant, Florida | February 1, 2018

My prayer is for a friend who was given an appt at a later date to discuss a brain tumor. They have small children and are going out of their minds while they wait and are very afraid. Please pray they are given peace of mind while they wait and comfort to take away their fears.

- PV, Florida | February 1, 2018

Please pray for a financial miracle for my life. I have so many lost years due to illness and the cruelty of others. I have been unable to move forward in my life since my ex fiance left.

- Justin from CA | February 1, 2018

I pray for my small congregation in Philadelphia, PA. We were a congregation of 60, then a new pastor arrived. We were left with 2 attenders after the pastor quit. Two elders led the church for 13 months, then a pastor agreed to take over. We have 17 members, but can not pay all our bills. Please pray that Jesus would ressurrect this work, provide the funds, and draw people to himself.

- Joseph Specht - Elder, Philadelphia PA | February 1, 2018

I have a very difficult task, and fear has gripped my heart and I can't get it done. I'm out of time and need to do it now. Please pray that I'll have the strength to do this almost impossible task. Thank you so much, I really need your help.

- K, Florida | January 31, 2018

My prayer is for myself and for my eldest daughter. We are in a spiritual warfare. I need help.

- Anonymous | January 31, 2018

H. practices Wicca (witchcraft) in Portland, Oregon. Please pray for H.'s complete deliverance from occult practices and total salvation.

- Anonymous | January 30, 2018

For my son I'm praying he will turn his life around and be more responsible. To leave friends that are clearly holding him back and stop smoking. I would like him to turn his heart back to the Lord.

- Liv from Canada | January 30, 2018

Lord I come before you asking you to please take care of my brother who is in prison and will be there for 13 years. i ask that you protect him, keep him safe, please put a wall of protection around him at all times and may you bless him always. Help him to stay close to you always. i also pray for my only son Chris, that you would guide him in the right direction. All this I ask in Jesus precious name. Amen

- Anonymous | January 30, 2018

Even before I ask we know that the Lord knows what we will ask for, and I thank Him for the answer for we know that His will for us is to prosper and be in good health me my children, family and loved ones, our church family, every neighbor every household on the street where we live and/or workplaces. Father I pray for the young people, empower them Lord to serve you.. to turn from the things that are not pleasing to You, especially those who no longer go to church in Jesus name I have prayed, and I say Thank You Jesus for answered prayer.An Please agree with me in prayer. God Bless

- A.R. Allen, Canada | January 29, 2018

God my father in Heaven I come humble to the Throne of Grace asking forgiveness for all of my sins and not being faithful to God and the a Holy Spirit and to please give me another chance to follow You pray for healing in my body I pray for my marriage and my husband healing in his body I pray for a part time job and financial blessing so I may be able to pay my tithes, and be fill with the Holy Spirit I love the Lord but I got turn around I am 72 years old God Please (HELP Me) Jesus please.

- Anonymous, Washington DC | January 29, 2018

Wherefore: Let us pray for all America upon moving forward hope, faith and strength upon moving forward Father God Jehovah's Divine will be done in the name of His Son who is Jesus Christ who is Jehovah Jesus Sarshalom: For He is all-mighty Father God upon all Heaven and Earth who will renew His strength with His righteous family church: as it is written upon His holy name. Amen Wherefore: He will not forsake His children He will renew His strength upon His time-frame: as it is written: as it is done: Wherefore: His holy Word is His Gospel and His Word does not come back void, as it is written. Amen. Peace. Amen.

- Minister: Caroline T McNeal, prophetess and servant | January 28, 2018

Please pray for my Son Stanley George to be a servant of God wherever he is.He is a gift of God doctors told to my wife you won't get him but because of the prayers of many God has given him to us so we want him to be a servant of the living God wherever he is.He got few friends without any fear of God.Thank you.

- George, Florida | January 26, 2018

I had a stroke 5 years ago but now I am better because of the prayer of many now I Have a numbness and burning in one of my feet I like to lift Jesus if he help me and deliver me from this problems.So please pray for this matter.Thank you.

- George, Florida | January 26, 2018

hi,my name is amy.i would like to pray for something special to happen for me.i would like to meet greg x volz,and the classic petra band.

- amy wieninger, ME | January 25, 2018

Please pray for my adult Son and Daughter to accept Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior.

- Wanda S Mahboub, New Mexico | January 25, 2018

Lord I come to you today in all Humbleness asking for your divine healing power for my friend whom is losing her eyesight due to advanced Macular Degeneration. Lord she is one of Your Faithful Servants always giving to others before herself. i Pray for her Healing of her feet that Hurt her so much that it is painful to walk. Lord your Precious, You are Mighty and i put ALL my trust in you today as always Jesus! I Love you, I adore You and I am unworthy of Your riches but today I ask for Healing....Amen

- suzanne calderone, Battle Creek MI | January 25, 2018

Prayer request for my friend leander and sage they are in prison, prayers for depression. court, my court, my cousin malydia is struggling with addiction, my uncle on becoming a father, my friend cherrlyn with missing her kids, my friend alex on being on her own, my uncle cory with his alcoholism, my mom with building faith, prayers for her with being happy, my dad and his thoughts, his happiness, my grandma and her sickness, jermiah with whatever is going through his mind and prayers for me on getting closer to jesus.

- claudia albert tulene, glendale AZ | January 25, 2018

Jesus, I pray that one day JMartinez and I will have a big family, and come out of our struggles in financial and we hope to be bless with good health...

- Kimmy N Martinez, Lynn MA | January 24, 2018

In gratitude for complete healing being in hospital for 8 days with pneumonia (sorry about spelling) and flu, nearly dieing. Thank you to my angel of a daughter, who came after work and stayed with me at night at the hospital, sometimes next to me in hospital bed. God please bless her with all she may need in this life, and strength to keep working on those difficult life lessons. Keep her close to you Lord, let her know she is loved, most of all teach her to face her problems knowing you will guide her. In Jesus name, we pray, Amen

- Teresa, Mesa AZ | January 24, 2018

I pray for all the sick, especially my household, battling the Winter season of cold and flu. May we all receive divine intervention to will the sickness away with Gods help. Please convince my daughter to quit smoking, as well as my husband. In Jesus name we pray, Amen

- Teresa, Mesa AZ | January 24, 2018

Hi there - my parents were on a cruise and my mom suddenly couldn’t breath and had sharp pains. She was sedated and put on a ventilator and rushed to First Health Cape Canaveral Hospital in Florida. Since being here she has coded twice and had to endure surgery shortly after. She is making slow progress but I need you to please pray that she makes it out of this. Her kids and husband still need her and she has so much more to live and enjoy. A steady blood pressure and the ability to breath on her own would mean everything at this point. I know God is powerful and can do great things. He can move mountains. Thank you

- Allison Dow, Florida | January 24, 2018

My husband, Larry and I will be celebrating our 30th wedding anniversary on Thursday of this week, on the 25th. We are both very proud and thankful to God for helping us hold it together in life for this many years and we are looking forward to being together in life and in this marriage for another 30 years with God's help, blessings and guidance. Larry and I have never been married before, this is our one and only marriage and we are lucky that God's hands brought us together. I am from Trinidad and Larry is born and raised in the United States. I am grateful to him for crossing the ocean, traveling to a strange country to meet a strange woman whom he hardly knew and he was very eager, willing and happy to marry me, make me his wife and life partner for life and bring me to the United States. I am very lucky, we both are very lucky that God had a hand in bringing us together. This kind of situation/arrangement hardly ever works out fo! r a long term. God deserves all the praise!!!

- Larry Jr. and Jessie John, Manilla IN | January 21, 2018

Please uphold the family of Rev. Eugene C; faithful believer; who went Home to be with the Lord Friday night at 2. His widow Marion and their 3 children, sons Kevin, Brett & Bruce. Also 2 autistic grandsons, Justin,15+, and Ben, 10, were definitely hit hard. Thank you each. Our Father thru Christ Jesus bless each of you. Romans 11:33-36

- Anonymous | January 21, 2018

Jesus.. l pray for Brian who has gone astray, he is involved with a girl from work and I am not sure to what level, but his personality with me has changed from kindness to complete hatred. I need strength this has been going on for a year. Help me, lead me, let Your good and perfect Will be done.

- Katie, Virginia | January 20, 2018

I need the Lords forgiveness. I have failed to serve and follow Him. I need His grace, mercy and forgiveness of all my sins. Please pray for me that the sweet Lord Jesus will help me to have genuine repentance. I want to be forgiven. I dont want to spend eternity in hell.

- Sandra | January 20, 2018

Prayer of salvation for my wife in Jesus Name

- Johnny, Ventura County | January 20, 2018

We lost our daughter to a drunk driver and it hurts!

- Keith, Georgia | January 19, 2018

My adult children don't know the difference between stumbling in the dark. Staying in the light of blessings by way of family togetherness as being close in Spirit & Being Physically Present. It is important too The Lord, Jesus Christ. That's the way he planned my Life, until someone snacthed it away, going against his will. If you aren't on the same pathway serving The Lord with your Mother it will leave a void that won't heal. This is a request for understanding & request for unbiased prayer!!!!

- Anonymous | January 19, 2018

Pray for a family, health, wealth, and prosperity!

- KJ | January 19, 2018

My husband was killed by a drunk driver December 24th, 2016. Please pray that God will help me with forgiving the driver that killed him. I am so very angry with her and with God for not saving him.

- Angela, Canyon Country CA | January 18, 2018

Please remember the family , friends and fans of Sandra Robins. She is from my hometown and I have all her books. I've always preordered them and couldn't wait for the next one. She was a lovely person and her talent will be missed.

- Nancy from TN | January 17, 2018

Please keep me in your prayers as I continue to push through with living with a Grandma who is getting Alzheimer’s.

- Vickie from Arkansas | January 16, 2018

I need prayer for my marriage of 21 years. We are on the verge of separating leading to a divorce. We have a teenager at home. I don’t want to forever mark my teenager by having us divorce. We are a Christian family who has lost their way and can’t seem to find the road back.

- Anonymous | January 16, 2018

Trusting God to bring me a Godly spouse, and bless me with a family, financial breakthrough, promotion at work.

- shalom | January 16, 2018

I am working but on, a contract, that is ending on Friday 1/19/18. I have to move & pay for an apartment by March 1, 2018. Please pray I quickly find work, the job the Lord have me to have, & subsequently able to get apartment, please pay I can get the apartment the Lord would me in. Thank you!

- Dianna, IL | January 15, 2018

I have a court date Wednesday, Thursday and Friday from an accident that I had 2 years ago. The insurance company feels it was an act of nature the 2 cars slid into me. So they feel they're not liable for anything and meanwhile I'm stuck with bills for my back and legs. Please pray that I am compensated with something for my pain and suffering. I know God is a lawyer in the court room. Blessed.

- Clara, NE | January 15, 2018

Hello! I Jacqueline montgomery writing for prayer.i am praying God restore my hair it fell out and I have a big bald spot.please please please pray i buy right stuff to help grow all my hair back asap. Thanks and God Bless

- Jacqueline Montgomery, sd.ca | January 14, 2018

I am still so hurt and disappointed over the loss of my marriage and losing my child due to my ex terminating the pregnency.I have never really been able to bounce back and hurt on a daily basis over this.It has been over 3 years now and i cant honestly say i am doing well.I also need prayer for the strength to continue to care and attend to my poor crippled mother.It has also been very hard and sad to see her in pain and unhappy.

- Andrew L, Jacksonville FL | January 14, 2018

Hello ! I Jacqueline montgomery writing for prayer.i am praying God and the Holy Spirit comfort me in my new apartment and remove all hindering and fear. Thanks and God Bless

- Jacqueline Montgomery, sd.ca | January 14, 2018

Please pray with me for my mother. She is 96 years old, frail and with dementia. She has just gone through a hip replacement operation. I am asking God to be with her and help her through her recovery

- Faye Harvey, Sydney Australia | January 13, 2018

My prayer is that I have Joy and Salvation at the Cross of Christ Jesus and Be Holy in thy God at the Mercy set That Christ Has Mercy on me and as i readed my Gospel of John that i am saved in the Lord thy God as My Lord of Lord as my King of Kings And May his Grace be with thee in the That I Am Leaded to the Lord and saved in his Grace in the Lord God Amen. prandon My God in Christ Jesus Amen.Let the Lion of Judah be with thee In Christ Jesus Amen.

- Justin Cameron Whiteley, Morehead KY | January 13, 2018

Please pray i can restart my Christian walk all over again.I recently reunited with my home church again.Please pray i can thrive in it and start to get back my joy i once had.Please also pray i can be extra kind and compassionate to everyone i meet and be a good witness for Jesus at all times.

- Andrew L, Jacksonville FL | January 13, 2018

For my family My son and grandsons to come back to God and break the chains of addiction

- Anonymous, Modesto CA | January 12, 2018

That I will be able to care of my self. My family will be healthy and have unity.

- Mary Jacobs, Mabletion GA | January 12, 2018

prayer that all my family would get serious about christ and family salvation...especially husband to know God and embrace the word and my closer walk with God..

- priscilla morrissette, ga | January 11, 2018

Please pray for me to have and send the right people in my personal life.I think that i am not picking the right Christian people to be in my life,Especially pray for a decent Christian ladyfriend that loves the Lord.

- Andrew, Jacksonville FL | January 10, 2018

my son Ashish has the mental disease, please pray foe healing.

- Anonymous | January 10, 2018

Please pray I win my case and get my job back. I'm praying that I get a good arbitrator to hear my case and see the injustice I've received.

- Anonymous | January 9, 2018

Pray for my family that they will get saved and also remember my church in prayer as we reach out to our community.

- Austin from NC | January 9, 2018

I am praying for my husband Jason, that the Lord will call his name so he can turn his life over to God and that he will receive the holy spirit and be the man that God called him to be, God and that you allow my mother-in-law to move on and she really pray to God and stop praying to false spirit's and that God will give her the holy ghost, for my children to be the top of their class and to continue to get straight A's, and for me to find a better job so that I can help my husband financial to be thehelp mate that , God desires me to be

- Vernecia Fentress, Virginia | January 8, 2018

That intrusive thoughts or self doubt don't interfere with my new walk in Jesus. Also that through my renewed faith that I can somehow inspire others around me.

- Anonymous | January 8, 2018

Prayer desperately needed to complete a large financial transaction that will impact the Kingdom significantly. I have made several "faith promises" to various ministries and am praying for completion and funding that will allow me to fulfill my pledges. Please join me in praying for a quick resolution and release of funds. Thank you and GOD bless.

- Bob | January 8, 2018

Please pray for clarity and guidance for my Mother who is fighting a 7 year long battle with cancer. She has many hard choices facing her and our family. Thank you and God Bless.

- Anonymous | January 8, 2018

Please pray for my husband lust of the eye and anger issues.. Thank you

- Anonymous | January 8, 2018

I pray for my grandchild and children to have a year serving the lord. that they would accept Jesus as a personal savior. I wish them lots of happiness , love and peace. Snd for me to get vloser to the lord Jesus Amen.

- Maria, Palm Bay FL | January 7, 2018

pray for our Granddaughter, GiGi Green 10 years old she has HSP and her joints is swollen and painful the Dr said she would get better, but we wanted prayer warriors to pray for her, Thanks and God Bless. Bro James Taylor Sewanee Tenn

- James Taylor, Sewanee TN | January 7, 2018

Prayer that my Heart and Mind is in the Likeless of the Lord and That we can go to my Lords Church of christ is in the Righteous of the Lord and my Prayer is Obeying his word of the Lord and Can have A Kindless and Graceful and Love of Christ Jesus in the Likeless of Buy my Bible and that its counted righteous before the Grace and Mercy set of Christ and being teached the Right truths word of Christ and well caring and a good christian for the Lord God of Host in the Lord Body and of the Lords Church of Christ Only that there is one Church and One Body of God in christ Jesus That the Gospel of Christ the Lord Church of Christ and my Life is obey Christ the Lord of Lords on the Leaning of God word Thanks God Blessing. 1 Peter 2:24:25 God Blessing too All amen. and Amen.

- Justin Cameron Whiteley, Morehead KY | January 7, 2018

Please pray for Deborah that her immigration issues will be fully resolved at the hearing in March. She is from a war-torn country and has been in limbo for the past four years. She is a very young lady...please intercede to God on her behalf. Thanks

- JakeJay, UK | January 7, 2018

That i would somehow find the financial means to pay for treatment.

- Eric, California | January 5, 2018

For this generation to receive peace of a divine magnitude. Replacing anger and violence in it's place. For the lost and lonely souls wondering in hopelessness. For the rich and powerful men and women in the world to find wisdom and seek humbleness for the coming of the new king. For the children of Israel to humble themselves and return to the Lord. For myself and others suffering from broken homes and hurting families. For the welfare of the United States to reform a new kind of unity that works, with more acceptance and less unbalanced resources and control. For honest and fair leaders and judges throughout all lands. For a steady and stable universe with a safe and promising future for humanity. For giving thanks to the men and women in all countries enlisted in military services. The rest of the world thanks you. For thanking you Lord for being patient with us and remaining solid in an unsolid world. For your goodness to us when we don'! t deserve it. I pray in your son's name. Amen

- Eric, California | January 5, 2018

Need to be lifted up in prayer for our marriage and employment.

- Anonymous | January 5, 2018

Please pray for our 28 year old daughter, Cara, who was baptized a mormon almost three years ago. She was raised in a Christian home and her father and I are missionaries. This is very hard, but we pray for her salvation every day! Please pray that God will draw her to Himself, for HIS glory!!

- Erin, Beaver Falls PA | January 5, 2018

I pray for all gods children and a healthy proserous year. I pray for enlightening to see the truth know the truth and be a Good and Faithfull fisherman souls to share the Truth Jesus Christ ! I ask that the Lord would show mercy on my 24 year old Son who is incarcerated and falsely been accused of Attempted murder. May my son lead some lost to the light after you bring him where You want him to be. For All of this I give you All the Praise, Honor and Glory. In Jesus Christ Name. AMEN

- Russell James Boyd, Aiken SC | January 3, 2018

My Lord and Savior in Heaven, Brothers an Sisters in his name, I come to you broken. I am asking for forgiveness on my sins an I have no choice now. My Husband, Our son and self lost all we owned in the Hurricane Matthew 10/18/16 then he God called home my husband bro 12/30/16. In February we had settled in soon enough as we had made it to Maine where husband brought us, We weren’t there a month my baby sister was harmed. and we went to help in Florida and now my husband is sick.

- Anonymous | January 4, 2017

I pray for all those who are in need of pray. May god bless you and guide you to give you peace of heart and soul. May you seek comfort in the fact you are never alone and your are eternally loved. I seek guidance and prayers for this new year as i become a new mother and god trusts in me to raise a soul. May he be with me to guide me and seek strength for my family.

- Christine, Canada | January 2, 2018

My daughter is having a baby very soon that has some physical problems. Please pray for the family, my daughter, and the baby. God will need to help us all.

- Grandmother, FL | January 2, 2018

Peace and understanding for my family for the loss of life of my son in law December 14

- Anonymous | December 31, 2017

My brother-in-law has been in the hospital for over a month and had three surgeries and is now in. a medical place to get his strength back he has got so weak so please remember as you pray

- Fox, Tennessee | December 31, 2017

I am praying for strength and healing of the chronic illnesses that I have. I am praying for my siblings who are very ill with cancer, dementia and M.S. I am also asking God to bless my small church with new members, financial blessings and our own place of worship. I pray that my pastor will stay encouraged. I pray something will happen to give him hope. I ask God to take away my only Child's hatred and disrespect for me. I ask God to heal my digestive problems, and to keep my heart clean and keep my mind on Him, my Savior. I pray for financial freedom soon. This is my prayer in the precious name of Jesus, Amen.

- A.M.L., ALABAMA | December 30, 2017

My grandmother has been battling lymphoma cancer for about 5 years now. She has recently been admitted into ICU with Pneumonia along with Cryptococus. My prayer is that she will build up the strength she needs to overcome this battle. She is so weak and having a very hard time breathing without being intubated and in a medically induced coma. I know that Gods will will be done. I just pray for more time with her.

- Ryann West, TX | December 28, 2017

Please pray for my Daughter's marriage. God should provide a god fearing boy for her. The spiritual growth for both my children.

  • Anonymous | December 28, 2017**

Rise me up oh Lord! Rise me up into my anointed calling... cleanse me of Lord, and set me on fire with the fire of the Holy Spirit and Your glory to engulf me into my calling. To do Your will not mine. In Yeshua Jesus Christ I pray... Amen and Selah!!

  • Cynthia Osorio, Georgia | December 28, 2017**

I just recently found out my step sister has breast cancer. I ask for us to trust in the Lord's sovereign care for her life and to give great wisdom to the doctors. And that through this experience that she would be drawn to Himself and to trust Him no matter what.

- Nick, Warwick RI | December 25, 2017

Please pray that my Granddaughter will continue her treatment for her emotional problems at this time & that she will draw closer to the Lord daily. Please pray that I have the wisdom to know how to answer her & to walk in our Lord's perfect will in our relationship. She has lived with me all of her life & will be 22 yrs old next week. She has a two year old Son who we just adore. Thank you for remembering all of my family & that my health stays strong. We so appreciate your prayers & ask that the Lord bless each of you who take time to pray for us. Merry Christmas!

- Cindy, Dallas TX | December 25, 2017

I need healing for my lungs, respiratory system!! Became very sick in mid-September, w/congestion, cough etc..., well I still have some remainder of this in my lungs..., and I really can't eat much because I'm still coughing up alot of mucous.. could you please pray for 100% recovery of my lungs from this illness. Thank-you and God bless to all...!!!

- Debra Senger, MN | December 25, 2017


- Debra Senger, MN | December 25, 2017

For safe travel for my daughter & daughter in-law as they travel for the holidays. like all others for safe arrives & returns & enjoyable stays while visiting loved ones & far. Prayer for myself for new beginnings & changes. I will in turn be praying for s,situations,ects.Amen,myself. ..Prayer does work and it does change thing

- Tracey Bonds, Goode VA

This week, the company that I work at received the most tragic news. The founder and his wife were found dead. I just pray for the families of the victims right now during this hard time.....I'm also asking for prayers for myself and all the other employees at the company as there is a lot if uncertainty about which direction the company will go in now that the owner/founder is gone. Thank you.

- Anonymous, Toronto | December 20, 2017

I beg you to please pray for me. I am backslidden from the Lord. I use to walk with the Lord but I fell so very far away from Him.I need to truly repent and try to follow Jesus the best I can. Im afraid I have let my heart get hard and I need a new soft heart. Im so sorry I failed Jesus. Please o please pray for me. Ive tried to repent but I cant seem to get anywhere. Thank you

- Sandy | December 20, 2017

in the last 2 years I've experienced much loss of family members, Loss of my Mother, who was my best friend, roommate, confidant , my world. we took care of each other as i became disabled lost my career, Vehicle my home & my Oldest Son. my mom and enjoyed the simple pleasures of Gods Blessings. short walks, drives to cemetery as she in turn lost two sons and my Father, baking breads, bible readings together and once a week with a group. I spent my time trying to find ways to be creative in order to make ends meet with the bills as i lost my complete 401, Health Insurance, No Workers Comp & no unemployment. Im living in horrible circumstances being abused verbally and my daughter 33 the youngest of my the two i have left has shocked me beyond what i feel i can overcome. the details God Knows.nut i my friends need help to reach out for very specific prayers for health. Guidance Courage Lead me to help Lord for all that you know Im enduring. Im frightened of what might become of me. prayers

- Georgina Glenn, MI | December 19, 2017

Please pray for my family as a whole, we are going through trials and sometimes it seems as if there is no end, I believe and worship the true God but sometime I am at my weakest point,.

- Annie, Austell Georgia | December 19, 2017

Grieving the loss of a 16 year relationship. I would like for you to pray that one day I can let go.

- Diana, California | December 19, 2017

that my family come home to His church someday

- Laura, USA | December 19, 2017

Let us pray....Our Father, which art in heaven....Hallowed be thy Name. Thy Kingdom come. Thy Will be done on earth, as it is in heaven. Give us this day, our daily bread. Forgive us our trespasses, as we forgive those who trespass against us. And lead us NOT into temptation, but deliver us from evil, For thine is the kingdom, The power, and the glory, For ever and ever. Amen. I pray for all who do not know Christ. That should they turn to Him, and away from the things of the flesh and accept His FREE Gift of eternal life,..that they may be SAVED, I ask this in Jesus' Name. Amen We know that time is so very short, my friends...so Love one another, and encourage each other, in Christ. Repent daily, and TRUST God.

- Servant of the Lord | December 19, 2017

That I stay in my walk with the Lord and grow stronger in faith and believing For it is written Ask Believe and Ye shall Receive

- Pamela Brown, Reading PA | December 17, 2017

I am asking you to hep me pray for my son Ordained Minister Sgt. Darren Deon Johnson who has been in prison for at-least 13 years. I love him very much and he needs a lot, but, with your prayers may God send him all his needs through your beautiful prayers. Amen

- Chaplain Sgt. Paula Tolefree, Illinois | December 17, 2017

prayer for my grandson,prayer for a church sister who is in the nursing home for her complete recovery from her stroke will be able to walk and use her hand again, revelation of what my gifts are and the power to witness to people

- Marie | December 16, 2017

For my friends and families this holiday season

- Cathy Viviano, Pennsylvania | December 15, 2017

Grieving over the loss of a loved one

- Sarah Jones | December 15, 2017

My prayer request is that the precious Holy Spirit can get my immediate family to a genuine love for Our Lord Jesus, a solid faith in Him, a true Salvation. Thank you and I pray the same for those you are believing the same for.

- Anonymous | December 15, 2017

Please pray that God will allow me to qualify for a home loan. I am desperate to find housing that is suitable for myself and my three children.

- Tonya D. | December 14, 2017

Please pray that God will allow me to qualify for a home loan. I am desperate to find housing that is suitable for myself and my three children.

- Tonya D. | December 14, 2017

Pray my brothers and father will be saved.

- Anonymous | December 14, 2017

Please pray for my Mom. She has lost control of her bladder and legs, and is bedridden. She cannot use toilet or bedpan and this is extremeley embarrassing and humiliating for her. She is trying so hard to stay strong in her faith. Please ask God's mercy on her, that she be healed if His will, that she feel His presence, and that He fill her with His comfort & peace. Please ask that all those caring for her be wise in their decisions and kind and gentle when tending her needs. I give God all glory and honor and pray to Him in the name of Christ Jesus, His Son. I thank the Lord for answering prayer, and I thank you for including my Mom in yours.

- Anonymous | December 14, 2017

Lord I need direction and help. My husband is searching for a new job which could take us to any one of five cities in the nation next month or this summer. Everything is up in the air for me. I am struggling with school. The assignments are more in depth and I feel like I cant give it enough attention because I am home alone with my children. I am playing single mom and just try to make sure I feed them twice a day. I cant focus because of the mess around me. I need to be responsible and clean my home, but I feel like my research papers take precedent. I am stressed about work, am I even making a difference? My body hurts from falling on the stairs on Sunday. My 7 year old tells me how he wishes he was dead. I cant do all of this alone. I wish my husband would come home to help. I feel underwater but am still expected to perform as if I am not struggling. Lord I need you because I cant see what takes priority anymore. I want a break, but know I dont have time for one.

- Lynn | December 14, 2017

thank you all that pray...please pray for my husband Joseph. joseph suffers from severe headaches on a daily basis. this is now causing him to black out when he coughs. my son Devon needs prayer as he is not living for the Lord. he is out there in the world and living as the world does. He knows the way back to the Lord, as he was raised in church, he is just living reckless and needs to come back to the Lord. we also need prayer for our home. we currently rent and our landlord has offered to sell the house to us. we were set to go to closing last February, and the bottom fell out on our finances. we have been working so hard to raise our credit scores and they (our score) are just not moving upward enough to have a mortgage company approve us for the loan. we are getting frustrated but trying very hard not to give up and we keep praying. we know God will meet all of our needs but we are in need of prayer so we can remaIn steadfast

- anonymous, New Jersey | December 13, 2017

I am a differently- abled 49-year old woman. I am quite well read and was working a corporate job. I have my mom 83 year old mom. I have been unable to work since the past two years and I am just starting to work online. I am in a very difficult situation financially, I need $50000 to save our house. I am willing to wait for my business to make some profits but I would like for my mom to have a debt-free Christmas this year. She has pledged and sacrificed so much for us children. I just want my mom to be happy and stress free. I will appreciate your prayers for the Lord to come through. Please also pray that the Lord will help me with my business and help me to be a cheerful humble channel of blessing. I pray that the Lord will meet the need of every single prayer on this platform for His glory. He is able. Appreciate your prayers Thank you so very much God bless you

- Anonymous | December 12, 2017

I am asking for prayers for my family, that we would all be saved in the end times. That my husbands eyes would be opened and that he would seek to build his relationship with God as well as others and that his Parkinson's would not be a hindrance in letting other people into this life! I pray that my children would learn to seek God and His ways more than the ways of the world! I ask for prayer on this housing situation, that God will direct me in the way to go in handling my past debts so that I can get into a home with my family. I pray that my family will stabilize in God so that I can be available to help others in these end times. I pray for my church that God will spark His power through us so that we may reach as many people as possible and that my church may be an extension of Gods hand to ALL people on this earth, of every background. I pray for out=r country that our people's eyes may be opened to the propaganda of our government

- Jamie M Stevens, Anchorage Alaska | December 12, 2017

Please pray for my daughter to not lose her teaching job, she try to help her brother by letting him work along side her so now they want to fire her thursday is the court

- Anonymous | December 12, 2017

Pls pray for my grandson Christian Ruiz who is joining the Marines and is leaving this Monday, December 18th. My daughter is under a lot of stress because of his choice, specially because her daughter Miracle Porter who is 7 years old has had anger problems in her 1st grade, she is in a special school and doing much better, she is very smart, my daughter is in a medical school and still leaving with us, my husband and I but she is struggling financially and emotionally. She needs peace and the lots of faith. Thank you for your prayers. Griselda

- Griselda L., Romeoville IL | December 12, 2017

Please pray for my son going thru divorce. Pray that God restores him and makes him whole again.

- Anonymous | December 11, 2017

For everyone on the wall, In the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus, I pray that you would bless every need on this wall. I pray for all who need deliverance from sickness, hurt, pain, financial stress, and all family members who have basic needs. Please Bless all your family, who is asking for your urgent help. In JESUS name. Amen!

- Elaine, Woodbrige VA | December 11, 2017

pray for me And my stress level as i deal with medical issues with my husband,my son, my oldest daughter,my second oldest daughter,my next daughter who is on crutches and a cast from a fall,my son who has anger issues and behavior disorder,my youngest who has several medical conditions that are severe, my dad who is dying, and for my other daughter who is not sick or have medical issues, for my mother to go back to the dr and check her adrenal cyst to male sure its smaller or whatever the drs wanted to check she putting it off because of everything with My dad and the medical bills that are piling up.

- Anonymous | December 11, 2017

please pray for my grandma who is having horrible headaches due to arthritis in her neck she is seeing a dr about possible surgery which she really doesn't want to do but cant stand the pain. and for her husband who has cancer and has a lot of dr appointments.

- Anonymous | December 11, 2017

please pray for my family we took our 6 children and moved back home into my parents house to help take care of my dad who has non alcoholic liver cirrhosis. he is in the hospital again not doing well he has fluid in his lungs and slow bleed from somewhere inside his body he is on oxygen and his mind is hit and miss he has diabetes as well and has been all over the place. he had a triple heart bypass in 2015. he is only 66 years old. he walks with a cane or walker and has several appointments a week. it is very stressful for my mother as well who is missing a lot of work to be with my dad in the hospital 10 hrs away from home. we are hoping to have him home for Christmas the kids are very worried that he wont be home in time. pray for my kids as they try to deal with all of this and for all of us. as of right now my dad does not qualify for a liver transplant.

- Anonymous | December 11, 2017

Please pray our grandson Ian stays with my husband and I for so many reasons , (spiritual safety and health reasons) until he's 18 . Thank you

- Anonymous | December 10, 2017

Praying for my husband, Gregg who is suffering from PTSD. He served in Iraq and Afghanistan from 2006-2010, We have spoken with a counselor and pray for healing and restoration of his mind and emotions. I love my husband very much, and pray for our marriage to be restored. In Jesus Name. Amen.

- Anonymous, San Antonio TX | December 10, 2017

I appreciate your prayers. The past 2 years, brought a multitude of problems and challenges. Serious lawsuits, great loss of a business, home and friends. I need your radical prayers for victory, redemption, restoration and freedom. I need a miracle. Please, let’s share our hope.

- Anonymous | December 10, 2017

Please pray for me, my health has always been an issue. I need to be healed! I have some issues with my stomach and am worried.Thanks.

- Anonymous | December 8, 2017

Please pray for my neighborhood and one of my neighbors who is at a critical crossroads in her life. I know the Lord brought me to this neighborhood not just for her, yet for me too. It will be a year in March that I moved in and the Lord is so gracious to continually provide. It hasn't been easy because I am disabled and so my income is limited. To be honest I have a hard time being grateful because of all the stuff I been through in my life, yet I still know he is right there with his hand upon me and I would like to give him all the glory in everything I do. Thanks for your prayers and please pray for me to. Blessings.

- Anonymous | December 6, 2017

Please pray that my wife will start submitting to me and we come together and not kick against what GOD called us to do for ministry. That we will listen to what God commands us to and trust God. Plus everything I need to make this non profit come to pass and be what God calls it to be will line up and that he place the right connection around me too,.... thank you

- Anonymous | December 6, 2017

Please keep my husband in your prayers. I have learned quite a bit about him that I guess I just refused to see before we were married. We will be married 3 years this month and only God can show him how to be a husband through others. Please keep us in your prayers. I hope that God will show me or put someone or something in his or my paths to open our eyes and show us the way of answers. Thank you and God Bless !!!

- Anonymous | December 6, 2017

Father in Heaven, Thank you my life, my health and the strength that you've give me. lord bless my family, my church family. lord take us higher in your word in your way. Bless this nation, keep us lord til your return In Jesus Holy Name. Amen, Amen.

- Sue | December 5, 2017

YHVH, Yeshua and Holy Spirit I pray today for the outpouring of the Holy Spirit! For your Glory to touch me and lead me today! Use me today in the blood of Yeshua Jesus Christ. Lord have MERCY UPON ME & Family. Deliver, save and change us. Show us and teach us your ways. I pray to have favor with my Boss. I pray for his fathers caretaker to be touched by you oh Lord and transformed. I pray to surround the Holy Warrior Angels and Glory angels around Larry Walker and protect him from the enemy. He is a man of God. Please Lord I pray and cry out for your strength, knowledge, wisdom to be obedient, do the right thing and what you want me to do. I pray lead and direct me, keep me on this righteous path. HEAR MY PRAYER OH LORD! I TRUST YOU FATHER, JESUS AND HOLY SPIRIT IN MY LIFE CHANGE THOSE THINGS HINDERING ME & MANKIND. OPEN OUR EYES TO SEE. OPEN OUR EARS TO HEAR YOU OH LORD AND PREPARE OUR WAY BEFORE JESUS COMES. HAVE MERCY OH LORD IN JESUS NAME.. HAVE MERCY UPON AMERICA AND ISREAL!

- Cynthia Osorio, USA | December 5, 2017

I pray for the Family unit in the world; the husbands, wives and children. That their hearts would be softened to seek and receive Christ Jesus. I pray that those of us professing to be Christians would not just be hearers but doers of the word so that our light would shine bright in this dark world in hopes to help others to receive and come to Christ Jesus. May the grace and mercy of our Lord Jesus Christ be with us always. Amen

- Anonymous | December 4, 2017

I've been experiencing panic attacks, anxiety and mood swings at first I thought something was mentally wrong with but instead I've been told this may be a spiritual battle it's gotten to the point people around me can feel it. I just started my walk with christ few months ago so I have no experience with prayers to bless the home etc; If anyone has experienced anything like this and knows the type of prayer that helps please pray for me. God Bless you

- Vilmaris, Bronx NY | December 4, 2017

Dear God. I pray that u will touch my husband and deliver him from all that he is dealing with and send him where he can get the help he needs and deliver him from going to prison

- Tammy Elam, GA | December 4, 2017

Please pray for my wife. We have separated and both have had affairs. I realize the errors of my ways and have turned my life back to Christ. I really love her and really want to work things out. She has stopped communication with me altogether. I pray every day for a miracle of reconciliation.

- Bradley Z, Summerville SC | December 3, 2017

Please also, pray for my husband who has stage 4 prostate cancer; and for my niece, who has stage 4 brain cancer with an active, non operational brain tumor. Previous surgeries have taken too much brain matter; pray for my cousin with brain damage following surgery; & my aunt who has trouble trusting in Jesus.

- Anonymous, United States | December 3, 2017

Pray for my child who has something called a Pseudo Tumor Cerebri and severe migraine headaches. She has suffered for many years with these conditions and also has severe allergies to pollen, dust, mold, etc. Pray for my grandson who gets severe fevers, has many allergies and ADHD. He is on harmful medication. They need healing.

- Anonymous, United States | December 3, 2017

Please pray for me. I have severe allergies, an unknown blood disorder, diabetes, acid reflux, hiatal hernia, osteoarthritis and osteoporosis. I am on blood thinners following a stroke. Problems with vision following stroke. Previously, I had Myocarditis (of the heart) and resulting Congestive Heart Failure about 15 years ago. At the time, I was eventually cured of the Myocarditis and CHF. Now have hypertension and Atrial Fibrillation. I cannot take any of the Statins on the market that lower Cholestrol and controls the other aforementioned heart issues. I also have severe bowel/intestinal problems and bladder problems. I have impacted wisdom tooth that surgeon won't touch because my jaw is so fragile. I have problems with my skeleton (one leg is slightly shorter than the other) which over time has destroyed my knees, my spinal column and my feet. Apparently, these conditions of my feet are not due to the type 2 diabetes that I have. I am prett! y sick and 67 years old. Please pray.

- Anonymous, USA | December 3, 2017

My sister lost her husband Oct 1 and her only child 2016. I pray for her strength and healing through the holidays. Also I pray for my daughter to start being respectful to us.

- Anonymous | December 1, 2017

My husband of 52 years was called home two years ago. I miss him every day and there is no way he can be replaced, nor do I want to. I'm so thankful you put us together! However, I'm lonely and need someone special in my life. Someone who loves you, FATHER, and I can share my life with. I can't expect my children to entertain me. I'm not asking for myself, but for them as well, in accordance with your will JESUS. I love you, LORD!

- Mary Elizabeth | November 30, 2017

Please pay for financial favour for me. My rent is in arrears both for my business and my home. my bill are out of control. My current income is not enough. I know God is able. Thanks

- Anonymous | November 30, 2017

My family is under so much "financial" stress. I am asking for a financial miracle. Also my daughter is earnestly trying to get pregnant, I am asking God's will to be done but that she will have peace in her heart for what he knows his best.

- Anonymous | November 30, 2017

Please pray for my prayers, needs, and deliverance, and for my families salvation... Pray in agreement Philippians 4:19 But my God shall supply all your need according to his riches in glory by Christ Jesus.

- B | November 29, 2017

Hello. In May I got a DUI. I was on medication and blacked out. Yes, I have had issues drinking in the past. Last night I got a few summonses for huffing behind the wheel. My court dates are at the end of Dec and Jan. I just want things to work out. My wife told me yesterday she is thinking about separating but we can see in six months. My life is falling apart. I am losing everything dear to me and I have no one to lean on, no friends, no family here. I just want things to get better. Please pray for me.

- Eric | November 29, 2017

Please pray for my health, my own place, a new car and financial stability.

- Beverly B, Adelanto CA | November 29, 2017

I am experiencing burning sensation on different areas of body. Doctors have not diagnose as of yet. I have drs apt tomorrow and would ask for your prayers. I appreciate you praying for me because I KNOW God answers prayers.

- Anonymous | November 28, 2017

High blood pressure in family members that refuses to stay down. The sick and the shut in. Addiction issues and elevation for my daughter who is the sweetest, gentle soul; who tries hard for people to accept her for who she is. Last but not less, my strength. Amen

- Anonymous | November 28, 2017

My son has Von Hippel Lindau a form of genetic cancer. We are going back to MD Anderson in Houston, Tx from Greenville, Tx. He is doing immune therapy as well as chemo. He is 36 yrs old he has had this since he was 18. Please pray that this treatment works and that he dosen't have to have his 1/2 kidney removed and go on dialysis. There are many other VHL patients out there dealing with this evil disease please pray for them and there families also. Thank you and God Bless!

- Anonymous | November 28, 2017

BENDICIONES hermanos y hermanas de diferentes partes del mundo,me gustaría dar GRACIAS a CRISTO por lo que hace ,ha hecho y hará a mi favor si asi es su voluntad,quisiera pedir oración por la escuelita dominical de morfino,y apoyo de materiales biblicos para niños pueden ayudarme enviarlo por correouruguayo???? dejo mi wazap 097373341

- Claudia Furtado, URUGUAY | November 28, 2017

I am asking prayer for the church i go to. Temple Baptist Church in shelby N.C. we are a small church and need God to help us grow. We are in need of some work around the church. We are 70% elders and we have about 20 to 25 members 20% cant do the work due to medical problems and the other 10% work and have time to go home and get back up to do it all over again. And we need help to fix our parking lot and our windows are stuck and we need some wood work done. I am asking for prayer to help us get these things done around our Lord house. We have collect a little over $1,600 and we took about 5 years to collect that much. we use that for the building fund and power bill and water and gas and the pastor pay of a $100.00 each month. and we had to make him take that. he was preaching for free because that is how he feels it should be for the Lord Jesus Christ. we use some for Christmas dinner. I want to thank you for the prayers and the love for our Christians brothers and sisters. God Bless

- Jack Lester, Shelby North Carolina | November 28, 2017

prayer for my Mother (Mary Lester). she is fighting cancer for the second time. She is a fighter and a Christain. She has Breast Cancer and I am asking prayer for me my name is Jack Lester. I am fallowing the path the Lord has me going down to become a Pastor and spread His word to others that need to hear His words and bring the lost to God. My first sermon will be after christmas. thank you for the prayers. God bless

- Jack Lester, Grover North Carolina | November 28, 2017

please pray that I find a job.

- Anonymous | November 27, 2017

Pray for continued provision and God's favor.

- Anonymous, Birmingham AL | November 27, 2017

Please pray for healing for Mary Jo and Dartagnan. Also, for someone to pay my parents this week, what he owes them. Thank you!

- Shelly | November 27, 2017

I would love prayer for healing from chronic pain in my body so I can go back to work full-time so can take care of myself financially. Been on disability last few years; working part-time but now getting behind in bills! I am a single senior trying to do life alone! Been very hard but God IS taking care of me. Today I have a roof over my head, food to eat, clothes to wear and my special doggie and kitty! Thank you Jesus!

- Katie, WA | November 24, 2017

My prayer request is that the blood clots in my legs desolve so I can continue with my therapy to get better from major back surgery and regsin all the feeling in my right foot & leg. And healing mercies for my husband who is having a hard time

- Holly, Alto GA | November 24, 2017

Prayer needed for Evan who is struggling with reading, and also struggling with the loss of his brother Jacob.

- Sandra, PA | November 24, 2017

Please pray for the following: For Mary Jo who is battling cancer, Dartagnan needs healing and wisdom for his doctors, and for all who are sick and suffering. And, for Marvin to pay my mom and dad this week what he owes them. Thank you, I appreciate it!

- Anonymous | November 24, 2017

Our daughter and her family are under an extreme amount of stress this holiday time of year. Her, her husband , daughter, son and his wife are suffering so throughout this. Please pray for peace and a good outcome

- Anonymous | November 24, 2017

Please pray for my family--father in hospice---peace among sister and brother and his wife---lots of stress---thank you !

- Anonymous | November 24, 2017

My Prayer is for the saving grace & Gods powerful healing to be upon all the Lords people & to open the eyes of those who disbelieve gods scripture & endless wonders of our Heavenly Father!! I pray that I hold steadfast to my Lord Jesus Christ in heaven & remain selfless & forever thankful! Amen to all my brothers & sister!

- Michelle, Queensland Australia | November 23, 2017

My prayer request is for you to come to believe God's truth. I pray that your heart and mind come to fully understand the commandment of the everlasting God; the purpose of which is to stablish you and root you in His word. Read God's word according to the pattern presented. Read Romans and Paul's epistles which are the teachings of Jesus Christ. And then read the scriptures of the prophets. And you will be considered stable. Established. Rooted in His word. And you will properly understand doctrine, reproof and correction that applies to the BELIEVER in this age. May God open your eyes, your heart and your mind.

- Cliff, Canada | November 23, 2017

Please pray that I won't lose heart in my trials. I am learning to trust God through them. I am grateful for His unfailing love for us!

- Anonymous | November 23, 2017

I moved from home almost 3.years ago and my holiday's are lonely and sad. I miss having family and friends. My prayer request is that I can go home for Christmas. I have not been back. I give God the glory for my sobriety though this all. Thank you God and Jesus. Without God I would not have s almost 3 years. Love is the greatist and covers all

- Anonymous | November 21, 2017

I want to serve the Lord within my employment as well as my entire life. I don't know what that means or how I'll get there but I want to serve him in every aspect. I ask for guidance. My husband is tremendously sad and frustrated in his employment. I ask for guidance for him as well. Thank you and God bless.

- Andrea, New York | November 21, 2017


- Tammy | November 20, 2017

Prayers for career guidance please!

- George | November 20, 2017

Pray that God's will be done in my life, not mine. Thanks!

- Pura Vida | November 20, 2017

My migraines have come back again constant !

- Ash | November 20, 2017

For me it is loneliness. But I feel selfish in asking for prayer for myself. When so many go hungry, haven't a safe place to sleep or are oppressed. Please pray for these people.

- Kelvin | November 20, 2017

My church, my husband and sons, my parents and siblings, my extended family, the many ministers doing God's work overseas, our soldiers, our president and government, and me - that I will continue to be led by the Spirit and do the Lord's will.

- Leighann | November 20, 2017

To be healed of asthma. To be sure kids and grandkids are saved. A miracle for my brother Bryan. For me and my mom to lose weight. That I might serve God better and be a witness. And people to turn to God and be in church. And health for unborn grandchild & safe birth. Thanks and God bless you all.

- Dianne | November 20, 2017

Please be praying that I find a job. I have been out of work since May.

- Sharon, November 20, 2017

Very bad year full of temptation, heartbreak and addictions. I want free

- Eric | November 20, 2017

My son passed away Nov 2013 and the holidays are very difficult. Thoughts of him are constant and it is heartbreaking. Sometimes I just feel stuck with the sadness. I have no immediate family left and thank God a friend invited me to have Thanksgiving with his family but it will be sad without my own family. Be sure and treasure your days with family, you never know when you will be alone or they will not be there any more. Would like prayer to keep my mind on Jesus and thoughts to ease the pain. I think I need to keep my thoughts on heaven and when I will see Jesus and everyone again. Also prayers for others going through loss or loneliness. Happy Thanksgiving to all and thank you.

- Peggy, Illinois | November 20, 2017

I'm unable to do my prayers. I lost my rosary which I'm using it for past 13 years. Lot of debts. I'm depressed and searching for peace. I'm sure I will overcome my issues if I can pray. But something is stopping me doing my regular prayer. My family is fighting due to financial issue , running short of money. No peace at home. I want my family and me do our regular prayers. Please pray for us. Thank you.

- Ambily, Cochin | November 20, 2017

Please pray that all my family members would be saved the backslidden and the ones that have not accepted the Lord into there lives.Also pray that there would be restoration and reconciliation for all family members.

- Anna | November 20, 2017

Please pray for my 3 year old granddaughter Audree for complete healing in her lungs,bronchial system and body from Asthma attacks that she would no longer have breathing problems and she would continue to be a living vessel for God.

- Anna | November 20, 2017

Please pray for my 2 month old grandson James for complete healing from a mild case of floppy baby syndrome and his heart. Can you also pray for my daughter Sarah and her husband for strength and encouragement.

- Anna | November 20, 2017

I ask for help in praying for my brother and his family. His ex wife is threatening to take his children away from him and me (the aunt) as well. She also wires the child support payments to her sister in China and does not spend it on their children like she is supposed to. It is obvious to me that she married my brother only to come to America. She is full of lies and deceit. In Jesus' name I pray that good will prevail in our lives and according to God's will. Amen.

- Sara, Port Orchard WA | November 19, 2017

dear heavenly father i pray that whatever is in my way of you that you would give me not only strengthbut something like my business and preach the true gospel of the lord jesus and reveal it to me in jesus name amen

- Tracy McCullough, Lincoln NE | November 19, 2017

I was diagnosed a year and a half ago, (but minor symptoms a year before that), with Dystonia, which is a neurological movement disorder in the Parkinson's spectrum, with mobility, balance, rigidity, fatigue, muscle cramping, and diminished strength and endurance issues. At that time I could still walk fairly easily unassisted, and play with my two little grandchildren. Today, walking and moving is a constant struggle. I have a leg brace, use a cane or walker, and I have fallen a few times, which is very scary. I am a 63 year old woman, retired, live alone, and tend to get depressed over what the future will bring. I do have a small supportive, loving family and friends, and a church community, but the day to day struggles of dealing with the progression of this disorder is overwhelming for me at times.

- Caren, Long Beach CA | November 19, 2017

I am a single mom of 4 with a car in desperate need of replacement. Please pray for the finances and favor to get a suitable SUV in excellent condition at a fair price before the end of the year. Thank you!

- A. Clark, Dallas TX | November 17, 2017

Please pray for me I am bi-polar and have been having a very rough time especially these past 6 months. I feel so alone and cry a lot.

- Anonymous, CA | November 17, 2017

Dear Lord, I pray you will soften Logan's heart to you. I pray that Logan will submit his life to you. I pray that you will protect him as he serves our country and keep him from all harm.

- Anonymous | November 16, 2017

Lord Father God, Yeshua Jesus Christ and Holy Spirit, I come humble before your throne. I bow down and repent of all my sins. I pray and ask forgiveness of my all my sins. help me to overcome all sin through the Blood of Yeshua Jesus Christ. I ask father to set me on Fire with the Holy Spirit. For my light to shine to the world. I pray for a mighty uprising of your glory upon all your children who love you. I Peay to prepare our way. Keep us on this narrow path of righteousness. I pray for our families for deliverance, salvation, healing, protection and preparation for this end time. I claim t be your seed, your child and no one can pluck me out of your hands. Lord you are a great good loving and faithful just God. May I be worthy in your eyes. May you help me to turn away from this world and keep my eyes upon Yeshua Jesus Christ. I claim Yeshua Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior. I claim you Father God Ellohim, Adonai, The Great I Am, Yeshua, Jesus Christ and Holy Spirit in my life.

- CYNTHIA OSORIO, GEORGIA USA | November 16, 2017

pray for me that i will get a financial blessing to get a bigger house.

- Kenneth Leverett Lane | November 14, 2017

Betty would like us to pray for her grandson Jordan. He was sentenced two years ago to 21 years in prison without probation. She is asking for prayers for him and her family.

- Betty J of Ridgeland, MS | November 14, 2017

My boyfriend is shipping out for the Marine Corps boot camp in NC December 9th of this year. Please pray for his safety, and also his soul as he does not know the Lord. (He is Jewish.) I ask that he would find born-again brothers within his unit that will minister to him and lead him to Yeshua Ha-Mashiach. In God's Name.

- M., Massachusetts | November 14, 2017

Please pray for my relationship with my sister. We have not talked in a year and a half, and with my birthday (12/24) and Christmas coming, the biggest gift I could receive would be a card or a phone call from her. I would also love to hear from/see my niece and nephew. I miss them dearly. Please also pray for me as I am struggling with the remnants of a deep rooted issue from my teens that has a stronghold on me. I wish to be free from it completely, and through it help others. In Jesus' Name may it be done.

_ M., Massachusetts | November 14, 2017

Help me and my family to find a home or a safe shelter.

- Georgina | November 14, 2017

Please pray for my son and daughter to stop drinking.

- Georvina from Westland | November 14, 2017

asking for prayer for my son alan for a job. jesus name, healing in his body. an for relationship with the lord.

- Anonymous | November 13, 2017

please pray i have gods favor in my living situation for grace to find a diet i can stick with and blessed holiday i'm cookin so that its a real blessed time thank u

- Anonymous, Florida | November 13, 2017

Pray that My Life is Obeying to the Lord And My Soul and Spirit boby of christ Jesus is Cleans through the Blood of the lamb of God in thee my Lord Thy God John 1:17 and John 17:17 also Psalm 55:16 in thee of My God unto the Lord thy God of Forgivens and a holy temple of the Lord in the Holy Gost in the Lord Phiillpians 4:13-19 in thee and my God I Goto the Morehead Ky Church of christ plaese and thank grace of the love and kindenss in my Lord in Christ Phiillpians 4:13-19 leaning on my Savior in Christ Jesus John 14:2-16 amen.

- Justin Cameron Whiteley, Morehead KY | November 13, 2017

I pray for my husband to obtain excellent work, pay, hours, and all benefits. i pray he gives his life to God and walks tne walk and talks the talk for the rest of his days. Holy Spirit, please fill in what I cannot put into words. Thank you, Jesus, for answered prayer! Amen.

- Anonymous | November 11, 2017

Blessings for my entire church family, personal family, and for world peace. all of my children would have a closer walk wth Jesus Christ. financial blessings for me and family, and that restoration of himes.

- Dr.S, Flossmoor | November 11, 2017

Praise report— God’s love and comfort. My boyfriend (Keith) & his dog (that was recently given by the house mate) has temp housing instead of living in a hotel or his truck due to unhealthy house mate issues. He is somewhat communicating a little more with his family &me. He still has depression & anxiety of PTSD issues, but he is getting better. He is participating in support groups. Prayer— continue to pray for him because he has such a good heart. He will eventually move closer to us instead of 6 hrs apart. Our relationship will grow stronger. God will help me and his family to know how talk with him. His financial situation is very limited that he will see God's favor/blessing.

- Anonymous | November 11, 2017

Praying after 5 yrs to get my approval for my Disability back pay im homeless and need 3 more surgeries ive lost everything but my belief in God. I stand firm in His word but some help would be appreciated as im living with an abusive relative and o need to beon my own.

- Anonymous, MI | November 11, 2017

Please pray for my son's relationship with the Lord and with me, he is a great young man but he seems to not want or need for us to have a relationship like we used to have. Pray that the Lord heals his heart and place forgiveness and love again for his mother, please pray that his mind gets heal from the oppression of the enemy in this world and pray for my family to be united in love and compassion again, in Jesus name i ask God for us to have a loving family. thank you

- Ana, FL | November 10, 2017

For recovery from addiction, in Jesus name. AMEN.

- Anonymous | November 8, 2017

Dear Lord, Grant peace to my family in a time of turmoil and anger. Children in terrible conflit amoungst them. Brother and sister in quiet anger. Neither one will give in. Seven years of tension between them is causing the other siblings to take sides. Family gatherings are full of the tensions that cause all to be on the defensive. I pray that somehow You can heal the hurt and give the entire family a peaceful exsistence. Thank You Father of all that is Good. Amen.

- Anonymous | November 8, 2017

Very discouraged that I've forgot how to pray. I need a miracle, just a little one and less pain too.

- Anonymous | November 8, 2017

Be able to pay for Usher items and get church members and families any help they need. Be able to help the Church grow and to get out of to get out of debt. I would like for my sisters and mother to be able to move to Columbus Georgia and have a good life and grow more abundantly spiritually and physically and pay off all debt. In Jesus' name I do pray amen upon on them -wise in Jesus' name hallelujah thank you Jesus.

- Gwendolon from Georgia | November 8, 2017

Father God, I ask that you hear and answer every prayer offered to you in faith. Lord, allow the your promises to manifest in the lives of your people who are calling on your Holy and Righteous Name, those who are trusting in your word even when things seem not to be going according to your promise. Allow us not to lean to our own understanding but to continue to acknowledge you so that you will guide us on the path called life. Heal, by the Stripes of Calvary, the sick in body, mind, and soul. Release financial overflow, cause the lost to enter into the Light in the Magnificent Name of Jesus the Christ we pray. Amen

- M. Smith from Louisiana | November 7, 2017

Father God, I ask that you hear and answer every prayer offered to you in faith. Lord, allow the your promises to manifest in the lives of your people who are calling on your Holy and Righteous Name, those who are trusting in your word even when things seem not to be going according to your promise. Allow us not to lean to our own understanding but to continue to acknowledge you so that you will guide us on the path called life. Heal, by the Stripes of Calvary, the sick in body, mind, and soul. Release financial overflow, cause the lost to enter into the Light in the Magnificent Name of Jesus the Christ we pray. Amen

- M. Smith from Louisiana | November 7, 2017

Lord, I pray for Sister Messer and her family Lord.Lord I pray for her lost children and grandchildren. Lord give Sister Messer peace and and take away her pain. Lord be with her children during this time and also I pray for protection for Sister Roberta.Amen

- Debra Herron, Phenix City AL | November 7, 2017

Father, God I pray your mercy and peace over my family. God I pray you release them all from their addictions. God I pray you keep your hand of protection over my grandchildren and help them to remember your ways Lord and to always walk with you. Lord I praise you and I thank you for the family you have given me and my life. AMEN

- Debra Herron, Alabama | November 7, 2017

That Steve will be cured of his horrible cancer and will have a life on earth free of pain and suffering. In Jesus's name.

- anonymous | November 6, 2017

Dear Lord, Turn your ear to me and listen, hear me oh Lord! There is so much Hate in this world, so much anger, and so much mental illness, help them oh Lord! Help them to see how wrong it is, help them to mend their broken hearts and souls, so these senseless shootings, and killings end! Dear Lord, you know I too am a broken person, but each day, each step I take with you gives me strength, and hope, but most of all I am unconditionally loved by your grace!You have blessed me each day, by showing me the many wonders of YOU and the many gifts you have provided. Thank you dear lord! In Jesus name I pray. Amen

- Bee Forte, Lacey Wa | November 6, 2017

My dear God , I very a am coming to you for prayer on my health. I was a very hard worker for all my life. Then my parents have come down both with illnesses. They asked me to come out to take care of them so they did not have to go into a nursing home. So I did it for 3 years . I have Primary Progressive Multiple Sclerosis Since 1999. Please dear God my illness is really geting worse. Please I am praying for some more strength in my body to keep moving on. Please dear God I ask of you to be with me daily, so I can make on my own. I have so much totaL FAITH in you. Please ask me for help

- Phyllis Woolery | November 5, 2017

Please pray for me and my family we are struggling hard times and my health is declined a lot of health problems and my son who has gastroparesis Thank You all for your prayers.

- Anonymous | November 5, 2017

My Husband has a balance problem and he also has afib, I just want him to get better I pray for him and I have faith, sometimes I have a feeling that he is not getting better and I am afraid of losing him. Please help Thank You

- Denise, Kentucky | November 5, 2017

Dear Lord, please bless me with wisdom and patience. Don't let me fall into ignorance. Don't let me waste this life. Bless everyone who is trying to do good. Let everyone find happiness and peace.

- Anonymous | November 5, 2017

Good Lord, I want to Thank You for putting this Leukemia in partial remission! i know and trust that within several months I will be in complete remission, because of your Grace and Power. I pray now for a steady job with benefits, and that I keep my health benefits now, without these ...Lord, you know I need them. Protect my family and me. Continue to Bless Us. Keep my husband safe and healthy as he is the only one holding up this household financially. I Love You Dear Lord.... Thank You For My Miracle!!

- Angie, Southern California | November 5, 2017

That my throat heals quickly and i'm able to swallow normally again and that this never happens again. Thank you all, God bless.

- Manuel, California | November 4, 2017

Kindly pray that I and my family get US Citizenship as my father was a US Citizen but he abandoned us while I was young. Kindly pray that US embassy may take up our case and grant us US Citizenship so that we may settle down in US and attend Bible Seminary. Further, My Uncles (Maternal Aunts' husbands) are muslim, so pray that they may accept Jesus Christ as their personal saviour and Lord.

- Imran, Karachi Pakistan | November 3, 2017

Father, I thank you for all the blessings now and for all the blessings to come. i pray for my husband to obtain a high-paying job, health benefits, and/or to open our own business. We need a miracle! IJN Amen.

- Anonymous | November 3, 2017

tbat my children will raise their children in a Godly home. That my son in law will have a heart for Jesus. and tbat he will walk in Gods plan for his life and his family

- Peg Demeranville, MS | November 2, 2017

Please be in prayer for my dad (Obie Williams) that is battling cancer.

- Michelle Howell, Atlanta GA | November 2, 2017

Please pray for Nick, Pamela, Janelle, Josh, Diane, Jeff, Billy, Roger, Ron, Joel, Jeff , DJ, Ryan, Chelsea, William, Gail, Mike, Nolan, Melissa, Brian, Jeremy, Roxanne, Maritza and Rich - to be saved and born again please lord soften their hearts Ezekiel 36;26-2.

- Anonymous | November 2, 2017

Father in the name of I pray for Love that we will go back to Love that we will Judge ourselves First teach us how to LOVE OTHERS INSPITE OF HOW THEY LOOK WALK OR TALK and for my Business to take off this up coming year as the First Women to have a B.F.A. thank you Lord Amen

- Minister Carpenter, Dallas TX | November 2, 2017

Leo henderson is in serious condition in a Chattanooga Hospital

- Anonymous | November 2, 2017

Prayers for a spot/room to open soon at Hilcrest long term care where for my mother having rehab done. Prayers for new position at the company I'm at. I have been told my current position is ending on Nov 3. Prayers for my side business real estate investing to grow to meeting needs beyond what I could imagine. Prayers for my family healing from past hurts and the Lord Jesus to bring my whole family into His salvation.

- Anonymous | November 1, 2017

For a job. I am one of the long term unemployed. I have had 3 temp jobs in the last 3 years. I have been out of work since Jan 2014, and have had no work since Jan 2017. I have had interviews but lose out to someone else or lack of pay. I can work and want to work! Also for my Health. I have been trying to get rid of a rash that will not go away!

- Eileen W, San Mateo CA | October 30, 2017

Pray for Theresa to get her broken heart healed. She has been through a lot of torment. In Jesus name. Thank GOD.

- Anonymous | October 30, 2017

Please help me pray for my brother in law Gabriel for two weeks ago had a massive stroke he is only 47 years old. Thank you for your time and prayers.

- Elizabeth, Fort Myers FL | October 30, 2017

For a deeper and closer relationship with God. For my son to fully surrender and to steer clear of all the darkness that attracts him. For full deliverance and full surrender of both my spiritual daughters. For all of us to have steady and secure employment and financial stability and plenty of resources to bless others. I want for my parents to fully understand God and Jesus and the power of prayer and Gods grace. They are elderly and have no relationship with God. I want to pray for everyone on this site and for the Christian books. I get so many wonderful resources here.

- Ms . Lilly, New York | October 30, 2017

If your willing just once, please pray that I can continue to grow in Wisdom and in Knowledge and most of all to Understand what the LORD has givin me. Im doing my best to preach the gospel to the lost in thisd area, but my memory is weak therefore just pray for me plz. #JesusisGOD

- Lee .B, Buffalo NY | October 30, 2017

granddaughter court in November. Gods perfect will be done for her in this ..in Jesus Name Amen

- Anonymous | October 26, 2017

Please pray for my husband whonis struggling with addiction relaps, depression and a mood disorder. pray he finds peace within his soul. pray for my oldest son suffering from BPD. Pray for my.youngest grandson Jax, born with a rare heart defect and chromosome deletion. lastly pray for me as I recently has a second lung collapse which lead to finding a malignant tumor amd its removal at stage 1. God blessed me with life and I am.strugglimg to understand amd letting go of worry.

- Trish, Ohio | October 26, 2017

I have nightmare from my past. I have ptsd need Gods healing from satans hold on my mind . I know God is incontrol & is stronger then satan . I pray that my lord would heal Aarons mind and body from Ptsd also . Papa Jim mind is going forgots alot and family...

- Glenda Storey, Cross City FL | October 26, 2017

please pray for my healing for i have a major surgery on my left knee a total knee replacement. i am also having a light surgery on my left foot next month. please pray for healing in those two areas.

- Andrea, Montana | October 25, 2017

I've never requested prayer for myself from other's. I've been living w/ a very rare incurable terminal disease for 9 yrs. I believe my faith and positive outlook on life is the reason I've lived 5 yrs longer then what I was given from Doctor's. I do know people who say they've prayed for me for year's and obviously is another reason I'm still alive...the power of prayer is very real to me as it is for so many other believers. But now my health has taken another drastic turn and am asking for prayer from all who read this. I'm only 48 yrs old coming up in Dec. "17" and was diagnosed at 39. I thank everyone now that remembers me in their daily prayers. Thank You !

Marci from Oregon | October 25, 2017

please pray for Janet and Mark finances, pray they will find good employment, pray for their salvation, pray for Michael salvation.

- Anonymous | October 25, 2017

Please pray for me, I am a single mother struggling with finances and in debt up to my ears. I am worried about being able to provide for my family in the coming months. God bless you and thank you.

-Brandi in Ohio | October 24, 2017

I am asking for pray for God to send someone to take a tree down that is about a foot from my house and also for help fixing my roof where a tree already came down. My husband broke his neck about 12 years ago & has severe COPD, he needs prayer for his body.

- Marietta from Texas | October 24, 2017

Please pray for my family. Our 19 year old son is so difficult to live with. He doesn't help out around the house. He curses both his mother and me. He punches holes in walls when he doesn't get his own way. He refuses to work. He steals money from us. He smokes marijuana. He's breaking up the whole family. We threaten to kick him out, but making him homeless is not our desire. Thank you for your prayes.

- Brother Chuck, Ohio | October 23, 2017

Dear Lord, I pray that you watch over Latasha D. Davis, James W. Davis, Joseph W. Davis, Aiden and Jadien Davis, Chester Williams, Larry Strickland, Patricia Strickland, Keshia Strickland, Shon Williams and Isaac Williams. Lord please keep us safe all people places and things thats not of you.


i need to pray for everyone on this earth right now and tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i need others to pray along and god bless- you all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! jesus loves all of you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and give to god all the glory amen in jesus name

- Justin Daugherty, Iowa City IA | October 23, 2017

please pray and intercede in Lacy's prayer request. Her cry has touched my heart, pray that the Lord will guard her heart and mind, to give her the peace that surpasses all understanding (philipians 4:7) pray that she knows and understands that she is such a precious daughter of God (galatians 3:26). please pray that she receives wisdom, knowledge, understanding and discernment to know the difference. (John 4:4) pray that she stands strong , and that she knows after everything , stand, be steadfast (ephesians 6:13)

- Diana, Springfield MO | October 21, 2017

Please Pray For Michael J Pfau Healing For Pneumonia, Healing For His Mind Thank Thee,&God Bless Thee

- sharon L Pfau, Astoria OR | October 20, 2017

Please pray for a complete turn around in my life. i was with Jehovahs Witnesses for 5 years a came back out about a year ago, since then my faith has been wavering because of not being certain what truth is. my brother who is no longer a Christian talks to me about why the bible isnt true, and its super seeding my mind to think the same. so please pray for my brother as well to come back to the lord. and my sister who is living with her boyfriend that she ill make time to get closer with god and teach her children about jesus,as well as her boyfriend to be saved. my mother who has health problems, and that i will get this job im going for and that its a good fit for me so i can afford the chronological life application study bible and strenghen my faith.

- Lacey, Canada | October 20, 2017

My grand daughter has cast aside her Christian upbringing for the "alternative lifestyle". We are heartbroken and beg the Lord for her salvation. Thank you for any prayers.

- Anonymous, alabama | October 20, 2017

Prayers for my husband to stop smoking he has health issues and is having a hard time with this...prayers for my daughter with thyroid problems...my cousin who drinks all the time and his salvation..our son who is abusive to others wife & daughter...

- sheiliah, lester AL | October 20, 2017

I'm asking for prayer for myself. I am medically obese, am drifting away from the Lord, and am fighting so hard not to give up. I need lasting supernatural intervention. Jesus is Lord! Thank you!

- L.S | October 19, 2017

husband Morris renewal of salvation spiritual 2 daughters and husbands Lindsey Laurissa Erik James ... grandsons Jonah & Gabriel need tobfind a church and turn back to God mom dad health issues myself Loa health also morris health caroline and baby high risk for mom and baby randy ... pancrious surgery

- Anonymous | October 17, 2017

Asking for prayer for a young lady and her daughter at my church. The mother needs healing in her mind and the peace that only the Lord can give.

- Brenda E, Cupertino CA | October 17, 2017

Prayers for my family . we are struggling with our son , and his two daughters 5 & 7 there mother died of an overdose of drugs , we cannot do this on our own . We are all believers of the living God Almighty.

- Anonymous | October 17, 2017

I want Angela K to know she is not alone in her struggle with BPD. I read her prayer request and will pray for her. She must find a good psychiatrist and get the right meds. It takes time, but it does get better. Angela, my prayers will be with you!!

-Marilyn, FL | October 17, 2017

Prayer for diabetes control and failing eyesight.

- Anonymous | October 17, 2017

I have friends and family who are not saved . I'd like prayer for them to become Believer's and for me to be a stronger Christian.

- Anonymous | October 16, 2017

Please pray for the restoration of my marriage - I love my wife with all my heart and don't want to lose her, and I don't want our little baby girl to grow up in a broken home. Please pray the Lord would intervene, and that He would knit our hearts back together in love.

- James P, Bristol CT | October 16, 2017

First let us give the Lord thanks for the abundance of all things.Please pray that the Lord would deliver his people from evil men; That the Lord would preserve his people from violent men, who plan evil things in their heart and stir up wars continually. Pray against the spirit of anti Christ,false witness,terrorism hatred and violence. Please pray and intercede without ceasing that God's will be done in the lives of the world's leaders and for our leaders to seek God and listen to Him. Pray that they would be surrounded by godly counsel and, that our leadership would personally know God and the salvation found through faith in Jesus Christ alone. That we may live peaceful and quiet lives in all godliness and holiness. God can turn the hearts of kings. Earnestly pray that the people of America and its leaders will humble themselves and seek the Lords face and turn from their wicked ways. Pray that the Lord would hear from heaven and forgive! our countries sins and heal our land. God Bl

- Angela, KY | October 15, 2017

There are members of my family who aren't saved.

- Anonymous | October 15, 2017

I have BPD aka borderline personality disorder, Bipolar I and anxiety.. I have strayed away from God and I feel like I am being punished.. I have lost so much in my life and now I'm alone what seems like being in the desert for the longest time.. Please pray for my sanity..

- Angela | October 15, 2017

Im waiting for financial aid aproval to get a MRI so they can know what is wrong with my shoulder; is been a long wait and the pain is unbearable specially at nights living me with restless nights and frustration because I can do my activities like I used to do. Prayers to get the financial help approval and strength in my shoulder to keep up with my regular days activities. Gon bless you all!

- Elias, Carrollton KY | October 14, 2017

My brother to stop drinking totally, and to stop talking to himself. His name is Ron. Also pray for his salvation.

- Gail G, Bristol CT | October 14, 2017

My husband was recently diagnosed with altheimers...😔..he will be 60 next month.. on our 12th wedding anniversary...it was a tremendous shock to both of us...he's my life..my heart and soul... I know God chose him for me to spend eternity with... Again I'm sorry for such a strange request..please just keep us in your prayers..thank you..from the bottom of our hearts...God bless you and your families...

- Mary H. | October 13, 2017

Pray for the marriages of all of God fearing believers and those who thought enough to marry in Jesus name may they remain whole as one no weapon formed against them shall prosper .ln Jesus name Amen.

- Anonymous, California | October 13, 2017

1) Complete a well written story to win the short story competition due in Next month Nov 2017 2) Scholarship to do PhD studies 3) Complete proposal and submit for PhD research before end of semester -last week of November

- Tamari, A.S | October 12, 2017

please pray that the Doctors can clear the blood cloths in my lungs. Also pray that I can get some of my Memory back

- Anonymous | October 11, 2017

I ask for healing for my daughter Samantha; she has been struggling with Ulcerative Colitis for 6 years, been on every kind of medicine and diet. The doctors have provided a solution which is to remove all of the colon; we know God can do exceedingly abundantly more that we can imagine. Asking for partners in prayer to heal my daughter and remove this disease from her. I love how the Lord says in James, pray for one another so you too shall be healed. I'll be praying for you. God bless you.

- Anonymous | October 11, 2017

please pray for my Dad , David Sammons. His blood sugar is very high . He's on 2 kinds of medicine and waches his diet . The Doctor wants to try new medicine to see if it helps . My Dad is 81

- Glenda Martin, Ohio | October 11, 2017

I pray to God to give comfort to those who hurt, peace to those who mourn, and love to those who seek. May his radiance shine a light through us all to help others.

- Chris, MA | October 11, 2017

Please pray for my family. We are upside down financially...and God keeps providing. We often feel sad and alone...but God is right here by us. Many days I can hardly keep putting one foot in front of the other...but God makes sure I do. Please pray for us...and thank the Lord for all he does.

- Anonymous | November 21, 2017

Please pray for my daughter Clare and her daughter Georgia who has lost her faith, they both need prayer for many reasons. Thank you.

-Liz from Spain | October 10, 2017

Brothers and sisters; I ask pray for the assistance in prayer for the return of the holy spirit in my life so that my sons and I are brought back together in spirit and everyday physical life. BLESSINGS AND LOVE TO ALL ONE ANOTHER!

- LESLEY-ANNE, WATSONVILLE CA | October 10, 2017

I am on a fixed income & praying for a financial blessing to pay back property taxes so I don't lose my home.

-Anonymous | October 9, 2017

Please pray for friends of mine Mike and Theresa, that they will come to know the Lord as their savior and pray for my sister with RA and please pray for me I have a disease like Lupus and am very sick all the time. Please pray for my children and grandchildren for their protection and that they will give their whole lives to the Lord along with my husband who struggles sometimes with issues also. Thank you and God bless.

- Anonymous | October 9, 2017

Please pray for my co-worker who is suddenly very ill at a very young age and is hospitalized. I pray that he recovers and can enjoy his life again.

- Anonymous | October 4, 2016

Lee in New Jersey to accept Christ and to be healed.

-Von, NY | October 9, 2017

My baby sister has been diagnosed with early onset Alzheimer’s. Please pray for her healing and a peace that surpasses all understanding.

- JD | September 24, 2016

Please pray for me and my daughter I have lost my home, my car , my job, had to quit college in the last year of my masters, we are now homeless, and now they say I have heart failure . God and my daughter is all I have left. Please pray for us.

-Rachel | October 9, 2017

Pray For a higher, fuller, deeper understanding for all who call ourselves followers of Jesus The Christ: that we would just ASK Him to increase our faith to believe and receive everything He died for on the cross, that The Power of God will be manifested through us in this world. The world needs God's Power! Arise "Christians" It's time for the world to see the Love and Power of our God.

- Von, NY | October 9, 2017

Please pray for my husband, he was just diagnosed with Alzheimer's. He's my life, my heart and soul. God Bless you for all you do.

- Mary H | October 5, 2017

Please pray for my sister-in-law and family - She has uterine cancer.

- Anonymous | October 5, 2017

Pray for me to grow in my relationship with Him and let it become my everything. Pray that i will have peace.

- Anonymous | October 5, 2017

Please pray for my friend. Their Dad just died of a heart attack.

- Anonymous | October 5, 2017

I'm praying for a complete turn around in my finances. I have been out of work for a while now but doing a course to help motivate me. I'm asking God to open doors of opportunities within this company for me to find employment. I also ask that God will also open doors of opportunities for those also facing financial difficulties. For according to God's Word 'He will never leave us nor Forsake us and He will provide all our needs'. Thank you

- Denise, London | October 5, 2017

Please pray for my sons ankles, back and eye. Also for salvation for my family..

- Anonymous | October 5, 2017

I pray that the good Lord sends someone to be the hand of Jesus to my uncle, who is currently missing. Please let someone be a helping hand and allow him to use their phone so he can call us. I pray someone gives him food and a drink while he's on the streets. I pray that God brings him home to us.

- Anonymous | October 5, 2017

I ask God to bless and protect our public servants. I also ask God to bless those who take time to pray in His name.

- Anonymous | October 4, 2017

My heart goes out to my hurting friend, I know only Christ our Lord can interven to bring peace and healing. Please remember Lizie in your players and pass it on, she is a child with adult problems that only Jesus can heal.

- sarah, missouri | October 4, 2017

i pray for the family n victums in Vegas, I pray for Puerto Rico n Florida also the other states that where effected by the waters n hurricans, I truly pray that we as God people will get relief from all this devistation n horror that has been happening in the world today. The misery n pain that bring to people may the Love of Jesus come n release you from all that has been troubling you so all of us can be one in this tryong times. In Jesus name Amen

- Cynthia De Leon, Downers Grove IL | October 4, 2017

I am lifting up my son Elyshah today as I believe that God has good plans for him. He is 12 years old and already struggling with suicidal thoughts, isolation, and depression. God's promise I am standing on for my son that God knows the thoughts that he has towards Ely, Thoughts of Peace and not of evil, to give him a future and a hope. I get discouraged at times for my daughter Jezreel as a lot of my husband's and I's time is pulled away from her because of my son and his acting out. He is very strong willed and I believe that God works together for the good of those that love him and that are called according to his purpose. Some days are better then others but i pray for peace over my house and that in God's perfect timing that Ely will know his own worth through Jesus Christ our savior! In faith and receiving by Gods will everything be done, in the matchless name of Jesus. Amen (JESUS IS THE HEAD OVER ALL PRINCIPALITY AND POWER)

- Jobie Crosby, Spokane WA | October 3, 2017

Our Heavenly, Awesome Father, thank you for opportunities to love others, to grow as Christians, to prayer for one another on one another's behalf, and for the immense sacrifice of your Son. Please be with all those whose prayers have come before mine on this wall. Give them healing, patience, peace, comfort, mercy, forgiveness, and grace, as only You, our Powerful, Wonderful Father can. Help them to feel You near to them, walking with them daily. Help them to know the love of your Son, to know what He willing endured for us, Father. Help them to know they are so loved.

- Amanda, Southern California | October 2, 2017

Please join me in prayer for my brother, who is having a cardiac ablation on Wednesday. Please ask God to be with him and the entire medical team that works with him. Also, help him to see that all good things come from God. Thank you and God bless you.

- Nancy, Michigan | October 2, 2017

Pray for Anna and her struggles. Pray that she would survive and grow stronger as a result. Pray that her victory over her bondage and circumstances can be can turn upward for your glory.

- Anonymous, Wheaton IL | October 2, 2017

Pray that the thing God has commissioned me to do, I will do without excuse, hesitation and not procrastinate but be viligant, faithful and committed to see it through to the end. I know that it is a God thing because it is bigger than me. Pray that I don't question God or be sloughful in doing that which God has put before me. Most of all pray that I not be intimadated by people or consider what they may say or think but that I remain steadfast and unmoveable in that which I have been comissioned to do. In Jesus Name.

- Anonymous | September 30, 2017

Please pray for my complete physical healing, especially my spine. Much thanks.

- Dane, Trinidad | September 30, 2017

Hi I need prayer for overall breakthrough, baptism of the Holy Spirit and dreams as well as visions. Thanks for praying, God Bless :)

- Nicholas, Canada | September 30, 2017

[We read] In the King James Bible, Ezekiel 22:30: "And I sought for a man among them, that should make up the hedge, and stand in the gap before me for the land, that I should not destroy it: but I found none." O God, please help us and teach us to build a wall [of prayer] around the USA, Canada and Poland. Are you ready to stand in the gap, where God is the Helper and Teacher? Please pray that Poland, the USA/Canada would overcome for: (The Acts 26.18). * Poland, pray for freedom from dead religion to saving faith in God through Jesus Christ as the Saviour and the Lord by grace only, * the Church in the USA, Canada – Pray for repentance and cleansing of the church--Matt. 3.12 "Whose fan is in his hand, and he will thoroughly purge his floor, and gather his wheat into the garner; but he will burn up the chaff with unquenchable fire." * my family:

- Anonymous | September 30, 2017

Lord God, you know ALL my struggles but I pray that you heal my bitter broken heart over my divorce, the improvement of my nasty custody battle over my only beautiful son, please take the hatred out of his father's heart and replace it with respect so we can coparent effectively. I pray over my financial situation to improve so I can provide the things that my son needs and for several loved ones to be delivered from addictions. LORD PLEASE HEAR MY PRAYERS...AMEN

- Tiffanie, New Orleans LA | September 30, 2017

Healing for Marjorie M. suffering from systemic pain due to an illness. Healing for Lena V. suffering from a chemical imbalance that causing mental behavior and spiritual healing for Jeffrey and Corinne P.

- Anonymous | September 29, 2017

I've been backsliding since release from prison 02/25/2012. I've been in an intimate relationship with the same woman since my release, she is not Christian. Asked her to marry me, she accepted. she says she'll support me in my Christianity. I am under serious conviction of the Holy Ghost because as long as we're together, sin dominates. God knows the details, my love for her, and my desire to rededicate my entire being to Him. I believe I need to move out of our current living situation so that God has my undivided attention. I'm fearful that doing so is going to push her further away from God. I'm considering speaking to my home church Pastor and hoping God will bless me with new living arrangements where I can focus on His Word. I'm living in fornication and know that God cannot bless sin.

- Larry G. M., Follansbee WV | September 29, 2017

Pray that my wife will experience God's willing virtue, that thru the blood of His son she will be completely heal. Pray for my immediate and connecting family, my church and work family. Thank You

- Anonymous | September 27, 2017

Please pray for my husband to repent and desire to reconcile our marriage. Pray that the LORD will not let him rest until he sees the error of his ways. Pray that my children will not be affected long term by their father's behavior and our separation. Pray that I will be ready when the LORD changes his heart. Pray for the brokenness in my heart.

- Tonya, United States | September 28, 2017

I ask that the LORD will give me the power, the spirit, the strength and all it takes to serve HIM all the moment of my life. Secondly, that I may be healed from the blood diseases and mental illness that I am suffering for years as I am praying the PRAYER OF JABEZ. Thirdly, that I will be a blessing to myself, my family, my state, my country and the whole. All in JESUS NAME. Amen.

- Ogboso kenneth otoka, Nigeria | September 28, 2017

please pray for me, I feel so lost and alone. I know God is on control and He know what Hes doing i just need patience. im feeling hopeless. i just need something to go my way soon all i want is my heart not to miss my ex so much. im not the same. please pray

- Amber M, Texas | September 27, 2017

I have severe migraines, OA, COPD, and many other medical issues, please pray for me to be able to stand the pain and be helpful to my husband, also help me continue my ministry of Biblical Counseling it is my passion and calling, I thank God for my husband he is wonderful, He preaches every Sunday in a nursing home, has been for 3 yrs now, where we live, but he has been doing this for 12 yrs now. I want to go with him more, but my pain keeps me house bound a lot. I am trying to publish a book, pray that my meeting next week goes well with a publishing co. God knows all about our problems, and he hears our tears, I lift all request up to Him and pray for His will to be done in our lives. In Jesus Holy Name AMEN!

- Linda, Alvin Texas | September 27, 2017

Father please cause us to stand in the gap for my son and step son for addiction to be broken and healing to take place.

- Stac, Wyoming | September 25, 2017

Lost son, daughter in law and granddaughter. For myself to be always ready when He calls for me, and to continue to worship and serve Him.

- Judi, South Carolina | September 23, 2017

Please pray for me, I have cancer.

- Diana D, Louisville TN | September 22, 2017

Please pray for my spouse and my marriage.

- Loving Spouse, Chicago IL | September 22, 2017

Anna K. of Missouri is requesting prayer for her husband, Ken, who just underwent surgery for cancer of the larynx and vocal chords. After two previous attempts, she is hoping that the surgeons were able to get everything this time and that no radiation treatments will be required.

- Anna K, Missouri | September 22, 2017

Please pray for me as I will be having outpatient surgery on my feet on October 2nd. I am paralyzed from the waist down but I am still scared.

- Sarah, Texas | September 21, 2017

Please pray for me that God will heal me of the adrenal fatigue I've had for eight years. I'm so tired of being tired, and I know that God can heal me.

- Denise | September 20, 2017

I need prayer I have swelling on a body part than need to go down

- Darren Cox | September 20, 2017

Please pray for the Families that lost loved ones in Mexico, they recently went through a major earthquake that killed 60+ people.

- Thomas Denniston, San Diego Ca. | September 19, 2017

Quick recovery for a dislocater rt. elbow

- Janice crane, ALEXANDRIA NH | September 19, 2017

For direction for Missions, as this is my passion. For the Lord to raise up the right leaders to work alongside me in the places I will be visiting. For financial provision and for safety.

- Jessica | September 17, 2017

Lord i as you in the name of Jesus hollowed b thy name thy kingdom come thine will b done please Lord give me the wisdom and the knowledge to no when to obey thine will and not mines no matter what the outcome. Amen

- Pamela Rhone, Hartford Connecticut | September 17, 2017

i want my anointing back jesus

- Justin Daugherty, USA | September 15, 2017

Please pray for the restoration of my marriage & home, and please pray that I would lean on God and that He would give me the strength to fight the intense spiritual battle I'm in as I seek to be free from my addictions. Also, please pray for my deepening depression, and that I would look only to Jesus, the Author & Finisher of my faith.

- Aaron Plunkett, Bristol CT | September 15, 2017

Please touch and agree with me in prayer that the Lord will heal my total body from ALL SICKNESS and DISEASES in my body. Heart murmur, enlarge hernia, Lung disease, and sarcoidosis . In Jesus Name I ask. Amen

- Anonymous | September 15, 2017

Dear God, I sincerely ask that You bless the tracts that I have ordered to use to evangelize to children to encourage them to begin to believe in You and come to Sunday School. Thank You dear Lord.

- Anonymous | September 12, 2017

Dear Heavenly Father, Please pour your protection upon your children facing these horrific hurricanes, and wild fires. Also, comfort my cousin and thier host of familes & friends while dealing with the death of his young beauiful and tanicous son.

- Anonymous | September 9, 2017

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