The EvangeCube

Simply Share Jesus


EvangeCube is a seven-picture cube that simply and clearly unfolds the gospel of Jesus Christ. The cube begins showing the separation of man from God and progressively opens to reveal Christ's death on the cross, open tomb, Christ's resurrection, heaven and hell, and followers of Christ. Each cube comes packed in an attractive box with directions in English and Spanish for presenting the salvation message. Highly portable and usable in any languge, the EvangeCube is a preferred tool for mission trips and church outreach events.

The eCube

The classic cube presents the gospel and comes in a standard 3" size, as well as an 8" size for large groups. Get the BigCube either already assembled or unassembled for easier packing for travel. A kid cube is also available! If you want a small version, the eCube grip is a 2" size and comes in a convenient keychain case. The eCube Go is a 6-pack of these smallest cubes for groups or to give away.

The eCards and eTracts

EvangeCube Cards and Tracts allow for the same ease and clarity of presenting the gospel, but now in an easier-to-carry, easy-to-give-away format! The eCard unfolds and transforms to show the gospel similar to the cube and the eTracts show the same pictures in pamphlet form.

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